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What a drame!!!
07:35:06 PM Tuesday Dec 18, 2007

I know that this story has been on for quite sometime, and that it already ended (thanks to people with real heart from around the world, and not from our beloved elected responsibles)

فذكر إن الذكرى تنفع المؤمنين

The article from BBC News about this story

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1:30 am    December 21, 2007

Amine message

I agree with you, but I should just point that the "retro forces" are mostly concentrated inside the "Top Management"!


10:00 pm    December 19, 2007
Thank you Amine,

The development process is complex and takes time, and the results are not obvious; even for a country like France.

Using the UNDP indicators is very interesting to monitor one's development progress among nations, to "look at oneself in the mirror". It's also useful to compare with one's past itinerary, to often look into the rear view mirror, to see how we were, how we are and decide where we want to go.

As long as the Top Management is obviously willing to lead the nation to a safe shore, we have not much to worry about. We have to consolidate efforts, to contribute each one according his/her capabilities and strength and go ahead. Resistance to progress is part of the human being's nature, but in the long run, the retro forces will have to get out of the way. Inshallah...


11:10 pm    December 18, 2007

Amine message
Salam everyone:)

I agree the title is lil bit tough, and I agree that we can see the same thing in every country, but let's analyze this fact:
1st They have put in their ID address: TOILET!!!! After that it has been published on a national newspaper, the ID were confiscated and replaced by new corrected ones!

2nd I will stop on this sentence (There is a huge program pumping big percentages of the country's budget dedicated to unsuitable homes eradication in the framework of a large program called "cities without slams") and suggest this link which represents the Moroccan Human Development Index for 2007/2008
I didn't pay as much attention to our real rank as to the countries that are ahead of us!!!!


10:01 pm    December 18, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Ewa Allah y3awen ljami3, but I think it's great to help people directly whenever you personally encounter someone in need and you can help. Look at this video, it's related to this topic ~ by the way Amine ~ I don't think the title of your note does it justice.. it's very vague and even misleading =). This video is from a video-blog by a very cool Algerian, someone I respect.


8:37 pm    December 18, 2007
Amine, What a sad story! There are so many stories like that; even in very advanced countries like the USA or France (I don't know about Japan!). Don't you know about hundreds or thousands of homeless people living in the subways of New York and other big cities in the US, those homeless people who live under bridges in France. Sure, our country should eradicate this kind of situations. Our country actually does. There is a huge program pumping big percentages of the country's budget dedicated to unsuitable homes eradication in the framework of a large program called "cities without slams". From the title you gave to your note, you seem to be rather pessimistic. I don't think there is any need for that. Remember the two ways one can describe a glace containing 50% water of its volume. Some say it's half empty and some say it's half full, to which group do you belong? To the pessimistic one or to the optimistic one? I would say you tend to be of the first one, am I wrong?.

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