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Kathleen Woolrich
Orlando Florida USA
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take these tears
07:43:55 PM Sunday Mar 4, 2007

take these tears

and let them quench your thirst

they do me no good on my face or in a tissue

take my hands

and put them to work to heal another

they do me no good, clutching my sides or in my lap

take my heart

and let it soar with redemption and reconciliation

it does me no good, trapped in my chest crying for answers

let me be a vessel of things I do not understand

let me be a story that talks without words

Or a morning rain that feeds the flowers

take this pain and transform it into goodness

that evades me and makes me wish I was a better person

for I am only simple and I lack the strength to change

take this bitterness and transform it into compassion

because rage and anger will only burn whats left of me

take this body and make it serve another

because frozen in bewilderment, I cannot make a difference

take my steps, and make them walk a different path

because I need to change the direction I have been dealt

and take my hurt deep inside and make me someone kind

take the things I want to say that are not kind

and make them words of wisdom

and take my soul and help me ascend to somewhere holy

because this goodly frame the earth holds no answers

take these tears, they do not belong to me

they are simply salt and water and cannot help me grow

please forgive me for not living the life I know how to live

and the love I forgot to give

and the compassion that got lost in survival

while I looked for myself and forgot you

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3:28 pm    March 5, 2007
beautiful and humble.. i understand your heart song!

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