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Sendai Japan
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08:01:21 PM Friday Jan 4, 2008

I was sitting on my desk, trying to think about what I'm doing, and I received an email with a link to this video! The first thing that came to my mind after watching it: Lef9ih li tsennina baraktou, dkhel ljame3 be bleghtou!

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8:29 am    January 7, 2008
I do make a difference between "Pretty" and "beautiful", between "smart" and "intelligent". When I said she was pretty, I was joking a bit. But I still think she is pretty according to certain standards. That's a fact. I think that "pretty" refers only to the shape, not to the content. That's my definition of "pretty". For me, "Beautiful" means more than that, and that's maybe what you mean. An idea could be beautiful, a song, a poem, a landscape, could be beautiful, but these beings could never be characterized as "pretty". Same comparison with "Intelligent" Vs. "Smart".

By the way, I personally care more about people like you Amine, because of what you stand for. I don't care about people like Lamia who chose her own way. I may not like what she did, but I respect her choice to be what she wants to be.


8:48 am    January 6, 2008

Amine message
Thank you guys for your comments:)

Frankly, I don't care if she had to go to IRAQ in order to get the American nationality, or a scholarship for her college, or ...etc (ALLAH yekoune fel3oune)!
What I found weird, is the way she's justifying her decision! According to Miss "LALOU" as she prefered to call herself, she was motivated to fight for USA because she lost her best friend in the 9/11 (!!!) is she trying to get revenge for her friend? Then she said she wanna defend USA, however the war is in IRAQ (!!!)
I felt like if she runs out of reasons for her decision, or as we say in Arabic " العذر أقبح من الزلة"!

Anyway, that's what I think!

By the way, my definition of the word "pretty" or "beautiful" doesn't refer only to the look, it includes many other aspects such as being smart!
If we suppose she was in IRAQ, carrying a machine gun, ready to kill anyone (including innocent people) if she receives an order to do so, then I think the word "pretty" doesn't apply on Miss "LALOU" at all :)


6:08 am    January 6, 2008
3abir sabil
the moroccan proverb said:"lli bgha sidi 3li,tayebghih bi 9lalchou".
When Lamia choose the american nationality ,she accepted to become a soldier to defend her new contry.It's elementary my dear Watson !!

6:08 am    January 6, 2008
3abir sabil
the moroccan proverb said:"lli bgha sidi 3li,tayebghih bi 9lalchou".
When Lamia choose the american nationality ,she accepted to become a soldier to defend her new contry.It's elementary my dear Watson !!

1:07 pm    January 5, 2008

I think it's DIVERSIFICATION my brother. About three weeks ago, I saw Lamia in another footage that showed her in the field (Iraq) with her big gun machine. I don't think she has anything to do with any f9i8 pattern one can think about. I just think one shouldn't be surprised when looking at the trails moroccans, or individuals from any other nationality descents, can take during their evolution abroad: Ministers; Prostitutes, Lawyers, Criminals, Artists, Gangsters, terrorists, soldiers, businessmen and business women, bosses, maids, Lucky people, Cursed people, Good people, Bad people, JUST PEOPLE no matter what their origin is....

After all she looks much more like a young lady from Sendai. Doesn't she? Pretty by the way...


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