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The Catholic Church is at it again!
09:18:52 AM Saturday Mar 14, 2009

I cannot believe these people. A nine years old girl is abused by her step father and gets pregnant by him; her mother takes her to hospital where doctors decide keeping the pregnancy at her age would be too dangerous, and do an abortion. The church excommunicate the mother, the doctors but not the step father, who has been abusing her since she was six and has been abusing her handicapped sister.

You can't ******* make it up!

Below is one of the links about this.

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11:16 am    March 19, 2009

A message
The age of the girl is not the point, the point is the hypocrisy of some religious figures such as the Pope. I was not having a go at Christians, it is the head of the Catholic church and some of his bishops and priests that I was having a go at. He has been in the news recently again for saying condoms make AIDS worse, what an ignorant and dangerous man!

10:58 am    March 19, 2009

youness yahya message
iwa lahla i warihoume nhare biyade. These Christians make me laugh: "Nevertheless, the case has lead to a social battle involving the Roman Catholic Church and the judiciary: supported by the Vatican, the archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Dom José Cardoso Sobrinho, excommunicated the mother, the doctor and the whole medical team responsible for the operation. The girl was spared, as Catholic Church law says minors are exempt from excommunication. The archbishop, however, did not excommunicate the stepfather, and declared that “a graver act (than rape) is abortion, to eliminate an innocent life.”"

ou manba3de? howa lli ghadi idakhlhoume l janna za3ma? pchakh 3la takhaloufe. ou kay goulou 7na mou takhalifine?

instead of executing the father like a crazy cow, a 12 guage right btw the legs and one on the right temple will do the job. they go around saying that abortion of a 9 year girl is not right. wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooow i just saw the age of the girl. 9? noway that she can be pregnant . ba9i 7libe mamaha f snanha ou tgoulou liya 7amla? hay hay hay ahadi kadba bayna hay hay hay ghire goule l7a9e l moute kayna. long day guys so for the mixing. hot and humid these days in Morocco makes my brain acts in a weird way.


1:00 pm    March 15, 2009

A message
Thank you Ben and Abou for your comments. Yes the Vatican did support the local bishop. The sad thing is some hard line religious figures, in whatever faith they belong to; tend to be so dogmatic that they would happily sacrifice people's well being in order to keep the rigid religious line. They have a total lack of common sense and compassion, two of some of the essential traits to being a real human being.

11:50 am    March 15, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Yea this is outrageous. Was the Vatican condemnation official? or was it just some crazy Vatican member looking for spotlight? If it was a crazy one, did the Vatican condemn him?

It all boils down to whether a religious figure has good judgment or not. Good judgment spreads good knowledge and peace. Bad judgment breeds viciousness and war. I remember there was this religious figure in Egypt not too long ago who gave a Fatwa stating that women are allowed to work side by side with men in an office as long as the woman would have breastfed the men. He thought he was applying the Quran. I am not a scholar but my limited Arabic tells me that Quran means breastfeeding a baby not a total stranger man with a bushy moustache. I am sure as soon as this fatwa hit the news, the people condemned him and he has been quiet since then. Imagine if this Sheikh was a religious authority whose fatwa becomes enforced law... Allah yaster.


1:42 pm    March 14, 2009

Abou Huraira message
Amina good to hear from you. and who else but Amina would point this out!

You are right these guys have no clue what the hell is right from wrong. This is a perfect example of how they're freaken blinded by their narrow religious views.... why can't they just shut their pie holes up and let the court system deal with this issue and put this Mother where he belongs... he need to be sent where other would make a whore out of him. I have no sympathy for these low lives who use their stringth/power to abuse children and destroy their lives.. I would keep tazmamart open just for their likes. I am so freaken pissed!

Abuse happens every where in the world including the muslim one, and I wonder what is the stance of our Oulama on this? do they also this along the lines of their counterparts in the Christian Faith? Could someone enlighten us please


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The Catholic Church is at it again!..
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