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zakariya mansouri
london Oklahoma UK
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woman wright subject
04:46:59 PM Monday Jun 9, 2008

im the brother of that girl call aicha .the story appear on mokhtafoon on morocan tv .i do like to talk about that subject of woman wright .my story been all over europe uncluding morocco still trying to get justice done .about sister whitch has been lock up by her husbent for seven years in asafi .its very bad justice and its only picture od woman wright not in practical exist .i do like to discuss with you all this subject. and this can happen to any morocan woman .so im really talking serious and like to talk about the wright of freedom and welcome to my world .salamo alaikom all and allah is the justice i believe.

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2:34 am    June 11, 2008

Mehdi message
Where is your sister now?
Is she in good hands now?
I hope so.
You said that "i'd like to talk about the right of freedom and speech"
Do u mean in Morocco?
If it is the case, i invite you to see this link, there are many videos and you can have an idea about what's going on in "Bled".


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woman wright subject..


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