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Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L)
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Rendez-vous With a Future Son
12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

The events are taking place in the far future...

Some 450 years from now, one of my grandsons
walked into his father?s office, and started going a
THROUGH a collection of ancient books from the
beginning of the
21 century.
As he openened one of them, he found an old
inside of which he found a message written
during the year 2001.
He couldn?t believe his eyes when he figured out
the message was writen by one of his grand parents
who lived at the begining of the millenium, called
McShaddad !

The messsage was as follows:

19 Sept. 2001


In the name of Rebbi LLah, the most merciful,

Dear Grandson,

I hope that you are living in a time when
prospertity is the previlege of all nations, and
a good health in all its aspects is easy to aquire.

I am writing this letter during a period of time
the world hasn?t achieved its maturity yet
yours has achieved that...). Our societies still
money and power. We still find violence appealing. We
make fun of each others, and watch people die
on television on a daily basis (I doubt very much
that you still use the same device) (:/

Anyway Grandson,

As you have probably been told by your father, I was
born in Morocco. It is (or used to be...?) in the North
Africa, and I lived abroad up till this moment...
The world I live in suffers from two main divisions
the Christian North and the Muslim South. the North
well fed and technologically well advenced, while the
south tries to make it to the North...(Even by swimming
sometimes). Can you believe that it used to be the opposite hundreds of years ago in Andalucia Spain ? (Do they still sell Chorro by the way ?)

Now, after a mad act of terorrist attack against a
called the United States, the world is facing a big
test which will define whether the 'Powerful' and the
'weak' could coexist in peace, or will humanity
even more devided.

You might be wondering why I am writing all of
this, and why THIS MESSAGE has it been kept safe for
untill it reached you .
Well, grand son, I was inspired by two reasons to
this message :

Reason 1 - My hope of all mankind to live together
the SAME justice without prejudice and peace shall
reign among all nations.

Reason 2 - I am curious wether we will make that
or not...! (:/

And since there is no possiblity for ME, here and Now
,to find out about that... I decided to write this
letter TODAY, save it in a safe, pass to my son, who
pass it to his son until it reaches a person in a
generation where the time travel is possible.
Now obviousely, such a technology is available in
world, and I suppose devices that allow you to do
that are available to the public at low costs as well.
As a reassurance for me, my friends in Derb and Raioo and
people I care about, I would like you to adjust your
time machine back in time and make the trip back here
I am at the year 2001 September 19th. Bring some Chorros with you will ya!

Here are my coordinates :
Space location: Finland
Time: September 19,2001
Exact address : uhum...Ask your father :/ he might
you my phone number too.

As for the physical descriptions, I am sure that
can be found in OUR familly album.

I am ready to meet you anytime soon grandson, and show you
our world is all about... Hopefully you will bring us
message of hope from your world...

Take care good grandson, and see you soon.

Riiiing* Cell phone ringing !!! Huh... Could it be HIM
already ??(:@

Antr McShaddad

PS: First free budget technic, ? la Antr, for a
rendez-vous with a futur person.
Try it at your own risk!
If you get no response to your 'call', that would
that you are either sterile, or THAT OUR future looks
than our present.
Well,in that case...Uhum..Laylaha-ilallah! (:/

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2:50 pm    September 3, 2003
very nice antr wellah i ve never read it befor although i ve been in raioo for so long.... bravo

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