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LOVE MJ.*Heart*
01:29:25 PM Saturday Jan 26, 2008

ii *Heart* MJ....

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12:58 pm    February 6, 2008
Samir K
In the following, SavanahAdams seems to be much more talkative. And yes Baba Salem, this shows it's about Michael Jackson (MJ). She's a fan and seeks help. Kinda wierd n mysterious teen! isn't she? :)

"Is This The Real Michael Jackson Who's Been Talkin' On Here?...
If So I Have The Biggest Crush On You, I Listen To Your Songs Everyday And I Don't Care What You Look Like At All,, I Will Always Love You ... Forever! With A Love That Will Echo Through The Ages.
If I Was Old Enough Id Marry You Anyday. And I Hate All The Other Singers In The World.
Right Now Im Only A 13 Year Old Girl Who Goes To Archbishop Holgates School And Not Many People Like Me Coz They Think Im Wierd :(
My Favourite Colours Are Red N Black And I Also Like Dancing Every Wednesday At My Dance Class In Town, I Don\\\'t Like The Jazz Music But I Only Like To Dance To It.. And My Mates Say Im A Good Singer And So Does My Big Brother Michael Think That Too. He Loves Your Music Too, He Tries Too Sing To Billie Jean But He Sings Too Girly And Light..He Thinks He Can Moonwalk But He Does It Wrong..Even I Ca Moonwalk Just Like You..I Was Singing Thriller To My Friend Kelly On Msn, She Thinks Im Well Good..I Can Even Sing Bad, Billie Jean And Beat It.. And I Love Your Song Called "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" But I Love It In The Spanish Version Best. And Some People On Youtube Have Removed Videos OfHim That I Can't Watch Anymore,, My Youtube Username is "savannahpie" Leave Me A Comment If You Hav An Acount Too Please, I Wish I Could Upload Videos Coz I Don't Know How..

Love You Michael¢¾


3:23 pm    February 1, 2008

Salem message
or this................ mj ;-)

3:19 pm    February 1, 2008

Salem message
or this ...........mj ;-)

Embedding disabled by request


3:32 pm    January 30, 2008

or perhaps mj as in mary j blige?? :)


3:30 pm    January 30, 2008

or perhaps mj as in mary j blige?? :)


11:40 am    January 29, 2008

Rasta Gnawi message
? mj as in happy spice?

1:29 pm    January 26, 2008

SavannahAdams message

SavannahAdams's notes (1)
LOVE MJ.*Heart*..

Michael Jackson

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