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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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Paris riots
10:15:39 AM Friday Nov 4, 2005

Looks as though France is once again caught up in the contradictions between its motto of liberty, equality, etc. and the reality of its poor suburbs. Kind of reminds me of Rodney King. Government priority: damage control. The color line never fades.

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9:47 am    November 11, 2005
I think that the riot is a good way to express how these people are feeling. There are alot of issues that the government hasn't done much effort on such as poor housing, unemployment and poor education. You can't blame WHY they are acting this way, after all there are expressing thier views but I don't think they are going on about it the right way like buring down schools and cars! But continue expressing your voice and INSHALLAH there would be change for the better..the the near near near near near near future..if your lucky..when the government has finished having their cups of coffeee and socalising about the the weather (LOL) ;-)

3:51 pm    November 8, 2005
Marhba bik Hudhud and would be nice to meet you too!
btw, you beat me to the bbc article. I was planning on posting it tonight. It indeed sums up the situation eloquently.

3:46 pm    November 8, 2005

hudhud message
ameen :)
sounds like an awesome teacher. is he single ;) lol just kidding =)
i may hit the big apple this spring.. would be nice to meet up. if you had a blog i'd pm/email you but you don't so pls feel free to pm/email me :)
love your name btw..

3:35 pm    November 8, 2005
You're right Hudhud. I modified the end of dou3a2 from its original version to include "wa li walidaya." I thought it was appropriate since, as far as I know, that dou3a2 has not been transcribed from Koran. Otherwise, I realize now that I mistakenly switched other words around :-)

Al 3id in NY was just like any other day especially that it was a workday. I opted to work from home hoping to at least get a chance to celebrate the day away from the routine, but in vain. Working from home proved, yet again, to be as demanding as being physically present in the office.

I am not aware, though, of any street closures because of Eid. They did close streets for the NYC Marathon but that wasn't until the weekend.

I have to say though that I like Ramadan in NYC, and for one reason only: the Tarawih in the 96th street Mosque. The management invites 3oulama from all over the world and in the last few years we had the pleasure of listening to Sheikh Al Ya39oubi from Syria. He is a young, charismatic, and open minded scholar who gave great lectures treating all aspects of religion: (from how to sit properly in a majliss to how to start over, spiritually, and purify the spirit from all the pollutants we encounter in our daily lives?.)
What I really appreciated about his lectures was the fact that he didn?t focus on scaring people with the kinds of punishment that awaits them if they don?t abide by the rules (as close minded scholars tend to do). He had a unique approach in showing people how does abiding by the rules is good for one?s being and not because they?ll go to jahanam if they don?t? He has a great way of putting things in perspective.
I particularly loved the segment of Asmaa Allah Alhoussna which he explained name by name throughout Ramadan during the break between les deux mi-temps de Tarawih.

Unfortunately, he didn?t make it this year but we did have other scholars who gave great hadith too and we had an Egyptian man who recited heart-warming Ibtihalat every night.

Anyway, Allah y3idou 3lina inchallah shahr moubarak karim w yedakhlou 3lina inchallah 3id moubarak karim bach matmana 9loubna b saha w salama w siyam lma9boul inchallah bila riya2.


10:03 am    November 8, 2005

hudhud message

9:36 am    November 8, 2005

hudhud message
"France, a country that had already soothed it's inequalties during the french revolution"

it's a myth, the french revolution even for many french people at that time it was not all rosy like the history books make it out to be, much less for non-french people. it's not a country built on equality and value of freedom, it's got a deep vein running through of causing injustice to others. let no one forget the crimes they committed in our native lands, what our own parents suffered through, what our countries and in fact the whole of africa are still struggling from the long-term effects, divisions, and pains. yes, many french ppl today are more open about discussing these issues, many have acknowledged their republics' mistakes during colonial times and til today, and many have embraced islam the faith of true "liberte, egalite, fraternite" (if only we implemented that..).. but many other french ppl today are still the extreme racist side of the spectrum, spewing bitter hatred against our people and our faith. the saying goes "there's no smoke without fire". if people are angry, it's for a reason. that doesn't justify the violence, but it's important to understand the long history of injustice that hides stinking deep in the rosebush. if only ppl could face it in a more effective, constructive manner and actually accomplish something beneficial instead of destroying further..!


9:25 pm    November 7, 2005
is it teenage angst? or the beginning of a social fructure? The riots that are happening in the streets of French cities. Young immigrants from the 3rd generation are unhappy and dissatisfied with how the government is treating them. They can't find jobs, like french people; neverthless, they don't have anybody in the parliament to represent them or whom they can talk to. Many of these immigrants are growing frustrated, they don't have bigger dreams, since they can't find representative jobs.
My shock was how could these riots happen in France? As someone who lives in The States, If it happens in here. Yeah, That's ok, since the blood from the injustices of the civil rights movements is still undry. But in France, a country that had already soothed it's inequalties during the french revolution; there is something wrong then!!!
The republic was built on 3 major : Equality, freedom and brotherhood. Once, you are french, the government is blind, It doesn't see Race, Color or religion. It's the perfect image!!! But what's going on right now is completly the opposite. back in History, after the world wars, north african and sub-saharian immigrants helped build the republic after Hilter ruined Napoleon's nation. They were paid back by putting them in projects around the big cities, which we call "la cite" or exactly the 'HLM'. Which was unfair? Because it slowed down their integration in the french system.
I think what the government preaches and what the individual practices is opposite. That's why the Jacques Chirac waited for 11 days to address the nation. The fight that he has been leading against social injustice is going fiasco.Also, These riots are not benefiting the immigrants, because it's giving the white supremists a reason to light the strains of Hatred and racism against these immigrants.
My concern is what's going to be the response of the republic? Are they going to mend what the history has defected? We'll wait and see...
To be continued...

7:14 pm    November 7, 2005

hudhud message
i remember during the la riots the curfews actually helped things start to calm down.. though it felt bizarre to be forbidden from playing outside not even in your front yard the minute the sun started to go down, especially when it was so hot that year. wonder if it'll work in france to re-establish some calmness, especially since now the riots are spreading outside paris..
interesting to observe how different political groups/figures have classified the events and the rioters.. le pen comparing it to civil war, sarkozy belittling and name-calling the rioters and alienating them further, de villepin calling it a crisis and actually acknowledging that mistakes were made on the part of the french gov't..

many other cities worldwide have been through race riots before. it's a crisis alright, but there's a certain pattern that you can see emerging each time, and it never ceases to amaze me how short-sighted politicians can be sometimes.. instead of planning for the future it almost seems the results of their economic and urban development policies (unwittingly or otherwise) sew the seeds of unrest in poor - often immigrant/minority - urban areas that don't benefit as much from high-profile "growth" projects. maybe we should re-define "growth"..


11:49 am    November 7, 2005

hudhud message
i kinda remember the ending as, "a3outhou bika men shari ma sana3t, abou2ou laka bini3matika 3alayya, wa abou2ou laka bithanbi, faghfirlee innahou la yaghfirou thounouba illaa ant.."
allah yehdina kamline ou yesle7 shababna.
btw, tasnime, how was eid in new york? i heard they closed some of the streets down. yallah post a blog for us! :)

11:21 am    November 7, 2005
Allahouma anta rabi la 2ilaha ila anta khala9tani wa ana 3abdouka wa ana 3ala 3ahdika wa wa3dika ma sta6a3t. a3oudou bi shari ma sana3t. wa 2abou2ou bi ni3matika 3alay faghfir li wa li walidaya fa2inahou la yaghfirou donouba ila anta.

I think this dou3a2 applies to this situation and let us all pray for our youth al hidaya to do what is best for the community in general and move forward through hard work and peace and not through anger and destruction.

Adnane, I would really appreciate if you can convert this dou3a2 into Arabic script and post it for me. I'm still trying to find a way to do that in Windows XP but in vain.


11:11 am    November 7, 2005
Instead of pouring all that energy into anger and destruction, the youth should've poured it into working hard and prevailing. This situation reminds me of how the Asians (Chinese mainly) work hard quietly in America (and even nowadays in Morocco!!!) They're leaping towards success as opposed to other minorities.

8:50 am    November 7, 2005

hudhud message
according to what i heard on the news this morning, a man was killed by rioters last night while trying to put out a fire..
what's wrong with ppl? can't they realize they don't accomplish anything like this, only getting themselves thrown in jail and giving our ppl a bad image!? the anger and frustration has twisted itself into increasingly violent criminal activity, and the entire immigrant community will continue to pay the price!

5:36 pm    November 6, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
Rioters today have moved on from stones and flames to firing gun shots.

6:31 am    November 6, 2005
Hi everyone. It is very sad what's happening in France right now but not surprising as the many reasons of such anger have been going on for so long now. Of course to spark such violent riots a combination of factors had to be set. Racism and discrimination are the number one factor. Since the 60's and 70's getting immigrants to live in ghetto like areas didn't help. Add to this the failure of assimilation through school and education and you have a whole generation of arab and african descent left to live on the margin of society. But if this can be attributed to the failure of social politics it's also attributed to the failure of parents for they too are responsible of their children's education. These kids are left with nothing to hold to, no hope no future. And now they are expressing themeselves with the only thing left to them: violence. I'm affraid these riots won't end easily for now other groups of professional rioters, extremist militants and wannabe jihadists are joining in. And at less than 18 months from the presidential election all this can harm the maghrebin and african communities and the muslim community in general. Allah ye7fed o safi.

12:25 pm    November 4, 2005

hudhud message
the rioters are angry about so many issues, and the deaths of these two young boys shook a big volcano.. one can only hope and pray that the source of the anger and the problems will for once be faced squarely and tackled from the roots.
allah yer7amhoum bjouj, ou bslamat koul lmslimine fi france.. hope everyone's family/friends in paris area are okay and won't suffer a backlash of discrimination..!

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