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Bouchra Ziraoui
malden, ma USA
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Ha Li Galit a Shouaffa
12:00:00 AM Monday Jun 24, 2002

Imagine this little story:
9addour, a well known bolici that has this 'Shouaffa Gtaifa' working for him. Gtaifa is well gifted as she can predict the future (staghfour Allah Al 3adim). Once she lays her cards, she can tell you who u will end up meeting, who hates you, who will hate you, who will hit.. but more she can predict crimes.... She is just one of a kind.

9addour has Gtaifa working in commissaria with him along with m9addem, balice wa mroud. 9addour starts his day to ask Gtaifa: 'Ewa a shrifa ashnou katshoufi lyoum fil carta'.

Gtaifa, after smelling all those bhkhour secents and after making all those indigestion noises, speak up:

'Lyoum, Al-Hadj Boutaguiya radi yaddarib fi ra7ba 3la khaisha dial zra3. Weld Miloudi li kaitla3lih tension, radi yashid wahid la3ssa wa yaguizrou li dhar. Al-Haj Boutaguiya radi tkhourjou rou7. Had shi radi yaw9a3 m3a al-adan dial Dhor, min daba jouj w9attes [=2 hours]' 9addour answers: 'Bouchaib, 9alib lia 3la had Al hadj Boutaguiya fine maikoun'

Bouchaib calls bergag dial al houmma who told him that Hadj Boutaguiya li ma3rouf mjiwij bi rib3a dial la3yallattes wa mskinhoum fi dar wahda. He is also the guy who rents the whole Hammam for his rba3tou. But, which ra7ba he goes to? That was a puzzle for 9addour. There is 3 ra7battes in the city. One is in the center, wahda just outside of the city and another one is even further. But How can we locate the right Ra7ba and prevent the crime?

9addour goes back to Gtaifa: ' A shrifa, zairi m3ana shwiya, Al Hadj Boutaguiya khassna n3at9ouh wa daba rah 3 dial ra7battes li moujoudin. Mab9alina walou 3la dhor wa khassna nwasslou li Al Hadj Boutaguiya fil wa9t'

Gtaifa lay again her cards: 'Hada allas m9abel m3a Assawata wa hada al kabal, what I see is that ra7ba is in a way where there is 9aid who rides a horse'

9addour: 'Ouled al miloudi, tell me which 9aid rides horses around here?'

Oueld Miloudi: ' wa si lm3alem, there are two and they both have ra7ba'

9addour: ' wa shrifa Gtaifa, Zairi m3ana 3afak, we need to know NOW, and you know about my khirshasha, R4 that will not get us there fast enough, so please, lay down ur cards once again wa 3azmi 3afak'

Gtaifa: ' wa ta daritini fi rassi, give me that mejmer wa khalini ntabakhir bi hadik 9azziba dial al far litim'

Gtafa did so and once again makes so much indigestion noises and screams: ra7ba dial tlat al khadir.

9addour, screams ....Let's go stop the crime!!!! and they did get there on time [on another epispde, I can tell u how they got there with their kharshashattes]

and the crime was stopped and Al Hadj Boutaguiya was saved!!!

This above story is the Moroccan version of the movie 'Minority Report' of Steven Spielberg. The story was written by the visionary science-fiction writer Philip Dick.

The time is 2054 and the place is Washington, D.C, where no murders have occurred in years. This government Precrime Unit that can detect crimes before they happen, send cop squads to prevent them, and captivate the potential killers.

The major key for this operation is a trio of "precogs," (one female and two twin men) genetically unique people who can predict the future. With so much High tech involved, these people are wired to computers and kept on a stage of 'semisleep'. As soon as a vision enters their mind, it's turned to computer images that are then analyzed by the police.

Tom cruise plays as John Anderton, a police officer who worked hard for the Precrime program since the abduction of his little boy six years earlier. He plays as a troubled man, good at his job but at the same time addicted to drugs.

One thing that I found discusting was Tom cruise's visit with an insane ophthalmologist...[ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhga3]

I will stop here but I would give this movie 'Two stars' only. There was so much sci-Fi for my taste but tastes are different....Would love to hear what u think! :-)

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5:12 pm    August 5, 2005

hudhud message
hmmm... it looks almost like some of the smoke is coming out of her nipple and wafting up toward the heavens...



4:10 pm    January 2, 2003
awsome painting adnane , i did nt know u were a paitnting artist as well , we would love to see the work that u allow to show !! why not in a specific page only for u r paintings huh ?:)
really beautiful work :) bravo

11:49 am    September 17, 2002
Bibicha ,I have to ask you favor when you get hold Of shoaffa bring her to gnawa night of of thes saturdays at Center Bistro in Whinthrop To have good 7adra all we need is showaffaand you can bring jawi wa saliban khouk kay chadooh to you later

9:34 pm    September 5, 2002
baraka men salam arah guelthaleek jouj telmarat ok?:))bouchra avant que je lis ce que t as ecris sur le film de tom cruise je me suis dis elle devrais avoir vus le film et juste apres je vois que tu en parles hahah

c est vrais hadouk oua3reen 3ala couafate taou3na yak?hahah et en plus la scene du doc entrain de transplanter les yeux est formidable je vois pas pourquoi une gazzra comme toi pour etre sensible a ces scenes super douce par rapport a ce que vous faites aux hwalas bouguroun hahhahah je t ai eu dans celle la hahahah tu sais j ai passe ce soir a lire tout ce que t as ecris et je suis tout seul a rire en face de mon pc j ai attrapee la maladie (du lhouli fou )et ca viens surement de ton hanout de tagazzet
sur ceux bonne nuit et merci pour ces tres bons moment salamou3alikoum


12:29 pm    July 28, 2002
I think that Ina was expecting to see the Shawafa portrayed as an old lady with long nails and probably without any make up. Artistically speaking, Adnan portrayed Shawafa in a surrealistic and even absurd way. I admired your drawing Adnan, especially the layout of the setting and the use of contreversial colors.

5:00 am    July 18, 2002
Bravo Bouchra, I like the novel story and the drawing, it is great fun to mix english and moroccan
Keep up the good work, fun and nudes!:

12:52 pm    July 14, 2002
I would have put a bare chest on the cartoon if I did a cartoon, it's what came to my mind when I painted that shouaffa. call it controversial, call it crazy, call it whatever you want, but when I look at the whole composisiton of that woman I don't regret ;) and by the way, I paint a lot of nude, there's nothing wrong with that for me, I enjoy, it's great. also, don't be too touchy on these things, you look at your chest everyday, and first of all you have one, I'm not sure why would her chest bother you.. hmm, is it her size ? she has bigger size ? I thought size doesn't really matter too much, but shape actually matter, I don't know, must be something that matters

10:12 pm    July 13, 2002
Scared! zeti fihe :)
..shows on her chest!
Exactly!! It's this last one, her chest illustration that I didn't like more.
In my opinion, a cartoon instead of that painting would be great .

6:33 pm    July 13, 2002

Ahh! the woman scared you. ok, I forgot that you get scared very easy =)

Trust me she's not going to come out and suck your blood, she's a proud woman, and it shows on her chest ;)


1:10 am    July 13, 2002
I like only when you draw a cartoon, specially animals :) .
When it??s not cartoon, I belong to the 10%. Often I don??t care, but with this one I really dislike it. It??s a feeling when you see a painting..what I dislike more is your illustration of that women herself.


8:17 pm    July 11, 2002
Hey Ina, tell me, give me some minutes out of your time and write me a critique here on the painting, I would love to read what you disliked about it (when I paint, I expect say 90% of people to like what I do and 1% to dislike it, congratulations you made into the 10% ;) so far everyone has been in the 90%, so tell me what's on your mind and what you see in the painting.

12:00 pm    July 11, 2002
mennade, je suis pas Doukalia a monsieur Oujdi. You have the same style no matter what :-) I never understood ur darija either but I am learning a bit from my dear oujdi friend, Adnane...

By the way, thanks for the comment


11:52 pm    July 10, 2002
For the comment of magribi, I didn't saw the moovie; so yes I may miss the key point.

For the painting! There is a nice way of saying that I dislike it? like what! Oh I see...
I do not like it :)


10:28 am    July 10, 2002
Nice Imagination Bouchra! Please keep them coming as I enjoy every bit of it.

For Ina, the story as the writer mentioned is a version of the moviue ' minority report' so if you have not seen it and have not paid atention to the story, you will not get the point. We all know that shouaffa can't help herself...and in the movie, there is only one group of Cops that go to stop the crime. They deal with similar scenarios as to get to the exact location and person. Listen, just watch the movie and u will see.
The painting, I love it! and I think there is a nice way of saying that you dislike it :-)

Keep Raioo aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


12:25 am    July 8, 2002
This is Bouchra's style me9adame, 9ayede...ect ! I couldn't get some of your moroccan words but it's Ok.
By the way that policeman could send each group to each one of the three places, without relying on that women..If she was helpful she must be for her self first!

By the way I dislike the picture.


3:07 pm    July 2, 2002
Better than Minority report, better than any suspense /cops movies. I can't wait for the next episode, and I really want to find out how the kharkhasha made it. Is Shouwafa Se77ara too ? Oh, I can't take the suspense ! Please give us more !



2:58 pm    July 2, 2002
wantia 3roubia 7archa mtawra dial doukala :). I liked the painting ;), got problem to understand your sweet darija, tough I get the story. I miss there some drama, nouveaute coherente with the painting :). I don't like science-fivc/ po but your story remember me a dramatic adventure of a 23 years old Dutch IT ingenieur. He got chatting sessions with a 14 year old american girlie living in Chicago. They got some virtual sex, and later he joined her in chicago. When he arrived there, he met his lover, which was no more than an FBI agent 50 years old :). So if you think a bit with connection to Antr comment, the story of police shuwafa is no more science fiction, but a kind of police ethic's degradation.

I give you 8, you 'll get 10 if you do your best.




12:02 pm    July 2, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I haven?t seen the film you mentioned, but the closest idea I could think of, is the one used in the movie serie "Profiler". the investigator tries to reconstruct the crime events, from the given clues... Ghdaifa shouwafa does the reverse: she tries to find QaddouR Frahba dial BallouT before the crime takes place, using nothing but the power dial SouTa, kabal and Ray (shbada-BasTos)! Preyy smart! :)
I wonder if she could use her talents to predict the prices dial Lehwala ...But, I guess our bargening habits would make her mission close to the impossible.


12:53 pm    July 1, 2002
Minority report was an OK movie, not as good as I expected. Some effects were cool, like the spider robots. The futurustic highway seems very complicated to drive in... I loved the escape scene at the end of the movie of Tom and the precog. I think Spielberg seemed to wanna do so many things at once trying to mix sci-fi with I don't know what. I give this movie 2.5 out of 5 Raioo Khmissattes. However, I give Bouchra's movie of Gdaifa 4/5 !!

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