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Blooming Warda
New York USA
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New government
02:02:19 PM Monday Oct 15, 2007

Tourya Jebrane, Minister of Culture. Nawal Moutawakil, Minister of Sports and Youth.
It seems that Morocco is following the trend of many other democracies in the world and is appointing people with no political background or affiliation to participate in the management of the political agendas. The United States and Brazil among many others took this challenge and what....? What do you think?

I know that these two ministries are not the backbone of any government, though they reflect much of the country's cultural facade. But I just do not see Touraya doing the job of a minister. I just see her on stage, rebellious and outspoken.

Morocco is now trying to establish a movie industry, is hosting an international movie festival like that of Marrakech, organizing different music festival like that of Fes and many cutlural festivities we hear about here and there. Do you think she will be able to do the job and excel in it? or is it just some sort of an hommage rendered to her for her theatrical accomplishments?

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3:55 am    October 17, 2007
This subject drives me to the one Adnane posted few weeks ago:"How Moroccans Put Together a Government"
Just have a look.

11:36 pm    October 16, 2007
I think that Tourya Jabrane is much more a Symbol in the new Government than anything else. Tha fact that it's HER means something to the people. Such a post had "successfully" been occupied in recent past by a writer (Ach3ari). I remember also that about a decade ago, a famous syrian actor had occupied the post of Minister of Culture in Syria. I don't think there is any problem with that. The success of a Government relies more on other much more important ministries

5:59 pm    October 16, 2007
3abir sabil
Poe=to deal with a dead wood or skin
Try:to make an effort or attempt

Demo=demons=jnoune=msalmine lamkane.

MOROCCO=a soft pebble-grained leather made from goat skin

Just make a link.


11:27 am    October 16, 2007
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer wrote:

What is poetry? you say while piercing
into my pupil your blue pupil.
What is poetry? And you ask me?
Poetry... is you.

The poem can be read as a response to a lover who asked what was poetry but also can be read as a response to Tourya and Nawal who asked 3abbas what was democracy... you.He answerd confusing and confused.


5:59 pm    October 15, 2007
3abir sabil
In the all game,Touria Jabrane \"a damé le pion\" to Ettayeb Essaddiki.Nice shoot!!

3:38 pm    October 15, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
If Arnold Shwarzeneger can run California, and Reagan run the US, I don't see why Touriya Jabrane cannot handle mickey mouses in Morocco (with all due respect for Hanane Fadili).

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