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Theresa Achour
here -- CANADA -- Canada
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Moroccans using foreigners for papers
07:59:06 PM Friday Feb 13, 2009

I have heard too many stories about Moroccan men,going on the internet in search of their "true love" so they can get papers to get out of their country.I am one of those women who was used.I paid all immigration fees,all legal fees and I was a fool.He used me,emotionally abused me once he got to Canada,took any money he could and then committed zina.Allah was watching because now he has a disease brought on by zina.We have a 4 year old daughter and he doesn't want anything to do with her or me,his wife.He is only a permanent resident and he has had trouble with the police and I have reported him to Immigration so inshallah,his sorry ... will be back in Morocco soon,where he belongs

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9:45 am    February 20, 2009

Zainab SR message
Dear Theresa,
I am sorry for your misfortune!
The man who chose to use you has been punished by Allah and verily, he will get what he deserves, both in this life and in the hereafter.
I hope that God grants you the strength to carry on and the faith to know that not all men are like that and above all the courage to keep giving (to your daughter and loved ones). I am sure that in time your pain will heal.
Insha'allah your story will also serve as an example to people who get zealous and don't think about the consequences of their acts. By this, I mean other men who might think of doing the same thing that has happened to you!!!
Best of luck!!!



8:36 pm    February 13, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Theresa Hi, nobody deserves to be treated like you've been. You're not the only one, and this episode has happened to some of the most careful women and men. Those who abuse the morality, reality, sincerity and obligations of marriage usually suffer the consequences in their lifetime. There are a number of immigrants, both legal and illegal, men and women, who are struck by this plague of marrying foreigners merely to earn papers, the green card, citizenship etc without discussing their intentions from the start. Not that discussing the intentions early on is less destructive, but at least it creates a mutual agreement, a kind of a business deal. Even then, it is still illegal and immoral, and if pursued may lead to unexpected trouble. Many Moroccans are without a doubt infamous for this behavior in Europe and Canada, and probably in America. There is no sure-fire way of detecting the well from the ill-intentioned. Most likely, anyone posing online from overseas looking for true love in America is looking for a green card. The minority who are truly looking for a foreign partner are what they are, a minority, and are lucky when they match someone. They are probably looking for a different kind of intellect, cultural traits, physical looks or simply the excitement and adventure of reaching out of the box. It can be a great story. One just has to be careful, exercise caution and avoid hastiness I guess. You have all the right to report your abuser if you feel you've been dooped, and let justice prevail.

I don't know what to do to help you, but I wish you the best and hopefully you will meet someone soon who will bring joy to your life and to the life of your daughter.


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Moroccans using foreigners for papers..


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