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Latif Nfoukh
Wales UK
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The truth, Silence and Lies
07:42:47 AM Thursday Jan 15, 2009

This is what the truth - tellers are saying and it is all a matter of public and official record. We remain silent.
From “Plan D” to “Operation Cast Lead”, Israel has been carrying out the Ethnic Cleansing that started in 1947 and is still going on today, yet the West chooses to remain silent. “When the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie” that was the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko and the truth he refers to is: WHY?
The problem for the Palestinians started when Lloyd George gave away Palestinian land in exchange for explosives. In 1903 Lloyd George -as a solicitor - drafted the constitution for a new state of Zion to be set up in Uganda.
When the 53rd Welsh Division of Territorial Army Volunteers’ advance was hampered by lack of explosives, Lloyd George turned to the man for whom he drafted that constitution in 1903 for help, and the biochemist: Chaim Weizmann obliged by supplying him with the formula for the first synthetic Acetone. After Lloyd George entered 10 Downing Street, Weizmann asked for his reward: a home for the Jews in Palestine, Lloyd George’s foreign secretary drafted what came to be known as the Balfour Declaration and just to add insult to injury; Britain abandoned her mandate in 1947 despite previous agreements with the Palestinians.
The horrors going on in Gaza at the moment have absolutely nothing to do with Hamas or what is always laughingly referred to as “Israel’s right to exist”, in reality they have everything to do with the Palestinians’ right to exist. During the founding of Israel, the architects of Plan D condemned the Palestinians to extinction regardless of what the rest of the world thinks or says. Between 1947 and 1948 the Palestinians were driven out or exterminated by the Haganah from over 370 Palestinian towns and villages and the land given to Jews. The following map needs no explanation: (Thanks Adnane Ben.)

The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from such places as: Deir Yassin, Ramle, Jish, Lydda, Eilaboun, and Al-Dawayima went on unnoticed by the rest of the world, or maybe the rest of the world preferred silence to the truth.
When David Ben-Gurion reached what is now Gaza, he was asked by general Yigal Allon what he wanted done with the Arabs he pushed his hands away from himself and said: “Expel them or push them into the sea” and Yitzhak Rabin signed the order to throw the Arabs off their land and for his deed, Yitzhak Rabin was later promoted as a peacemaker
Since 1949; Israel has taken more land of the Palestinian and other Arabs, killed large numbers of civilians and deliberately targeted the infrastructure for maximum collator damage each time it waged a war against them under the pretext of the right to defend itself. The treatment of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel – The closing of borders not only into Israel by also into Egypt, since Egypt cannot open its own border crossing into Gaza without permission from the US and the other Western countries who signed the road to peace treaty – is nothing less than Genocide. The F 16s, the new smart bombs and the armament of Israel seems to be overlooked, yet every time a cease –fire is called for; the other side is always told to disarm.
All I can offer the Palestinian is this candle that will burn forever in my heart.

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12:05 pm    January 21, 2009

samir a. message
>>Samir, your post echoes the King's perspective :)

I'm sure you meant: his message echoes my perspective :-). The next time there is a king election, vote for change, and vote for me:-). I won't be a fair nor a wise king, but hope will be our daily bread and rhetoric will be our daily mint the! . If my Hope doesn't fill your stomach and my empty rhetoric doesn't fix your headache, I could promise you a castle where you can sleep. Obviously, my castle will be made of sand! Whether it as white or golden sand, it is really up to you Bro; but I could assure you it will be a sleepy sand. Have a good dream :-)

Take care!


7:50 pm    January 20, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Samir, your post echoes the King's perspective :) read on this article:

Moroccan king slams Arab leaders on Gaza situation 2009-01-15 15:18:39
Special report: Palestine-Israel Conflicts

RABAT, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- King Mohammed VI of Morocco said he will not attend in person the Arab summits due in Doha and Kuwait this week, blaming Arab leaders for squabbling on trivial matters that eclipse the situation in Palestine.

The monarch deplored the "unprecedented level" of a "depressing Arab situation," the official MAP news agency reported Thursday quoting a press release of the king's office.

The scathingly-worded press release lashed out at Arab leaders, regretting that "the mere fact of proposing the convening of an Arab summit now gives rise to squabbling and outbidding tactics, even disputes between Arab countries," which eclipse the vital causes of the Ummah, particularly the Palestinian question.

Qatar has recently called for an extraordinary summit to examine the situation in Gaza, but Egypt and Saudi Arabia refused to attend, saying they can look into the matter on the sidelines of the Arab economic summit due on Saturday in Kuwait.

During the 19-day-old brutal Israeli offensive on Gaza, over 1,030 were killed and nearly 5,000 were injured.

The sovereign denounced what he called attempts to secure "exclusive leadership," of the Arab world or "create specific axes or zones of influence."

The press release bluntly said that regardless of the external aggression, the problem lies with the Arabs themselves, "therefore any solution to the problem is to start with them," it said, calling for settling inter-Arab problems.

Solving the Arab-Israeli conflict "requires a precise Arab strategy, efficient and rational action, concrete solidarity as well as a unified stance and the rejection of divisions and narrow interests.

The monarch underlined that the tragic situation in Gaza is calling out to the conscience of the Arab nation and the entire humanity.


9:29 am    January 19, 2009

Samir winati message
interesting and scary


12:52 pm    January 18, 2009

Suzy Cameleon message
We were talking about the bombing with my family yesterday.
My brother believes that this attack on Gaza from the Israelis is a last minute coup to finish off the Palestinians before the new administration takes over. Under Bush there has been no attempt to bring peace to the area. Bush was furious when Hamas was elected but really couldn't do much about it because they came into power by totally democratic means. The US is funding Israel so it's another Bush backed war.

Now with Obama who says we need to talk to our enemies and involve all parties, there should be change. Everyone is really placing so much responsibility on this new president. We need to also take personal responsibility. He cannot save the entire world. He is not the second coming, only a man.

As for the inaugural ball - I am so happy that we finally have someone who is intelligent and likeable. The country needs to be able to rejoice and come together even during economic crisis and times of war. When has there ever been an age that was perfect. Remember I am a New Orleanian and we love to party. Mardi Gras was not cancelled after Hurricane Katrina when thousands were homeless. We have to keep the spirit of joy within us less we forget that it is possible to smile again.
May Peace come to us all one day. I pray for those who are in need and in pain. We must not forget them as we come together and sing. Let us sing for them as well as for ourselves.
We need to be the shining stars of hope and happiness. The world needs to sing and dance. It is in these acts that all differences fade away. May Allah bring peace to you and your loved ones everywhere.


3:31 pm    January 17, 2009

samir a. message
Indeed, it is good to have the money and it is also very good to have the political and the media support; I can't deny it, it does help a lot; but is that it? What about also starting to look at our own mirrors.

The Arab regimes are, with no exception, all corrupted, despotic, self-proclaimed dictatorial regimes. Look at the Palestinian themselves; divided and spending their energy to fight each other: One religious radical fraction pro-Iranian (Hamas) fighting a corrupted bourgeois secular fraction (PLO). And fighting for what? Do you think that they are fighting for their land, for their people, or for their liberty? Not at all, they fighting each other in order to determine how is going to have the biggest office in Gaza… Look at the Egyptian regime, Mubarak is in power for more that 20 years and they are announcing that his son is waiting to take over. Syria, the Assad dynasty is in power for more that 40 years. The monarchy in the Gulf, these are puppet regimes. Look at all the regimes in power I n the Maghreb, not a single shiny democracy.

It is depressing. I know that we should make a clear distinction between the people and the regimes in power, but I also believe that ultimately, We the people, We’ve got the regimes that we deserve.


12:38 pm    January 17, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
Suzy ~ as an American, born and raised and probably hurt by feelings of losing a home, how do you feel about this relationship between your country and Israel that is not based on love, on passion, on pure friendship, on morality, but is rather based on money and greed; the very same elements that are tearing the US economy down. How do you feel when the US is allowing a genocide against a civilian community who is unable to escape anywhere (when the new president is allowing to spend millions of dollars for his presidential inauguration). Check this video:


12:28 pm    January 17, 2009

Suzy Cameleon message
My theory on why the USA is so tied to Israel is "the money". There are high level people in the USA who are Israeli supporters, Hollywood, Wall Street, bankers, etc. It always seems to be about the money in America. My brother used to work in the night check processing for a very large bank (one that only had millionaire customers and is not mixed up with the current foreclosure mess), and he would process checks to Israel that were very big in numbers. It's not about the people, it's about the money, both here and there.

12:09 pm    January 17, 2009

samir a. message


8:44 am    January 17, 2009

Adnane Ben. message
I am trying to understand how and why the US became interested in Israel. This interest grew bigger and bigger as manifest in the increasing diplomatic, military and economic support the US provides to Israel administration after the next. Israel must be some gigantic value to the US. Just what is it exactly?

I've posted before a video excerpt from a French show that featured Michel Collon as one of the guests. Michel, in an attempt to get to the core of the issue, read a statement that Ben Gourion wrote. The staunch Zionists who were guests at the show dismissed the statement. Here is what Michel wrote after the show:

Hier soir, 3 décembre, j'ai participé au débat de Ce Soir ou jamais sur France 3: Iran, Irak, Proche-Orient : que va faire l'Amérique ? Durant ce débat [..]
j'ai cité une déclaration cynique et significative de Ben Gourion, fondateur de l'Etat d'Israël en 1948. Mes contradicteurs défenseurs d'Israël ont affirmé que "mes sources étaient fausses" et que la citation ne serait pas de lui.

Après vérification, la citation est bien de Ben Gourion, la voici au complet en original :

"Si j'étais un leader arabe, je ne signerais jamais un accord avec Israël. C'est normal; nous avons pris leur pays. Il est vrai que Dieu nous l'a promise, mais comment cela pourrait-il les concerner ? Notre dieu n'est pas le leur.
Il y a eu l'antisémitisme, les Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, mais était-ce leur faute ? Ils ne voient qu'une seule chose : nous sommes venus et nous avons volé leurs terres. Pourquoi devraient-ils accepter cela ?"
David Ben-Gourion, premier ministre israélien, cité par Nahum Goldmann dans "Le Paradoxe Juif", page 121

Mes contradicteurs, n'ayant pas d'arguments sur les faits, ont utilisé une méthode mesquine classique : semer le doute sur un point de détail pour détourner l'attention du fond du problème. Vous trouverez ici plus bas une petite sélection de déclarations colonialistes et racistes, comme on peut en trouver chez tous les grands dirigeants israéliens.

Je tiens à remercier tous ceux qui m'ont témoigné leur soutien. Et surtout je leur demande de nous envoyer les meilleurs articles, témoignages et analyses sur l'injustice faite aux Palestiniens. Pour diffuser dans notre sélection hebdomadaire d'articles. Pour contrer les mensonges, "nous sommes tous des journalistes".

Avec l'équipe Investig'action


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