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Amina Alaoui Lyrics
01:49:16 PM Monday Nov 5, 2007

I recently posted a little note on Amina Alaoui and just got two of her cd's that I ordered. One is Amina Alaoui solo's and the other is Amina Alaoui singing with the Ahmed Piro orchestra. Needless to say I love them both, and I know my two fav's by heart now! teehee :) but.. there's a little problem...

The cd I ordered of Amina Alaoui's solos was a lucky internet find - I guess the vendor was Japanese and I didn't pay attention to that when ordering. So now I have the cd, but the little booklet that's supposed to have the lyrics is -- you guessed it -- in JAPANESE! how funny .. I never would've imagined that there's a fan base for her music in Japan. but that's great! I can imagine some arabic student riding the subway in Tokyo on their way to class and humming along to Li Habiboun :o))

El mouhim, right now I'm on a mission to get a copy of her lyrics in the original Arabic. Does anyone have a clue where I can get that?? I know where I can probably find one of them "Ode d'ibn Arabi" at a library out here, but I don't know the original sources for the others, or which andaloussi poets may have written some of them.

Any clues??

PS: anyone know what music school(s) she attended? I'm surprised there's no official Amina Alaoui website.. or does that exist and I just couldn't find it?

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2:30 pm    February 20, 2008

Salem message
It's good to know her Dad too! Interesting! It's something they have in the family. I don't know about her mother, and brothers and sisters if any.

In this song, her Dad sings about a STAR that shows him the way and provides him with strength in this world. Star in spanish is ESTREILLA. Don't you thing he is singing about his daughter Estreilla. I think so. He may love her so much, and to tell you the truth, he's not wrong...

Thank you.


2:27 pm    February 20, 2008

Salem message
It's good to know her Dad too! Interesting! It's something they have in the family. I don't know about her mother, and brothers and sisters if any.

In this song, her Dad sings about a STAR that shows him the way and provides with strength in this world. Star in spanish is ESTREILLA. Don't you thing he is singing about his daughter Estreilla. I think so. He may love her so much, and tell the truth, he's not wrong...

Thank you.


11:44 am    February 20, 2008

hudhud message
funny, now I can't find her bro's.

here's her and her dad Enrique Morente


12:48 pm    February 19, 2008

Salem message
I don't know about her bro. What's his name? I may try to listen to some of his songs and see if I like him. But her, God she is a great singer. Her performance, particularly in this song "Zambra", is just peeerfect.

Estreilla Morente and Amina Alaoui are, since we started commenting on them, so tied in my mind for some reason. I think they have this "Andaloussi" thing in common. They both are definitely among the finest artists I've ever got to know.

Last Saturday, I was listening to a radio program in my car. It was an interview with an old lady who has dedicated her life to the city of Essaouira and the promotion of its artists (didn't capture her name). When they asked her which song she wished to listen to, she asked for "Al7orm ya Rasul Allah" by Amina Alaoui. I listened to the song till the end before continuing the course of my day activities. It was worth stopping for a while...


10:52 pm    February 18, 2008

hudhud message
woo! talk about being dramatic... :o))

she's great isn't she! a real star in the world of flamenco. her bro is too, but I am not as big a fan of his - Estrella just strikes the right chords for me!


1:47 pm    February 18, 2008

Salem message
Thanks Hudhud for sharing this beautiful song of Estreilla Morente (in a different note). A loose translation of parts of it would be something like the following:

"Move away from the window !
Because I'm going to sigh (cry).
My sighs are made of fire and they may burn you.
What do you want from me ?
If even the water I drink, I wish you give it to me?
And when death comes to me,
don't put it in front of me,
because I care for it so much,
that it breaks my heart"


2:57 pm    November 10, 2007

Salem message
Great ! Thanks Adnan for the new feature "linking words you have put in the Inboxes. I'm really grateful. Hudhud had tried to explain to me to do that, but finally recommended that Adnan gives the guidance. I just tried successfuly this feature in my previous comment (test) and I'm making sure I got it in this one. Thanks Hudhud and Thanks Adnan. Here is a gratification that everybody can enjoy.

Amina Alaoui

Estreilla Morente

Sara Baras

What do you think these three artists have in common ?


2:15 pm    November 10, 2007

Salem message

3:58 am    November 8, 2007
Masha'Allah! Great Mohamad! May Allah help u in ur brilliant research.Ameen.

4:18 pm    November 7, 2007

Salem message

I see you're perseverent on the track. I promised nothing so far but I have a personal reason (beauty) to continue looking for those lyrics you're looling for. Whenever I find something I'll let you know. This place without you is nothing...


9:13 am    November 7, 2007

hudhud message
sahha baba salem. I have that song on one of the albums I got.
but qoum tara is nowhere to be found!! boohoo... :'(

11:12 pm    November 6, 2007

Salem message
It was posted on DaylyMotion by Chiranne, a young lady from Lebanon, from not as far as JapaN.

I found the video on the site of the its owner : Mondomix at the following address:


10:58 pm    November 6, 2007

Salem message
The video of Amina Alaoui singing "Ya man la8ou Abda3a 'Sifatee" was recorded in February 2003 at "Strickly mundial" Festival in Marseille, France.


4:40 pm    November 6, 2007

hudhud message
yes it sure is.

anyone know where i can get her version of qum tara? it's not on either album I bought, and I don't think it's on her alcantara album either.


1:14 am    November 6, 2007

Salem message
Any comment, any reminder of Amina Alaoui is form me an occasion to the extremely beautiful song : Ya man la8ou Abda3a 'Sifatee. Thanks Hudhud.

Amina Alaouienvoyé par chiranne


1:51 pm    November 5, 2007

hudhud message
btw - isn't it supposed to be li habibin? the grammar freak in me has been questioning this :o) but I guess in poetic balagha we're allowed to break rules like that, right..

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