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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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08:47:52 AM Tuesday Oct 23, 2007

I recently went to this rally for Darfur. A friend from Tufts invited me, and being a muslim from Africa, there wasn't any reason not to go. I was also embarrassed to admit that I didn't know a lot about the background of the conflict. So I figured it would be a nice way to learn some.

What I found there was a strange gathering of people. I wasn't sure how to describe it. People went on and on about genocide and about not-on-my-watch. Whenever there is talk of genocide, there has to be mention of the haulocost. In fact, the Israeli consulate general in Boston was among the torch-bearers (they had an olympics-like torch bearing event.) I looked around me, and there was not a single sudanese, muslim, or arabic person present. How very strange. Everyone is here except for the people who might actually have something to say. There was a sudanese woman at the end who gave a short hollow speech that lacked both message and punch-line. Basically thank you for coming out.

I can't say bad things about the event. I don't know who organized it. There were a lot of college kids there. So I imagine it was a college kids event put together to 'raise awareness'. I guess it was a success in that it raised awareness of atrocities committed in Sudan. But in the end, I left the event feeling equally ignorant of the conflict. Raising awareness implies a call for action. Calling for action requires knowing the sides of the conflicts and possibly choosing which sides to support and which to act against. So we left believing that there is a government in sudan that couldn't care less about the tribes in darfur (no mention of which tribes.) Not to mention the ridiculous ethnic conflict claims (Arabs against Africans.)

Anyway, I researched the conflict a little more, and came across a lot of demagogy junk. But I found this site that was very informative. I am not sure how objective the source is. Do you guys have any information on the subject? I feel as though we have three degrees of connection to the conflict: Africa, Islam, Arabic. So it's almost an obligation to know more about the conflict.

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4:40 pm    November 7, 2007

Salem message

We haven't heard much about you lately. If you go to South Africa again, go to this place. You may feel at home.



4:38 pm    November 7, 2007

Salem message
We haven't heard about you lately. If you go to South Africa again to this place. You may feel at home.


6:21 pm    October 26, 2007
3abir sabil
A french N.G.O called "Arche de Zoé" hiden behind humanitarian help is caught in tchad stealing children from Darfur.

5:43 pm    October 26, 2007

Mohamed Brahimi message
Bingo!!! That is exactly what Keith is talking about

9:21 am    October 26, 2007
In the following article, investigator Keith Harmon Snow is engaged in a fierce debate with Dr. Eric Reeves about the why war in Darfur. Inverstigator Snow asserts that there is a conspiracy by foreign forces to control oil existing in Darfur according to the following scenario:

"First: create instability and chaos that gives the appearance of Arabs fighting Africans (it’s always those other people over there killing each other). Second: wage a media campaign that focuses a laser beam of public attention on the rising instability. Third: whip up public opinion and fury among a highly manipulated Western population who will, quite literally, believe anything. Fourth: make sure the devil—this time it’s the Janjaweed—comes on horseback. This latter point underscores the tight, unwavering narrative of good versus evil. Fifth: demonize the "enemy" [read: dirty A-Rabs] and their partners [Chinese oil companies]. Sixth: onward Christian soldiers and their "humanitarian" armies; enter "Save Darfur!" and, voila!, a movement is born. Seventh: continue to chip away the power of the enemy by chipping away at their credibility. Eighth: under the banners of high moral approbation, and with full support of a deeply caring Western public, overthrow the malevolent forces [of Islam and the Orient] and instill a benevolent, peace-loving, pro-democracy government. Last: wipe away the sanctions, no longer needed, and bring much-needed "development" to another backward country. And there you have it: yet another civilizing mission to conquer those barbaric Arab hoardes, and those starving, helpless, uneducated, diseased, tribal, Africans."

Read the detailed report in the following address:


6:15 pm    October 24, 2007

Mohamed Brahimi message
This was the article I mentioned in an earlier post

Happy reading


2:30 pm    October 24, 2007

Adnane Ben. message

1:13 pm    October 24, 2007

Rasta Gnawi message
gotta love moroccan newspapers. I was scouting for any articles on sudan. This is what I came up with:

9:31 am    October 24, 2007
3abir sabil
Yesterday we were (a group of friends)in a café and a discussion about Darfur was raised(amazing!!).I told them what is going on in Boston(reffering to this article).All of us agreed that something has to be done.
"To raise awerness" ,is an interesting goal that catched our minds.Even a strategy was suggested:
Each season(autumn,winter,spring and summer) a rally should be organized in ordre to say to these new-colonialistes "GET OUT" from Irak,Palestine,Afghanistan,Sudan and somalia.All countries from Africa,Asia and south America are threadned and should be asked to join this world-wide-rally.

PS:"I have a dream"!!


5:03 am    October 24, 2007

Mohamed Brahimi message
Please Google Investigative journalist :Keith Harmon Snow. US congress woman Cynthia Mckeey called him the best investigative Journalist in modern world. I met him at last General Assembly of the local chapter for the Green Party, and the man is just a breath of fresh air. Google an article titled:
Wake up and smell the oil
the zionist Propaganda machine is trying to build legitmacy for yet another US occupation for another oil rich area

Take care


3:48 pm    October 23, 2007
3abir Sabil
Darfur is an old african problem,like a thousand of others troughout all the continent.It's a traditionnel conflict between tribes:some are nomads(breeders),others are sédentaries(farmers).But what happened in this last years and what is Sudan's crimes??
1)It's a weak muslim-arabe-contry linked at the midle-est
2)Plenty of oil was found
3)Sudan signed most agreements to exploit oil with China.
This is enough for USA,England,France and their partners to provoke troubles.The picture look exactly like Irak.

9:09 am    October 23, 2007

hudhud message
I don't know much more about it than you.. I had major issues with the way it was represented on my college campus by people who - just as you have described here - don't even come from sudan or darfur, nor are they african, nor muslim.

Here in progressive cali, there have been a lot of efforts by the muslim community to bring the issue of Darfur to light, and to show that muslims here do care. I hear a lot about it at mosques and such. There were some fundraisers too. In fact, Islamic Relief just did another big fundraiser in the UK kind of like a charity concert with big names in the muslim anasheed world like Sami Yusuf, with the funds going to support the work of Islamic Relief efforts on the ground in Darfur.

I find most mention of the conflict on mainstream media portrays it as a muslim vs. non-muslim, arab vs. black african conflict. I am not satisfied with such a simplistic black & white image and I think it's more complex than that. I think race and religion are still being manipulated to pit one african against another, as has happened in so many past conflicts and african "genocides" that were often caused originally by conflicts over land, resources, and control, rather than language/race/religion. One of my professors at ucla did quite a bit of research on this and really tried hard to dispel the myth that the race/religion is the source of the conflict when in fact it's usually resource "wars" if you will. I'll see if I can dig up some of her articles to share here.

Islamic Relief in Darfur

Sami Yusuf & IR charity concert for Darfur


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