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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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The Last Days Of Old Irak..
12:00:00 AM Wednesday Jan 29, 2003

As I listened to Bush's state of the union address I realized that a war against Irak is inevitable and the UN inspections failed in the mind of the US adminstration. Bush said that the US goal is not to merely fulfill a process, but rather to achieve results. The motives for this certain war? according to Bush: Saddam is not disarming from arms of mass destruction, and as such, US security is in danger for Saddam "could" attack America or easily "provide" terrorists with such weapons. According to many others: the motive of such a war is US intentions to control the 2nd biggest reserves of oil in the world. Which motive do you buy? and which convinces you and under what evidence ?

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1:16 pm    August 22, 2006
baba nan ke yz

5:12 pm    February 21, 2003
First of all, i haven't call anyone any name, you can go back and read if you wish, and i don't see any scale of classifying people above or bellow. You created this. Isn't this an open wesbsite for sharing opinions?
I'm not going to ask you what do you consider yourself. It's your life.
And i would'nt tell you that you are pathetic, as you said, if you think that I'm bringing any badmounting upon anyone, because people have their opinions and they know what's right and wrong. I'm entiteled to my convictions and belief and I'm not expecting everyone to share it. I wouldn't ask you neither what have you done for your country, all I know is the poor can do nothing and the rich do even worse, he takes without giving.

3:47 pm    February 21, 2003
You give great Oxymoron examples! You want a civilized, intellectual, and respectable conversation, yet you don?t follow the rules to be in one. Interesting how you ?jumped on? (sorry, I borrowed this term from you) Alaeddine and called him a big looser right before you lectured him on how to be civilized, knowledgeable, and intellectual.
Starting with you, Abdullah, do you consider yourself all of the above? If so, I strongly advise you to look into that, and I prefer keeping the backing argument to myself to save you from even greater embarrassment.
Furthermore Abdullah, you couldn?t come up with a single thing that you did to help your country, so you blame it on lack of freedom?etc. How pathetic! Many other Moroccans (Wlad+Bnat Lblad) did/do a lot of great things in and for the country (e.g., Volunteering, donations, research...etc) yet all of this is done quietly, when the cameras are not rolling. I am a Moroccan and lived in morocco most of my life, and I cannot relate to the over-exaggerated issues, which you keep bringing to us every day. Bottom line, be real, let people do their job, and do yours. Badmouthing people and your country isn?t the way to a prosper Morocco, trust me.



3:46 pm    February 21, 2003

Lastly and in Alaeddine?s defense, I totally see his (Alae?s) point of view, when he asks us to not annoyingly repeat ourselves over and over again to prove a point, which no one opposes (i.e., The US backing to Israel?).

Let us nip it in the bud, all opinions are valid but not all of them are dead on the point. People share their opinions, right or wrong who cares, only to be part of a social discussion. Now the breaking point is when you think your opinion is more valuable than others. Then the discussion turns into a battlefield, where two different worlds collide even if those two worlds happen to share a common ground.
I say sometimes give up some of your foolish ?pride?, and always ask for clarification before jumping into some undesirable conclusion.

PS: Abdullah, oxymoron is a grammatical error, which occurs when two adjectives or adjective clauses contradict each other to describe an object.

Peace N Love


3:18 pm    February 21, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
"Lead, Follow, or get out of the way ..."

I hear Bush somewhere in those lines...:)
An "impressive" way of imposing the dictatorship of the new millenium...

How what about remaining independant ?
Hasn't that ever accured to you ?


3:09 pm    February 21, 2003
This is not a kind of thinking. This is a fact. You cannot create a non profit association "ONG" in Morocco if you are not part of the system, i mean if do not agree with the official political line, they will never give you the permission if you have an islamic agenda for exemple. Do you understand now?
And what can i do for my country except the love and care i have for it? What can you do anyway? What have you done? I think this is what i write about those who have plunder the country that is bothering you. They're only thieves and i have no respect for such human beings, and if you want to defend them, than you have to come up with arguments, this is your right. But if you don't have nothing to say then let people speak in peace and freedom, it's also their right.

2:33 pm    February 21, 2003

alaeddine message
"You can get a lot of difficulties trying to create associations to help other people, unless you are part of the system and so on. What can i possibly do for my country, except the natural love and care i have for it?"
just tell me what kind of thinking is that.?

2:17 pm    February 21, 2003
Hillou:) ... Lead, Follow, or get out of the way ...

Thelllaw :) ...


1:26 pm    February 21, 2003
But what i say. ( continuation of a sentence bellow)

1:24 pm    February 21, 2003
Talking about big loosers, you must know a big par of this chapter.
If you want to have a civilised and intelligent conversation, then you have to come up with arguments and make your point of view. Arguments is what you know, it's your level of knowledge and your intellectual background. Anyone can jump on people and start callig them some birds name, but it is nor funny or appropriate, is it?
It is not me that you have to discuss, but what , otherwise it will become a mess.

12:11 pm    February 21, 2003

alaeddine message
We all agree on the fact that Israel in the true evil and the US is the evil?s advocate. Unless we are going to try to do something about, I don?t see any need to keep saying the same words again and again.
Peace & Love

11:32 am    February 21, 2003

alaeddine message
abdullah wrote "You can get a lot of difficulties trying to create associations to help other people, unless you are part of the system and so on. What can i possibly do for my country, except the natural love and care i have for it?"

sorry but this is big loosers talk.


10:57 am    February 21, 2003
Double Standard is't it? the more the Americans are influenced by this particular lobby the more violence in the M E area, the more unrest. Time for America to wake up and realise that the people of the M E are totally separated and absolutely dissatisfied with their illegal regimes specially those who are pro-America. I believe at the end the Americans are the losers due to their fool double standard politicians, this may not be clear now but certainly it will be more clear in long term. please do not forget that we have nothing to do with the AMERICAN people themselves, we like them as they may also be the victims of their politicians. Can any one explain to me and justify how can America prepare for a massive strike against Iraq and the innocent people there while they are the unreliable, double standard broker in the weak peace process between the Palestineans and Israel. Do not they feel ashamed to go and ask support of the Arab Countries to strike Iraq at this time. No wonder if we are living in the big lie of civilisation and super power.

10:55 am    February 21, 2003
How should the US deal with Israel? The US should make it clear that the current state of affairs can't last, and that if Israel doesn't quickly (and I don't mean years, I mean months) settle its differences with the Palestinians and give them their own state, the US will quit its military and financial aid. There will be no overall ramping down of terrorism or of Islamic militancy until this issue is settled for good, so we can address it now, or will have to later. The US is trying to control the disease by fighting the symptoms, not dealing with the underlying cause. This is not an anti-Semitic position. In fact, I consider it in the best long term interests of Israel. And Israel has to deal with the fact that it will accept the creation of a Palestinian state without the perfect conditions it wants. It's an imperfect world and while you can help alleviate risk, you can never eliminate it.

10:54 am    February 21, 2003
main reason why Israel carries out its ultranationalist regieme is the fact that they know they are able to get billions of dollars from the United States. That makes them sure that they can win by gunboat diplomacy and they do not have to resort to actually holding real peace deals with the arabs. Surprisingly, Israel calls itself a democracy yet the non jews of israel are all second class citizens at best. Iran, which the US thinks of as a terrorist state gives all minorities equal status and are treated totally equally with the muslims. Israel violates so many UN resolutions and has so many human rights abuses and yet the UN/US do nothing yet if any other country breaks a UN resolution (Iraq invading Kuwait or Serbia killing Albanians) the US is more than happy to go in and use military force. There is nothing wrong with using force on these accounts but perhaps they should use force for Israel too. The very least the US could do is stop giving money to Israel so they would be forced to come up with a normal peace deal with their neighbours


10:35 am    February 21, 2003
Of course, we don't have to agree with each other, but we don't have to jump on each other's back neither, don't you agree?
Some of us want to do something for their country, as J.F. Kennedy said in his famous statement " Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country", but we have to put events in their perspective. What a Moroccan can do for his country when his basic rights are taken away from him : No freedom of speech, no education, no health, no social programme, no jobs(you have to know the boss to get a job), even a birth certificate or a passeport is not a right, you have to use corruption to get it. Impossible to do buisiness, if you have no connection. You can get a lot of difficulties trying to create associations to help other people, unless you are part of the system and so on. What can i possibly do for my country, except the natural love and care i have for it?. On the contrary, an American can do a lot for his, because the sky is the limit for him. First, he has every possibility to achieve his goals if his is gifted. In our countries a talented man is suspicious unless he obeys the Master, etc etc.
Certainly, the 10% of the privileged in Morroco are having fun, owning castles, banks, farms and so on, not because they worked for it, but because they knew how grovel' ramper ? quatre pattes', in the royal palace.
If the king is not responsible for the disastrous situation we have, then who is? the people? Nature maybe?

10:29 am    February 21, 2003
When I mentioned the rich, I am not talking about Hassan 2 (Allah yra7mou), but people close to him.

8:42 am    February 21, 2003
Sven, The rich you talking about in Morocco, he is rich because we are poor, and because he stole our goods. Phospahte among other things does not belong to an individual, it belongs to the country, and to say that I should blame God is hiding the truth.

8:34 am    February 21, 2003
Spain didn't get better than Morocco because of a more liberal monarchy, but because they were helped by the UE ...
For 20 years spain was the country that received the most money from the UE ... That's why they got better than Morocco

3:17 am    February 21, 2003
Issami and 7reg:

Blame God who gives to whom he wants.
Don't expect the rich to share his wealth with someone because he is a master degree.


6:09 pm    February 20, 2003
Monarchy is good for us? what do you mean? good for you, but do not put everyone with you. Anyways, I think that a monarchy like the one in U.K. Or even Spain will be fine, but man look here, M6 still controles every single thing. He just make a new palace for himself in marrakesh this year, Iwent home and I saw that with my eyes, and friends of mine with Masters degrees are sitting in front of the parlment with no jobs, and dealing with awax every single day. They want to hire a soccer coach for 76 thousands $ per month, why? because the king decisions are not to discuss... Anyways, there is room for improvement, and I do think that a kingdom can be better than a republic if the king give up on some of his power... Spain is just about 8 miles from Morocco and till recently was less developped than Morocco, but now they are totally diferent, I think we can be at least like them. So Please M6 help us to be better, and please stop wasting money in palaces and ...

4:57 pm    February 20, 2003
7areg what do you have to believe that book? it did not state any proof...for me it was just to put some pressure on him in order to release the oufkir family.
a last thing, i think that monarchy is the best for us.

3:34 pm    February 20, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Morocco can work with a monarchy, you just have to pull the right strings...without going off limit...;)
Look at the equation from all angles...


3:25 pm    February 20, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message


3:21 pm    February 20, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message


3:21 pm    February 20, 2003
i think u need to read " Notre ami le roi " just in case if u didn't .
because in 1956 morocco had a political elite that even spain and portugal didn't have and that Hassan ( rahimahou allah wa ra7imana 9ablahou ya rabbi) killed and massacred them as well as their families He sold and betrayed us, anyways He certainly had some money but Definatly did NOt have all those bank accounts in swissra et mirica as well as stocks in siemens ou zide ou zide al mouhim li fat matte mais tant que la monarchie contole le maroc on restera toujours lourr llourr wa sssalam

12:46 pm    February 20, 2003
I think that the king (Allah e Ra7mou) once was a prince, a son of a royal family, a royal family that is inherently a rich family. Do not portray the king as some low-class-hungry-for-money-do-not-give-a-damn person when he is not.
I think morocco advanced tremendously under the king sovereignty. Of course, there is always that idea of morocco could (have been or be) better.
Generally, Before you point a finger at someone, make sure that you are not leaving out important details, which may affect your judgment.
Consider the following, the king (Allah e Ra7mou) was operating the country with people, who tried to assassinate him more than once (I am sure you know this). The Sahara conflict, with an unknown enemy, certainly devoured all the state?s revenues, not mentioning the number of lives lost during and after combat. And many other issues that our former king had handled just brilliantly, in my opinion. The whole world admires his brightness, wisdom, and intellect.

So sincerely Abdullah, let me ask you this, What have you ever done in your life time that helped the country (Morocco) prosper and move forward?

The idea that Arabs will never unify is very shameful. We may be going through some rough time right now but we?ll come around and prevail again. If we once were the world?s greatest nation, it certainly wasn?t out of luck, and I don?t see why we couldn?t be in the future. We have to be confident of reaching that goal and not let ANYONE or any circumstances make us believe any different.

Be aware of who are and what you can do yet dream big.

Peace N Love


12:43 pm    February 20, 2003

alaeddine message
well in my opinion always blaming our problems and whatever happen to us on other people and on international "complot" against us is very weak.
well why don't we try to do something for our country instead of always blaming the king for all of our misery. we as citizens share the responsability somehow. well my last thpugh for you would be

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."
Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)


11:48 am    February 20, 2003

11:36 am    February 20, 2003
When you say "we arabs.....weak thinking" are you talking about yourself?. It takes a strong brain to draw and execute a plot, and it takes another intelligent mind to discover it, as you can see it in Colombo for exemple, if it is easier for you to understand it this way.
My answer to your first question was based on historical events, and the plot i described was drawn and executed by the king in order to use the national wealth for his own personnal foolish needs, such as private jets, castles around the world etc. Don't you agree with that?
You said" why don't we be responsible and assume our mistakes". What is your mistake or mine? Were we in charge of any responsability in our country?
What's wrong with the word "complot"?
Of course we cannot change right now with 60% of illeterate, as you said, but time will heal this sikness, as time will change mentalities, inevitably for the best.

10:36 am    February 20, 2003
Lmoudir, Amen !!
About time someone knows what he is talking about.

10:22 am    February 20, 2003

alaeddine message
democratie is partially from islam, islam is much more better than democratie.
when i said our religion can't handle the amount of freedom and liberty that comes with "democratie" i said it because in a democratic country people can change religion whithout any problem, in islam not, in democratie people can produce xrated movies under the law, in islam not, in democratie people can have sex with each other without marriage, in islam not. that's just some of the points that i have in mind now but i'm sure if you think fairly about it you will find much more bigger issues and contradictions.
when i said 60% of illeterate i was just giving a fact that we cannot change right now. certainly there was a lot of mistakes made that lead to this disastrous results but i don't think that it ws a "complot". why do we (arabs) always think of everything as a complot isn't that weak thinking? every time something happen to us we start saying oh it was a "complot" why don't we be responsible and assume our mistakes? then and only then we will start moving forward.

10:10 am    February 20, 2003
Allah said: Yadou Allahi ma3a aljama3a.
As a strong believer, i am convinced that Allah will help us if we unite; but as a lucid thinker, i am pretty sure that arabs will never unite.
Oh well, it's sad, but true..

9:32 pm    February 19, 2003

6:38 pm    February 19, 2003
60% d'illettr?s au Maroc est le r?sultat d'un complot contre la population, planifi? aux premi?res ann?es de l'ind?pendance. L'argent pour construire les ?coles dans les milliers de douars et leur ?lectrification, pour construire de vraies universit?s( et non les hangars de la route d'el Jadida ? Casablanca), pour construire des hopitaux universitaires et une infrastructure solide qui aurait mis le pays sur la rampe de d?collage vers le developpement, cet argent a ?t? d?tourn? pour construire des palais, pour acheter des chateaux en France, pour acqu?rir des immeubles sur la 5eme Avenue ? New York, pour acheter des milliers d'hectares d'acajou et de palissandre en Amazonie, pour avoir des collections d?biles de Bentley, de Rolls Royce et de Cadillac, et la liste folle et ridicule est trop longue. Un seul homme est responsable de ce pillage, de cette mise ? sac du pays, car il n'y a jamais deux dictateurs dans le meme pays, il ne peut y avoir qu'un seul.
Un jour, peut etre, et je l'esp?re, un proc?s sera ouvert.
Le pourcentage d'illettr?s sera r?sorb? avec le temps, quant ? la capacit? de la religion d'absorber les libert?s de la d?mocratie, je n'en doute pas une seconde, puisqu'elle est divine pour ceux qui ont la foi.

6:38 pm    February 19, 2003
60% d'illettr?s au Maroc est le r?sultat d'un complot contre la population, planifi? aux premi?res ann?es de l'ind?pendance. L'argent pour construire les ?coles dans les milliers de douars et leur ?lectrification, pour construire de vraies universit?s( et non les hangars de la route d'el Jadida ? Casablanca), pour construire des hopitaux universitaires et une infrastructure solide qui aurait mis le pays sur la rampe de d?collage vers le developpement, cet argent a ?t? d?tourn? pour construire des palais, pour acheter des chateaux en France, pour acqu?rir des immeubles sur la 5eme Avenue ? New York, pour acheter des milliers d'hectares d'acajou et de palissandre en Amazonie, pour avoir des collections d?biles de Bentley, de Rolls Royce et de Cadillac, et la liste folle et ridicule est trop longue. Un seul homme est responsable de ce pillage, de cette mise ? sac du pays, car il n'y a jamais deux dictateurs dans le meme pays, il ne peut y avoir qu'un seul.
Un jour, peut etre, et je l'esp?re, un proc?s sera ouvert.
Le pourcentage d'illettr?s sera r?sorb? avec le temps, quant ? la capacit? de la religion d'absorber les libert?s de la d?mocratie, je n'en doute pas une seconde, puisqu'elle est divine pour ceux qui ont la foi.

1:57 pm    February 19, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Pretty revealing article in deed...
When a person starts to think with his belly instead of his brains, then forget about the ethics, honor or stuff like that...let alone unity!
In the case of Mubarak of Egypt...
I don't know what his 60million servants should do as to adjuste HIS country and make it a dignified one...assuming that he wants a none corrupt Egypt. wich is not the case, because who says none corrupt country, says none corrupt leaders...(no mubaraks)

The only option left for the Egyptians is to try Yoga... or maybe meditation, or some Shaoling teachings of that sort...and check out the sins they have commited during their past lives, maybe they can find the solution to their problems there...After all, there is plenty of time...and there is no proof that the univers will shrink and die withing the nest 3 billion years...
And if that would suddenly what ?
there will always be an other BigBang...



1:50 pm    February 19, 2003
You said " our religion can't handle the amount of liberty that comes with it" Please can you explain more?
I do think that democracy came from the Islam, and not the opposite.
For adnane, When I talked about Arab union, I menat political union, and geopoliticalentities, cuz that's where the whole world is oriented now. I believe that if we had such an Arab Union, USA and UK would have changed their way of handling the Irak problem.

12:30 pm    February 19, 2003

alaeddine message
salam abdullah,
i'll tell what i think about democratie in english/french and sometimes arabic....hehe
ok i don't believe in the democratie that the west want to sell us using their media and their ways to impose it on us (the UN)...and what's democratie? after all it's just a way to elect your dictator...just look at all the protests anti war and still bush and blair won't back that democratie?
from another point of view, i don't think that we can apply this system in any country especially morocco where 60% are illeterate...and we can't handle the liberty that comes with it if we apply it....our religion can't handle the amount of liberty that comes with what's the way out?
for me there is only one system that can be good enough for's islam and qoran, it's the best constitution ever...and you said it yourself in the time of khilafa we were the why wouldn't it work now?

12:18 pm    February 19, 2003

I'm afraid but all this talk about arabs are stronger when united is not easy to back up, justify and prove.

I would see arabs becoming more dependent on each other in a bad way that will actually hurt them. One community will think they're the masters because they'd provide the natural resources or what have you, others will think they're the masters because they are ancient and have great history and descent, others will think they're the masters because ahhuummmmmm.. they're more modern and european, others because they're descentdanst of prophet Mohammed.. ouzid ouzid..

I would like to see arab countries provinf themselves independently first, prove that as a society of 5 million or 30 million they're able to co-exist and do amazing things about their economy, policies, government and wellfare.

Then they can talk about sharing the love and the wisdom.


11:59 am    February 19, 2003
Salam Alaeddine,
Je vais te r?pondre en fran?ais, comme j'aurais pu le faire en anglais, mais personnellement, je me foue de l'une et de l'autre, comme les fran?ais et les americains se fichent de la mienne. Pour moi , ce n'est qu'un moyen d'expression comme celui que NOUS avons donn? ? toute l'humanit?, et pour l'?ternit? : Les chiffres. Sans le calcul binaire, l'alg?bre et la trigo, l'Occident ne serait jamais l? ou il est aujourd'hui.
La d?mocratie? Nous avons d?ja v?cu en ?tat de grace divine pendant les si?cles du "Khilafa", quand Al Khalifa veillait sur le respect du droit des muslims et non muslims, parce qu'il craignait Dieu, et plus encore la col?re de ses administr?s s'il s'?cartait de l'application du droit musulman.
Si la d?mocratie est un fait r?el, aujourd'hui pour les Scandinaves, alors que leurs anc?tres les Vikings ont sauvagement d?vast? l'Europe de long en large, pourquoi ne serait-elle pas applicable chez nous? Il nous suffit de nous debarasser de nos tyrans.Nous n'avons jamais ?t? barbares, bien au contraire, nous avons apport? la civilisation et le raffinement ? l'Europe qui a mis des si?cles ? le comprendre.
La r?volution fran?aise s'est faite sous les cris"Nous voulons du pain". le peuple, ? l'?poque, ?tait analphab?te, appauvri et ?cras? par un syst?me f?odal, comme l'est aujourd'hui le peuple marocain. Pourtant, la r?volution fran?aise a chang? le cours de l'Histoire. Il est impossible pour le peuple aujourd'hui de faire la r?volution, car il suffit d'un h?licopt?re arm? pour la briser. Mais la r?volution intellectuelle se fera lorsque le peuple sera instruit.

11:29 am    February 19, 2003
It is not funny Assi moudir, Oasienne is right, The arab world has more to share, and they can do like EU. EU countries speak different language and do only share the continent, nevertheless they made the union, and with union comes great power. Arab world has more things in common than EU or other unions in the world. I am not saying that Saudia arabia should give us oil for free here, I am just saying that the arab world has no power without a union, and a union will never be there without democratic regimes! Cercle ferme, dommage...

9:54 am    February 19, 2003

It's funny how many arabs / muslims think that they all share oil (petrol)


sharing the same classical language, or langauge root, and religion doesn't make you necessarily a partner in natural resources.

oil is property of its respective regions. Morocco doesn't share oil with irak or kuwait or saudia...


9:38 am    February 19, 2003
je ne dis pas que l'inde est super prosp?re zineb.N'emp?che que c'est une puissance nucl?aire et que ces gens ?lisent les parlementaires qui les repr?sentent.Bien sur qu'ils font face ? des probl?mes majeurs, quel pays n'en a pas?
Mais moi ce que je ne comprends pas pour nos pays arabes c'est
1- l'absence de d?mocratie
2- l'absence d'union alors qu'? nous tous r?nuis nous avons la m?me langue, la m?me culture , le PETROLE et les comp?tences.
3- l'effacement progressif de nos identit?s de citoyens.

7:08 am    February 19, 2003

alaeddine message
oasienne and abdullah, i'm gonna have to ask this question anyway...
what's democratie for you? is it a system? if it is, is it gonna work for every country?

5:26 am    February 19, 2003
Salam. Oasienne la revolution? La r?volution en ?veillant les esprits, les consciences oui mais la violence non. Les objectifs aussi nobles soient-ils ne justifient pas toujours les moyens. Le syst?me educatif Marocain est il si mauvais ? La main d'oeuvre peut ?tre qualifiee encore lui faut-il du travail. En tout cas je pr?f?re ?tre au Maroc plutot qu'en Inde au-moins nous n'avons pas ? faire face aux violences ethniques comme c'est le cas en Inde. Je pense que ton exemple contredit celui de la r?volution francaise surtout en pensant ? Ghandi et ses idees pacifistes. De plus l"Inde est aussi un pays en voie de d?veloppement tout comme le Maroc. Il fait face a de graves problemes internes (nationalisme, extremisme religieux, pauvret?, sur-population,chomage...) la population est loin d'?tre lib?r?e et ?duqu?e. Pourquoi pas nous? demandes-tu. Partant du fait que nous c' est toi et moi je dirais que nous devons faire un effort en commencant par nous-m?me, notre entourage et faire ?voluer les choses dans le bon sens. Pourquoi?demande une explication. Comment? apporte la solution:) Salam

3:50 am    February 19, 2003
? la r?volution fran?aise, la france comptait je pense encore plus d'analphab?tes et pourtant ils l'ont fait! bon je n'approuve pas la violence de cette p?riode mais toujours est-il que la d?mocratie ouvre les portes ? tous les developpements...
Arr?tons de nous cacher aussi sous les raisons post et n?o colonialistes elle existent je suis d'accord.Mais si on prend des pays comme l'INDE, on a tout de suite un contre -exemple.Voil? un pays qui a ?t? colonis? mais qui a r?ussi ? franchir le cap de la d?mocratie.Beaucoup de progr?s restent ? faire n?anmoisn leur syst?me educatif produit de la ain d'oeuvre qualifi?e.
Pourquoi les indiens et pas nous?

2:18 am    February 19, 2003
Salam, oasienne:tu t'insurges pourtant tu confirmes mon point de vue, avec 60% d'analphab?tes.. on le sait et que faisons-nous pour leur apprendre ? tout ces gens? Ce n'est pas qu'en leur disant qu'ils ont des droits qu? on les sortira de leur situation, ils le savent. Les discours sur la libert? sont bien beaux mais la seule cl? c'est l'?ducation. De dire que nous ne sommes pas pr?ts c?est dire aussi que nos mentalit?s sont encore trop alourdies par les anciennes valeurs de la dictature, la corruption, le sous-d?veloppement, l?ignorance de notre culture effac?e par l?occidentalisation de nos soci?t?s. La libert? de penser, d?acc?der au savoir n?est pas un droit c?est un devoir pour tout musulman et ?tre humain. Notre devoir envers nos fr?res et s?urs c'est de les encourager et de ne pas se cacher derri?re ces belles paroles et leur faire croire qu'ils ne servent ? rien ou qu ils doivent ?tre les victimes qu on viendra sauver un jour. Qui dit droit dit aussi devoir ! On dit ici : soit tu fais partie de la solution ou tu fais partie du probl?me.
Dans chaque dictature il y a la masse et ceux qui sont libres d?esprits et assez courageux pour r?sister; ceux qui restent fid?les ? leurs principes. La situation des citoyens arabes et la divergence entre les peuples et leurs dirigeants est caus?e par les pays occidentaux qui par leur politique n?o-colonialiste prot?gent leurs int?r?ts en soutenant activement les dictatures qu'ils ont eux-m?mes mises en place. Sadam est un exemple parmis tant d'autres. L?Irak est dans cette situation parce que Sadam a mordu la main qui le nourrissait ! c?est simple il n?a plus voulu ob?ir on le liquide en plus il y a le p?trole alors on fait d?une pierre deux coups. Salam.

12:35 am    February 19, 2003
ZINEB wrote:"Abdullah je pense que nous en tant que peuple nous ne sommes pas prets ? assumer la libert? et les responsabilit?s "
Et quand est-ce qu'on sera pr?t? Nos dirgeants vont nous pr?parer tu crois?Je m'insurge contre cette attitude du "pr?t ? la libert?".Evidemment avec 60% d'analphab?tes on peut tenir longtemps avec ce genre de discours: "vous n'?tes pas encore pr?ts pour la d?mocratie et patati et patata ..."La libert? on la conquiert, et la libert? c'est un droit.

12:29 am    February 19, 2003


11:52 pm    February 18, 2003
I was browsing around at night killing time and I ended up browsing the whle night looking up stuff about the Apocalyps that both the Bible and Nostradamus. As a Muslim, I had no knowledge about what I am about to write. It started when I came across a site that was describing Bush as the AntiChrist. hehe. pretty entertaining until I saw that there was a whole undergroung society on the net dealing with this subject and the subject of Apocalyps. I wanted to learn more. Both the Bible and Nostradamus mentionned the venue of the Apocalyps after the coming of the antichrist and the falling of the seven angels (New testament)- Nostradamus says that WW3 will start "when the comet will pass". Doesnt this remind you of the Columbia shuttle disaster with the 7 crew mwmbers killed? Nostradamus (Nos for the intimates) described (or predicted?) the war between the west and Islam in a scary fashion- the web is full of references - just look them up-
But I want to give you the only verse
that actually made me laugh "

Come the millennium, month 12, in the home of the greatest power,
: : : : the village idiot will come forth to be acclaimed the leader"

I am sure you will all recognise who this verse refers, or better, is dedicateed to.

ANyway, can anyone tell me if the Coran deals with the coming of an Anticrist (or equivalent since Christ is only one of the many prophets for us Muslims) and if it says anything about the venue of the Apocalyps?


7:23 pm    February 18, 2003
Ni l'anglais, ni le francais ne sont notre langue maternelle et nos petites m?sententes viennent parfois du fait que l'on veut ?xprimer une id?e, con?ue dans une culture arabe, par une langue ?trang?re. Mais cela n'est pas bien grave, il faut que les id?es s'affrontent, il faut que nous d?veloppions notre esprit critique
(l'insulte est superflue, donc inutile). Je crois qu'il n'y a que de cette fa?on que nous gagnerons du terrain sur le despotisme et la tyrannie.
La libert? est le pilier fondamental de l'apprentissage de la d?mocratie, et ce ne sont que les dictateurs qui privent les gens de leur libert?, parce qu'un dictateur est toujours iil?gitime, et c'est le cas de TOUS les dirigents arabes y compris Saddam. Les populations arabes ne sont pas seulement humili?es et sans honneur parmi le concert des nations, mais elles sont bris?es par la repression et la terreur des dirigents. RIEN ne peut se r?aliser ou fleurir dans de telles conditions, concernant L'Art, la Cr?ation artistique ou technique, les lettres ou la pens?e philosophique. Un homme terroris? est un homme ? l'?tat bestial. Il ne peut s'organiser et encore moins cr?er. C'est cela qui fait notre sous-developpement et notre mis?re. L'Irak n'aurait jamais ?t? dans cette situation si, ? l'ind?pendance de nos diff?rents pays, nous avions choisi nous meme nos dirigents, nous serions aujourd'hui, une puissance consid?rable.

6:53 pm    February 18, 2003
La guerre en Irak n'est qu un resutat de la situation lamentable dont souffre le peuple arab, une situation dictee par des leadeurs dictateurs. Alors je pense que parler de l'Irak means parler des Etats arabs, et de leurs leaders. Pourquoi il y a une grande divergence entre le simple citoyen dans la rue et les leaders? May be our leaders are just too smart that we do not understand what they are doing? does anyone share this idea with me!

3:26 pm    February 18, 2003
Sven I just forgot to put my name in there,I wrote that comment. As for your name I wrote it twice your highness, don't let it go to your head you might get even higher standards:) Tell us how will we become more productive people and make ourselves usefull? Abdullah je pense que nous en tant que peuple nous ne sommes pas prets ? assumer la libert? et les responsabilit?s qu'elle engendre la preuve lis juste ce forum. Les mentalit?s doivent changer et cela prendra du temps. Le sujet ?tant la guerre contre l'Irak, je ne pense pas que nous devions faire ici le jugement des pays arabes et des lacunes de leurs dirigeants. La responsabilit? de cette crise, la guerre et tout ce qui suivra revient enti?rement ? Bush. La division des Arabes fera toujours la force de leurs ennemis. Salam.

2:45 pm    February 18, 2003
no need for it
common guys when this silly topic will end up?!!!!!
raioo is not like past times ,i mean nth is there to talk about specialy in main page!!!!
belive me guys that u r wasting ur time with shit politics

2:44 pm    February 18, 2003
Qu'est ce qu'un homme sur une ile d?serte? = un naufrag?.
Qu'est ce qu'un roi dans une ile d?serte?= un naufrag?.
Qu'est ce qu'un peuple sans roi? = une Nation.
Qu'est ce qu'un roi sans peuple?= rien du tout.
Qu'est ce qu'un roi d?chu?= un citoyen.
Dans la constitution marocaine, le roi est sacr? et inviolable = le reste de la population est juste du b?tail, des betes de somme ?xploitable ? souhait, sauf sa famille et ses proches. Ici au Qu?bec, c'est le citoyen qui est sacr? et inviolable et tout, absolument tout, tourne autour de lui pour lui pour rendre la vie toujours plus confortable et plus facile. Aucun homme politique n'est au dessus de la loi, et de ce fait, il est expos? au critiques et aux questionnements du public parce qu'il engage le pays dans les d?cisions qu'il prend. Quand il part ? la retraite, il redevient citoyen comme les autres et peut exercer son droit ? la critique.
Au Maroc, on ne peut critiquer ni le roi, ni ses d?cisions sous peine d'aller croupir en prison. Pourquoi? parce que nous ne sommes pas citoyens ? part enti?re, parce que nous n'avons pas le droit de d?cider de ce qui est bon ou mauvais pour notre pays, parce qu'il veut nous imposer un train de vie extravagant et obsc?ne devant la grande mis?re et la d?solation de mes pauvres compatriotes desh?rit?s.
En vous lisant, je me demande ce qu'auraient dit, ceux qui se noient tous les jours dans le d?troit, pour ?chapper ? l'enfer qu'a legu? Hassan? ceux de tazmamart? les enterr?s vivants? La liste des horreurs est bien trop longue.

2:39 pm    February 18, 2003
I did not repeat what you said or contradict myself in any way. my opinion has nothing to do with my remark. Perhaps it was meant to those who agree with Lmseti. Your aggression towards people had to come to an end.
I never assaulted you nor did I attempt to insult anyone. "Good for nothing" means nothing but a non productive people. Til now, I didn't see any argument from you, therefore you haven't justify yourself yet.
The person who mentioned my name more than the words he wrote: I never called anyone ignorant which in fact you called me that name . Well, makin bass, I won't lower my standards to you are. Get yourself a nick, it will be more appropriate to have one in a forum.


2:06 pm    February 18, 2003

alaeddine message
msatti raka nnit msatti....
Sven no comment....
Arabi ;)
zineb keep up....

10:08 am    February 18, 2003
Sven, I?ll correct you because you are wrong in my opinion.
You have just pointed your finger at me accusing me of ?putting down? innocent people who simply share their humble opinion in this forum. Not a very elegant picture of me that you drew there.
In my defense, even though I feel no need for justification, I challenge you to quote me when allegedly ?assaulted? (not a difference of opinion) any one exercising her/his right (i.e., is freedom of speech) directly or indirectly. Please make sure you differentiate between a ?difference of opinion? and ?judging people?.
I admit that the way I addressed Msetti was quite aggressive only to demonstrate that some people find it easy to sit, chill, lay back, and trash others, especially the hard-working ones. Also, the reason I clearly (I think it was clear) stated ?and that is just my opinion? is to be on the same understanding with Msetti of what is an ?opinion?.
Sven, if you carefully read your comment again, you will realize that you not only contradict yourself but you practically repeated what I said to Msetti in different wording.
Sven, ?What can possibly a leader do when most of his people are good for nothing.?? Is that what you think of most of those people or are you judging them? Is that an opinion or ?putting down? people??.I am no so sure that we are on the same wavelength.
Finally, I think Zineb has brilliantly summarized it all for me.

PS: This would be my last reply to Sven or any one comments pertaining to this issue. I think our priority here is Iraq, I could careless whether you understand my justification or not. There is always more to it than what you think.
Peace N Love


9:29 am    February 18, 2003
baraka why should he resign? What gives US the right to ask for Saddam's resignation? Why doesn't Bush resign too he started all this. As for our friend Sven I guess you must be a big man in a bigger world because there is ignorance everywhere even in sophisticated places:) We have yet a lot to learn to meet your high expectations Sven, but there is hope for change for the 'good for nothing' people that we are. People like yourself think they know it all, that is real ignorance to me because the more you think you know the more you realise that in fact you know nothing and you have yet a lot to learn too. The only way to help us out of a this situation is knowledge and education. Stay on the right path, be proud of who we are and where we come from even if it's only the third world.Salam

8:35 am    February 18, 2003
I do not see anything wrong with Sven, Msetti, zineb ... a chacun sa facon de s'exprimer. The good thing is that the do all have something in common; love for the country, and hope for impovment. I think critism is fine as long as it is correct and useful. Yes the arab world, and Islam world, in general, is in deep sleep, and i do not think it's gonna be easy to wake up from it. Even Democracy may not help us, 'cause may be it is just too late! So I am wondering what we need to do to help out the situation? The problem of Irak hopefully gonna end up without war, otherwise Bush and Seddam should be held responsible for any civilian casualties.

7:13 am    February 18, 2003
Wa safi, kalbou 3la had lmaoudou3. nariii, lfri3 hada.
The conclusion is that Iraq is going to get it up the heezy, unless that dictattor sun if a b''ch resigns from hhis Presidential Throne.
The Iraquis are going to be the victims in all of this shit, and as a moroccan, another thing that worries me, is that a war will worsen the state of our economy and scare off the little number of tourists that we worked "so Hard" haha, to attract.
Henyouna daba oula hanbda ndreb.

6:28 am    February 18, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Are you one of the few Moroccans good for something, or one of the majority good for "nothing"...?



3:14 am    February 18, 2003
nous, arabes.. on avancera JAMAIS JAMAIS .. parceque chacun de nous s'occupe des choses des autres (ou plutot assome) au lieu de "partager" ..pourtant c'est si simple de partager ..!!
on ne peut pas plaider la NON GUERRE... alors qui y' a tjrs une guerre entre nos oreilles !! ...on est encore au stade 10 ds un compte ? rebour dans le sens chute libre!! vous voyez ce que je veux dire !!
respect, tolerance, bonne foi sont des mots que nous gens du nouveau monde n'adoptons pas!!!...7it la raison ne nous gouverne plus ou pas du tout!! .. 7it si c etait le cas elle aurait eu l'empire qui lui est d?!
j'ai envie de passer dans une autre galaxie .. enfin au del? de tout ?a sentir legere .. parceque tout ce qui s'?crit .. s'entend .. se lit .. ici et l? et ailleurs.. allourdit GRAVE!!.. ?a donne envie de gerber tellement c'est PETIT!!.. la petitesse de certains esprits ..ettoufe!!!...
j'espere qu'on captera le sens de mes mots et ..mes maux as well !!...

2:19 am    February 18, 2003
The answer for your first question is: because every Arab or muslim country is a third world country.
The answer of you second question is: Yes if we have been ignorants for so long then we are good for nothing

1:50 am    February 18, 2003
Salam. Sven, I just ask you two questions: 1)what makes you think 'most of his people 'are good for nothing? We are merely the product of our leaders, we were taught to behave a certain way and you know as well as I do that it can?t just change overnight. It will take time to develop and learn but that doesn't make us useless! As long as we keep arguing and humiliating each other we?ll get nowhere. You said the same thing as Arabi, you just used an indirect way to put down someone else too. If you care to read Msetti's words again you might understand our reaction too. I still agree with him because: why doesn't he speak up about Irak, is he gay?etc? What ?s the link between the two? I wrote more then that but that was too positive so you ignored that and you went straight to criticism. You just did the same thing: you put down not only one person but also a whole nation 2) Does the fact they we ?ve been kept ignorant for so long still make us good for nothing? Salam

10:41 pm    February 17, 2003
Correct me if I m wrong. This is about a social discussion where poor and rich, male and female and young and old can give their opinions. I visit this place once a while when I go through my website preferences and see raioo. Every time I come here, I see you putting down someone simply because you disagree. It has been proven psychologically people with kind of attitude are either little wizards or have a sensation of inferiority.
I didn't see anything well said by Arabi^7ta^mout that he can be appraised for.
Our problem nowadays Arabs and Muslims is not with our leaders. What can possibly a leader do when most of his people are good for nothing.?

5:03 pm    February 17, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Issami, that was very good. It lifts the spirit of whoever is going through painful times whatever the pain is.

1:35 pm    February 17, 2003
For you Antr

Rise up fallen fighters
Rise and take your stance again.
'Cause he who fight and run away
Live to fight another day.

Jah put the Heathen back
There upon the wall
Jah Jah put the Heathen back
There 'pon the wall

As a man sow, shall he reap
And I know that talk is cheap.
So the hotter the battle
Is the sweeter the victory.

Rise up freedom fighters
Rise and take your stance again.
'Cause he who fight and run away
Live to fight another day.

Jah put the Heathen back
There 'pon the wall
Jah Jah put the Heathen back
There 'pon the wall

Nesta the great
Peace now


1:19 pm    February 17, 2003
I do agree with MSETTI and la7ya and I do understand that both love Morocco very much. I am also agree with Arabi and Zineb., I think that the former king did lot of good things to the country, but same time did lot of bad things (countryside). Things could have been better handled. Now, It's our duty to talk and say things are not the way they need to be, and our duty to establish a better Morocco. Nowadays in Morocco, there is change toward a better situation, but yet the King needs to give up lot of his power. As an example, I do not agree with him to appoint the Prime Minister, it is up to the wining political party to do so. But Hamdolillah, we are one of the best countries in Africa in regard to public health system, publications, free moderate education, with the little things that we have. But we can be even better and comparable to Europe if we have a real democracy, so Yes Democracy, and yes may be a kingdom like the one in Uk or at least in Spain. But not like the one in Jordany and Saudia arabia or ba7rein.

12:32 pm    February 17, 2003
Salam to all, very well said Arabi:)
I wonder what Msetti would do with our beloved country if he got the power? Hum let me think: some people can't even take care of their own little world never mind a whole country so who are we to judge? I don't understand how we can ask for peace when we can't even have peace within ourselves, how we can ask for freedom when we aren't ready to take on the responsibility that comes with it? How we can talk about overthrowing the King when we should be discussing the topic: war, Iraq and the world around us? We always know better but in fact we know nothing. Forget about being an Arab, a Muslim, whatever for a moment and think about this: we are human beings before anything else and as such we should be against any war anywhere. Salam.

8:32 am    February 17, 2003
Sometimes ignorance is bliss but in the case of MSETTI it is catastrophe. Although I have a gut feeling that MESTTI doesn?t think that ?Sa7ra? is ?Maghribia?, if you know what I mean.
I personally give props to our leader, a human still, for all the efforts and time he puts into building a better mentality, society, and therefore country.
And that is just my opinion.

Peace N Love


6:27 pm    February 16, 2003
Hillou :) ... Let's overthrow the king ... Democracy ... democracy ... democracy :) ...

3:56 pm    February 16, 2003
There is one thing I would like to know...Why on earth there were no manifestations in the arab world concerning Irak (with very few execptions)??
Millions of people all over the world (even in the states) demonstrated against war on Irak.

These are our brothers and sisters for crying out loud! No wonder, we have no voice on the international scene! And as if that were not enough...The a****le of binladen sent the message on time to validate the sayings of the Bush administration. That guy is a threat to us!

Seriously, do we even exist????I usually hate to be negative, but this is just too much to take!


1:26 am    February 16, 2003
I just want to point something here, I really don't get our regimes in the arab world, let's start from our one, moroccans can't find what to eat, most of them don't make a straight dollar a day, and he's living in palaces and shit, and then he doesn't do shit, please tell me what is he doing all day long, does he know that his salary comes from our taxes, do you know that he consider himself holly, 'cause he pretends his grandfather is our beloved prophet, bullshit, your grandfather ain't him, you're not honoring his name, and then, why doesn't he speak up about Irak, is he gay? may be, I am not for sure, but I think most of our rulers are either gays or lesbians, and they need to be sexually satisfied, they'll be jerking off all day long, and forgetting about their people, I can't see where we're going, it's really bad, but there is going to be a time when everybody is going to raise up against them, and take the power, I hope so

12:59 pm    February 15, 2003

9:50 am    February 15, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Today like millions around the globe, I did join an anti-war demonstration in Helsinki.
Some 15.000 came down to the streets, despite the -13C cold weather. we walked all the way from the parlement house to the US embassy.
It was beautiful to see war veterans, students, punks, anarchists, green peace against the war on IraQ.
Bloody electric Athmosphere!!!
10 others cities around the country did organize their own demonstrations.

while the pigmey king of jordan hopes that the war will not last for too long...!!




7:53 am    February 15, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

Yeah Mon !! ;)

If you have a file sharing prog.
download songs from "Final concert-live in Pittsburgh".
And feel the powa' of the dreadman confronting Babylon.


One love I-ya. ;)


Natual Mystic
there's a natural mystic blowing through the air
if you listen carefully now you will hear
this could be the first trumpet, might as well be the last
many more will have to suffer
many more will have to die - don't ask me why

things are not the way they used to be
i won't tell you no lie
one and all have to face reality now
'tho i've tried to find the answer to all the questions they ask
'tho i know it's impossible to go living through the past
don't tell no lie

there's a natural mystic blowing through the air
can't keep them down
if you listen carefully now you will hear


7:36 pm    February 14, 2003
I'm not refering to any comic newspapers but satirical ones. The Washington Post is not comic and they wrote" Chirac is a rat who wants to roar as lion", because of his stand against war of course.
I have no frustration against anyone, but i have a lot of contempt for those who make decisions to harm people, to kill and starve, to terrorise people in order to rob their natural ressources.
Why do we condemn jailed criminals for abject crimes and call them animals? why can't we do it whit politiciens who are often worse? Some of them give orders to bury people alive. Some wage wars on weaker nations, which is worse than burying them alive.
I can't have any respect for war criminals.
A respectful man is a man who does not harm the weak, or the old, or the child. He is a man who seek Justice throughout his life.
Is this apply to Bush? No.


6:16 pm    February 14, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

their reason will win against their government I meant, just like it won during the Vietnam war.

it doesn't make it proper Abdu to exaggerrate frustration against a person - making him look a chimp, dog, etc - just because newspaper comics do it it doesn't make it proper. usually newspaper comics are less dramatic than making bush a chimp. to be honest with you I really never felt comfortable with it, and that's my opinion!

I draw illustrations, but deep inside me I don't allow myself to draw someone as an animal just because I don't like them.. something in me, maybe it's just me.


6:09 pm    February 14, 2003
You never were receptive to those 'funny' image effects picturing Bush as a chimp etc, as you said. He is a politicien, a public man and therefore his is subject to hard criticism and caricature as you can see in the western newspapers, politiciens portraited as monkeys, falcons and so on.(ex:le canard enchain? en France)
Were you receptive when Jimmy Swaggart spoke about the Prophet?
When it was a debate on tv, two months ago? with a few radicalists head of the protestant church describing the prophet with the most hateful images?
I portraited him as a chimp because he takes a blind and stubborn stand in the Palestinien tragedy, because he knows and you know, as everybody else, that Isreal has arms of massive destruction and he is protecting Isreal. Why does he want to destroy Irak?
He obeys the jewish lobbies of money and power.(does he deserve respect in your opinion?)
Just because he has a powerful army, like Gengis Khan and his barbaric mongols when they destroyed Baghdad in the 13th century, killing the most refined civilisation.
As for the American people, they're like every nation on earth, good and bad. You said sooner or later their reason will win? against whom? : Irak ? Palestine ? or against Islam as a whole ?

1:48 pm    February 14, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
In my opinion, noone is a rat race. I never was receptive to those 'funny' image effects that picture Bush for example as a chimp etc.. that's not a good way to approach a problem even in one's mind.

The American people are very warm-hearted people, and sooner or later their reason will win.


10:42 am    February 14, 2003

Ah! Ya too rude
Oh what a rat race
This is the rat race

Some a lawful, some a bastard
Some a jacket
Oh what a rat race, rat race

Some a gorgan, some a hooligan
Some a guine-gog
In this rat race. Yeah!
Rat race
I'm singing
Don't involve Arabs in your say say
Irak don't work for no C.I.A
Rat race, rat race, rat race

When you think its peace and safety
A sudden destruction
Collective security for surety
Don't forget your history
Know your destiny
In the abundance of water
The fool is thirsty
Rat race, rat race, rat race

Oh it's a disgrace to see the
Human-race in a rat race, rat race
You got the horse race
You got the dog race
You got the human-race
But this is a rat race, rat race

When the Cat's away, the mice will play, political violence ... Who's the mice and who's teh cat?


9:43 am    February 14, 2003
Arabi, I always find great amusements, conclusions and aspirations when making analogies of computer and computing systems to real world. It is eye-opening for me. I don't know computers IN GREAT DETAIL, but I know a lot and enough to make me draw many analogies. Also if any doctor or surgeon thinks about the human body they will draw analogies like that. It's always a good approach.

The idea is the best of the best developped these computer systems (Hardware/Software) and they put so much architecture, design and logic into it.. there is no way some of that is not a solution to an already existing and confusing problem in other areas (economics, politics..). Also God is the ultimate architect, designer and logical entity, and he offers us for free his products to analyze and learn from (human body, earth, microbes, virus..), we can find solutions to our problems from his wisdom of design.


9:08 am    February 14, 2003
Adnane, in any case your explanation to the word ?Motattarrif? is quite correct.
Antar, I believe the equivalent word(s) to ?Radicalism? in Arabic would be any of the following:
- ?Rij3ye? as in going back to the roots or, ironically, going back to ?al-Qa3ida?.
- ?Moutashaddid? as in making extreme changes to existing views or habits.

I am sure that there are many other words in Arabic that could be equivalent to ?Radicalism? or ?Fundamentalism?.

Adnane, partitioning a Hard Disk in a PC is very beneficial in terms of file organizations, memory management, ?faster? memory access, usage of wasted space?etc.
So partitioning in our real world would be something like partitioning the ?Hard Soil?, the land. I think our government adopted this approach already by dividing the country into many states, ?Jiha gharbia, Jiha shamalia?etc?.
Unfortunately, we couldn?t apply the same design on our society/gov because our strength lies in our unity. Two operating systems running at the same time would lead to a system failure. Some of you will say that this is possible but in reality it is not. You can have two operating systems but one and only one can run at a time, something like right and left parties in our society. Only one party can govern the country at time.
Adnane, I admit that describing our society?s system in computer-system terms is sort of amusing in a nerdish way :)

Peace N Love


12:07 am    February 14, 2003
adnane i think you right in your interpretation of radicalism.That is so saaaaad.But hey ghys don't forget that there are christians too in the arabic world not only muslims. i am dreaming of something like the european union but for arabic people, stronger with a britght culture and democracies all spread out.
Well just a dream...
By the way guys i am proud to live in belgium!! this is the only country where there is "la loi de comp?tence universelle" and thanks to this law sharon is in a trial for sabra and shatilla massacre!yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Consequence: israel ambassador has come back to his country.
EL maa ou shattaba tal 9a3 el b7ar.

10:36 pm    February 13, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I was reffering to the word "Radicalism" in Arabic. wich I think has "tatarrof" as a synonym.
I remember my mother used to tell me "Tarref hwayjek", needless to say that my room was messy. :)
I always understood it as "Put a side" or "put in a corner"

As for your definition of the disk partition...C..D..and E
that exactly what I have on my hard drive, for a minute I thought you took a look at it...;)


9:06 pm    February 13, 2003
Antr, I think Moutatarrif is Partitioned =)

''A reserved part of disk or memory that is set aside for some purpose. On a PC, new hard disks must be partitioned before they can be formatted for the operating system, and the Fdisk utility is used for this task. It can make one partition, creating one drive letter for the entire disk, or it can make several partitions sized to your requirements. For example, drives C:, D: and E: could be the same physical disk, but they would act like three separate drives to the operating system and user.'' Computer Language Company Inc. All rights reserved.

So Antr you can apply the above definition of partitioned to relate it to Mutatarrif in our societies and let's see what your imagination comes with ;) given that the operating system is the government or.. hmm society? ..


8:21 pm    February 13, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
"Them belly full but we hungry..."


Them belly full but we hungry.
A hungry mob is a angry mob.
A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough;
A pot a-cook but the food no 'nough.
You're gonna dance to JAH music, dance.
We're gonna dance to JAH music, dance.
Forget your troubles and dance.
Forget your sorrow and dance.
Forget your sickness and dance.
Forget your weakness and dance.

Cost of living get so high,
Rich and poor, they start a cry.
Now the weak must get strong.
They say, "Oh, what a tribulation."

Them belly full but we hungry.
A hungry mob is a angry mob.
A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough;
A pot a-cook but the food no 'nough.
We're gonna chuck to JAH music, chuckin'.
We're chuckin' to JAH music, we're chuckin'.

A belly full but them hungry.
A angry mob is a angry mob.
A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough;
A pot a-cook but the food no 'nough.

A angry man is a angry man.
A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough;
A pot a-cook but the food no 'nough.
A angry mob is a angry mob.

The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley. (A.K.A. BoB)


8:16 pm    February 13, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

My dentist who happen to be an Iraqi, she told me that Iraqi citizens have suffered so much since the gulf war, that you can buy
any average Iraqi with money and that moral values have gone down hill at light's speed since 1990.

When a person looses his dignity and all sources of survival , he becomes like an animal...the survival counts first...
I will always remember the proverbe she told me "Jawe3 kelbek, yteb3ek !"
(keep your dog hungry, he will keep following you!)

In conditions like this, that is exactly when the radicalists emerge claiming they can rebuild the entire smash under a brand new fondation, since the base is corrupt from its roots...

I personally, believe in an Islamic civilisation, just like the christian
or Asian one, but not in "Islamic" individuals...!

PS: I was dicussing the word "Radicalism" with my American friend who happen to be a linguist, he told me that he doesn't believe in such a term as it is understood by most...
For him the opposit of "radicalism" is "Superficial".
as the word "Radicalism" is derived
from "Radius" is maths, wich stands for line segment that joins the center of a sphere with any point on its surface.
He went as far as claiming that the vegetable "RADIS" is related to the same term, because it has roots deep inside the ground...
I founnd his explanations pretty interesting...
I guess in the word above is translated as "MutaTarriF", of wich I don't exactly know the original meaning...Does anybody have an idea ?


8:11 pm    February 13, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
That is true...I would add to that, the fact that when a nation is put
down to its knees socially, politically and economically, UNFORTUNATLY, "radicalism" with its harsh face takes place.
It has been see all through history
of the nations.
China, Iran and others...

For the muslims there is a special prayer, wich I cann't recall, that is said only when a nation is hit by a major catastroph.
The last time it was read in Morocco, was when M5 was taken to Madagascar.
People of all nations, tend to turn to religion, when ever things go Really Bad...
and UNFORTUNATLY that's when religious radicalism, with its mis-interpretations fills up the political vaccum.



7:32 pm    February 13, 2003

5:09 pm    February 13, 2003
stop the war by talking to ure representatives! may sound useless, but at least do it. im talking to american guys here, or h1 visa guys. dont be irresponsible, but express ure opinion. war is evil. We want peace.

10:40 am    February 13, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

Oasienne, I think that the mis-interpretation of Islam along all these years, starting from the collapse of Arabic Spain is what divided muslims/arabs. Our governments are in confusion what to do with Islam, how to apply it properly to culture, to education, to economics and to development. They are confused how to build a team. Religion unfortunately instead of being treated as a private thing, enforces itself aggressively in the arabic world justly or fairly. The consequences are disasterous.

The arabic world suffers from its own handling of religion unfortunately. I think it is a primary cause of division.


12:02 am    February 13, 2003
why can't we just build a united arab force? we speak the same language, we share the same values, we have oil(!!!!) we have skils and we can' t do anything about ourselves since the mille ages!!!! this makes me angry each time i think about it ! we could be the most powerful state on earth if we wanted.Instead you see divisions, dictators, massive emigration of skills ans oil money going to states and europe nevertheless our attitude towards palestine and irak.It is a shameeeee

6:40 am    February 12, 2003
hi guys....happy eid to all of ya....
why ya adnane u didnt opene the eid greeting discussions?
anyway i hope if i can announce about my new web which will be launched next week on 19-wed inshala's dedicated for all moroccans and there will be nice things inshala,for rai music lovers for every moroccan ...hope u will visit it next week....

4:47 pm    February 11, 2003
thats what an Islamic unity for me meant anyways...
A democratic and economical nirvana state of Islamic unity if you wish.
The Asians are wokring on that, I hope the Muslims will follow their exemple and start counting on themselves... that is the only way out from the vicious circle they have been blocked in for centuries.

4:25 pm    February 11, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
What can Muslims do if they unite anyways ? The impact on the rest of the world depends on what the Muslims unite about. You have to distinguish two things here. They could unite to do good things, they could unite to do bad things. If they unite to do bad things, to cause harm to others God will never help them.

God says: "wa ta3awanou 3ala lbirri wattaqwa, wala ta3awanou 3ala ithmi wal 3oudwan"

If Muslims help each other and unite to work out their differences, solve their local internal problems, without focussing on uniting just to scare others and cause harm to others.. then such a union is a state of nirvana: an ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy.


3:07 pm    February 11, 2003
Yes, they probably know better
than us, to what extend Islam can impact the world as we know it now, if the Muslims get united...
That's what I meant ...

2:46 pm    February 11, 2003
"They probably know Islam better than we do" Are you serious?
I'm surprised nobody reacted to this!
I wasn't refering to you Spark!
I mentioned more than a billion Muslims! Don't they know their religion ? Is that what you're saying ?

12:49 pm    February 11, 2003

That has nothing with their lack of understanding of Islam...they probably know Islam better than we do...
It is a strategy designed to confuse the public opinion shortly before laushing an attack of Iraq.
Balair of england is doing the same thing by surounding Heathrow airport by tanks, as to make the english folks feel that they are treathened by Muslims, in other terms force them to give him the green light for action without a seconf thought.

If you want a person to stop thinking rationally, making him panic !


10:04 am    February 11, 2003
Have you noticed that Bush and his lieutenants, Ashcroft, Rumsfield and Co, want to, absolutly, associate muslim events to terrorism ?
Attaks will be imminent during the Hajj, they say.
Terrorists preparing in the approche of Aid El Adha, others add.
The same stupid, disgusting and repulsive statements are used during the holy month of Ramadan. Can you believe that ?

What they do not understand is this : Islam is not just a religion, it is A WAY OF LIFE of more than a billion muslims. It has no clergy or a pope to corrupt as they did with the tyrans they put over our heads to fight Islam from inside muslim countries.
They will have to come to understand that it's impossible for them to replace our way of life by their futile, plastic, superficial and
sensless life.
They will have to come to understand that only barbaric nations behind painted faces tried to fight believes and dogmas of others, as mighty as they were, they have collapsed.


10:43 pm    February 10, 2003
After IraQ, there will be Iran followed by Libya...
All of whom have either oil or gaz !,,3-469972,00.html


10:43 pm    February 10, 2003
After IraQ, there will be Iran followed by Libya...
All of whom have either oil or gaz !,,3-469972,00.html


8:17 pm    February 10, 2003
I did like it when the German Fischer lashed faced Rumsfiel on TV and told him frankly and in English.
" I am sorry, we have a democracy... I cann't convice the crowd in the street about the war, when I am not convinced my self !"

My hope is that there would be more disagreement regarding
the cake (Iraq) to be shared,
between the US on one hand and the European nations plus Russia on the other.

That way, the big mad dogs will be concerned about eachother... and the tension would be eased on the thirdworld.

"FarriQ, likay la yassoudou 3alaik"




6:01 pm    February 10, 2003
Colin Powell used false documents to accuse Irak. He lied under oath. A general in the american army is a lier. He commited a perjury. The whole world today knows that the chief of staff of United States's foreign policy is a dishonest man. A lier. It's in the newspapers aroud the world. Isn't he ashamed of himself? Obviously not, he is continuing his mascarade.
Bill Clinton lied under oath, and he was nerly empeached, as well as Nixon who had to resign after beeing called a crook nation wide. So, what about Powell or Bush who covered the lie? What's wrong with this administration? Where is the american justice they claim it's above everybody? What happened to the power of the people? Is America becoming a dictatorship?
These questions will remain, unfortunatly unanswered.
But, i can say that America is a free country for a wasp(white anglo-saxon protestant) and a dictatorship for foreign and weaker countries as we see it's stand toward Irak. It will never take a stand like this toward China even if it invades Taiwan.

The point is : There must be a cover up in the Congres-CIA-Pentagone, in the case of Irak. If Powell is using plagiat to make a case, then, they know, all of them, that there is no case. So what's going on? Oil? maybe. Israel?probably.


3:00 pm    February 10, 2003
through words...I mean.

2:57 pm    February 10, 2003
If you take the word "HOT".
Originally it was used as to describe a dog in heat (ovulation period).
Now, I am sure if you tell a girl you look hot in that dress, she will unswer by "thank you !". :)
No doubt that a non english speaking person would me eager to understand why poeple call eachother, or even themselves
"Suckers" when they feel like...
the same goes for :
"Screw", "Screwed up" expression, "F**ked up", M'F.

If you translate similar expression to Arabic or any other language, and you will get some idea about the thinking paterns and mind set of certain communities.

All of us,we might unconsciousely use those terms, everynow as to express our deception
and anger sometimes...but
that is ok.. we live in a foreign culture after all, and conscequently
we tend to be influenced... to a small and none seriouse extend hopefully...!

Once a corrupted idea is attached to a word, then our very thoughts become corrupted.

the vulgare expression above are just the tip of the iceberg...
there are other more serious corrupt concepts wich are used by the politicians to mislead poeple, and that is the Serious aspect of mental deception through...


1:06 pm    February 10, 2003
Hillou :) ... did Powell plagiarised his UN presentations?...


12:44 pm    February 10, 2003
ana hsabli gal lik chi hhaja belmassria, 9liha soueltek achnou hia bdarija dialna. Mafhamtch fellaoual !
9andak lhaq: the world belongs to these people. But we do not have this image in our culture since the mother for us is as sacred as a prayer. It's their conception and way of life since their primitive times. Naturly, we have our own vocabulary in that range, which, as you know, is very rich and abondant!
Thanks for the explanation anyway!


12:14 pm    February 10, 2003
maandi mangoul
Hadak lmoudir, Hchem chouia!!! wa fina hia lmabadiaee!!!!
ALAH ijib SAlama
R not u shamed that few days ago, you were doing the referee and now, look at yourself!!!!! ana hchemt fi blastek

10:54 am    February 10, 2003
M****F**rs is the synonyme of ouled lek***b.
Don't mean to be vulgare, but heeey
I'ght homies

10:41 am    February 10, 2003

Our world! We can only TRY to make it better. Dounia is, by ?default?, meant to be harsh, cruel, and awful. After all, the name Dounia may be a synonym to those adjectives. Thus, our objective in life is to make our world better and worth our visit to it. Otherwise, what?s the point?

Adnnane: What I?d say: Those Mo**F**ers can have the world if they can. The world is only what you make it to be. In other words, the world belongs to you even if ?they? try to take it away from you.

Peace N Love


10:08 am    February 10, 2003
Saddam est une enflure et Bush une double enflure !!

lah ihdy makhla9 o saf?!!!


10:07 am    February 10, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
i don't know an equivalent in my darija really. but the meaning that I always understand of this english idiom is people with no self-respect. people with no compassion towards others. people who step on friends, familly and others to achieve their desires. I actually apologize for quoting that word, I don't like it really. Sometimes I say it but I always regret, it's not appropriate, so sorry.

9:04 am    February 10, 2003
Achnou hiya m***f***ers bdarija dialna?

8:07 pm    February 9, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

Once I was walking in the streets of Boston with a dear egyptian friend of mine, and I said: man this world belongs to the powerful. Then he said, no no... this world belongs to the m*** f***ers. excuse my quoting the language, but his statement was very deep and very true :)

go figure!


6:33 pm    February 9, 2003
Because they do not want any arab democracy, as you say Adnane. That's the key! Imagine our countries living in democratie all together!
But, who are these arab dictators?Hassan pushed the country to its knees, sucking billions$ through 38 years of terror.His son claim his family fortune to 500 millions$. In fact he can spend this amount as me 50 bugs. Do the maths.It's a hopless case.
Algeria: bloodshed, pain and suffering.
Tunisia : Ben Ali has make it a prison for everybody.
Lybia : Gaddafi want to be an empereur as the cannibalistic Bokassa did.
Egypt : Moubarak and his corrupted group are just what they look like : Gangsters.
The syphilitic regime of Saudi Arabia is rotten and depraved. A chaos. The billions$ from oil are not the production of the country, but divided between 7000 thieves they call themselves princes.
The Tyrans of the other small oil places(not countries) are so grateful to the British who create these places for them that they always bow with no pride.
Saddam is no better than others. he killed kurds to prevent an insurrection, as Karadzic and Mladic killed thousands of bosnians and they're still free.
Who is the tyrant who doesn't have blood in his hands, including USA ? Who sall be judged and who is going to be the judge ?
Obviously the powerful.

3:23 pm    February 9, 2003

Who said that ??
Tony Blair...?


2:11 pm    February 9, 2003
Robert Fisk summed it up, in my opinion, last week at MIT when he answered someone's question about Irak. He said Europe-USA purposely maintain and nurture the arab dictators because they do not want any arab democracy. For Saddam, they simply want to replace him with someone more obediant.

If that is the case, the arabs people can keep on complaining in vain and might as well talk to the ocean. The only bold opposition that came from people was that in Iran. That immediately brings fear into the USA and sets Iran under target.


1:26 pm    February 9, 2003
Hey guys...whether Saddam has destroyed his mass distraction weapons or not...The usa gonna launch a war against him sooner..i meant the final phase of this war already luanched a decade ago...becouse they (americans) know that the main power of Iraq is totally destroyed...which is the iraqi people...look at these million of children died with famine and lack of medicine..and a strong economy( more or less) is getting down and more weaker..struck by the embargo...who was behind that? why the americans created these so-called non-flying zones in the north and the south of the country...and launched several strikes in the deep country? many questions reflect that the war is nearly over is not about to start. it is in its last phase.



12:45 pm    February 9, 2003

I know what you are talking about...
I don't know about
Steinbeck, Elie or others... but I would be very surprise if not chocked, if similar words would come from the mouth of Robet Fisk.
As I said earlier, read about him more often and you will realise what category of journalists he belongs to...

If each media source had a Robet Fisk, the main stream jornalism would be in trouble...!


12:00 pm    February 9, 2003
I forget to put my name bellow!

11:59 am    February 9, 2003
Salam Spark,
Words can harm, words can kill, remember? Words can also betray a hidden side of a person. When i find a sentence as" the arabs are the dirtiest people in the world" even if he says it through John Steinbeck's mouth, that's a significant sign of a hidden side to me. Read his interview with Mat. Rotschild. I have no lesson to give to anyone, i'm just giving my point of view. Elie Wiesel is considered as humanist philosopher by the West to a point they give him a nobel price. I've heard him say: "Those who kill in the name of God make their God a killer" refering to Palestiniens. He did not speak about the fanatic jewish settlers parading with their machine guns killing children, driving out people from their land.
These words were enough to betray him as a hypocrite person.
He wrote a hundred books, did that made him a better person?
I do not believe there is anyone, in the West, who can speak about Islamic history, civilisation, culture or, most of all, religion, without a hidden, subtile and perfidious hatred. Why ?
The answer has deep roots in History.


9:46 am    February 9, 2003
Salam Abdul,

Fisk's reputation as a brilliant journalist is beyond critics. You cann't accuse him for saying what Bin Laden told him, (what ever he meant by that...)
You have to read more about him, before as to see what he is trully made of !
If there is any Western middle expert, it is him.
he spent 20 years there, has lived what the local poeple did grow through.
He went to Afghanistan during the massive US air raid as to show the world the suffering of the poeple on the ground.
the frustrated Afghan poeple did physically beat the crap out of him, just because he was caucasian...he had use his punshs as to save himself. before he got saved by an Afghan Imam.

Despite that, Fisk said...I understand their frustration, if I was an Afghan, I would have been as angry as they are.

You cann't see much of him aired on TV...because he standards are much higher than that....

Personally, I admire him!


10:50 pm    February 8, 2003
As recomended, Spider, i went to read some articles of Robert Fisk, like his interview with Oussama Bin Laden where he make him say:" It does not worry us what the Americans think. What worries us is pleasing Allah."Exactly what Bush and all the extremists want to hear. Read his interview with M. Rotschild, then you will discover something when he speaks of J.Steinbeck and the Arabs. I don't think you will find it bold at all, as lmoudir said.

5:24 pm    February 8, 2003
Spider, I was there too, it was indeed a lecture of excellence and brilliant intellect, from one of the few breed of true journalists! So energetic and bold.

8:31 am    February 8, 2003
I went to see Robert Fisk at MIT this past week. This guy is an amazingly goog speaker. I would recomend anyone to read his articles if you haven't heard of him yet.

11:44 am    February 7, 2003
Why is it that the satellite pics of the muclear installations in North Korea are in perfect resolution and in color (!!!!), while the ones that Powell presented to the UN of Iraq are blurry, unfocused and in black and white?

10:49 am    February 7, 2003
Two guys talking in a cafe-terrace in Marakech.
-Do you know who are the Goths, Vandals, Alans, Francs, Wisigoths, Angles, Ostrogoths, Saxons, Alamans, Burgonds and Vikings ?
-No. Who are these people ?
-Europeans. The ancesters of the Western world.
-What do they have in common ?
-Barbarism. They spent centuries burning Europe from north to south and east to west.
-Why did they do that ?
-They were primitive humans.
-But they are civilised today aren?t they ?
-They claim they are.
-But they have invented so many things didn?t they ?
-To continue burning and killing. Airplanes were set to bomb others first. Chemicals developped to decimate maximum troops in battle fields, and to blow up civil villages like napalm used in jungle of vietnam.
-They have so much money you know ?
-Built on stolen land from Indiens, slavery of Africans, colonisation of weaker nations.
-Are they all the same ?
-No. Some of them speak the truth.
-Why are they like this ? Can?t they live their way and let people live in peace ?
-Because they are insatiate.
-I don?t trust these people, they?re terrorists.
-The word terrorists is not new. Remember that they were calling any liberation movement a terrorist uprising during the colonisation era.
-That?s what the jews are calling the palestiniens. Is this because they want to liberate their land ? They call them terrorists ?
-Yes, because they want to live in dignity and honor as their culture and belief teach them to.
-I don?t believe that. If someone violates my house, i will kick the hell out of his ass, and i don?t give a damn what anyone would call me !



10:11 am    February 7, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Ok, it doesn't hurt to have a laugh sometimes. Here is an article from The Onion, a satirical online magazine.

The Onion

Now I'll try to balance the humour with another more official sense of humour from Robert Fisk:
Robert Fisk


9:22 am    February 7, 2003
Why do you use Hitler as an example while we can all see that Bush is much more qualified only more ignorant then Hitler could ever be? He is a poor excuse for a human being and a liar who's ready to kill thousands of Iraqi's for what? The so-called evidence presented by the US does not convince everyone. It's the exact same scenario as before Afghanistan. Who did Sadam really threaten these past few years? The only threat we can see today is Bush himself. A true man of peace and freedom yeah a man of honour who doesn?t hesitate to kill and destroy those already weakened by a decade of sanctions. Wow we should all remember him as the man who gave birth to democracy and freedom in Iraq; or maybe as the worst liar ever? He is getting ready to bomb a whole country as if his father didn't do enough during the Gulf War! Did Kuwait become a democracy after that war? Did Nicaragua become one? Afghanistan maybe? The fact is USA supports and creates many dictatorships around the world, the only thing lacking in all of this is a true and strong opponent like during the cold war at least we had some kind of balance in the world.

1:35 pm    February 6, 2003
Power of the Word

God says, ?let (something) be? and so it is, power of the word. Most of people are merely unaware of this power. Furthermore, history clearly demonstrates to us that all of the people, who used this power, became ?leaders? or rather powerful figures within the society. The best example I can rely on is Adolf Hitler, who almost conquered the world with the power of his words. Indeed becoming a leader or simply powerful is that simple yet we struggle to digest this fact. Greed, Power of the word, and awareness can be an extremely and highly dangerous when combined. Adolf Hitler was not the most handsome, the smartest, the tallest, or the funniest man in world, yet he possessed all the ingredients (i.e., Greed, Power of the word, and awareness) that allowed him, at a certain point, to reach the top of the world.

The current events, which we live under immense stress, are definite proof of what I stated above. The US government is well aware of that power, and has great needs or greed in the Iraqi oil and other resources. Nationally, the local media is the US government?s power of word to gain the people?s approval. While internationally, the United Nations is the US government?s power of word to convince or better yet influence the international opinion.

Lastly, the US motives are as clear as a born child's soul and as cold as a polar bear toe nail. Why couldn?t the US use this power with a different kind of greed, that is, greed to peace, human decency, and better and equal life!

Peace N Love


5:04 pm    February 5, 2003
hi Spark!
I was reading the profile of Chomsky when i found this statement from him:" I think they're extremely dangerous. I think they could open the door to American fascism. It's like Iran in 1980 or Germany in the '30s, he says. The industrialists in Germany backed the fascists, and the merchants in Iran backed the fundamentalists as forces for revolution. But then it turned out these guys had minds of their own" he says, speaking about the republicans in 1994.
but, refering to Iran during the Khomeini's revolution as nazi Germany is enough for me to put him in the other side of the line.
I have no doubt he went through the best of knowledge that money can offer in America, in terms of high level of education, but, does he speak the truth, as you say? What is his clear stand toward Israel, as an American jew?

Colin powel has spoken today about Irak. Did he speak the truth? I think he is a disgrace to his people, his race, who are just beginning to overcome their suffering and pain from four hundred years of slavery.
The truth is fought by the strong and is unacceptable to him, because truth is the sword of God and it's justice and equity and does not allow men to dominate other men.
When i say that the axis of evil is Washington-Tel Aviv, and i know that millions of people share my conviction, even though, my statement has no impact. But when Bush says the axis of evil is so and so, the world comes to consider his statement. The point is : The truth, sometimes, is not WHAT it's said, but WHO says it.
But is it really the truth?



10:24 am    February 5, 2003
Read the following :



8:32 am    February 5, 2003
Salam Abdul,
yes I could see some of the reporters names that are jewich.
but not all of them, just some!

Anyways, the ethnicity of the reporter should not be a rellevant matter, as long as he speaks the truth.
No matter what would be the motives, no one can fabricate the writen serious accusations on large companies et politicians without facing jail, would he be a jew or not !

And finally, Noam Chomsky
who happen to be a jew, is one of my favorit thinkers. but he speaks on the bahlf of the truth, even if the sionists and similar entities don't like to hear it.


7:40 am    February 5, 2003
Salam Spark!
wash shefti smiyathoum? koulhoum yhoud!



6:00 am    February 5, 2003
hey ppeps,
I had the radio-on this morning, and i came accross the Howard Stern show. That MO-FO outrageously cursed-out islam as a religion and its poeple. I am getting awefully iritated by such statements especially that we "Muslims" don't have any weight in this country's political or media scene.
Man, He aggrevated me so Bad...
Anyways, ALLAH y chouf menhalna

6:41 pm    February 4, 2003
Hillou :) ... what about >>> ittafa9a al 3arabou alla yattafi9ou ... ???!!!!!!

1:06 pm    February 4, 2003
L'adged khasshom torjman ou chouf tchouf, houma kai dirou rhir lli gal lihoum lkabrane ou safi.
ma khasshoum chi qraya
kikh ! kikh !



8:30 am    February 4, 2003


7:47 pm    February 3, 2003
The axis of evil is Washington - Tel-Aviv and there is no other. How couldn't that be? they have planned the most horrible and evil plot that mankind have never witnessed: TO STEAL A WHOLE COUNTRY AND GET AWAY WITH IT, in the twentieth century.
Since England is the old mother of USA, Balfour had to be the evil brain of the plot and proposed to the UN to divide Palestine between jews and palestiniens in the first step.
We all know what happened later. If the wars were lost from our side, it's because of the advanced hi-tech that USA was providing Isreal with. Most of the pilots were Americans.
The issue of Irak today is not so and so, but it about the dilemma that Isreal and its head of arrow are facing now: the failure of zionism. More and more jews are leaving Isreal because they've lost confidence in their futur as a nation and they know that another theft will be in another 2000 years. How to save the sinking evil terrorist state? by weakening countrys aroud it and by creating a tiny, divided and dependant state of Palestine totally under control of Isreal.
But this not going to happen, because of the will of the palestiniens to live in dignity and honor as they have been for ever.

Isreal wouldn't survive without the unconditionnel support of USA in terms of military assistance, all kinds of technical supply and most of all: providing of secret information that they call Intelligence. I call it spying.
For that reason, all kinds of propaganda we're hearing about the space program that is for the sake of humanity is just bullshit! The main and only goal is to put military equipment and spy satelite in orbit to watch and control entire nations. It's the same old dream: WORLD DOMINATION.


12:21 pm    February 3, 2003
I have got a lot of love for this site.
Keep-up the good work fellows.
Thank you
P.S. L'adget is monitoring the site though...
Lfoul : )

5:57 pm    February 2, 2003
This message is to the person that is asking everybody to stop talking about politics and talk about beautiful things that we can acheive. let me tell you something, to stop talking about a problem is not going to make it disapear. It is is through open dialogue and exchange of opinions that civilized societies get ahead. If the dialogue reaches the masses and inspires political activism , then these discussions would not be as futile as you might think. if we leave matters into the fool leaders like you have suggested , you will end up with totalitarian societies where sports and the other beautiful things you are talking about would not exist.

7:57 am    February 2, 2003
Il n'y aura pas d'inspecteurs en Cor?e du Nord, comme il n'y en a pas eu au Pakistan ou en Inde, tous des puissances nucl?aires.Ils peuvent donc s'?xterminer entre eux, les am?ricains s'en foutent. Ils n'appartiennet pas ? la race blanche. Le programme de protection Star Wars sera implant? en Israel apr?s les USA, pour pr?venir toute attaque de missiles. Il reste le danger d'invasion terrestre, et c'est pour cela que l'Irak sera d?sarm? pour rester en position de puissance inf?rieure par rapport ? Israel qui poss?de un arsenal nucl?aire diabolique.

Les am?ricains veulent s'?riger en un peuple juste, humain et fraternel ? C'est la soci?t? la plus raciste que la terre ait jamais port?e, comme disait le petit chimpanz? de Bush: The Roman empire is up again. L'?xemple de l'empire romain est significatif parce qu'il a r?duit les autres peuples en esclavage par la force et la violence, les empereurs ?pousaient leurs soeurs et avaient pour maitresses leurs m?res et leurs grand m?res, comme Caligula, N?ron, Tib?re etc. Une soci?t? sans morale ou tous les non Romains ?taient ?cras?s.
Comme sont ?cras?s les noirs et les minorit?s et les non wasp aux USA.
Les am?ricains ont brul? Hiroshima et Nagazaki et ils ne le regrettent pas, car cela a sauv? des miiliers de vies de soldats am?ricains disent-ils.
C'est la meilleure preuve de L'humanisme am?ricain.
Fraternit? avec le peuple Irakien, dont la plupart ne sont meme pas capables de situer sur une carte?


5:15 pm    February 1, 2003
The US Trial

The US is determined to oust Sadam?s regime. Why now and not in 1991?
What has changed now?

Democracy?????? What???? The US????
- 12 years of sanctions: Is that a strategy to help the Iraqi people? A Million child died as a result?very nice democracy?
- Hum! By the way, what happened to Afghanistan??? Who cares (collateral damage)
- Is Sadam worth the Killing of 100.000s of people? The US says who care.
- The North Korean issue??? The US says let?s talk, ironic isn?t it.
- Democracy??!! Look at the situations in Palestine, Somalia, Venezuela, Columbia?etc
- Or may be democracy means Nagasaki and Hiroshima



5:14 pm    February 1, 2003

- The US too used many chemical substances on its own people. Also, in order to fight the drug war allegedly declared on Columbia, the US sprayed chemicals on innocent villagers, which resulted in the killing of quite many people. The US is no angel you know!
Here is a sample of what they did:
- Iraq used chemical weapons in the 80s. Why punish Iraq now? Clearly that is not the reason.
- Why particularly Iraq?!! Israel possess all kinds of weapons of mass destruction but it?s ok I guess.
- Why should the US lead the war??!! What?s wrong with the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY?!! The UN, i.e., 32 countries, stood up to Iraq for invading Kuwait but the US seeked more than justice or course. Oil is just one element in the US list of interests in the region.
- Although Iraq attacking Kuwait is completely unjustifiable yet very understandable.
- Regime change in Iraq according to whom???!! The US???!! The fact is people in Iraq voted for Sadam using their own blood, as we all witnessed live on TV. If you doubt that still then simply prove the opposite. People are right (Two wrongs don?t make it right).

There is a lot more facts that prove the US government guilty on all counts.
I rest my case.

Peace N Love


11:12 am    February 1, 2003
Si l'Irak ?tait situ? ? l'autre bout du
monde, S'il ?tait ? cot? du Chili ou la Finlande par ?xemple, serait-il
Saddam ne cesse de clamer haut et fort : Aachat phalast?ne abiaah,
horrah, min annahr ila lbahhr", du
fleuve jourdain ? la mer.
Le p?trole, il y'en a partout, au Nig?ria, au Ven?zuela, en Alg?rie etc, et les ricains n'iront pas faire la guerre ? tout ces pays l?.
C'est pour prot?ger et fortifier Isreal que l'Irak sera bris?,etaussi
pour servir d'?xemple.

Abdelkrim al khattabi est mort en ?xil, parce qu'il n'a jamais accept?
le massacre du Rif par l'arm?e marocaine en 1958, Nasser a tu?
des milliers de fr?res musulmans,
ainsi que Assad en Syrie, le roi hussein a massacr? autant de palestiniens que ne le font les juifs
parce qu'il avait peur pour son trone, sans parler de Hassan,
kaddafi ou les criminels de g?neraux alg?riens. Quel est le dirigent arabe d?mocratique?
Il n'y en a AUCUN. Ils sont tous
d?spotiques et schizophr?nes, leurs places est au MARESTAN pour
certains, et le peloton d'?x?cution
pour la plupart.
Alors pourquoi Seddam?


5:07 pm    January 31, 2003
Saying that the US and Britain are waging a war against Iraq as to establish a democratic regime is an illusion for the following reasons :

Most of the dictators, as long as they follow the interests of the elite westerners who did put them in power, they are met with open arms and treated as progressists
and peace advocates and so on...
Bush senior did even invite Mubutu of Zair to the white house, shaked his hand and called him "Man of peace and freedom"!!
while Mubutu was the biggest Pharao of Africa, excecuting entire villages as to opress those who oppose him.
Saddam him self is an other dictator who was supported by the US and England as to gain power.
In their eyes, it is only now that he became a badboy. In the Iraqis he has always been a bad boy.

Mubarak of Egypt is an other dictator who is praised by the US, king Fahd of Saudi Arabia is an other exemple...
Wzid Wzid Wzid Wzid.

As long as you remain faithful to the Big brother, the hell with the masses of poeple you are ruling and how your treat them.

So the attack on Iraq, it is for everything else, but establishing a democratic system...
A democratic system is never good for the greedy wolves who's aim is to take
the wealth of the other.

Further more, if the US is running after the countries where nests of terrorits could be found, Bush should bomb Egypt and S.Arabia instead.
because after all. thats where most of the terrorists came from...
I wonder why he doesn't do that...could it be because Babush doesn't know enough about world geography ?
Well, the way he brings his "funny evidences" shivering his chimpanzee mouth , that wouldn't surprise me .


4:38 pm    January 31, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Adnane you see saddam as an evill man i totally agree whith you, but why do you focus only saddam?why don't you target other arab leaders most of them are tyrants and oppressive,they distinguish from saddam by there loyalty to the us. let's be fair. what assures you that there will be a democracy?why not another karzai?to some point we can argue that the iraqi people will be much better,but the idea of dimocracy is questionable.adnane we should disagree whith the idea of war.1st whithout the blessing of the un the act of war represent a violation of the international law.2nd no body wants the US to have a free hand in the middle east,iraq has got a stategic position between syria and iran if those two contries are swept"no matter how imperfect they are",that means no challange for israel,and i guess you have followed the overwelmingly success of the likoud party.

3:03 pm    January 31, 2003
hi guys whats matter with all of u?
why u are wasting time by talking about *** politics...this is what are best and never produce......lets talk about something we can achive sport,technology...and leave these things to the fool leaders to handle

2:26 pm    January 31, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

If Irak came out from a war with Iran, it's Irak's problem. If Kuweit has difficult time paying back money to Irak, there are other ways to settle things and occupation is the most irrational solution.

The Gulf war of course involved US allies, but it was still LED by US.

The ultimate thing is for people of Irak to gather their strength and courage and revolt against Saddam. Problem nobody succeeded in doing that so far.. Unfortunately, we'll see the US do it. as dirty as it sounds, but the Irakis couldn't do it themselves.

Many regimes in Arab world probably need people's revolutions and you all know that.

the bottleneck is that teh US is an exploiter of oil in mideast.. well as you see this is not changing unfortunately: oil is still there and US still won't change its thinking machine.

So anyways we have here the US determined for war to remove saddam and "liberate" Irakis. On the other hand we have majority of Muslim people denying and pointing to US as the opressor - especially after Afganistan. But what is there to do that can change things ?

I don't mean to sound like I'm making a war strategy here:

1. all arab countries deploy troops to shield Irak.

2. all arab countries turn their back on Irak to avoid looking at the massacre. Then turn their back after the war to collect US profits and games because they makde it easier for US.

My view is that people of Irak should take such a war if it happens as an opportunity to change for their future generations even if they have to risk US fanatic partial control over their oil and oil deals.

But that is not the end... we will probably not live to see the next episode =) only if you're a hindu or buddi then you might get reincarnated in the future to see what the heck is gonna happen.


1:58 pm    January 31, 2003

alaeddine message
adnane i quote you here:
"But Saddam is not an ethical leader.. he screwed up many times, continued a violent barbaric war against Iran (at the time why did no muslim speak of peace .. why?) and then Saddam wanted to occupy and exploit Kuwait.. (and why no muslim speak of peace.. or even went there to straighten him up.. the americans had to do it!! ) "

ok no i'm gonna comment on what you said.
first of all it's not america that "had do it" it's 36 countries including almost all the arab countries and in the egyptian and syrian soldiers in the front. second of iraq did attack kuweit not to exloit it but because kuweit was playing the dirty game by over producing oil which made the prices go down to 7$ and iraq had just came from a very difficult war and couldn't afford that and also kuweit refused to pay what it ows to iraq and it was estimated of billions of dollars. why did kuweit do that just for the US ? maybe but i'm not sure. the war against iraq was supported not only by arabs but also by the us and europe. but not by all muslims cuz after all iran is a muslim country.


1:52 pm    January 31, 2003
How about relationships for the next topic. I am puseled by the "love" relations that moroccans like myself might have.
Whether you like to stick to moroccans, arabs, muslims or whoever for dating and so forth.
THis is just an idea

11:09 am    January 31, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I think most of us share a common opinion about Iraki people (le peuple) that the sanctions are ruining their lives and their economy.. part of the reason is US and allies, but the other big part is the regime in Irak under Saddam. Maybe Irak used to be great, maybe just a while back, without even going back to medieval times.. a while back under saddam when everyone hears there's a strong country growing over there: military.. medicine.. not sure to what extent though, but many people say it used to be a growing power.. but I think that the power was growing because of saddam's rigid militray system.. it's though to live like that, I can imagine no freedom and liberty. I wouldn't live in a country like that. Question: there was no revolution in Irak even if people tried.. clearly because Saddam's system was extremely oppressive.. so that's a problem noone should be proud of. shouldn't be that way in the first place.

But Saddam is not an ethical leader.. he screwed up many times, continued a violent barbaric war against Iran (at the time why did no muslim speak of peace .. why?) and then Saddam wanted to occupy and exploit Kuwait.. (and why no muslim speak of peace.. or even went there to straighten him up.. the americans had to do it!! )

If Saddam is to be worthy of any respect from muslims he should have stopped his stuboorness for the sake of his people, and let himself GO away, or change his regime system. But he is determined to standup.. but standup for what values.. ? I don't see any values left in Saddam's book. And the americans are determined to straighten him up again.

Who knows after all, maybe the big question one is to ask: maybe the region will be better after this war ? I'm sure it will be better in Irak under a democratic regime.

I once said to myself, why doesn't the US try peace with Irak, temporarily, but the big problem is Saddam is not someone you make peace with ? maybe you can answer this question

I would like to end with an example not too far from our culture in Morocco. Remember AbdelKarim Khattabi. He was a leader from Berber Rif northern Morocco who fought the spanish and french away from northern Morocco. He did so with a good heart. When Mr. Khattabi at some point in the end got overwhelmed by the relatively mightier forces french and spanish accumulated, and when he saw people dying in his villages and mountains (women and kids) he gave up, he surrendered, why? FOR the sake of his people. He was exiled to Egypt, but he remains the icon of good heart in bad and good times for me.

As I try to understand this complicated situation, I still find it very difficult to side with anyone yet, solely for lack of past and present information on my side. Some of thsi information I cannot know, it's hidden, subtle, political, or in the back of Bush's and Saddam's minds.. I can only judge on a few things, my opinion remains modest or rather incomplete yet.

10:42 am    January 31, 2003
No Name :)
A propos,
J'entend encore Medi1 pour les infos, c'est la seule chose qui manque a Raioo :))))

10:37 am    January 31, 2003
No Name :)
Sadam Hussein was used when USA plained to destory the young Tawra in Iran, they used him even after he attacked Koweit, the oil-for-food helped the usa to maintain and take the control of the oil prices even they didn't buy the irakien petrol, tell me why usa didn't destroy Saddam Hussein when they was close to bagdad in 1991?
but there is another problem, I don't know if Iran is the second country in the American black list or no, the american army is established in the East of Iran , exactly in Afghanistan, and probably they will take the control of Irak in few weeks, so the american army will have a base in the West of Iran.
USA will find easly the justification of her next attack against Iran, IRAN helps Hisbollah is his war against israel, and USA will tell to us that there is some leaders of al kaida that take refuge in Iran.
So where r the arabic leaders in all that?

10:32 am    January 31, 2003
Israel dispose d'un arsenal nuke
et chimique, capable de d?vaster
et an?antir tout le monde arabe et
bien au del?, mais il n'y aura jamais d'inspecteurs dans l'Etat terroriste. Pourquoi? parce que les Etas unis n'est que LE BRAS ARM?
d'Israel. Tout le capital am?ricain est entre les mains des juifs, Soros
Rockfeller etc, le d?partement d'?tat, le pentagone, le congr?s etc
sont controll?s par les juifs.
L'Irak sera frapp? parce qu'il constitue un danger pour les sionistes et aussi, pour dissuader
tout pays voisin(Syrie,Egypte) d'attaquer Israel meme dans le cas d'une d?portation massive des palestiniens vers la Jordanie, comme l'avait dit charogne" les palestiniens n'ont qu'un pays, et c'est la Jordanie.
L'Etat sioniste controle d?ja une grande richesse dans la r?gion: l'eau. Il veut s'?riger en puissance r?gionale pour soumettre les pays
voisins et contoller leur richesses: le p?trole.
La carte du moyen orient sera redessin?e dans le futur, ? la passivit? l?gendaire des dirigents
Walakin, Allaho akbar! Salam.

9:52 am    January 31, 2003

Understanding why such an attack on Iraq is not a hard equation to solve nor a difficult analogy to deduct. We all well know the motives and ?benefits?, behind this war, to the US and its companions.

Ah! What a shame! Injustice implied in the tortures and massacres slowly penetrating the skies of Iraq like the shadow of death. Ironically yet heart-aching, in the US, they are working intensively to see their demonic plans realized in Iraq. While in Iraq, a cozy, warm house where the kids playfully fight each other. A mother, under a soft-warming cover, watching a pleasant TV series ?Al kawasir?. A father returning from the ?souk? carrying in his hands dinner, delicious humos, homemade bread, and mouth-watering-from-miles-nice-smelling chicken shawarma. A family awfully typically Arabic, just like any one in Morocco or in the world, is waiting for the dreadful missiles to destroy their joy and right to exist.

Yes of course there is nothing we can do! ? !
What does that say about life?
What a shame!

PS: The comment below without a name belongs to me, sorry about that. Adnane, this will be the last time I forget to put down my name :)
Zineb, ma 3endi man goul. Tbarklah 3lik :)


6:49 am    January 31, 2003
Do you guys know why it's not in the favor of the US of A for Saddam to leave? Simply put, their companies wouldn't have total control over the exploitation of the OIL; That's why they'd rather go to war, Sacrifies a couple of hundreds of thousands of Human goats. Once the war is over, they would control most of the world's supply of that praised commodity which will then refuel their economy by making it cheaper to operate machinery and so forth.
All we can do besides sit-here and watch, is to pray that Allah would spare the lives of the innocent.
PS: if you don't believe in the All-Mighty, then "good luck"
Peace-out homies
Jersey/ Rabat is in the House

3:46 am    January 31, 2003
Saddam et Bush ont dissert? qd ils ne sont pas parvenus ? s'entendre ils se sont emball?s et on d?cid? de faire la guerre qui n'est autre que le prolongement d'une politique assomante ? la con par d'autres moyens..iwa dommage la raison ne gouverne pas les hommes!!!!! 7it si c'etait le cas on les verrait pas jamais jamais ? se livrer aux furreurs de la guerre !!...qui lol est un super moyen d'avoir ttes les informations geographique sur un pays lol !!! ... m'enfin bref!! .. rien ne justifies aucune guerre !!!!!!!!!

11:22 pm    January 30, 2003
hi folk
There is no doubt that oil is the 1st reason for waging war against
Irak ,us wants take control over the world's oil to provide us 'comapagnies like texaco which belongs to bush's family cheap oil
so they can make extra profit.
beside oil there are some personnel problemes between saddam and chaiaba who claimed that sadam wanted and tried to kill his father .
this is his personnel affair...
and this is my personnel opinion

9:44 pm    January 30, 2003
this one is funny !


6:04 pm    January 30, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Zineb your explanation of the economical and geopolitical power makes a lot of sense to me.
let me get some more analyses from you. Lets start from the bigining of the crisis If my memory is in good working colin powell opposed the idea of going to war whithout the UN,he was considered as a dove but suddenly he you think this was a strategy from this administration,other word wasn't it that they wanted to split the public opinion in the begining and then reunite in the end?because colin powell's popularity is big abroad particuly in europe and inside among african American.

4:23 pm    January 30, 2003
Salam Spark: Just some friendly advice if I may: words can be as harmful as weapons, when we use the wrong ones it?s difficult to undo the damage they may have caused to others. To answer what our friend Aziz wrote about the gravity of Europe is moving towards the east: France and Germany?s main concern is not Iraq or it?s population, it?s the billions of $ they invested in the region. They both signed contracts with Iran, Saddam?s neighbour to build pipelines and develop the region?s oil and gas resources. The world is running on oil and gas and whoever controls these resources has economical and geopolitical power. Take a closer look at the countries in the region around Iraq: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Russia, and China. These countries have formed alliances and are business partners this presents a threat to the US who only wants to protect their economic and political interest. The US can simply not afford to allow anyone else to dominate the energy resources in the region; witch brings us back to the France-Germany coalition. Although they are against it, the war against Iraq will happen. For the past decade the US have already brought death by famine and misery to more than a million Iraqi people. There is nothing those two countries can do to prevent the war from happening as Bush seems to have found support elsewhere. As for Adnane, keep up the good work! Every country needs a leader and every site needs a good 'executive':) Salam

4:16 pm    January 30, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
hello all
spark I appreciate your last comment,and i understand your anger . i share the same grief as every free person in the world.the last thing we needed is to get in some unfortunate talk.
i have a few comment to lhya,i find Raioo a verry descent and clean site and i believe many of you agree in this regard.we don't see anything that is offending or unacceptable,girls,boys, evrybody can get in without any obstacle.the word mkhazni you used is unsuitable and Adnane is away far from being so.I love this site,I enjoy the reading, the music...etc
If you desagree,give your opinion,and let us avoid some unspeakable comments. trying to shift people to another website sound childish.
allah yahdi makhlak

2:39 pm    January 30, 2003

alaeddine message
nice really nice!!!!
you are right iraq is our (as arabs and muslims) heritage our soul and also our civilisation. baghdad is the capital of the khilafa. how can we let them bomb it!!!!

1:55 pm    January 30, 2003
Hi everyone, long time no see ;)

Iraq vs. United States of America:

We all clearly see the big injustice yet cannot make it just.
We all are very sad and troubled yet cannot make it right.
The US unfairly says Iraq is dangerous and should disarm
I say US stop fronting and let Iraqis live in no harm

Morocco?s my mind and joy Iraq is my heritage and soul.

I swear that if I could I would,
trade my soul for the world brotherhood.
I swear that if I should I will,
Waive the Iraqi flag in Beverly hill.

Arab is my pride and race, disrespected in an Iraqi face.

Let?s hope for the best.

Peace N Love


12:32 pm    January 30, 2003 This is an unrelated or foul message..

Adnane Ben. message
alaeddine, consider it done and thanks.

12:15 pm    January 30, 2003 This is an unrelated or foul message..

alaeddine message
first of all, this is out of the subject. second of all, you are some bunch of ill-manered people, if you want to advertize to your website you have to pay. and this gives us a first opinion about you and your website. third, adnan please remove those two messages. (YOU HAVE THE TOTAL RIGHT). forth, dima raioo. and let's get back to our subject

8:12 am    January 30, 2003 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Greetings everyone:
here, It s so nice to have another moroccan website, thanks the graphic designer. At least, another alternative of raioo, which becomes very controlled by it owner!! Yes si lmoudir, you are acting like the supreme executive for any discussion!!! another mekhzni hna!!!!
Allez les gas, see you in the new one!!

6:28 am    January 30, 2003 This is an unrelated or foul message..
the graphic designer
Hey watch out everybody, is gonna be up this sunday, so check it out. The best moroccan website ever made.
From morocco`s best graphic designer 2009 :)

4:16 am    January 30, 2003
Aziz, Simou and the rest of the brothers.

No offence was meant to none of you.
If some of my anger was felt through my words, that is Natural reaction in such circumstances...but, yes I should admit that I got carried away...
back to the topic .

Yes, we are weak...and so is the American public...the European public...and the rest of the world !

If one cann't make a difference between strenth and justice...then, there is no point in discussing such matters at all.

By principle, I believe that
If one cann't stop a mighty offender,
would he be a thief, a general showering civilians with missiles,
a rapist, or a least he shouldnt desperately force himself to believe that they are right.
The only way to solve a problem, is to look at it with objectivity.

The way I see it, this is not an individual war between two twisted leaders (Bush& Saddam). I wish it was !!
but between forces armed to the teeth, and poor Iraqi civilians shivering under their rooves.
And if that doesn't make you pissed, I don't know what else would...
Probably, I am sensitive when it comes to the suffering poeple. where ever the are...
I dont expect everybody to relate to others, the same way I do.
But, then again, poeple are different....



10:12 pm    January 29, 2003 This is an unrelated or foul message..
<---- etiquette ---->

Aziz and Spark,
Spark, did you have to be that offensive to Aziz in your argument ? he made an analogy that turned you off - I find analogies the hardest things to compose.. I always think twice before making one because different people could interpret it in so many different angles. But, anyways I think Spark, you could have at least requested more explaining from Aziz, maybe he didn't word the analogy right, maybe in his mind he meant something else than what you thought... just try to discuss the subject.. let's avoid what ironically you are discussing: offense and war.



9:46 pm    January 29, 2003 This is an unrelated or foul message..
I hope that you delete my second message Mr Adnane It's not related
I apologize to Mr Spark again smah lia bezzaf bezzaf I thaught that you meant me by your last message and mine was below yours too so it's just a misunderstanding
Peace Man.

9:23 pm    January 29, 2003 This is an unrelated or foul message..
:-) sorry Spark I thaught that you meant me with your message because you were talking about the message below yours and mine was. so I answered you,
I'm sorry Man I was angry :-) because magoult 3aib and I taught you were talking to me
smah lia bezzaf bezzaf
I hope that Adnane delete my second message or consider it as unrelated
Je suis desole une autre fois smah lia bezzaf bezzaf

9:13 pm    January 29, 2003
To Mr Spark
Premierement merci infiniment de votre "message" , L'enthousiasme seul ne peux pas resoudre ce genre de problem ce n'est pas un jeux dans votre quartier "Dinifri" walla "HABA" c'est la guerre Brother entre COALITION d'une part et the poor ''iraq" ?=??? seuuuuuulllllllll!! (seul underlined ) D'autre part ne revez pas que la france et l'allmand et les pays Arabs vont soucourir L'Iraq ou bien toi Mr Gentelman .think about it??
I 'm not lost but I'm just logical this is how it is and believe me We don't have nothing to do to avoid this war if they took already the decision the only thing we can do or I mean Saddam can do to write his demission and the Iraqui people elect someone to lead them by democratic elections and to save their country or it will be as I said before a sweet cake and everyone will want some .
I remember as you gave me advice before ,this is mine for you: carry a gun under your belt and go help IRAQ you could avoid WAR Man with bla bla this how we are as ARAB just Bla Bla Bla.
the arab they don't know that they are weak this is why they don't succeed and this is why we are still in the third world ?????.
Oh I remember also I'm Married this is why i don't need women in my life
and this my question to you ,In your opinion what we have to do Mr Genius ?????maybe you have the answer wisper in my ear ,I 'm listening.
Allah yahssan 3wankom al 3irakyine antoma alli 3arfin ach kayn amma hna rah ghir bla bla
thalla a khay Spark
Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace

8:58 pm    January 29, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Dear Spark
I'am not going to substanciate your reply in a personal matter.However i congratulate your boldness.
there is a big difference between a prudent and unprudent person,in my wrighting i alluded to the arab world or the muslim world in general and its unwilliness to push the danger back,instead we see a big and generous welcoming of the American rape.MR or MSS spark, if somebody tries to rape me,sure i'am going to defend my self but if you see me welcoming the offender it becomes an agreement between both of us.
about you telling me read the coran after some harsh words you wrote to me. i feel sorry to tell you i do not read the coran and that is my choice.peace

8:30 pm    January 29, 2003
Ramsfiel and Bush are looking for parteners any where, so that coalition word would sound right.
There is no coalition, all what there is in the US and England.
when he realised that he couldnt get the voice of country who have a permanent veto righ in the security consul : France, Russia, China.
he starts bragging that some east European countries support his policy. he refferes to Bulgaria. a country that is dreaming of a European membership in the futur , and there for acting as a political prostitute.
Thats what Bush's so called coalition is made of .
Where as the world counts much more countries than that.

As Europe is expending to the eat, absorbing more new countries, Ramsfiel
find that an opportunity to start playing with words as all of them do....such as the centre gravity of Europe is drifting away to the east , and that is not necessarely in France and Germany region anymore, but around Bulgaria too...

He is such a Crook, full of Sh*t !!


8:15 pm    January 29, 2003
Right on Zineb,

Bush plays the hero by crashing other nations who have hardly enough bread to eat.
Aziz, would again say...Oh, they deserve it, because they have no 'democracy' and blabla...

Why wouldnt he pick up a fight with China ?
Or Russia ? or even Korea ?
Or is he afraid that they would turn his
Chimpanzee butt into a radio_active smoke ?

Attacking defenceless poeple for no reason, that is the true definition of cowardess !

A Moroccan saying goes :Lhejjam kay t3allem lehssana fi rouss leytama.
"the barber learns how to cut the hair on the orphans heads!"

Except that this time, Bush would be cutting off heads of children, instead of shaving them.

Allah Yshayvih men denia !


8:09 pm    January 29, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Hello all
I wonder if France and Germany are real or just faking the world by there quest of peaceful solution?because it's obvious to the world that foreign policy is based on interest.whatever is there plan at least we should give credit that they are seeking peace.unlike bush who is making up some james bond storys when he says whith a low voice"imagine IF the 19 hidjakers had a nuclear..."why doesn't he pull this myth on north korea?I think hollywood had corruptted Americans can you support such BS.what if..what if..what if pigs fly.when i listen sometimes to bill oreilly talking in the radio to americans,i get to understand that millions of them still believe in batman and spiderman.don't take me the wrong way i'am not saying that we are smarter.I just couldn't understand the perception of these stories .
Another thing the secretary of defense donald Ramsfield said"france & Germany are old Europ,the center of gravity of Europ is shifting toward the east..!"if somebody could explain this to me i just can't get it.

7:49 pm    January 29, 2003

After what you wrote bellow, I am just wondering why you did end up your message with "Peace"... ??
following your raisoning, I guess if a defenceless rich and pretty woman would live next to you, you would find it normal to use her and humilate her....wouldnt you ?

the next time a psycho with more muscles than you have , rapes you in a public toilettes, dont blame him...probably it was your fault after all, because you jeans were too tight...maybe you deserve it because you refuse to carry a gun under your belt.
Isn't it natural...? He is stronger than you,
and he needs you, anybody in his position would have done the same ... (!!?)
So, it is your fault that you did let him sodomize you, and you were unable to
kick his teeth out !
I can, some how, understand the pressure and frustration you are going through... but at this point what I am more concerned about more, is you as a person, and your loss of common sense...
because it seems that you have lost all the coordinates, brother...and thats scary !

During a time of media raids, and if hypnozes type of words tend to make you confused about what it right and what is wrong... then I advice you to turn off the TV, and read the coran or what ever peaceful readingd you would be doing yourslef a serious favor !

No offence.



7:44 pm    January 29, 2003
Hillou :) ... waaar .... what eeeeeeezit good for ????!!!! Absolutely nooothing ;) .....

7:41 pm    January 29, 2003
Hillou :) ...All I have to say is... invading iraq violates both international law and common morality ... tahallaw :) ...

7:33 pm    January 29, 2003
When I saw those children of Iraq and the people how they are suffering from the sanctions(even if It's rich country they could do better) I feel so sorry and sad for that .this is why I hope that Saddam move out and let the people build their country again It's so sad to see Iraq fall down. they don't need another war they are already broken.and he really has to move out because none will forgive him about what he did to the people of kurdistan I saw pictures on TV it was terrible they are also Muslims...right...or not!!?? ,he is not Angel he is bad person this is the truth .So to avoid all this cylce of violence he has to know why because if the US decide to attack they will do it for sure and the only one who will pay all those bills is the civilians and also I don't know how Iraq will look like after the WAR , Afghanisatn or piece of sweet cake...who will control the country, Chiites , Sunnite, Kurds or someonelse...++?????
so please exile Mr Saddam if you love your country and avoid this comming ......W.. A...R.

I don't like politic bacuase it's really crazy It's a game which I don't know the rules this is why I don't watch the News alot but I like Music and movies and CARTOON.
allah ekharrej al 3akiba 3ala khir.
Peace..Peace...Peace..Peace..pieceof paper for the demission of Mr Saddam.
hna f3arek a Saddam.hna f3arek a 3askri.
We arab We need strong Economie this is the Power now. this is the first Factor makes USA powerful.
this is my own opinion and I don't know if it's perfect or not.


7:14 pm    January 29, 2003
Salam alaikoum to all, my opinion is this: Bush is going to have his war no matter what. He has no proof and has no case against Saddam. The lack of evidence in this case is what convinces most people. Bush talks about terrorism there is no link between Saddam and Al Qaida. He knows he is going to win anyway, after all what can a country like Iraq do to the almighty US? Is Saddam really the most dangerous dictator in the world? Is he really a threat? Bush is trying to sell his unjustified war by talking about democracy for the Iraqi people; did Kuwait become a democracy after the gulf war? The fact that so many innocent people will die in Iraq doesn?t seem to bother him, but then again it never did. His motives: oil and power; Bush wants to finish what his father started remember: The new worlds order he promised us? This is part of a bigger plan America wants to dominate the world militarily, economically and politically. UN is just a puppet they use to justify their actions and even if UN doesn?t agree Bush will have his war anyway, the bombs will kill with or without UN authorisation. It?s easy to play the hero when you declare war to third world countries, exterminating thousands of innocents in the name of democracy. Salam

5:58 pm    January 29, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
hello all
America is a very strong contry, and with or without a UN security council resolution they can go easily and remove Sadam. there is no court in this world that can try the president of the US. Bush is not milosovich . we are complaining about the US as a big bully.but the Repulicans are saying WE DO NOT CARE we have got the power.The language of international policy have always been about might hear bush in the state of the union saying we are going to leberate the iraqi people from sadam, Since when America falled in love with Arabs to leberate them?Mr bush is giving subsaharien Africa 15 $Million to fight AIDS(population of more than 500 million),in the other hand he is funding a 100$billion war to liberate the iraqi people!!!(population of 18 million)bush must really love the iraqi people.My last word is we shouldn't blame the US for enything,if we were America we could have done the same thing,just think with me If a man living next to a beautiful rich stupid woman that is open for him any time isn't it normal that he will take advantage of her? Can't we learn from Israel just next door,they are protected and respected by there demoratie. where is ours?peace

5:40 pm    January 29, 2003
Yes, I did listen to Bush??s speech in the congress. Truly, I??m lost in defining the nature of this war, is it for oil? Or American security? If you heard Bush??s speech, you would think that Irak is the great evil, and that we should vanish it. My confusion all the time is on to what basis can others- Americans or anyone in this globe- decide that this nation is a failed nation, and we should fight to take it off? What is a democratic country in the norms of America or the Absentee-UN? No one has the right to kill a nation, and try to cover it by democracy and peace. Peace would never come to that country if war started. I agree, that America should protect itself from any terrorist attack. We still all mourn for the Sep 11 event.
So, whether war is an economic one to conquer oil or set a new ruling system for Irak is so faulty, coz if we do so, the irakis will be oppressed under a new regime that they had no hands in deciding it or approving on it. It??s so hard to change the fate of a nation, I am against this war in any matter of way. Lately I watched a movie ??the pianist??, you could see how war is bad. It destroys that innocent side of human beings. The casualties are so great during war. Let??s pray God for peace and empathy coz we need it so bad in a world that is changing in every second of a day. We have an everlasting war inside us, a spiritual war, let??s at least deal with it. And fighting for oil or some stupid other things will bring us deep down to a self-destruction.

Peace& Empathy


2:57 pm    January 29, 2003

alaeddine message
???? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ????? ????? ??? ????? ??? ????? ?? ????? ??????? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ??? ?? ? ??? ??? ? ???? ??? ? ?????? ??? ?????? ??????? ??? ????? ???????

2:35 pm    January 29, 2003
keferha sdam et ga3 el 3irakiine f UsA zemret 3lihoum

2:10 pm    January 29, 2003
rabbana innana magh'loubouna fan'tassir

inna ba3da al 3oussri youssra


1:07 pm    January 29, 2003

alaeddine message
all the evidences show that the us is going there for a main reason that is oil plus some other smaller reasons that are to show who to everybody who controls the world. and to protect its dear little son ISRAEL. for sure now the war is inevitable but let's pray for the inocent people who are now cut in the middle of this very dangerous situation.

11:39 am    January 29, 2003
Daba sma3tkoum:)

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