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Kathleen Woolrich
Orlando Florida USA
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girl in a box of souls
07:40:33 PM Sunday Mar 4, 2007


I crawl inside the closet and shut the door

I know that if he sees me there

He won't hit me anymore

If I cry a little and don't lift my head

He will stop the terrible things

and if the night is really bad

the bathroom is always a good bet

The food that wasn't cooked right

becomes something to hit me with

the phone that I grabbed to call my mom

becomes a bat to smack my brow

the necklace that I bought with care

becomes a leash to drag me by

the book he wasn't able to read

becomes a brick to break my windshield

The face that you see is misshapen and ugly

because I am not pretty enough

The car that I drive becomes the only barrier

Between his fist and my body

The stairs that others ascend become a hill to push me down

the shirt I loved becomes a thing to rip and tear

The hair on my head becomes a handle on a suitcase

to toss and throw and leave behind

The body that I possess becomes something else

besides a girls box of souls

And then they say "get over it"

Get over what?

Bruises and bleeding and all my things gone

I am invisible and I can't make myself reappear

I am just an invisible shadow

Because no one will stop him

I stop to talk because when I tell they blame me

For staying but no one will help me leave

And every one needs to be quiet because Daddy is sleeping

and turn down the tv and don't make any noise

And don't brush your hair because he isn't looking

And who is the worst? The batterer

Or the people that watch and do nothing

I am better off in jail than in my home

or in my closet

or on my floor

because no one will come

and no one will care

to save me

to hold me

to hear me

to read me

No one can see me

I am a girl in a box of souls

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