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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Mercy On Iraqis
12:00:00 AM Wednesday Mar 19, 2003

photo source: Yuri Kozyrev

As the battle drums of USA and allies roar, as the dust and sand clouds form near Baghdad, We ask God to pour from his fountain of infinite mercy over the young, children, women and elderly of Iraq, and to hold any aggressor accountable, whether Saddam or Bush or allies. We ask God to open a window of hope as we're all standing helpless.

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5:13 am    April 2, 2003
Aljazeera available in english.


10:28 pm    March 25, 2003
An interesting view of "the war" and wars in general:


8:39 am    March 25, 2003
war war i think the end of days s near!!! right now believe or not i m fighting the Afghanis all i can tell u s it sucks this country s trash can all u see s animals !!!!
nasty water no food !!! no roads only sand and dirt
about Iraq all i can say s : u take out Saddam then another lunatic insane person gonna take over the country it ll never end
all we can do now s pray and pray !!!

4:47 am    March 25, 2003
Rifaa el-Tahtawi, penseur et homme d'Etat egyptien de l'?gypte du XIXe si?cle. Il modernise son pays en s'inspirant de la France o? il a v?cu.Un peu comme moulay el hassan qui avait envoy? des ?tudaints en europe pour savoir comment s'en inspirer au Maroc.

4:19 pm    March 24, 2003
oasienne who's that rifaa you are talking about?

1:08 am    March 24, 2003
Inchallah,they will all be held accountable for their acts one day inchallah: saddam for his past crimes againt his people, bush for his blindness and arrogance, sharon for his persecutions .
I pray that one day children of rifaa-i.e moderate intellectual who actually take religion in the good way and get opressed because of their political opinions and love of democracy- will one day rule the arab world and stop this humiliation that is on our heads since the middle age.

9:24 am    March 23, 2003
this whole think is just beyond me, but you know what, GOD is watching, and those people will have to report to him one day, and all of us will be watching, that day, ALLAH will give justice back to the oppressed and hold the agressors accountable for their acts. I end my message with a prayer of peace, I pray for peace to get to every soul out there who's holding his machine gun on defenseless civilians, to be able to reach his inner peace, and stop the killing ... I pray for those Iraqi civilians who've never done anything to deserve this! may ALLAH help them get through this, may he make things a little easy on them, may he be with every mourning family, every crying child out there, every broken hearted mom, and every innocent living soul.

9:23 am    March 23, 2003
Salam alykum,
I've heard that a Muslim soldier amongst americans has carried an attack against the US and UK camps in Kuwait, killing 1 and wounding 16 ... 50 civilians are dead so far, and Saddam said he would show the world how many ameircans he has captured so far ... As for prayer, you are not an unwelcomed guest, every opinion deserves to be voices, and unlike some americans, we (muslims) don't categorize people or discriminate them for their country of birth, every person should be held accountable for what they do, or think, and not for what their leaders do, and so far, I have heard that every church, every person with an ounce of humanity has condemned this war starting with the Pope himself!! Bush says that Iraq was a THREAT and they got nuclear and biological weapons, think about th wouldn't he have used them already? would he have let the US and allies invade his country and bomb his compound without firing back?!! what other reasons will Bush give the rest of the world to justify this war? that he wants to liberate the Iraqi people? HOW? by KILLING THEM?!!

7:57 am    March 23, 2003
al maghribi
I want to tell mister pray-er that I respect him very much. His words are very wise . I wish all the americans could think like him.

7:46 pm    March 22, 2003
Muslims are not blind like the evil Bush, we do know that there are peaceful Americans who understand and feel the pain innocent Iraqis are experiencing.

7:40 pm    March 22, 2003
Check this one out:

7:16 pm    March 22, 2003

(weeping as I write this)

I apologize if I'm not a welcome guest in this discussion, although I could certainly understand why I might not be.

I'm an American, and I wanted to find somewhere on the Internet to scream and weep about this evil act of US aggression. Right now I'm so ashamed of the country I live in and the evil president that has taken it over. I'm ashamed of the lies reported by the US media, of the conversations I hear among my fellow students, and of the pro-war prayers I hear at CHURCH, of all places!

But what I'm most ashamed of, is that my own lifestyle and safety are made possible by American military domination. I wish I could make that not the case -- I wish I could move, get away, stop participating in this evil empire, even at personal risk -- but I wouldn't know where to begin. I go to protests, like so many others here and worldwide, but George and company have made it clear that they don't care. And I fear the protests aren't convincing anybody. The ones who are against the war are already *at* the protest; everyone else who drives by just ignores or makes an obscene gesture.

I am a Christian, and I don't see how George Bush can be reading the same scriptures I am. I pray every day that his plans will be thwarted, that all of the weapons on both sides will break -- or, better yet, that God will so show him the error of his ways that he will repent, give away all of his possessions, and travel around the world fasting and begging forgiveness from everyone he has wronged. I am praying most earnestly, of course, for everyone in Iraq during these sad and dangerous days.


3:30 am    March 22, 2003
As of saturday, Fao and oum Kasr are not under the (2) allies control yet... This information is from both Iraqi and american sources.... 50 iraqi civilians dead in Basrah.... the vice president of Iraq is presumed dead along with 3 other top leaders.... the question is: what do you think is the Iraqi strategy in this war if there is any? Don't you think that if more Iraqi leaders die, the strategy can not take effect?

3:33 pm    March 21, 2003
History has a name for Bush, Blair, Aznar, and of course the bloody sharon.

3:29 pm    March 21, 2003
Friendly American
Regime change starts from here. Bush must go!

2:27 pm    March 21, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
TOC, I can understand why Saddam and co say that US and allies will be defeated, it's just to motivate their troops, they're not going to say damn we're losing this war; the troops will err on the side of surrender immediately.

But Saddam is far from winning this war given the capabilities of the US and allied armies... at least in theory.

What Saddam and co probably mean by saying that US will regret this war is that the fundamentalist of Islam will take this as another excuse to increase public hostility towards US and maybe even take terrorism to new horizons in US. I wouldn't hope for that, it would be a world of war..

The US is clearly doing a mistake by assaulting Iraq. The US could have shown the world its might and power by negotiation and peace; it is always easy to drop a bomb, but it is not so easy to talk wisdom and solve problems peacefully. I have hope that the ongoing protests around the world and most importantly in the US will have an impact, and may change the course of washington action sooner or later. Remember Vietnam, it was the people of USA who stopped the war with their fierce resistense.


2:04 pm    March 21, 2003

(anti-rap : anti-hypocrites ne serait pas ton cousin par hasard?)

bon j'estime que tu ne m?rites pas d'attention de ma part alors je ne t'accorderai pas de r?ponse pour ta remarque.(par respect pour cette page).

sinon en ce qui concerne les soldats irakiens qui se sont rendus , il s'est av?r? que c'?tait des prisonniers que saddam venait de mettre en libert?, en plus ils n'avaient pas l'air d'?tre des soldats d'apr?s les images d'aljazeera.
par contre je ne sais pas si des civils ont ?t? touch? aujourd'hui par le raid am?ricain sur bagdad!!!

que dieu les en pr?serve!!!
prions dieu, c'est notre seul moyen, ne le sous-estimons pas:
notre proph?te pri?re sur lui a dit:
"addou3ae yarrouddou al kadar"

et je voulais faire une remarque en ce qui concerne "assahaf" le ministre irakien, il n'arr?te pas de r?p?ter que les am?ricains vont perdre cette guerre et qu'ils regretterons ce qu'ils sont entrain de faire!!!
serait-il si optimiste que ?a????



12:58 pm    March 21, 2003
Freedom to Iraq

12:26 pm    March 21, 2003

Is there any more significance for the so-called world body (UN) if
it?s just only one nation that has the last say? People would like
to know the value of the International Law when all its rules and
laws are violated by the US (and of course by her darling Israel)!
Actually, the ongoing assault on Iraq puts a nail in the UN?s
coffin. Let?s not be surprised if another giant nation tomorrow
follows the US suit, thanks to the laws of the jungle adopted by
the feeble world body! Isn?t it ridiculous for the US to claim that
the UN will have a role to play when it comes to rebuilding Iraq?!
So it?s for UN to rebuild while the US goes on rampage, destroying
nations and generations. What a joke! Let?s tell uncle Sam that
while you are saying that your intention is to rebuild Iraq, the
ruins and destructions you leave behind in Afghanistan is a demerit
to your case. Sorry, sell that to someone else, for your record is
full of atrocities for which history will definitely call you to
account. It?s a shame that America fails to learn from history.


9:59 am    March 21, 2003
I have already seen those pictures thanks for sharing. However, I remain skeptical about the whole thing, as nothing can be easier than to fake up some pictures like these, Kuwaities after all look like Iraqis and they're willing to help in every possible way (LLAH inezel aalihum lghadab) ...

We don't know where the truth is, and each one of us is free to believe whatever makes him/her happy!!

LA 7awla o khlas.



9:38 am    March 21, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Ameera, check out these photos of Iraqi soldiers who surrendered. war in Iraq gallery


8:56 am    March 21, 2003
Anti RAP
ta gueule TOC va ?couter ton fichu rap et laisse la rubrique Irak aux grandes personnes.

8:56 am    March 21, 2003
Anti RAP
ta gueule TOC va ?couter ton fichu rap et laisse la rubrique Irak aux grandes personnes.

6:48 am    March 21, 2003
The whole story about those soldiers who surrendered is somehow confusing, as we all know, we can't trust what the media says, it may or may not be true, it might just be one of the US strategies to play with the Iraqis' nerves, because when you're as frightened as they are, facing 280,000 US and UK troops, and you are weakened by 12 years of sanctions, you start having second thoughts about whether or not to get involved in a war you know you're going to lose, and if you know about some poeple who surrendered and were treated right, you are more likely to consider surrendering yourself!!
At the same time, and even if it was true, the Iraqi officials won't admit it, as they would want to keep their soliders' spirit up ... so who's right ALLAHU aalam.
Some said that those were not Iraqi soldiers but some of Saddam's prisonners who were set free ...
Yesterday here in Boston about 3000 students and professors from all Universities gathered and peacefully marched through the city's streets pleading for this war to stop, and some guy even handed a note to a police officer domdemning this war before he jumped off a bridge and killed himself ... as for us, Moslems, all we have left are our prayers, inshaLLAH aand raby makbula, may he keep the iraqi civilians under his wings inshaLLAH, O aLLAH ijazy koul men kane sbab.



5:41 am    March 21, 2003
justement, je ne sais pas qui croire!
les irakiens disent qu'il y a pas eu de soldats irakiens qui se sont rendus ? l'arm?e am?ricaine, et qu'il y a pas eu invasion de la ville "oum kasr", mais les am?ricains disent le contraire!!!
si je p?se le pour et le contre , les am?ricains ont tout inter?t ? d?former les infos (si c'est le cas) pour inciter les autres soldats irakiens ? se rendre, et pour consolider leur image de force invincible aupr?s des alli?s et des gens qui soutiennent cette guerre!!!
mais quand je me dis que peut ?tre c'est les infos iraki?nnes qui sont d?form?es, je me demande quel inter?t ont-ils ? le faire:
-peut ?tre pour montrer ? l'opinion publique que l'irak est en mesure de se d?ffendre sans l'aide de personne.
-peut ?tre aussi pour encourager et rassurer les irakiens.

j'esp?re que les m?dias nous aiderons ? y voir plus clair.

par contre, les alli?s sont entrain de se mordre les doigts, parceque ce qu'ils craignaient est entrain d'arriver:
l'irak est entrain de br?ler ses puits de p?trole.

tout ce qui me reste ? dire c'est de demander ? tous mes compatriotes musulmans d'implorer dieu pour qu'il ?pargne les civils irakiens.

amicalement .


2:57 am    March 21, 2003
The Iraqi Minister of information denied today that soldiers have surrendered and he said that all this, is just propaganda and wrong information to deceive iraqi soldiers and people... It s hard to say who is right... 1- what do u think about the information we get from american, english and arab news channels? 2- what do u think about arab leaders who are weaker than ever before? 3- what do u think about arab people who are afraid to go out in the streets and who lost faith in their governments? 4- what do u think about the Iraqi leadership who brought all this mess to itself?

12:16 am    March 21, 2003
The war unfortunately started and we can do nothing, I wish I can but.... Anyway I wanna know what u think about this.... Yesterday even before the war starts 24 iraqi soldiers surrendered to the US military forces in south iraq, I don t know if the information is true or not, but they told them to come back (surrender) when the war starts.... US is bombing iraq with documents and speeches through the radio to convince iraqis to help them through saddam from power..... Iraqi people are already weakened by 12 years of embargo and earlier war against iran..... all that does it mean that the invasion of iraq will be easy for the american forces and that they will be welcomed in Bagdad with roses and songs??? will the iraqis army surrender and turn its back to saddam?? Oh I forgot to tell you that 17 iraqi soldiers just surrendered after the war started....

7:45 pm    March 20, 2003
May Allah help the iraquee people.
I know everybody know this question and need an answer but i will ask it again just to to get it out of myself.Where are the arab and the muslim? didn't Mohammad PBUH told us that if there is a war against some of us then we all must help them???That's why we are where we are now because we are away from our religion..I mean our leaders even if the leaders just reflect how we actually are(that's another issue here). One last thing somebody stop that Idiot aand you know whom I am taking about.

2:42 pm    March 20, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
zineb, only God, in the context of our religion, knows who deserves to be punished in this life or the after. I have no say about what is happening, I just do not know. most leaders have some bad in them, and if they don't have it people create it in them. leaders job is very difficult, and when they do mistakes they pay big time.. if they're weak they pay more, if they're strong God may be the only one who makes them pay. I don't favor Bush, Saddam, Blair or any other ally,

all I wish for is this war to get over and people of Iraq to have minimal casualities, unfortunately, and to renew their country, it's too late.. or maybe, maybe a miracle out of nowhere if God really loves Saddam and his people.


1:36 pm    March 20, 2003
"whether Saddam or Bush or allies." how can we blame Saddam for this one??Bush wanted his war and he got his wish, he called it Iraqi Freedom!!! What about the Iraqi's freedom to live? Their right to choose? There is and there will never be any justification for war. I have never heard of a " preventive" war either.
I'll just say Salam even if we are a
long way from peace.

11:51 am    March 20, 2003
Wa dak lmkallekh dial ElCuerVoq, bach t3achiti lyouma? Wa baaaaaz lhad ennass. WA khoutk tay moutou fi ard al3irak wanta kat9elleb 3la jwa lmenjel! Ma bghiti ghir tssarfi9. 7chem chouiyya!
Ma3endi mantssalk a ANTI l7mir.Hdertek mer9oula ou barak allah oufik.
OU akhiran assi Elcuervok nassi7a menni: blasst mat9a tcritiki 7awl tetfakkar lkhrin, 7it ach lli tra lihoum lyouma i9der itra lik oula lina ghedda WASSALAM

11:37 am    March 20, 2003
weld-la7miir ! baghini :) aaji l paltalk we 9alleb 3la nick Mou7a yalla baali haani kantssenaak nhaddrou we nssem3ou ba3diyaatna :) yalla baali a weld l7maar :) aji khawerrni nta niit
hani netssenaak wellah manmchi ! kent ghadi f7aali ! ghadi netssenaak ! we bla mateb9a tehder hna moura clavier ! aji we seme3ni ssawtek !

11:29 am    March 20, 2003
weld-la7miir ! baghini :) aaji l paltalk we 9alleb 3la nick Mou7a yalla baali haani kantssenaak nhaddrou we nssem3ou ba3diyaatna :) yalla baali a weld l7maar :) aji khawerrni nta niit
hani netssenaak

11:16 am    March 20, 2003
Baghi tab9a mnagham? khaour karak rah khoutak kaimoutou alhmar. b9a mnagham alors. Allah idi rouhak inchallah ounta mnagham bel bien.

11:04 am    March 20, 2003
haada howa mochkilna 7na ! khassna gha 3lach nnogrou we ntkhaassmou ! saa3a sa3ida had lila ana mnaghem we baaghi neb9a mnaghemm :) 3ednaaan ! nice song man ! l3ezz !

10:51 am    March 20, 2003
Ntouma dima bal ma9loub le theme dyal Rap khalinah lhih 3lach katdwi 3lih hna a Sa7bi . wacha3b ghadi ghir bel marche arriere
la 7awla

10:41 am    March 20, 2003
kantssanett l diissk dial rap marocain dial mess3oud li kine hna fe raioo we kantfakker ch7aal kine men mess3oud au maroc :( ch7aal men mess3oud ki moutt fel madya9 :( ch7al men mess3oud kaydfe3 l visa ldowal lkhaliz we ki refdouh 7iit ssmiitou mess3oud :( machi jaques machi john :(

9:24 am    March 20, 2003
wa non seulement les dirigeants arabes ne font rien mais en plus ils pr?tent leurs terres et leurs espaces a?riens aux usa!le qatar le kowait ou zid ou zid, galou lihoum mrehba bikoum, dirou les chars dialkoum 3andna.
Wa hadchi bezzaf, la yota9!

8:40 am    March 20, 2003
IT pains my heart to watch the news WALLAH, and it hurts soooo much to just be here, with absolutely nothing to do besh nghiyyru el munkar!!! other than praying.

Radia, your prayers found their way straight to my heart, raby matayebghish adulm, and as of this moment, there are some crying children out there, whi has never done anything wrong in their lives to deserve to live under these circumstances ... Ash ghandiru, Raby yakhud al 7aqq inshaLLAH, ALLAH ikune maahum lile o nhar, while we sleep in our cozy confy beds, they take shifts to watch for emergency shelters and danger sirens, rah 7ram hadshi besaf!!



7:48 am    March 20, 2003
wa ba lmaghriibi ! wach ki 7ssab lik les leaders arab lkhaaterhom ? yehder chi waa7ed fihom yer3ef !
we la naad cha3bb we daar des coups d`etat baach ygaad lwad3iya ! ghada yjiiw lik les troops diaal the wasp`s klab lihoud we yreddou li kan 7aakem
raani guelt likom gbila ! yaaaa rebbi chi 3eme guerre mondiale la chine we north korea we russia yeb9aaw yssafgou fe usa we england haad chi mantleb ana !

7:07 am    March 20, 2003
Qu'attendent nos dirigeants arabes pour arr?ter de l?cher les bottes ? l'ennemi? j'ai honte pour eux. Ils sont le d?shonneur des nations arabes. Des mots ,que des mots et toujours des mots. Allahoumma inna hada mounkar. Allahoumma inna hada mounkar.
Allahoumma inna hada mounkar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:19 am    March 20, 2003
Nice one...the islamic speritual Tomahawk cruise missiles..ya rabbi..allahumma...nssourna ya rab...keep launching your missiles plz. fa innaha lathawratoun 7atta n`nasser.

6:09 am    March 20, 2003
check it out

6:02 am    March 20, 2003
Je me demande comment font les arabes et les musulmans des USA pour continuer ? vivre normalement ? l'heure actuelle. Et comment font les soldats musulmans am?ricains qui participent aux frappes contre l'iraq?

5:19 am    March 20, 2003
inchaa2a llah la 3eme guerre mondaile we tnoude la chine we la russie we tkmal lbahia ! yaa rebbi ! yetgaad l3alam chuiya !

4:54 am    March 20, 2003
al maghribi
Allahoumma a3izza al islama wa lmouslimina wa dammir a3da'a addin, Allahoumma nsour ikhwanana almoujahidina fi falastina wa kashmira wa l3ira9a wa shishane. Allahoumma anzil ghadabaka wa soukhtaka 3ala a3da'i oummati mou7ammad.
Rabbana 3alayka tawakkalna wa ilayka anabna wa ilayka almassir.
Rabbana nas'alouka al imana wa al ya9ina wa al3azimata wasafa'a al 9alb.Wa akhirou da3wana ani l7amdoulillahi rabbi al3alamina.

2:39 am    March 20, 2003
salamou alikoum,
allahoumma ij3al tadbirahoum fi tadmirihim,oua roudda kaidahoum fi nouhourihim,
allahouma unssourna 3la lkaoumi lkafirin oua 3ala lyahoudi athalimin,

11:34 pm    March 19, 2003

rabiek message
inconnu au moins dir smya dyalek je hai quand qq un ecris ici etant anounymous : mais bon voila le link :

11:31 pm    March 19, 2003
rastas, ou t'as lu cette nouvelle??

11:21 pm    March 19, 2003

rabiek message
Alahoumma nsourna 3la l 9awmi Alkafirin .
Alho akbar 30 Amies americains captur?s par les iraqiens dans les frontieres iraqo-Kweitiennes
Alaho Akbar

9:29 pm    March 19, 2003
Ya Rabi khoud lina lha9 f'had lmoujrim Ya Rab!

7:46 pm    March 19, 2003
wa 3ibad LLAH!! wash les arabes ghadiyine ib9aw dima hakda???

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2006 !..
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