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Mohamed Brahimi
Franklin Massachusetts USA
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Policy Research Institute on Diaspora International
06:46:37 PM Monday Feb 22, 2010
Please visit the site
This is basically a research initiative that came as a result of a very fecund discussion on LinkedIn. There is just so much background information to write her. Check out the blog to get an idea of why did some of us spring into action and give your feedback as you will prompted to do so through the many form on the site
Thank you

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12:41 pm    February 27, 2010

Mohamed Brahimi message
Si Adnane,
Thank you fro the word of encouragement. I have to say at the outset that the bulk of the work took many people to catapult it to where it is at, I was the one who threw the idea against the wall, and against all odd it manged to stick. The term universal is abundantly emphasized for a very obvious reasons. Moroccans are part of a diaspora that is so diverse. Our intention is to engage in substantive research about Moroccans of the world whose one single common denominator is the fact that they share a common belonging or heritage. Public policy makers have always looked at Moroccans of the world as one single group that can be painted with one single broad brush. This is a major fallacy. In our core group we have a pretty representative sample of individuals who come from pretty much all around with diverse social and academic backgrounds.
As to the sequence in which you would rather have this unfold, the conference would a launching pad for our first research project and hopefully other ambitious projects that we did outline in the site.
By the way, given your superb artistic talents, we count on you to be one of the exhibitors.
Let talk inshallah
Thank you

11:57 am    February 27, 2010

Adnane Ben. message
What can I say abba Mohammed, wish you the best in this new endeavor. I was reading through the website introductory sections (about us, mission etc) and I'm just curious how come you guys chose to be universal. Wouldn't it be more meaningful if the name of your project reflected Morocco since 1) all of you are Moroccans and 2) are trying to understand Moroccan diaspora? All in all, this is good stuff and looking forwards to what you folks find out, analyze and publish. Try to get funding and serious support. I was hoping to see something published already on the website before it was launched, sort of the hook, the thing that says we've been working on something and here is what we can offer.

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