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Sendai Japan
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The green "passeport" by cheikh Younssi El Berkani
07:28:10 AM Monday Dec 3, 2007

A song that many of you are looking for :)

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2:55 am    December 17, 2007

Amine message
hudhud :) akhti sushi bnine, walakine japon blad ma katesla7ch lchi me3gaz b7ali :D

4:16 am    December 12, 2007
Amine, my green passport gets me somewhere alright, and it's the only legitimate piece of paper still tying me to north africa - it gives me a right to belong - without it I truly would feel a foreigner. I wouldn't give it up for the world even if it does me no other favors. a blue or red one would not necessarily make me any happier in this world.

how's japan treating you? waqila 3ajbek sushi hadak :)


1:21 pm    December 5, 2007
Amine, Have you seen Gad El Maleh at the checkpoint entry to Canada? :o. The security official speaking in the talky walky saying : "he has a green passport that reads from right to left", as a warning message about an unacceptable individual. Is that what you mean?

3:31 am    December 5, 2007

Amine message
9anfud, you are right about that :) But still, all passports aren't the same when it's about travelling for less than 3 months (Tourist entry for instance) :P As for going for seminars or only having transits in Europe or USA ... you will learn see the other face of the "green beauty" :D
anyway, dimaaaa lgreen, 7etta yekherjou l3ayneen :D

2:45 am    December 5, 2007
Hudhud, you seem to have the green passeport as an additional travel document besides a more serious one. The "green romance" tends to manifest in those cases.

11:45 pm    December 4, 2007
Amine: It still gives you the opportunity to leave the country when you have FOUND somewhere to go. Isn't that what's all about ? :)
Of course the Visa is another issue, after 9/11 all ordinary passeports are tending to be equal. :(

7:00 pm    December 4, 2007

Amine message
hudhud :P nice accent :)
Who loves such a passport that can get you nowhere!!

5:38 pm    December 4, 2007

hudhud message
I doth loveth my green passepourr..

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