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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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07:57:06 AM Tuesday Nov 8, 2005

I am so bummed I missed Audioslave's tour in Boston. I even had it marked in my calendar, but somehow, in the midst of work, school, and everything else, it became a blur. Audioslave is rage against the machine's reincarnation without Zack's vocals. My experience with RAGM started in the 90's when I first heard the songs "wake up" and "Maria." Maria in particular evoked a lot of emotions. It was a graphic and emotional story of a Mexican immigrant girl. Zack's vocals so firm, unyielding, and defying gave the song the type of martyrdom qualities we grew up inspiring to back home. Then there was the song "a bullet in the head." Speaks so eloquently of today's times.

Tom Morello's guitar play was so intense it felt like the flame that ignited the fire coming out of Zack's mouth. Tom Morello's background is most intriguing. Born into an inter-racial family, his father a member of the Kenyan UN delegation and his mother a well-traveled activist born in France. Despite a bachelor's degree from Harvard, he works the guitar like a music school pro.

The base and percussion works are impecable. Just listen to the song "year of the boomerang." You will be overwhelmed between instruments not sure which to follow.

Has anyone seen the band before? I think they're in LA. Any news?

Jah bless

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7:16 pm    November 9, 2005

Rasta Gnawi message
Looks like Hudhud is gonna have to give the scoop once they come through town. I wonder if there are any concert recording available, kind of like phish.

4:14 pm    November 9, 2005

hudhud message
they were in dallas on 10/23, will be in long beach on 11/18, and in vegas on 11/19.

3:40 pm    November 9, 2005
Hudhud, how did you know? Cos I didn't hear anything about it. I thought their new album is just out, so It will take them sometime before they start touring.
Adnane, Black hole sun is a good song, the video clip is freaky though. I don't know if you heard the song 'spoonman' from the same album 'Superunknown'.
Rasta garcia, I went back and listened to 'Year of the boomerang', great lyrics.

2:50 pm    November 9, 2005

hudhud message
better_m weren't they just in dallas last month?
they'll be in my hometown on the 18th ;) oh yeah..

2:23 pm    November 9, 2005

Rasta Gnawi message
Hey Better_m,
Bulls in parade is a crazy song. Tom Morello makes the guitar sound like a scratch table. Just ingenius. I heard a rendition of it by this group called Evasl, the lead singer was a lady; it was above my expectations.
Let us know how the Dallas concert goes, since I missed the Boston one :(

2:18 pm    November 9, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
I will never forget that beautiful wakeup I had on a beautiful dawn morning in Saidia beach on the sounds of Chris Cornell performing Black Hole Sun... I had left the radio on a moderate volume for the night, it was tuned to some Spanish channel. And there goes Black Hole Sun... it was such a heavenly experience!

1:44 pm    November 9, 2005
yes, I am a big fan of Audioslave. It's Chris cornell the singer of Soundgarden, and the rest of Rage against the machine band. A great combination of sound and lyrics. Chris cornell's voice is one of the best voices during the Grunge era, when bands like Nirvana, Pearl jam, soundgarden, and Alice in chains emerged from Seattle.
I have the 1st self titled album, a good album. Not so many bands can have a great success during their 1st album but audioslave did.
Tom Morello is genius, He makes great sounds out of his guitar. I was sad when RATM split up, cos to me they are one of the best bands in the world. Rasta garcia, I think 'Bulls in parade' is one of your favorites, also ' freedom'.
Last summer, audioslave performed down in Havana,, I am waiting impatiently to see them down in Dallas, when they start their New album's US tour.
Peace out.

5:26 pm    November 8, 2005

hudhud message
probably *the* single most planned city in california if not nationwide. disgustingly sterile lol :o)) it's good to know where the artists are from, helps you understand them better..


5:14 pm    November 8, 2005

Rasta Gnawi message
what is irvine?

1:18 pm    November 8, 2005

hudhud message
coach roach was their history teacher..

1:17 pm    November 8, 2005

hudhud message
i was just lunching with my carpool buddy and we talked about this a bit. as it turns out, she went to the same high school as Zack, uni high in irvine. "coach roach" was their high school teacher.. i figured Zack was an OC guy, but didn't guess irvine. lol this is too funny..

9:54 am    November 8, 2005

hudhud message
audioslave's gonna be in the LBC soon... re: LA events, you can always check:

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