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Hoda Wafi
New York New York USA
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The disrespect of Moroccan women in Morocco
03:14:03 PM Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

Hi everybody !

i just wanted to share my concern about the disrespect that Moroccan women suffer from in Morocco.
it's everywhere and from what i saw it starts from the house where the man is the king and the woman is the servant, in the streets is much worst , girls get insulted and hit by stones for no reason . if a group of guys call a girl names who ever heard it will turn and look at the girl as an agreement for what the guys just said! i once when i was still a teenager was hit by a motorcycle because the guy was following me and my friend for some time and i didn't want to stop and talk to him so he took off and turn around , hit me and kept going and of course like all the other guys they always get away with it. my sister last week was hit by a drunk guy , he used a broken bottle of alcohol she was injured in the arms and both of her feet as she was trying to protect her face, he stole her bag and runs away the people that were out were looking at her bleeding and didn't do nothing but her, the girl that was with was screaming for help but nobody moved a finger, when the police came inside of taking her to the hospital they took her to the police station to question her as she is still bleeding, they took their time asking about her name and her father's name, than in the hospital as she still bleeding they are asking her to pay and they can see she doesn't even have shoes on , the guy took everything she had he even tried to take her clothes, she couldn't pay because she didn't have no money and they put stitches on her without anesthesia as she was suffering the nurse was chatting and laughing while doing her stitches.

I was so mad i wanted to go there and curse all of them for the disrespect that my sister suffered from.

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1:30 am    November 12, 2009

hudhud message
hello namesake :) just to try and give some perspective here..
What you describe is sad indeed, but should we really blame an entire culture and all its male species?? I can understand your anger and frustration, not just at the creep who attacked your sister, but also b/c of the issue of ppl in charge not caring enough, not being supportive of your sister, and on the contrary causing her more emotional pain through the interrogative attitude and rough treatment.. (which btw, although you may not hear of it as commonly, be aware that that happens in places like the usa too, just read/listen to some of what local women's defense groups complain about, and not just in minority or immigrant communities.)

but what i'd like to say is maybe one should also put in some perspective, and acknowledge that there *are* good men in le bled who advocate women's rights and are supportive of their female counterpart, be she a family member or passing sister on the street, or coworker or fellow student, etc.

the disrespect that any woman suffers from any rude man anywhere in the world should not be blamed on the culture - human behavior (with both its faults and its beauties) is universal, and no doubt the behaviors you complain about are the same complaints a woman in tasmania or botswana would complain about too (likewise the good qualities).


4:48 pm    October 28, 2009

A message
I am sorry about what happened to your sister Hoda, it is terrible but far too common, shame! I hope your sister has fully recovered and that this experience won't leave her scarred for life. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour and it sounds like all the people who got involved in what happened to your sister are a bunch of sadistic people, taking pleasure in seeing her suffer, it just does not make sense!

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The disrespect of Moroccan women in Morocco..


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