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Kathleen Woolrich
Orlando Florida USA
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I live for you
02:49:32 AM Thursday Feb 22, 2007

You ask me how I carry on
All alone with little children
Springtime?s lovers have passed me by
And violin?s notes play behind me
I will tell you how I carry on
I live for you
I live for you and the hope that you may see
Even though we do not know each other
All the beauty that lies within you
I live for all the lost and broken hearts
Who think their last song has been sung
And the summer does not belong to them
I live for you to show you the entrance
To a savage garden where joy awaits
And to show you how to hold little hands
And touch the hearts of older people
So while you throw pennies in the fountain of youth
Leave the fountain and walk with me
And let?s hear the music left behind by creative hearts
By deafness, by madness,by death or sadness
I have to tell you
I live for you
Because when you feel that hope is gone
And there is no chance for you and me
To hold on to love or happiness
I say reach into the infinite
And hold on tight to my fragile hand
Because we must take this journey together
I do not know your name
But I am looking for you
In the dark
And I have saved a place for you
Next to me, in the cool moist grass
In the savagely beautiful garden
And our souls will look together
For meaning, for purpose
And we will save the smallest and rescue the weakest
I look for you
When I feel I cannot go on, I look for you

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