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The people of Gaza need you: A Fundraiser for the 4th viva palestina gaza aid convoys
11:12:50 AM Thursday Feb 4, 2010

The people of Gaza need you: A Fundraiser for the 4th viva palestina gaza aid convoys

Viva Palestina defined….

Viva Palestina is the project of long-time Member of the British Parliament – George Galloway – an outspoken and well-recognized defender of human rights and supporter of Palestine for over three decades. Following the massacre in Gaza that began in December 2008, Mr. Galloway called to action the UK community to organize a convoy of vehicles, volunteers and medical aid to drive through Western Europe and North Africa in an attempt to break the siege of Gaza and deliver these much-needed supplies. The convoy was not only a success in the sense that they were able to break the siege and donate these supplies, but because it opened the eyes of the world community to the distressing situation in Gaza and allowed the world community to show their support of the Palestinians in Gaza through active involvement.

In April of 2009, Mr. Galloway called out again for an aid convoy to be formed, this time from the United States. In less than two months, over $1 Million dollars of aid and the better part of 200 people gathered in Cairo, Egypt in an attempt to again break the crippling siege of Gaza and deliver humanitarian aid. Through great difficulty and against all odds, all the volunteers and medical aid were allowed to enter under unreasonably strict conditions, which made the mission a success though it also opened our eyes even further to the injustice that the Gazans have to deal with on a daily basis, as well as the denial of basic rights and self-determination everyone must challenge when confronting the siege and its enforcers. The vehicles we purchased with donations to be used as medical vehicles in Gaza, however, were not allowed in through the Rafah border and so we knew we would be going back to complete this worthy mission.

Now, organizers in the US and UK have teamed-up to again challenge the siege, distribute humanitarian aid and the rest of the US convoy’s vehicles, and to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Out of the UK, hundreds of volunteers and vehicles are gathering with plans to depart on December 6th from London. And in the US, volunteers have been spreading the word in communities and on campuses to build a strong team that will participate as a nation-wide delegation. Our volunteers will join this truly international convoy in either London or in Istanbul to deliver the vehicles that were held in Egypt and to use the donations that remained from the last convoy to purchase medical equipment and supplies for the people of Gaza.

Viva Palestina’s three-part goal remains the same: 1) Distribute necessary medical aid to the Palestinian people, 2) Highlight the inhumanity of the continued siege of this devastated area, and 3) Amplify the shift in public policy and growing solidarity of people around the world towards greater support of the Palestinian struggle.

Viva Palestina/US

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