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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Moroccan National Unifying Purpose
12:00:00 AM Sunday Jan 11, 2004

I was recently listening to Market Place on radio (National Public Radio) and they had a discussion about how President Bush wants to reinvigorate the space program, send Americans back to the moon and beyond, and of course spend billions of dollars. His idea is to bring Americans together, to create a national unifying purpose. Many Americans question Bush's idea of a national unifying purpose when they are in need of their tax money working out for them directly.

The discussion triggered my sense for a Moroccan National Unifying Purpose or Goal. Something that from now on would bring Moroccans closer despite the challenges of economy, social disparities, political system and religious identity.

What?s your idea for a national unifying purpose for Moroccans?

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8:58 pm    November 11, 2004

but what was the question?

I don't know, but Islam is the answer.

We need to set up a true muslim and developped system in Morocco . Imagine the average moroccan then:
praying in the mosque, healthy, educated, optimistic, entrepreneur...developped.

Now the current moroccan is:
sekran wella mbewwe9, men l 9ehwa l ddar, ki kmi 40 garro f nhar, fih l biribiri, sa9et f bit llouwel, tale3 l dine mmou s3ef, wahel ghi m3a l khoubz....m9ewda 3la dine mmou.

Iwa Allah i ster.


1:07 pm    February 17, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
Great news, the legal system in Morocco just got upgraded to the ranks of the high level criminality the country was sunk in for years.

We have a court now that can persecute Ministers, Diplomats, Berlman Representatives... I think this is the best refreshing effective change since the new M6 era started.

It is time to clear the air and get the counts straight. It is House Cleaning Season! Morocco will never be the same again. As the story of one of Beghdad Kadis goes...





Live Fair, Respect Life!


12:44 pm    February 17, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
Casablanca : Slimani et La?foura devant le juge
Dix-huit (18) personnes, dont l'ancien pr?sident de la Communaut? urbaine de Casablanca Abdelmoughit Slimani, ont ?t? pr?sent?es, mardi, au juge d'instruction de la Cour Sp?ciale de Justice (CSJ) sous l'accusation de d?tournement de deniers publics, trafic d'influence et utilisation de documents...

Dix-huit (18) personnes, dont l'ancien pr?sident de la Communaut? urbaine de Casablanca Abdelmoughit Slimani, ont ?t? pr?sent?es, mardi, au juge d'instruction de la Cour Sp?ciale de Justice (CSJ) sous l'accusation de d?tournement de deniers publics, trafic d'influence et utilisation de documents administratifs, bancaires et commerciaux falsifi?s, apprend-on de source judiciaire ? Rabat.

Dix parmi les pr?venus ont ?t? pr?sent?s au juge d'instruction en ?tat d'arrestation. Il s'agit, pr?cise-t-on de m?me source, de Abdelmoughit Slimani, ?galement ex-pr?sident de la commune des Roches noires, Abdelaziz La?foura, ancien gouverneur, Amine demnati, architecte, Boujema? El Youssoufi, entrepreneur, en plus des pr?venus Mohamed Boudhir, Khalil Doghmi, El Hassan Hirouf, Ta?loucht Al Hafiane, Driss Almou et Azeddine Al Bakraoui.

L'enqu?te men?e par la police judiciaire sur la base d'une plainte d?pos?e par le promoteur Suisse Jean Victor contre Abdelmoughit Slimani ? propos de d?passements dans l'ex?cution des deux projets d'habitat Ouled Ziane et Fouarat et du projet de construction du si?ge de la commune de A?n Seba?, lui a permis de d?celer l'existence de march?s suspects, des irr?gularit?s financi?res outre l'inobservation des proc?dures r?gissant les march?s publics, indique-t-on de m?me source.


10:59 pm    January 31, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
"A Guide to Customs and Etiquette in Morocco
Jan 09, 04 | 12:29 pm

As part of the Culture Shock! series published by the Graphic Arts Center in Portland, Oregon, Orin Hargraves has added his insight to this important series of guides for travelers who plan to visit, work or are just curious about living in other parts of the world. Hargraves brings his experience with the Peace Corp in Morocco to this book, and his approach to developing an understanding of the culture and customs, is a valuable contribution to travel literature.

Early in the book, Hargraves encourages visitors to leave behind any preconceived notions of what Morocco should be, and to experience the country on its own terms. Being a successful visitor requires an acceptance of others way of living, and their quality of life. He encourages language study before departure, for "if you speak only English, life in Morocco will very often be a struggle." Therefore, sign up for French and Arabic classes before you embark on your trip. Understanding that Morocco is a poor country, and the Western sense of time and efficiency may not be viable, makes patience a definite virtue. To help the adaptation process, Hargraves recommends befriending someone of your own sex, who will act as a bridge to Morocco family and business life.

Location and Government

Morocco is located in the northwest corner of Africa, and, according to the author, is "intrinsically African." The Sahara Desert is located in the northwestern portion of Morocco, and the Arab culture and language have heavily influenced the country. The indigenous people of Morocco were the Berbers and their communities can be found in the mountains of the country. European interests started in the 15th century, when Spain, Portugal, England and France set out to control the coastal areas. By the 19th century, the Europeans controlled Morocco and finally in 1912 France established a Protectorate (which was really a Colony), giving the French government control over all civil authority, foreign and economic policy.

It was not until 1956 that Moroccan sovereignty was restored to the Sultan and the country became independent. The US State Department Advisory for Morocco dated January 7, 2004 describes the country as a constitutional monarchy with a Parliament and independent judiciary, with the ultimate authority resting with the King, who, according to Hargraves, also carries the title of "Commander of the Faithful", in recognition of his religious authority.

Religious Considerations

Morocco is home to both Muslim Fundamentalists and "Europeanized Moroccan". The Fundamentalists reject everything Western, non-Islamic and modern as well as new, while the Europeanized Moroccans privately reject Islamic, Arabic and traditional mores. These two extremes provide an interesting environment for the traveler, and a challenge to finding the correct approach to the Moroccans one meets in everyday transactions.

Islam is a dominate force in the country and therefore "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet"; prayer occurs five times a day; it is important to give alms to the poor; fasting takes place during Ramadan and at least one pilgrimage to Mecca is a necessity. Islam provides Moroccans with a fatalist viewpoint with all events pre-ordained. This perspective translates into passivity and an acceptance of one's position in life, for "If God wills" the situation; there is nothing that can be done, and there is no need for remorse, regret or blame.

According to Hargraves, Morocco is among the most liberal countries in the Islamic world, but there is a significant Fundamentalist group that strictly follows the Koran, which translates into rigid separation of the sexes, and in some cases, complete seclusion of women. The Fundamentalist influence is found in universities, where students are frustrated by the gap between rich and poor, which is perceived to be a result of Western and anti-Islamic influences. The Koran also limits the amount of education available to women.


The family is at the core of all Moroccan activities, with work, friendship, love and even marriage taking second place. A Moroccan man may bring his new wife to live with his family, until the children arrive. Living alone in Morocco requires an explanation, and brings forth the remark of "meskin" or "poor thing." Marriage is both an economic and social necessity, and parents play an active role in seeking appropriate partners for their children with the focus of the match-making on "good working relationships" and not on long-lasting love. If a woman has reached her 20s and it not married, it is assumed that she is no longer a virgin and would not make a suitable bride, so the pressure is on to get married at a very young age. According to the Koran, men are in charge of women, and a good woman is obedient; if she does not follow the rules, she can be admonished and banished. Leisure time for men in Morocco is spent at cafes, evening walks, enjoying the public baths and cinema, or watching sporting events. Where are the women? They probably are engaged in household endeavors such as cooking, cleaning and tending the children.

Saving Face

Hargraves found that Moroccans have a strong sense of "hshuma" or shame and because of this people should never be reprimanded in public, and even in private, the criticism should be indirect. Very often, intermediaries are used to convey displeasure, for the loss of face can negatively influence all future relationships. This need to "save face" is found in differences between public and private agreements, with one message sent during a meeting, and another meaning shared in private.

On One Hand, and On The Other

Another important point to note is the difference in the roles of your right and left hand; the right is used for shaking hands, eating out of a common dish, for drinking, offering of gifts, money and food; the left hand is for private business, including personal hygiene, and cleaning after using the toilet. Obviously, the left hand should never be used for handling or receiving any objects.

What to Drink and Eat

Islam forbids consumption of alcoholic beverages - but they are available and bars are found in the French built areas of the cities, but, according to Hargraves, they are "dives." Hard liquor is imported, making it very expensive, although is available in foreigner's commissaries and the "haunts of the urban bourgeoisie." Local beer and wine have merit and Hargraves recommends Vieux Pape (red), Guerouane (red, rose and gris) and Valpiere (white). The coffee is excellent, and tea (especially green flavored with mint and heavily sweetened) is the national beverage. Shopping is good in the souqs (markets) and souwiqa (or little souq), as well as the neighborhood hanut (shop). More expensive than the souq, the marche is a French style market, for fruits and vegetables, meet, fish, and flowers and the supermarche is an indoor market with imported foods which are expensive and meet the needs of foreigners. The visitor will also find butchers, where meet is slaughtered according to Islamic dictates, which means it is freshly killed and cut to meet customer needs.

Scratch My Back

Tasks get accomplished in Morocco through the exchange of reciprocal favors, bribes and kickbacks, making it difficult for some Americans to do business in this country. Teachers may be approached to change a student's grade, government clerks may be asked to expedite passports, and contracts may be awarded based on contacts and not on merit. By not participating in the common culture, opportunities may be lost, and Hargraves suggests a middle ground where personal contacts are developed and assistance provided whenever and wherever it does not comprise Western and corporate guidelines. Presenting yourself as a person with "incorruptible integrity" is acceptable, but if this position is ever compromised, you will be forever marked.

Doing Business

The government of Morocco does welcome foreign investments, and it is well positioned to develop economic relationships with Europe and the United States. There is discussion of creating a free trade zone similar to NAFTA that links Canada with Mexico and the United States. New banking and investment laws were passed in the 1990s to encourage the investment of foreign capital, and investment incentives are available, including tax set-asides and import duty exemptions. Procedures for entering into business in Morocco have been streamlined, and it has become easier to set up new enterprises in this country. Business executives looking for employees will find skilled craftsmen, unions (representing five percent of the full time workforce) as well as emigrants. However, only a small number of Moroccan businesses accept international credit cards and are principally found in the tourist area, including the four and five star hotels, better restaurants, expensive souvenir shops, and dealers in large Moroccan handicrafts. The Bank of Morocco is based on the French banking system, and is government controlled.


Driving in Morocco is easy, for there are excellent roads, and car rentals are available, although expensive as compared to European prices. There are many car accidents, and the author recommends driving defensively, and with great caution. "Never assume that you have or will get the right of way when you and another driver are on the same course," Hargrave recommends, for driving can be a battle and courtesy is not in large supply. Trains, built by the French, have been well maintained with first, second and third class seating available, although first class seats are recommended. There are CTM busses which are run by the government and private busses with loosely scheduled, but established routes. Royal Air Maroc operates domestic flights between major cities and resorts and there are 15 airports. Fares are cheaper than European air travel over comparable distances, with seasonal variations and occasional bargains.


Theft and robbery are common in Morocco, and tourists are often the target. The US State Department reports a series of terrorist bombings that took place in Casablanca in May 2003 and finds the potential for violence against American interests and citizens to be high.

Security personnel in Morocco may place foreign visitors under surveillance, and it is best to maintain a very low profile while traveling and to not take photographs of anything that might be construed to be of military importance. The State Department also reports that some travelers have been befriended by persons of various nationalities, who offered them drugged food, drink and cigarettes. In addition, tourists may be harassed by unemployed Moroccans posing as guides, and prudent travelers will hire only official guides through hotels and travel agencies.

Thieves also bump cars from behind and rob their victims when they get out of the car to inspect the damage. While taxis and trains are generally crime free; buses are not. Unescorted women in any area of Morocco may experience verbal abuse and the US government recommends ignoring the comments, for women who have protested have been physically attacked.

Ready to Go

Morocco is a country that is attractive to the tourist looking for a new adventure and is willing and able to accept the differences between their own culture and that of the country they are visiting. Criticism and comparisons should not be made in public, and in private - only to very good friends. There are many travel opportunities to visit Morocco - and if personal prejudices can be put aside, there is every reason to enjoy a holiday in this developing part of the world.

Elinor Garely
eTurboNews New York "

How would you respond to these observations? Send them a note or two and tell them what is AL MAGHRIB all about.
Have a nice weekend,

Live Fair, Respect Life!


10:18 am    January 22, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
I simply just expressed my own opinion on the presentation. I still VERY disappointed with the quality of leadership our princehood presents for us. I thought having access to the best education the world offers plus off course never have to worry about anything at all, can maybe give us a group of leaders of certain personal and intellectual caliber. I was wrong, and that is why I was very disappointed. I don't have any problem with the person, is just it was a bit annoying since he present himself as Prince of Morocco and not just as political analyst, or more like a news reporter rather, from Morocco!!! I think it makes a lot of difference.

Plus I don't agree with the whole princehood structure we have in Morocco right now. I think having a King is a good thing but having to support a whole family is kind of too much and it drains more the country's weak economy! Morocco can't afford to pay for their vacations and their personal expenses! The people can?t afford to pay for their extravagant Domains. Having salaries just because you are related to the king is kind of really silly! Plus, these princesses (M&F) DON'T WORK, I mean REAL WORK! So I don't know how one can call that! But I only find these words! UNFAIR UNJUST THEFT!

Sorry, but again is just my opinion! Think about it!


Life FAIR, Respect Life!


5:37 am    January 21, 2004
out of my country
sorry but I really don't think that the prince was presenting in the way you described him...
the seriouness of the problem was well adressed and presented in a clear english.
anyway, that is how i felt.

11:05 am    January 20, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Which prompts me to create a topic about sending books to Morocco as donations to an array of educational institutions. Once the topic is created we should give form to this idea, define where to start, do research, share research results and so on. I'll create it under a new channel porposed recently "Developping Morocco".

2:10 pm    January 19, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Personally, I dont know much about the guy, except that he was born in a royal familly, wich was not his choice of course...
As for wether he should stand like Che Guevara or Brad Pitt... there are 2 schools that teachs politicians how to "present" themselves. (More like acting schools) I think one is in the France, the other in the US.
But, my assuption is that he is more of a political analyst than a politician and much less of a royal figure...

I agree with much of what he said regarding the possible futur of the middle east and the muslim world in general, but , it is true that he sounded a bit like Bush, when he started making up futur terrorist scenarios, as if we would know for Sure who did 911...

To me that is still an open case, since no official investigation
has taken place, and none of the disturbing questions has been unswered...
Bush and Bin Laden (Both extremists with own agendas) share the same level of untrust, as far as I am concerned .
And finally if they would have given me that microphone for 5 sec. I would have said "Li karreT, YfarreT...!" and let the Arab leaders+ 3oulama, ponder over it ... (>:/


2:04 pm    January 19, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
I had two main observations about the presentation:

+ Content: I can not agree with Adnane enough that the content was simply a rerun of different articles. Parrot-like performance.

+ Form: Any "politician" needs the Charisma factor or what the old tradition calls Hama. Without it, one becomes a slave of his/her own insecurities. One becomes a puppet attention seeker. I don't think Hicham has what it takes to be a Statesperson. I do not like for my country to have a Bush-like president, let alone a king that you have to live with for LONG years! (Note, we don't have really to live with it, but I prefer to believe so not to make more disorder that there is already. I think we can solve all our problems in a civilized manner)

Live Fair, Respect Life!

This Raioo is very addictive, especially when you meet people of caliber. Ah! I need a Raioo-Rehab!


12:27 pm    January 19, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
At that presentation at Harvard Business School, an invitation from the student association MENA (Middle East and North Africa), I did not think he acted in a childish way, so I don't second Simple Moroccan Citizen in that opinion. The important thing is the content of what he presented, rather than how he stands up, moves, looks over. These are personal preferences. Again, I believed the content was merely a rehash of articles already written by others. Although he managed to scare me when he was warning of ways terroorists could get through to America. He was talking about the possibility of a terrorist getting infected with a fatal disease and contaminating people around him. That wasn't what I wanted to hear.

12:04 pm    January 19, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
Un Marocain r?alise un record ? la Cit? de Londres, The Sunday Times, UK 01/18/2004, ₤30M Bonus!

I verified the source for this article.

Live Fair, Respect Life!


11:31 am    January 19, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
Adnane, I think he would have had a hard time answering your question as he's just stirring trouble rather than producing positive political environment. However, I don?t agree with the school of thought that believes that change can ONLY come from outside. I believe in a genuine Moroccan made progress. Moroccan born and raised development plans. I don?t believe that anybody around has our wellbeing in hearth as we should have it for ourselves.

I don?t know if you heard, but there is another group of Syrians in Europe trying to mimic the last Iraqi experience. Lately, I have a very strange feeling that soon the colonialist powers will be back were they left of the last century. Sadly, they didn?t even change their methods and maverick ways. Why change when the old ways still apply, right? It seems like we didn?t learn from the lessons of the past either!

Live Fair, Respect Life!


11:05 am    January 19, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
I'm all for the book donations. Please try to setup a system or let us know if you need help on that so we can get to send the books.

Great Idea!

Live Fair, Respect Life!


10:55 am    January 19, 2004
I downloaded the video but unfotunately my software doesn't support that video version??? I have to check on that anyway..
But as far as i read about him he seems to be a very intelligent, smart, educated and talented person.. I read some of his articles in Le monde diplomatique and were astonishingly showing that he is bright! But to be on stage on HBS making a presentation for some highly educated alumni and professors and business peolple and behave in a childish manner as u expressed seems to be very odd and politically incorrect...I can't really state anything before i see it... Let's wait and see...
on the other hand, to implement what we were discussing before and get moving let's be practical about what we preach about..
I have a suggestion for everyone in this discussion channel (I am not gonna call it chat-room coz chat-rooms have really low standars!!) to contribute to the development of our education system (which is a priority as i see it) by sending books that you don't need to your University or college in Morocco. I believe everyone have books and if you don't have them go to a Thrift-store and buy a selected number of intructive book for a buck each and send them to your college. Send a letter to the Dean or Director informing him that you'd like to contribute with few books quarterly or monthly or every semester depending on your finantial situation...We can get this organised better if we involve the embassy or the concerned department of the government to help facilitate these donations. Books are very important, very valuable.. I remember there were books that i looked for in our "University library" when i was a student and couldn't find them or they have only one piece of it-that you have to wait for it to be returned in order to rent it..!!-I remember there were books that were stamped donations from the Gov. of US or British Council which was nice, what if we have books stamped Donation from "Moroccans overseas" I believe it would look terreffic!! keep me updated if you are willing to do somth. or you want to unify and implement this same idea!!

10:45 am    January 19, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I attended this lecture last year around Ramadan time if I can remember. I felt the lecture was pessimistic and didn't feel too comfortable after I left. I was hoping he would say something that would boost my Moroccan patriotism, but fortunately I keep large reserves of patriotism in me. He spoke most of the lecture on Iraq and the recent war, and most of what he said was a rehush of well-written articles from The Guardian, Independent and Le Monde. Like you observed, I didn't sense some genuine idea in this lecture, except for one point which can be argued in a whole new discussion. The prince mentioned how he believes that the second+ generation diaspora needs to feed back into the homeland. He gave abstract example of some diaspora individuals in France going back to Morocco. But his point lacked articulation and he put it in a very ideal way. He didn't spell out what incentives the homeland should give the diaspora to cooperate with them in their feedback. He assumed diaspora are all self-motivated, and their self-motivation automatically expresses will to go back home, which is not necessarily true. If his point is true, then more Moroccans should stay in the US to bring up a new generation that would want to help disadvantaged people living in the dismal conditions of the Third World in general, Morocco included. I wanted to ask him at the end how is he feeding back to Morocco, as a diaspora individual himself, but time was running out for me to leave.

9:35 am    January 19, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
If you want to time travel and see what an attention seeker puppet prince of the 19th century looked like, God knows how many of them we had, this is your chance!

I invite all the Raiooers to go and see for themselves what our Moroccan prince-hood education produces at its best: A Jerky speaker that can't stay still and can't articulate any idea without a sneaky childish grin! Those are the pathetic people running and/or owning the country!

I was very disappointed with the quality of the presentation; nothing original was presented.

Enjoy, and do not be upset as he only represents himself, if that! Thanks God.

Live Fair, Respect Life!


9:02 am    January 19, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
Le monde: 01/19/2004,1-0@2-3244,36-349394,0.html

As the poster Baghi-Tiqar from Chicago said, we are indeed united here at Raioo. Most people want to do something; they have the urge of changing the situation at home.

Can we Organize? Is this just an intellectual forum where the useful and wasteful get to interact with each other; or can it be the seed for something more serious more affective and applicable? Can we attract different interests from Home and Abroad to participate in the task? Can Raioo be our Momentum Generator?

Have a nice week,
Live Fair, Respect Life!


7:14 pm    January 18, 2004
try this url, it's the same website. except the fact that it actually works.

4:15 pm    January 18, 2004
The name of the brand and the company who launched this product. is DBM and not "Sirius" try their website for further info.
I could not really access any link of their website---for some reason?? but give it a shot!
I read an article about DBM new desktops weeks ago in Le!
You might refer to le matin paper online in case if they archive their articles!

2:03 pm    January 18, 2004

abdelilah message
The questions you asked dear Adnane are of utmost importance especially when you wondered whether the discourse of unifying purposes was a discourse of the officials. I think that this discourse was created to blind those people and sway their attention and above all manufacture consent as chomsky said.

Our biggest problem as Elmandjra said is the absence of a vision. Ghyab ru'yaa. We need to have the intention of serving Morocco rather than milking it. Before calling for a common purpose I would say:

ya sba3 el ghaba hdee rasek men hnaach rkani
ila te3teehoum wednek ma tebka la wwel wela thani


11:27 pm    January 17, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
[we don't need to develop a "Moroccan computer" --There was one launched recently--but we need to have computers available in every establishment and accessible to everyone (which is difficult of course)]

Do you have more information about this computer or project? is it this (SIRIUS)?


11:15 pm    January 17, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
I am positive that such measures written throughout this discussion by all of you can help, but if the powers bestowed on the judicial and civic branches are abused or weakened by technocrats resulting in excessive underground immunities and cartes blanches, we can say that the quest for a Moroccan National Unifying Purpose that works for everyone will be replaced by an imposed Moroccan National Unifying Purpose that works for a few. In that case, wouldn't this discussion be in vain? The questions I ask: is that simple moroccan citizen capable of drivingm his/her purpose if a higher purpose is imposed upon him/her - and it will? If a simple citizen can't, can a group of cistizens? can a large community? .. Given the current political system in Morocco, is the talk over a Moroccan National Unifying Purpose the talk of people or the talk of officials?

As I read your post, SMC, I feel you keep Andalus as a reference from the past for your new ideas. Moorish Andalusia intrigues me. It tells that Caliphs, with their compelling rule, managed to develop a society that attracted people all over the world towards its lights of knowledge, order, justice and faith. The excellence of Andalusia entailed that almost everyone was litterate, at least knew how to read or write at a basic level so they can be aware of administrative paperwork and make informed decisions, and most of the time had a school degree so they may excel in whatever they are doing. Craftsmen not only inherited the expertise from their parents, but also enriched the tradition by travelling around and studying new forms and patterns. Caliphs created bodies of science, arts and humanities and invited scholars from all around the places to become loyal or visiting members. These bodies to society were what sparks are to a car.

Simple Moroccan Citizen mentioned an interesting point about building centers of excellence, an effort ought to be encouraged by the Kingship. I would like to see that happen. I would like to see that son of a simple farmer in there too. I would like to see a daughter of a farmer receiving a medallion of excellence for her efforts in balancing school, farm and community work. We hear of "special" people getting the royal medallion of this and that, I never heard of normal Simple Moroccan Citizens getting a medallion from the leadership for their "special heroic" efforts. I enjoyed reading your proposal to attract retired westeners with experience to provide their services - on a consulting platform maybe? These people, if they accept, could be highly resourceful. But with all the glory you pictured these centers with as buildings in or around palaces, I still believe such centers already have homes in existing universities and high schools. Reinvigorating these institutions with help from the private sector is key. I don't understand why don't the private sector pitch in to invest in the educational system? The state of public universities is from what I hear unacceptable. Student dorms and cantinas are not encouraging but that may not be the key issue; professors are not credited enough, and students are not guided enough. They end up searching for guidance outside of Morocco, even after they graduate..

Many people in this discussion call for increased efforts to increase the rate of litteracy in Morocco, but are we really increasing the rate of Moroccans who believe it is in their best interest to be litterate? are they aware of what it means for them to be litterate? I bet that Moroccan officials, in a need to embellish future reports with increased rates of litteracy, would lower the criteria of measuring litteracy. If a person is able to distinguish between Aliph and Baa, then she is litterate. She may not even know that Aliph followed by Baa is Father in Arabic. I don't trust statistics, they don't tell me the whole status. They are usually used as an easy lie. I grudgingly say "I don't trust" because trust is a quality that hasn't matured yet in Morocco, unfortunately. Trust is the cousin of loyalty. Loyalty is when the leader tells the people what is wrong with things, with them and with him, and when the people can tell the leader what is wrong with them, with things and with him. I may be wrong in my jugement, I haven't lived in Morocco lately.

In Morocco a sense of defining measurements will help future leadership. A sense of sharing responsibility for missed milestones is indispensible. I believe that we can call Morocco highly litterate if there is a big chance that the son of a simple farmer could become one day a highly respected leader in an area of governance or expertise, even a president, caliph or king, without losing the values of a new Morocco: doing to Moroccans what you like to be done unto you, losing sleep knowing that other Moroccans are hungry, jobless, homeless, or menaced in their homes or jobs. Besides, how about Speeches of Provinces, speeches of cities, of towns, of villages, where the leader in his/her area speaks frequently to the people articulating the past milestones, the current progress and the future direction. Presenting budgets and how it will be spent. How about leading people in the light instead of leaving them in the dark.

One person in this discussion asked we should look at what we are good at. Well, may be we should do better than that and look at applying what we say we are good at in the first place. How about promoting generosity in every home, street, shop, business and government office so it can take over corruption and malice. Citizens of Morocco just like they enjoy being generous to give 30+ mins of their time to colleagues and friends in cafes or Rass derb after 6pm, they should be generous in giving their time to do honest work during the day and produce reliable products at the lowest community cost, to serve their customers in time, to spend quality time with their familly, to get informed about who is governing them and investigate their integrity and plans, to report malice to justice, to reward good citizens. Every Eid or national holiday we hear of hundreds of prisoners rewarded with release. That may be a good thing, but do we also hear of hundreds of free citizens rewarded?


10:56 pm    January 17, 2004
check this out..


2:41 pm    January 17, 2004

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Every nation tries to put it's citizen behind a unifiying idiology, without wich the national goals would be hard to achieve, and division would take over...
Some nations are unified by race (Africans, Chineese etc), others by religion, others by their king or Queen, others by sport events (super bowl), or the national Flag .
And since, Morocco is facing (among others chalenges) the chalenge of division among it's citizens (Berber, Arab, Sahraoui, Fondamentalist, Secular etc...)
I think what ever would make a Moroccan proud of his country with all ethnic groups in it, would be a step in the right direction.

As for what issues should make the Moroccans rally around it... there are plenty .

- Education, Social justice, Transparency ...

and of course, the Moroccan cuisine . *just kidding* (>:p


11:33 am    January 17, 2004
First and foremost we have to identify the meaning and the goals of unity, and basically apply it in our life before theoritically preach about it. Unity entails sharing the same vision, teamwork, collaboration, common consciousness, cooperation in different levels etc. it's a long list. But if we have the same principles practically part of our daily commute it would reflect a common ethic in the moroccon society.To sum up This ethic is not really common in our society/culture as most of us know. Here again we will return to the same revolving subject of education in a sense that people have to educate themselves or be educated about Unity..
I liked though the ideas of "simple moroccan citizen.." which look interesting...but let's think again about who is responsible and i would say everyone is responsible, and who will apply all that ..everyone should..and how can we apply it..we have to eradicate a lot of rusty stuff inherited for years...I am not being revolutionist or meant that Monarchy should go!! because Monarchy for Morocco is solely the system that fits-honestly- our country. I am just explicitly meaning..Let's learn from the advanced countries (US, UK, Japan etc..) Let's have a mission statement for the gov. and all the institution "to get the stuff done" within a timeframe and a deadline!! we heard about a Tunnel btw. Morocco & Spain for years -the project was like a "mirage"- and again the Metro (subway system) in Casablanca -it was jotted on paper but never discussed- How the Gov. should follow up with every project?? There's billions of $ given away to the Government for several projects! where are they?? I believe we have to have an effecient body that runs and controls the business, institutions etc.
I believe also that a good Taxation system would boost the economy and help realize urban projects ( same as in EU and US..), cost containment, revising salaries of bureaucratic elite. Implement good business practices and make good use of advanced technology and communication in the country we don't need to develop a "Moroccan computer" --There was one launched recently--but we need to have computers available in every establishment and accessible to everyone (which is difficult of course)...Oh..damn i forgot that we have only approx.40% of literate people what we gonna do about the rest!!!? Sorry for being sarcastic but we have to focus in priority to this major propblem of illetiracy??
Thanks to all the constructive contributions that aim to levarage the moroccan standards and practices it's really interesting...keep it up folks...we showed already that we are UNIFIED in Raioo!!

4:06 am    January 17, 2004
out of my country
Dear all,
The first time I got through this website is today : thanx tibia movie !! ;) but I believe there is more important to read on your website!
ok, moroccan national unifying purpose ? what for ? do we really need one ? we have the 2010 world cup - maybe is not a good one ?! - Ok ! so we have the 10 million of tourist in 2010 ! sounds nice : 10 in 2010 :)
maybe is not enough for you guys ! I have been through your suggestions, and I'm happily surprised by the quantity of good ideas in there. however, and maybe it's a female perspective vs a male perspective, I don't think that the MNUP has to be necessarily technical. I'm taking a course in economics now, and if I got one message from this course, it will be that each nation is good in one or more area, not all of them...So wich areas do you think we are good at ? I think it can be a good start, once we identified our ''power legs'', let's see what is delaying us from doing better ! I'm sure unsurprisingly illetracy will be a big one, specially female illetracy - (60%of moroccan female illetracy)... So let's start from the beginning...I have a couple of ideas about this. Maybe it can be a subject for discussion next time ?
Well !! have to go back to my revision !!! my exams are not so far away :)

4:22 pm    January 16, 2004
I do not have time to go through all the postings, but I liked what you said!

7:54 am    January 16, 2004 This is an unrelated or foul message..
la cage!@!!1

5:22 am    January 16, 2004
allo, is that what you are calling unifying Moroccans?

NO Comments


12:30 pm    January 15, 2004
this what i think about unifying moroccans. im up for it. we should all get together and creat communities like other races are doing. why do we have a latino club or a mexican cummunity room or and irish bar here and there where ppl meet and mingle. we do have moroccan restaurants but moroccans don\'t go there because it\'s 2 expensive or because u gonna meet someone that u don\'t like or some lame ass excuse. Well my answer for that is i rather spend 20 bucks on a cup of tea and sit with hababi ou s7abi than spend 10 bucks just to get in to a club. Back home we dont have this problem but we have others but it will take more than one paragraph to talk about it if any of u is intrested we could meet over a nice hot cup of mint tea with some chiba or lwiza in it and some briwate ou fa9asse ou sfoufe \"salou\" and chat.
cafe khayibaba:
everybody is welcome in my cafe where the tea is always hot and na3na3e always fresh

11:12 pm    January 14, 2004
dude, that's the truth about moroccan clubing people it's not like in the states or canada, people spend a lot of $$ in a way to give a good picture of themself s......... ah what we have done to end up in this bad situation....shall Allah forgive us.

also u guy who are in Khorba let the people who u are living with to respect ur religion and give them a good pic of islam.


2:23 pm    January 14, 2004

Rasta Gnawi message
Dude. Looks to me like you had more fun than most of us here. Many of us haven't seen a club home. Whew; 1200dh on drinks. I gotta to hang out with you more.

1:43 pm    January 14, 2004
do u know that we have the key to live well in this dounia but ahh we are not using it. few questions
how many of u have been in a club in morocco? i will say most of us. how many of u have bought a bottle of vodka in a moroccan club? i will say c la mode " les gens class"
do u recognize that one night u have spent 1200Dh just to get drunk and u think that u had a good time while u are wasting the halal money in the haram. my message is why u don't give the price of that bottle to a familly who is in need for it or by buying books and giving them to children who are also in need for the education. this way u fought illetteracy , gained hassanate with allah and unified some despered people.

1:10 pm    January 14, 2004
salamualicom, u should read
hi brothers i have some few words lol for u , things that i have analysed this few years about politics sorry i will write in french.
il faut remarquer que les hommes qui ont de mauvais instincts sont plus nombreux que ceux qui en ont de bons. c est pourquoi on atteint les meilleur resultats en gouvernant les hommes par la violence et la terreur. non par les discussion academiques. chaque Homme aspire au pouvoire chacun voudrait devenir dictateur s\'il le pouvait en meme temps il en est peu qui ne soient prets a sacrifier les bien de tous pour atteindre leur propore bien. Qu est ce qui a contenu les betes feroces qu on appelle des hommes? qu est qui les a guides jus qu a present ? au debut dut du l ordre social ils se sont soumis a la force brutale et aveugle plus tard a la LOI qui n\'est que LA MEME FORCE MAIS MASQUEE. J EN CONCLUS QUE D APRES LA LOI DE NATURE , LE DROIT EST DANS LA FORCE.
De nos jours la puissance de l argent a remplace le pouvoir des gouvenements liberaux. il fut un temps ou la foi gouvernait. l idee de la liberte est irrealisable parce que personne ne sait en user dans juste mesure . il suffit de laisser quelque temps le peuple se gouverner lui meme pour que cette autonomie de transforme aussitot en licence. des lors surgissent des dissensions, qui se transforment bien vite en battailles sociales dans la quelles les etats se consument et ou leur grandeur se reduit en cendres.
la politique n\'a rien de commun avec la morale . le gouvernement qui se laisse guider par la morale n est pas politique et par consequant son pouvoir est fragile. celui qui veut regner doit recourir a la ruse et a l hypocrisie. les grandes qualite populaires la franchise et l hinnete sont des vices dans la politique parce qu elle renversent les presidents de leurs trones mieux que l enemi le plus puissant. donc le but est de posseder la force. le mot de droits est une idees abstraites que rien ne justifie. ce mot signifie simplement ( (donnez moi ce que je veux afin que je puisse prouver par la que je suis plus fort que vous) .
vous comprenez bien les mots LIBERTE,EGALITE FRATERNITE. parloles repetees tant de fois par des perroquets inconscients, qui attire de toutes parts par appat n\'en ont use que pour detruire la prosperite du monde la veritable liberte individuel, autre fois si bien garantie le contraint de la foule . des hommes qui se croyaient intelligent n ont pas su demeler le sens cache de ces mots n ont pas vu qu ils se contradisaient. n ont vu qu il n ya pas d egalite dans la natiure qu il ne peut avoir liberte que la nature elle meme a etablie l inegalite des esprit, des caractere et des intelligence si fortement soumis a szes loi, ces hommes n ont pas compris que la foule est une force suis fatigue la i will finish later hope u inderstand it.

11:47 pm    January 13, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
This is, I think, the MOST important subject the Future Moroccan Leaders can discuss at this point of time. I agree with most of the points presented. I think before any progress plans can be made, some house cleaning is due:

?? A National Forgiveness Year. Where the Moroccan leadership presents FORMAL apologies to THE PEOPLE for all what was done. Red should be taught to be called Red and Green is Green from now on. No Honesty, No Progress. It is time that we really start a new page for the new age. I think we have a good shot at it with M6. I really respect the Man for his stands. We need to stand behind him and maybe make it hard for the elite groups that always try to get around kings in order to suffocate them into their own special interests plots. We are ALL behind you, the question is, are you Behind US, the PEOPLE? Do not let them make you live paranoid about your own brothers and sisters! Respect people for their qualities, and don??t blame them for what they never had any control over.

?? Cut all UNECESSARY Excessive money leaks that we have built in our system. I mean extravagant salaries and expenses for statuses and buildings rather than for WORK and EFFORT! Old wisdom says ??tighten the belt??, for our home to run efficiently. Instead of relying on emergency IMF or WB funds! It is not enough to be just a punctual student and an always show, it is more important to participate! I don??t think we have any desire to be the next Argentina.

?? WE DON??T NEED two Chambers to represent about 30M people. More wasted salaries! Even more TIME WASTED Legislating instead of Executing. I believe one chamber with the right brains and intentions should function just fine. Those salaries can be added to better pay teachers instead. More than 50 Years of legislations and rhetoric. ENOUGH!

?? Build a strong popular leadership. You can??t rely on predefined, redesigned ??clicks?? and ??groupies??. THE PEOPLE are the element of government. That is the real sense of decentralization. It??s not a space notion but it is rather an energy distribution concept. Oh, by the way, puppets and/or robots don't count either.

?? Cut the Brain Drain we have going on in our beloved country. When all potential knowledge forces leave, eventually the place collapses and falls into submission. Instead attract retired expertise from other countries. Remember we have the sun and the beach, plus a retirement salary from EU for example can really pay for a nice living standard in Morocco. Oh! Most our food is Organic with no extra taxation!!! Good deal isn??t! I believe our young brains are thirsty for knowledge and the beauty of it, is that they can create from within their own Moroccan reality. Our heritage is not the problem; the problem is what we are NOT doing with it!! We are just watching the clock ticking around us and being submissive instead of PROACTIVE. I always wonder: What are we exactly waiting for? Are we just defined through our short banal personal life time that we spend in this earth or are we defined through the building of the links to the future? Or is it that maybe we are defined only through the memory of the soon long past? What is exactly that makes me unable to create in my own land? What is exactly that makes me impotent in front of the human progress wave? Are we biologically retarded as some might venture to claim? Or are we simply conditioned to failure? Can it be the inherited memory of beaten generations that is flashbacking in our subconscious and bring us down each time we try to stand? But one would think that should be even a stronger incentive to stand? Ah! I see, the Will! Huh! What will? The Collective Will! But that comes from a vision, from a common goal. Can we say that we actually just lost direction? Is that view too simplistic? Well let??s assume that is true. Don??t you think one should be really concerned and focused on finding the direction? Well, yeah that??s why we have all these tentative dogmas that try to build our present either from outside or from a time that is not directly relevant to today??s state of the world. Well how about just taking it step buy step and try to TRACK our steps backwards until we find the missing Links and take it from there. Wouldn??t be faster and more systematic that way? I wonder.

?? Create National Centers of Excellence, Where all the Best from the POEPLE get to interact and create the vision for Morocco. We need not to copy; we need not to import; we need to create our own Moroccan definition of development and technology. Not what the IMF, EU or other forces define for us. I believe we have achieved excellence in lot of areas. Lot of people rose to the top of their disciplines only through pure personal effort. If that proves anything, it proves that Will and Genius are not what is missing in Morocco. Why we can??t benefit from these experiences and set them as models to construct our expertise infrastructure? These areas of expertise can be used as launch platforms for new initiatives. The centers will allow talents from all fields to interact and build Concepts, Systems and Tools together. One of their roles is also to create the right environment for the creative mind and soul. What is better than the marvelous pure Moroccan setting of the Palaces built already all around the country? Part of them can be used for the centers. Just from their walls I think they can have some space to spare for such a NOBLE venture. This also will allow our King to interact with all the talents of the country. It will not cost any thing to build them, there are already here and we love them as they represent one of our few genuine links to the lost past. I think it can be a good structure for our ThinkTanks - PlanBuild to interact with the executive powers. Great projects can be sponsored through the centers. They will be the incubators of an organic development tailored to fit the Moroccan. Don??t forget, this will also be the school for the new Moroccan leadership. Moreover, the centers will be open to all people to attend circles of Knowledge and Skills. Eventually, The Light will be back again to our home. The warmth will fill again the hearths.

?? Revision Centers to review and revive our rich but not explored cultural and scientific heritage. Motivate research projects that synergize the modern views and the available tools with the traditions of Morocco. How far can we go driving two parallel opposite characters. Living a state of national schizophrenia? What good comes from generating self neutralizing efforts, other than lot of would be recyclable paper? How can we build a balanced youth, who is focused rather than confused? Confusion can only generate other Mai 16th. I think we ought to consolidate the efforts toward a constructive approach that will achieve prosperity for all. We should ask ourselves the hard questions rather than live in denial and the illusion of safety by patching the troubles. Remedies is the business of pharma-giants, our concern as a country should be Cures.

?? It is very important that we all work together and relearn some basic lessons about TEAM work. The counterproductive exercises that some of the new political poles PLAY against the general forward movement are not doing us any good! We have to teach our kids by teaching ourselves to STOP BEING SELFISH! Happiness can only be defined through the context of the group, tribe, neighborhood, community, country, nation, Uma?K

?? Build The Moroccan DREAM. As it was lived and not just propagated as some recent dreams. If you don??t believe the myth, visit Andalusia!

?? We all, in our little or big activities, should seek excellence and perfection. This is not some modern quality control, or six sigma motivational statement; this goes back all the way to the root statement ??man ghachana, falyssa mina??

Have a pleasant hour, day, week, year and life! The future is ours. Time is with us. We have the choice to believe or deny! Live fair and respect life! Peace.


9:35 pm    January 13, 2004

abdelilah message
The national unifying purpose for Morocco was -and still is- the Sahara question. We saw a consensus emerging but the information was not given to the population and now people are talking about a third solution. I do not know if Moroccans can have faith in unifying purposes other than Couscous. Why not tell them there is an alien invasion to destroy Moroccan couscous and gather all oulad lebled to defend lger3a lhemra we couscous betfaya. Deema deema lougma!

7:06 pm    January 13, 2004
well i think i know u
some freinds told me so (that they know you)so i know u from them !!
it's so frustrating that we become so materialistic we just dont mind the values anymore and these are the only grounds that unify a nation or a tribe.
you can tell that the americans dont care about any unifying purpose cause they 're not unified.
they indulge themselves in life , no values, no traditions, and they're not to blame i would be so if i raised here but alhamdulilah.
take a look and see .........
wherever you go the GREEN becomes the only aim for us all of us.
it dont matter who u are or what are you grounds and beleifs
it matteres how much you have.
i realy like your site . you sound a very self motivated fellow and smart too
keep it up and hope you engage your smartness in something very practical,
so we can help evolve a little bit our sick society (morocco)

2:58 pm    January 13, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
You've just hit one of my ideas I was going to propose :) but, let me just emphasize it: Book translations.

I recently heard that King Mohammed VI proposed the building of a central library in Rabat. That is good, and it should act like the Library of Congress in the USA. It should store every single book and paper ever written in Morocco, and also outside. Which brings us to the idea of reinvigorating book translations to Arabic or French, as a means to transfer knowledge to a wide audience.

The King should encourage book translations, setup up a goal that this many books should be translated on a yearly basis, at an increasing rate, while making sure many more public libraries are being constructed in cities, towns, and villages. The Caliphs of Andalous worked this way. They would request intellect to translate books to enrich their libraries. If a prosperous person wants to build a mosque, talk him towards building a public library instead. A public library should act as a mosque in essence: a place to renew your knowledge, faith in the case of a mosque, a place to socialize, a place to frequent daily, a place to learn, a place to respect people's spaces and a place to be aware of the limits of your freedom.

So another national unifying goal for Moroccans could be to commit to translating foreign books, in your area of expertise, at an increasing yearly rate; and build more public libraries to host them.


2:28 pm    January 13, 2004
How many times did we have theories written down on paper thinking that they were flawless and should naturally and logically work in an experiment. Yet the reality of applying those theories, most the time, reveal to be very disapointing. Has any one here ever written a large-scale program that compiled or ran without any error the very first time. I highly doubted!!!

What I am trying to insinuate here is that the road to prosperity and success is very difficult, and we have to be prepared in everyway for failure.
"Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm" Winston Churchill

In my opinion, I think that the leadership in Morocco should have an awareness campaign throughout the country prompting the youth for creativity, seeking knowledge, and taking big risks. In that matter, I think of how once an Arabic Empire was started, our ancestors were hungry for knowledge from all over the world. They imported and translated many books of great greek, indian, persian scolars. They didn't have to re-invent the wheel, they simply evolved from what was already available. Ironically, that is exactly what the west did as well, they continued from where we left off.

I think we should adopt the same exact scheme again. We should follow Japan, South Korea's...way of submerging from underdevelopment.


12:49 pm    January 13, 2004
salut tout le monde
ca sert ? rien de rester au states et de partager des id?es ? l'air c'est bien tout que vous faites mais ?a mange pas de pain *
le maroc ne peut changer que si chaqu'un de nous est pres ? sacrfier et ? se battre pour ca,
pensez au futur , soyez le "mehdi almountadar"
on a pas besoin de plan mais seulement d'appliquer ce que la religion nous dit : " couran, souna""
si les bases ne sont pas fiables alors ca sert ? rien de monter tout un truc.
ca commence par une generation
preparer un "jil" et la premiere des choses.

leader ca vient apr?s *


11:21 am    January 13, 2004
Moroccans need to unite under purposes and goals. It?s obvious that Morocco is not advancing because no body has a vision for it. Maybe a good leader can unite the country for a pursuit of a higher standard and excellence.

Set some goals for the short term and some for the long ones.
And move in that direction one step at a time.
I think short term should fix the handicapping elements to advancement such as illiteracy, corruption, bureaucracy and disorganization. The country should reward the hard worker, the righteous, not the thief.

Long term goals would have to do with the economy: Switching from relying on agriculture and tourism to becoming an exclusive provider of particular industries and technology. And also relying on providing for our own instead of relying on prefabricated items coming from outside.


6:35 am    January 13, 2004

Rasta Gnawi message
I am sure you want the litteracy rate to rise and the illetteracy rate to drop - pgph 2 :)

12:01 am    January 13, 2004
IT's breif and simple "Educate people" not necessary change the education system but educate more people..make it our goal..change the way we teach..
I have a proposal that I really like to see it working..If every student has to teach somebody in order to get his/her Diplomat then I am sure the littereacy rate will drop rapidly..
It's not my idea but I think it is really a good one..
Well it's all dreams...really

1:23 pm    January 12, 2004

Rasta Gnawi message
Salaam all,

We have many purposes in Morocco, all of which fairly very ligitimate and should all be unifying:
1- Litteracy rate above 80%: an acceptable goal
2- Better rural living standards: relatively hard to achieve without dramatic industrialization of agricultural sector (bad idea in my opinion - look at Brasil)
3- Secure water sources (the 1 million hectars dams that were the highlights of the 80's)
4- improved legal framework for family relations (the new moudawana takes care of some of that)
5- other odds and ends that nobody bothers with

Now here's what I will suggest as a unifying purpose; It's a little radical but just hear me out:
Morocco should strive to become a great muscle power house, much greater than Algeria and Egypt. Then it should move its forces to take over Muritania and Sengal. This should be done with the understanding that Algeria will come next. If Algeria falls, then Tunisia won't be so far behind. Nobody cares about Lybia but it should be taken over anyway. Once Lybia falls, Sudan will happily join this new expanded North African power as will Somalia. Egypt will be tough because the West won't let its puppy go down easy. So I suggest Egypt be ignored altogether. There is nothing there but sand and wasteful tirngular structures anyway. Israel will want to keep it there as a buffer.

A new expanded and richer state will emerge out of this that shall be called the United States of Africa. Invitations will be sent out to other states to join the new federation ...

Ignore all that. I think I had a little too much hummus at lunch today. Sorry mates. I'd probably stick to the first 4 goals.


1:21 pm    January 12, 2004
I do not have a precise concept or idea of what the program might be, however; I strongly think it should be one of the indispensable items or aspect of our lives mostly technology.
I think it should start by imitation (ie: Japan- beginning of century, china, korea )
a Moroccan cell phone, arabic OS, Moroccan computer, a Moroccan made car with Moroccan standards ( a built in jellaba hanger for example lol). and since we rely on agriculture why not a Moroccan tractor ...etc
a revolutionary educational system imposes itself to achieve anything.

I am still thinking about other ideas and projects that could be implemented.

I guess I'll wait to see how this whole discussion progresses then we'll all proceed "a fure et a mesure"



10:47 am    January 12, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
5-year program plan is good, I'm sure Moroccan government has many 5-year programs going. But do you have any specific example of what a reasonable NUP could be? An NUP that is public, in the news, everyone is aware of it, and more are contributing to it.

10:42 am    January 12, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
The first one I thought of was a simple concept that intrigues me. It is the subject of Standards (why?@#$ mentioned this word in his/her post). According to The American Heritage? Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, one of the definitions of Standard is:

Something, such as a practice or a product, that is widely recognized or employed, especially because of its excellence.

Thereby, I think if Morocco picks a few local products or resources, practices or social characteristics of Morocco, and set it as the standard the world turns to for reference, then Moroccans will have the chance to be unified in that purpose in order to keep that standard alive. In the meantime they will be helping themselves. Turning something into a standard means you put hard-work, precision, reliability, honesty into it. All these characteristics will help Moroccans advance. There could be a standard for Olive Oil for example, for Moorish doors, for mozaic, tiles, for honest work, generosity, etc. Eventually the list can grow to cover software and other more technical areas.

So the keyword in my idea for a national unifying purpose is to establish a Standard or two.


10:29 am    January 12, 2004
well why don't they set a plan ( takhtit al khoumassi ) ( 5 year plan ) like the old soviet union ( i do not support or preach communism - we seek wisdom wherever it might be)). every 5 years we set sail for a reasonable NUP in Morocco example become a High tech country ( IE: Korea, Malaysia ).

wellah a3lam


9:49 am    January 12, 2004
First of all my wishes of happiness and health to Adnane and all of you raioosters.

Also it\'s been a long time since I\'ve posted a message in raioo, I\'ve been a little busy.

Well, in the Hassan II era that Moroccan National Unifying Purpose was the Sahara issue.

But I believe this probleme does no longer attract people\'s attention anymore, the new generation careless about this matter and doesn\'t feel concerned (**my opinion**).

The Moroccan gov. is trying to make hosting the world cup 2010 a unifying purpose, but still soccer is not the concern of all of us.

In the Moroccan case, our primary goal for right now is not to reach the moon, it should be reaching a higher living standard for all of the citizens.

that\'s all I have to say for right now. My lunch break is over. Take it easy ;)


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No Comment! DARRITOUNI.....
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Michael Richard Busted and Sorry!..
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Hanane Fadili Take on Shouaffa(tt)..
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Cette Affaire d'Avions ? Londres..
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American Muslim Fun Video Blogging!..
Open War in the Middle East?..
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Ronaldinho Joined Zawya....
Draw Live!..
Zoo Animals Need e'space..
Les ABRANIS: Prodigy of Rockabyl..
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Google Language Translation: English to/from Arabic..
Aziz Mekouar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the US..
Google Shoots Microsoft.. One.. More.... Time!..
Monsieux Mehdi Ben Barka: Un Marocain Assassiné Qui Visait P..
Yale, Taliban and Weld L'Hashemi....
Near-eastern Muslim Scholars..
Three Algerians on Highway =]..
Moroccan Riverdance!..
Moroccan Candle-toe Dance..
Moroccan Qassida: Vraie Poesie!..
LA3MARNA Legacy..
Chilling Like a Mqedem in Morocco..
Alone in the Wilderness..
Are Iranians and Americans Blowing it Up?..
Are we a virus..?..
How come Morocco is silent to Dalfour, Sudan?..
Barreling Towards an Iraqi Civil War..
Pomme and Kelly ..
Intelligent Design and Evolution in not so American lands..
The Prophets animated by Steve Whitehouse..
More with Claudio Bravo..
Muslim Texans..
Hajj Stampede Gone Ugly!..
Self-portraits 001-002..
Why Faith?..
Online 7awli Souk!..
2006 !..
Derbouka Bled Attack..
Adopted HIV kids from Romania..
Operation Mapping Raioo Love!..
They burnt themselves.. Come'on!..
My Winamp Skin: The New Beetle..
The Forbidden Zone film that electrified me!..
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Moroccan Blue tops colors!..
Osama in FAMILY GUY..
Baraka Art..
Itsy Bitsy knowledge..
The most misunderstood [and growing..] world religion, Islam..
Moroccan Christians..
Polygamy in USA..
Architecturing to joy!..
This Moorish cult in America..
The Magnificient King Vulture..
Al-Rashid and the Fart..
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Anecdote on Life and 3ibada..
Anecdote on Giving in Time of Need..
T-shirt design: L'Amoureux!..
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T-shirt design: threadless in Kufi..
T-shirt design: Magic e-lamp..
My August '05 T-shirt Designs ..
Your Living Space..
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The Raioo Story: 1. intro..
Arabic Beat and Instrument Music Wanted!..
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Feqqas (Moroccan Biscuiti)..
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Hip Hop Classic Favorites!..
Down With Love..
Lord Of The Rings..
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