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Multilingual = Multidimensional
03:59:02 PM Thursday Dec 6, 2007

The following note was originally a comment I had posted to answer a question on whether I was involved in linguistics. I thought afterwards that the subject was worth getting a note status that could trigger an interesting exchange of points of view on languages.

I like languages for they constitute an amazing communicative ability which unfortunately is restricted to humans. I actually speak five languages. Some other five languages I know are dormant. Two of my dormant languages: Italian and Portuguese, are in a transition state to be mastered. To add them to my five already spoken languages I need to dedicate about two months full time effort to each. Once done, I could then pretend to have a good knowledge of The "Seven Tongues", a dream I had when I was six years old. That vision is now almost achieved. Learning many languages gave me the opportunity to feel myself as part of the universe, to be a cosmopolite,

I learned all these languages in Morocco as I did all my studies in Rabat and never worked or stayed abroad for long periods . Arabic, Spanish and english are my favourite spoken languages. As a matter of fact, the only time I have ever been in an english speaking country (USA) was for one short week!.

I love words, so I love dictionaries. I'm always surrounded by dictionaries. Dealing with words and expressions is just an unequal pleasure for me. I would have probably become a writer if I had not spent many years of my life studying mathematics, physics and technology, which I don't regret anyway. But who knows, maybe I'll be one sometime in my lifetime.

By the way, Raioo is helping me a great deal enjoying the pleasure of "writing". I take this opportunity to thank Raioo and thank our webmaster Adnane, for making available this opportunity and maintaining it for the benefit of english speaking moroccans all over the world.

Here are some illustrations I'd like to share about knowing many languages:

- Kul Lsan Insan (arabic): Every single language is a new person.
- Une langue nouvelle est une âme nouvelle (french): a new language is a new saoul.
- Una lingua nueva es une ventana abierta (spanish), translates to : a new language is an open window (over a new world, a new culture....). I love this expression.

What do you think about words, expressions, languages and multilingualism?

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11:14 pm    December 17, 2007

Salem message
I reviewed my previous comment and found its paragraph 3 in a logic error state. Please re-read it as follows :

"I know people who became deaf after they were 10 years old, They kept their abilitity to speak because their deafness is not congenital. They developed the wonderful skills of reading on the mouths of speaking people. Although they are deaf, they still don't need sign language to communicate with people. They often speak in a weird way and lowdly. The only real problem with their disability is that they have to look at the people they're talking with in the face. They cannot communicate through the phone, but they can use SMS or email."


4:41 pm    December 12, 2007

Salem message
Thanks Suzy and thanks Adnane for the pads on my back. I really appreciate your compliments.

One of the languages I'd like to eagerly learn is the Sign Language used by the deaf-mute community people as a means of communication. I find that it's a fascinating language that could be greatly and beautifully used among hearing people as well. In some circumstances, the sign language could be just vital, and sure, would add a special dimension to anybody who would master it.

I know people who became deaf after the age of 10 years, that is those in whom inability to speak is not due to congenital or early deafness. They lost the hearing ability but kept the speaking one. They developed the wonderful skills of reading on the mouths of speaking people. Although they are deaf, they still don't need sign language to communicate with people. Of course they speak, sometimes in a weird way. The only problem is that they have to look at the people they're talking with. They cannot communicate through the phone, but they use SMS, yet a disability but not the worst.


10:05 pm    December 11, 2007
suzy cameleon
Languages have always held an interest for me too. I started learning to speak French in middle school and continued through college. I have tried to learn Japanese but only enough to fool people into thinking that I understood what they were saying and allowing them to speak very quickly in a language that I did not understand. Same with my Moroccan Arabic, but hopefully in time I will actually understand what is said to me and be able to respond with the correct answer instead of guessing. I hope to one day dream in Magrebi.
My new "Plan Z" ( yes I have gone through the entire alphabet in the hope of finding a viable solution to my current situation) is to take an intensive course that will give me the knowledge and a certificate to teach English as a second language or as a foreign language.
English is a wonderful language but so few of us use the gift for designing sentences with eloquence and style. Writing is a wonderful way to access and express the depths of feeling that hide beneath the surface of our shallow minds.
As a young person I used to try to use "big words" in sentences as often as possible, but apart from my creative writing classes I couldn't pull it off in public. I have found that a thesaurus is a great companion when I write. I like finding words that partner well with other words. The best is when you can write a simple sentence that makes sense and sounds cool.
Your English by the way is quite impressive. "Kudos" to you or as one from the hood might say "I have to definitely give up the cool point to you Baba."

6:06 pm    December 8, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Your english is indeed pretty good for someone who weren't immersed in an english-speaking environment. During my computer science master studies, I was fascinated by a course called the theory of computer language. We started with the very basic building stones of any language, the input and state machines, then went on to define what an alphabet is, what grammar is, then by applying rules (regular expressions or in other words grammar) one can make out of the alphabet meaningful words and sentences, then parsers of languages, then compilers. Although it was pretty abstract most of the times, and reminded of the Moroccan system of education, the course was an eye opener for me in so many ways. I felt I could learn any language.

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