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Mohamed El Jam
01:10:52 PM Friday Mar 28, 2008

"Jwa man jam" is a smart broadcast TV with Mohammed El jam.
If you like laughin' go Here

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3:12 pm    September 15, 2009

marouane sibari message
yes i think that also
thanks firstly for the lovely article
and excuse my bad english
so all i wan't to say is that shows like devid letterman cannot work here or even shown in moroccan channels for a lot of reasons the first is that morocco isn't a dimocratic country so you can't blame some people of their jobs or making fun of them like what letterman do to bush ect
and also i wan't to add something about the video is that that guy who you sad he was silly he was silly for you because he was making fun of a person maybe you don't know hem whom is big (elkhasser) his nickname too and he will make you laught if you know him


1:11 am    March 30, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Stoon sayyed hada!

He is definitely funny, he can deliver good jokes, and sometimes a l'americaine. The opening was hilarious! the rap song was nice.. but things started to get a bit boring when they sat down. The rapper (I think he's a Moroccan actor) was silly, kept repeating silly words.. not funny at all. The host got infected, lost his humor flare, and settled for cheap Moroccan television humor dyel zeft. But the problem here is that this is 200% scripted. The rapper is not real etc. They should do something like The David Letterman show.

Overall, the opening was perfect. And I wish Moroccan TV offers this guy a deal to host a show American style. Moroccans deserve something like that. I think they have enough potential guests for such shows. The show should be satirical, entertaining, informative and public opinion impactor.. just like David Letterman and Jay Leno. And I am sure someone like this guy or Hanane Fadili can pull it. Guests could be celebrities in Morocco and other North African countries, they could be atheletes, politicians from different grade (ministers, representatives, al lthe way down to shyoukh l7oumatt), they could be business people, journalists or just ordinary talented people in need of TV time to push themselves.

Just my 2 cents.


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