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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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The Sahara: Moroccan Or Sovereign
12:00:00 AM Monday Apr 14, 2003

Photo sources from left to right:, Royaume du Maroc - Direction de la Statistique

The conflict over Sahara has been going on for years now between Morocco and Polisario. Morocco annexed the territory after the Spanish left it, and started a process of administering the region. Morocco says that Sahara is its legal territory based on Saharan tribes' allegiance to the kingdom before Spain declared it a protectorate. The Sahara people, represented then by still-existing Polisario, resisted and asked for their sovereignity. The UN proposed a referendum in 1991. The referendum got postponed several times because of disagreements from both Morocco and Plisario about who should vote.

It doesn't look like anyone is willing to compromise.

What are the stakes anyways ?

Is this conflict going to remain open-ended forever ?

Should Morocco pull back from Sahara ?

Should Sahara people join Morocco and contribute to its unity, stability and prosperity ?

What do you know about this conflict ?and how would you propose to solve it ?

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11:37 am    March 10, 2011

mostafa message
Why are you all getting in troubles about the Sahara?
El SAHARA lma3'rebeya walla moritaneyaa
ana araya7kom
heya Masriya
أظن الحل ده يرضي جميع الأطراف

12:08 pm    January 12, 2006
htta ouahid fikoum ma aak. Does the palestiniens Considere themselves israelies? So the question is does the sahraoui ppl in their hearts Consider themselves morroCCans? aren't they talking about the oCCupied territories in the UN about palestine.... Well, the western sahara issue is no differenCe....israel also made its own "green marCh" in 1948 to palestine!!! samhouli oualakine if anyone believes that the western sahara has been historiCaly moroCCan , then i will Certainely have to say that palestine has been historiCaly jewish!! Now shut the F...Ck up!!!

12:08 pm    January 12, 2006
htta ouahid fikoum ma aak. Does the palestiniens Considere themselves israelies? So the question is does the sahraoui ppl in their hearts Consider themselves morroCCans? aren't they talking about the oCCupied territories in the UN about palestine.... Well, the western sahara issue is no differenCe....israel also made its own "green marCh" in 1948 to palestine!!! samhouli oualakine if anyone believes that the western sahara has been historiCaly moroCCan , then i will Certainely have to say that palestine has been historiCaly jewish!! Now shut the F...Ck up!!!

1:50 pm    May 24, 2004
\\\"Appel ? tous les marocains et toutes les marocaines pour participer
massivement ? un sondage organis? par africatime sur le sahara marocain.
Jusqu\\\'a maintenant, les alg?riens et leur bande de mercenaires ont
particip? plus que nous. Le Maroc compte sur la participation de ses fils
et filles pour renverser la tendance et montrer au monde entier que le
maroc est indivisible malgr? la mobilisation des alg?riens sur internet.
merci pour votre participation.

voici le lien:

Attention : important pour le Sahara , votez : juste une r?gion marocaine
comme une autre ...\\\"

8:44 am    May 28, 2003
Oill !! hmmmmmm ok then the sahara is ours :D moroccan sahara.
i see so tha green march was for the sahara !!! damn i need to learn more about moroccan history..
btw raioo guyz we need a section for moroccan history if possible to know and learn more about our moroccan history culture and heritage.
thank you and Jah Bless.

11:09 pm    May 27, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Western Sahara remains an occupied territory by Morocco. You don't solve the problem in your head only, because you have been inculcated slogans since you were young: Sahra Maghribia + The green march + the nass ghiwane song. I must also say that no matter what your analysis is, a Moroccan will always be subjective about the Sahra, always that voice in the back of their head that whispers: Sahra Maghribia.. I wish people can think for themselves. Reality is oil and gas companies who were contracted by Morocco to search for possible exploitation of oil and gas are starting to pack and leave, because of internation pressure, because of the seriouseness of the conflict.Read this article

9:46 pm    May 23, 2003
jus like jamaicans say .. one love one unity so y dont they unite wit eachother
i dont know much about the conflict goin between morocco and tha sahara so all i can say is unite and think of a solution a reasonable one that makes both sides happy.
Oujdi 4 Life...

2:32 am    May 23, 2003
Oua shoufou ya nass, a sa7ra maghribia, ou lmalik malikouna.
Li bgha idi linna a sa7ra dyaltna i goulha. Ouallah ma yadihha.

5:11 pm    May 21, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Desert by itself is not viable. A country that can leverage its resources and services to assist the Sahara people in their projects is a wiser alternative. Morocco can do that. The good intention already established by our Moroccan government can be stronger if they successfully show to these people that this alternative is in their best interest. It is clear to me that it is in their best interest. If they are smart, they would take advantage of Moroccao's services and resources to develop projects. Otherwise, what kind of a deserted country will that be, starting everything from scratch.. who's going to help them ?

As far as I am concerned, and I still want to learn more about it, Morocco offers viability of the Sahara people and the Sahara that serves the interests of both parties. Besides, Morocco is the most suitable alternative for the Sahara people given the instability or the limitations of the other countries bordering them.

That is how I prefer to draw my opinions about Sahara, not by simply taking for granted the slogan we all grew up with of Sahra Mahribia. That is the reward, how you get there is the bulk. That is what this discussion is all about, are Sahara people better off with Morocco or without ? owning a land where people hold grudge on you is a dangerous thing. Owning a land with people buying into your words is a much safer and promising place.


12:49 pm    May 21, 2003
So when a non Moroccan website atribute the Sahara to Morocco why should we claim it is not part of Morocco! Here is the website:
Thanks khayyi baba.

12:43 pm    May 21, 2003

6:22 am    April 17, 2003
Salam alykum

As it was said before, exchanging insults is NOT what will make Morocco a better place, let's put our differences aside, and like I said before to the person who calls himself freedom, I think we are not discussing our satisfaction with the monarche of Morocco, today, we're raising a higher prority issue which is the integrity of our homeland, once we'll get it together inshaLLAH, we can discuss the political part of it, and as a law graduate who studied and analyzed the Moroccan constitution, believe me, I have a great deal to say in regards to this!!
The separatist group Polisario are moroccan sahrawis, we can't just eliminate them, they're our blood, we should serve as a good example and show them that we really are a part of one united family ... violence is not the answer ... they probably want to have their say in the way the country is being led, they probably don't agree with a lot of things, just like most of us do, but they alternative they're suggesting doesn't seem to be the right solution, dividing the country is not what will make things better.
Let's set aside out disagreement with the leaders, and talk about the integrity of one united Morocco from Tangiers to Lagwira, then we can sit down and discuss who should be in charge.



5:52 am    April 17, 2003

where you are...if you are trully free, I rather die ! (:P


4:47 am    April 17, 2003
to friedn, terejem a jemmi:)

4:16 am    April 17, 2003
hallo, ich denke dass, die sahara uns geh?rt (marokko) . ich hoffe dass auch kein krieg mehr gibt zwischen uns nord und sud , lasst uns in frieden und sicherheit leben , und marokko weiter entwiklen , und viel erfolg bye

4:13 am    April 17, 2003
my point is simple and easy. sahara is moroccan, and to no one but moroccan. the only problem we have is that morocco in reality isn't for moroccans but for the elite of morocco; like the "shakhss almokaddass lladi la tontahako 7ormatoh" im not saying that the king is a bad guy but the constitution is. and apparentely M6 likes the "fassl" i just i hope u got y we need a free morocco?
Live Free Or Die

12:47 am    April 17, 2003
You guys are critisizing the authocratic regims but you don't hesitate to encourage acts such as eliminating a whole population, or bunch of people and then u talk about a democratic morroco?
And this is only a discussion in a web site! what would happen if you led the country: anyone who does'nt agree with you deserves to DYE???
Let us be more civilized as adnane said and discuss with arguments not insults.

11:30 pm    April 16, 2003
my only advice to u to free the sahara and morocco is : jahidooo anfossakom wa jaaaaahido toghat albilaaad.



10:19 pm    April 16, 2003
i think it s our fault that we still fighting over that piece of land with those monkeys we should have elminated them when we had the chance to do it legaly!!!!

9:49 pm    April 16, 2003
~Salam Aalikoum~

I do personaly see Polisario as a bunch of outlaws. Q- Where are these rats from anyways? A- From nowhere. but we should know that Algeria and Spain have no good intentions about all this mess going on...I just wanna refresh some memories here; remember how The Green March got the Spanish invasion ended? So let's not forget that Spain is not like France! Spain is the neighbor that I never wished to have for my country. You can see 24/7 their make-ups and propaganda on their TV's. You can see how falsely they act; picture it just like a patient satan when intercepting our tomatoes and alikes shipments heading to the European market (their market). Doing their utmost to make sure Morocco crumbles before they do [ make sure Morocco loses Sahara the way they lost it before ] I don't see this as an occupation at all. If it was so the whole western world won't be shy about it and sways to denounce it. This one is a Moroccan one and Sahara is not a prey for any barking dogs! The unity of our homeland is still within our hands...and the future will bring our hopes inchaa Allah.


9:13 pm    April 16, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
For the authors of posts that dealt with the change of the royal regime in Morocco, you can probably see that it is outside the scope of this discussion UNLESS you can creatively show us how you link the two :)

The discussion about the need to change or to sustain or reform the regime of Morocco will be considered in the near future.


9:12 pm    April 16, 2003
Morocco needs jihaad. by this i mean in the personal level, in the family as well as a society. "tilmiid mojtahid" is a mojahid. now we need a jihaad to free our country from the terror of fear and corruption and torture. morocco was liberated from france with the help of mojahedeen. today we have many "karakiize and plastic made men" that govern our country. wake up u all guys and trust urself that u can change and live in a FREE DEMOCRATIC MOROCOO.



8:55 pm    April 16, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

The way I understand it: Spain gave sahrawis many promises that they would have sovereignity over the western sahara on Spain's leave. Spain didn't fulfill the promise after it left, and Polisario (a resistance movement) determined to fight Morocco and Mauritania for the land. Morocco and Mauritania annexed the area which was granted self-determination. That is why I think the world calls that area now: occupied.

When I go back reading to the end of the 19th century I see that Morocco had an urban part, clearly governed by the makhzen (the palace and coterie), and rural (all tribes) which the makhzen strived to govern. Most tribes of Morocco from the north to the tafilalt in the south acknowledge the sultan of Morocco, but they never wanted to be in control by the makhzen. the tribes of Morocco always were independent and self-governing. They often led their own independent resistance pockets against France and Spain protecting their own land and communities. This is called Patriotism. Now for those who seem to me that they carelessly use the words Patriotism and Nationalism interchangebly, I invite to consider making the distinction. Nationalism is about protecting and serving your nation as a whole. Patriostism is about protecting your land and serving your land without necessarily having a nation in mind or being committed to a nation. I believe for the most part Southern tribes were patriotic but not necessarily nationalist. I think this gives us hints about how tribal idealogy in Morocco was. I believe this ideaology, which makes the tribes strive to be in control of their own destiny and not let the makhzen collect taxes from them or control their juridiction and hierarchy, encouraged the resistance pockets in the south to fight against Morocco after Spain left, especially that they saw Morocco's expansion over the sahara as an offensive to their independence dreams painted by Spnish empty promises.

Anyways, I'll catch up with you folks more later. I'd love to learn more about this conflict. Let's not point fingers at each other here and accuse each other of being trators and all that non-sense. It is not helping this discussion a bit.

I know that at this point in time, Polisario is very weak, and Morocco has administered the sahara, that many sahrawis left the sahara to the north after they realized there is no point anymore in fighting for a dry and deserted land. Surely we could discuss more important aspects about Morocco, and we will, but the sahara issue is still pending, and just as we ask everyday why can't their be understanding and peace in the middle east, in iraq, in Kashmir, .. we need to be fair and look at our country and see what can we do to be fair and just.

I started this discussion, and I knew it is provoquing, for hopes to trigger a nice intellectual exchange, for people of opposite opinions to avoid rubbish words, and instead to inform each other, to ask each other questions, to answer each other with politeness and order. When you realize that someone is ignorant about something, guide him through your knowledge, or give him sources to read if you really want to make a positive change in people, which ultimately grows to be the change we all want in Morocco's peoples.

8:39 pm    April 16, 2003
I completly agree with u El-Ameera and Alae.
No comment!!

7:53 pm    April 16, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Hello all,
I checked the UN website for some information with regard to "assahra", first I found that the resolution 379 urged Morocco not to integrate "assahra" and to immediately stop the green march, king hassan acted in defiance of the UN.Then comes resolution 380 6 November 1975. Calls upon Morocco to immediately withdraw from the territory of Western Sahara all the participants in the march. Knowing that Morocco isn't a major power,who gave the king the green light to defy?
I strongly believe that the Sahara provinces belong to Morocco,however 28 years of struggle have inflcted a lot of damage to the country,the amount of money spent in that area deteriorated our economy,millions of Moroccans are left without jobs.Is it worth ted to keep the fight?after the problem is resolved, how is the situation going to be in lblad? would we beneficiate from a deserted land?
On the other hand, why don't the world in general and particularly the Arabs keep the FLN of Algeria from destroying our region, after all the polisario won't survive without there support.Our Maghreb would've gotten much better economically and socially without this conflict.
Nobody can predict the aftermath of this struggle,yet we surely understand the negative impact inflicted throughout the past three decades.Our beloved desert left the whole region behind including Tunisia an Lybia.

5:22 pm    April 16, 2003
to the one who called me dummy.well, if the one who defends ure rights to let u be free in ure own home is a dummy, then i love to be so. can u dare "alebatal dial lemika" criticize the speech of the king. isnt the king "shakhss mo9addass" in the constitution (a3oudo billah). ure ruled, by u dont even know ure rights. the day in whcih u realized how much u are stolen and how much pain is sowed in ure mind ull say : ohhh id better love in a free country.

1:37 pm    April 16, 2003
I don't think calling each other names is what Morocco expects from us as its children ... let's learn how to clear any misunderstanding there is without having to be one another's enemy ...
The map Adnane posted is indeed the most known to the rest of the word, but what kind of Moroccan blood runs in our vains if we don't show the whole world how WRONG they are? Sahara is a part of us, and I refuse to let go of it, if the sahrawis have a problem with the way leblad is being led, well why don't they move their lazy tales and get to the parliment, or to the government and try to have their say? I was no big fan of HAssan2 neither but I won't ask for the independent republic of Moulay Driss!!! that's just out of line.
The Polisario just released 100 POWs and they still got 1000!!! under bitter conditions, those people have been held since late 70s, they go around violating human rights up and down and nobody talks to them 7a99a msaken huma they're an oppressed minority! ewa LLayen3al elly maye7shem ...
As a proud Moroccan (El hamduliLLAH) I hold the authenticity of the Atlas mountains, the pride of the riff mountains, the fertility and the productivity of the Moroccan valleys and the infinity of the Moroccan Sahara, and whomever is having a problem is question his own identity which I refuse to do.



12:00 pm    April 16, 2003
Sahraoui horr
thanks Mr. Moroccan blood and soul.You just made feel better .Am proud to now that there are still some people who care for their country and stand up for it.God bless all Morocco and forgive those dummies who don't know what they talk about.

11:56 am    April 16, 2003

7:17 am    April 16, 2003

alaeddine message
freedom & co.
i feel sorry for you guys. you have been brainwashed by the name nice slogants of democracy.

7:04 am    April 16, 2003
Sahrawis have a distinguished accent, they have their own customes and traditions ... so do shlu7, and so do jbala, and so do wjada ... ghir khassna nfahmu billy it's all a part of the same country, we are simply different regions and we should be proud of every single one of them ... and whomever is having a hard time understanding this, should restore his patriotism and set his priorities straight barkana men dak l empty liberalism ... we still have several territories to free from the infidels and the separatists (Sahara, the Canary Islands, Sebta, Mellilia and gibraltar) and when we're done, we can all sit together and decide how to lead the country, whether we should stick with a monarchy or call it a republic or a union or whatever works best for the Moroccan people amma daba freeing our territories is the highest priority right now



7:03 am    April 16, 2003
I don't know why you guys are mixing up some of he notions that can't be mixed up ... the integrity of my homeland is one thing, and me not being happy with the political system is another ... I do not agree to the way leblad is being lead, there are some radical changes that should take place to make my beloved homeland a better place ... I agree, walakine giving up the Sahara tp the polisario is NOT one of these changes .... members of my family participated to the green march, members of my family are sahrawis and live all across the Moroccan sahara, I love them and I do not see myself using my passport to go visit them ... I REFUSE to do so. The separatist group Polisario are just like the kabyles in Algeria and our own riyafa who claim that the arabs invaded their country 14 hundred years ago!! ash had tkherbiq.
Spain is the only benificiary from this conflict, kult'ha o tan3awedha, otherwise could you please tell me why the polisario has such a spanish sounding name? and why is it that most of their online documents are in spanish? and why is it that they reffer to wad addahab as Rio del Or? or why is it that they called for Spain to help when Hassan2 organized the green march? and mostly, how does is make sense that they are granted asylum in Tindouf ... in a country that suffers from street war and severe economic and political crisis and mostly a country where its own citizens don't feel safe and seek asylum in other countries!!!

.... to be continued


7:03 am    April 16, 2003
How many of these "Polasio" are there out there anyways ?
according to the screwed up "UN" ,they are around 120-160. 0000 poeple.

Sharing Morocco in half with 120T. poeple is a bit too much don't you think ?

the UN itself needs a referundum for it's own existance, because it is run by nobody but few gangsters...


3:14 am    April 16, 2003
to IM EVRYBODY. le3amalo binnayate, means to have niya for 100 years!!! it is time for change, and bear in mind that the arab world including morocco is occupied by the dictators and if u dont move and speak up, there will always be saddam like in morocco that will kill and murder any voice of truth. FREE MOROCCO FROM INJSUTICE, LET US ALL HAVE A DEMOCRATIC AND FREE MOROCCO.
thanks to all those who love freedom

11:33 pm    April 15, 2003
to those who say live free or die i want to STOP BULLSHITING. Why don't you go back and die for that frredom you want ? i think you guys just don't have the guts to fight for change and FREEDOM. You just like to bullshit .People who care about change and seek change stay home and try to make that change .They use all the legal ways to achieve that goal and if they fail they would say 'at least we tried'.INAMA LAAMALO BI NIYAT.

11:22 pm    April 15, 2003
Sahraoui horr
First of all i would like to condemn Mr. almoudir's voive or whoever wrote that damn introduction .I just feel angry at the unpatriotic and unacceptable word i read in those lines such as "flooded moroccans to settle there" or 'the sahara people resisted". You are damn ignorant and you know "shit about what you are talking about.Sahara is an integral part of the KINGDOM and its people have been proud to be part of the great Morocco .Polisario is just an illusion and a poisonous worm that Algeria and other imperial powers tried to smuggle into our country .T his is not a matter that should be put to discussion the way you wanted it .People like you who get their knowledge and information from sources that work hard to break our intgrity and hurt our unity are a stigma and a shame .You are just ..................

9:04 pm    April 15, 2003

La carte de haut est la carte la plus repandue au monde, et c'est la carte a la table de l'ONU. C'est comme ca que le monde voit le sahara, excepte le Maroc bien sur, pour des raisons.. a discutter ;)

Si la carte la plus repandue au monde montre que le sahara est une partie du Maroc je l'aurais mis, et en ce cas, ca sert a quoi de discutter ? serait ou le probleme ?

La carte en haut est surement provoquante. Est ce l'ideale ? c'est a vous de donner votre avis. Qu'est ce un idealiste en tous cas ? Dans la derniere newsletter de Leniouz (par Nabil Andaloussi) la pensee de la semaine dit:

? Un id?aliste est quelqu?un qui, remarquant qu?une rose sent meilleur qu?un chou, conclut qu?elle ferait une meilleure soupe ? (Mencken)


8:50 pm    April 15, 2003
A Senmout. Ce ke tu dit est nonsens!! look at how many morocans are dead in the mediteranea sea every day. pple flee morocco and u say they will come to enjoy its freedom!!!! the only solution is to move and act to change. freedom will not be given u have to take it.

8:38 pm    April 15, 2003
je voudrais d'abord signaler une chose, c'est que la carte que vous avez mis Monsieur al moudir prend partie des s?paratistes et des espagnols et alg?riens qui les supportent ... moi ? votre place je mettrai la carte du Maroc tout court sans le subdiviser, pour au moins respecter la norme, il y a des marocains et de l'administration marocaine dans le sud .. ceci dit, je reste optimiste quand ? trouver une solution honorable tout en respectant l'unit? territorial du Maroc, et pour donner juste un petit indice: les grosses t?tes du polisario ont rejoint le Maroc, et le flux n'arr?te toujours pas, et je suis sur que si on ouvre les fronti?res, tous les sahraouis d?tenus ? Tindouf feront de m?me.. ni la conjoncture ?conomique, ni le climat politique permetteront la cr?ation d'un nouvel ?tat au sud "et qui sera tr?s probablement anex? par l'Alg?rie t?t ou tard".
nous sommes tous musulmans que nous soyons arabes, berb?res ou sahraouis, et c'est ce qui compte le plus.

8:24 pm    April 15, 2003
live free or die! kolchi tayecheki, o tawahed matayedir chi haja. 7ena bakine mess3emerine felemeghrib, men tanja taleguewira. fiko, nodo, te7ereko, tenedemo, hedero, 7etejjo, matebekaweche ghire tatakelo otene3esso otegolo ma3edena man diro.

6:50 pm    April 15, 2003
I like to be polite calling ppl like si, lalla, but I do not accept to use it because they r official, written intheir AN ID.. JILALI, JIL OR ALLI doesn t mind, for me but using it for top class_cream, middle class- suffering, or class Al Masshouka where I BELONG

5:59 pm    April 15, 2003
A si Jillali
Arrettes de te faire des complexes par les Moulay, lallah..., d'ailleurs je viens de t'appeller SI jillali, est ce que je dois le retirer et t'appeller que jillali pour ne pas me donner des sentiments d'inferiorites!?

5:56 pm    April 15, 2003
Merci a Arabi^7ta^Nmout, car je me demamdais comment j'allais reagir a certains messages. Mais comment des marocains peuvent agir et dire des conneries sur leur pays et leur identite, car la monarchie fait partie de notre identite et de notre histoire, je le dis sans complexe. En plus il n'y a pas de pays ni un systeme parfait.
Personnellement j'ai vecu en Europe en actuellement en USA, et je peux vous dire qu'on n'a de lecons a prendre de PERSONNE, Et si certains ont vecu de mauvaises experiences au Maroc dans le passe, ce n'est pas a cause de tel ou tel (la monarchie), mais a cause de NOUS marocains ou au moins de certains d'entre nous (qui sont pour la plupart du PEUPLE). Je ne peux imaginer l'etat de notre pays si un des nombreux coup-d'Etats avait reussi, notre situation serait pire que celle de l'Irak.

5:46 pm    April 15, 2003

I know you agree that the past is past, as Nass l ghiwane said long time ago, but still, we should learn from the past to build the future.

these ''Tassami still exist" and moroccans r scared off.

I remember when I was kid, these name makes me afraid and compared them to Almakhzan:lbouliss, jadarmia, la bourgoisie, etc.. fuck these names, we r oulad lyoum.

we should rectify this names heritage man.

maydoyum ghir Allah.



5:36 pm    April 15, 2003
A khouya makayen moushkil. The reason you made me laugh is because of the expressions you used.
"khallina min al madi dial dak chi assahbi.." and "Allh e qwan al awnates"
I haven't heard them for a while,
hhehe hope you get my point.

Peace N Love


5:29 pm    April 15, 2003
assi arabi, ana chalh by the way, but I have no offence against you personally I read your msgs and like them , I only want to say that these freaking names : mly, lalla, sidi. just reading them makes me feel sick.

but I AM SO HAPPY i MADE YOU LAUGH.. Next time I'll escape your feed back akhouya.



5:22 pm    April 15, 2003
Jilali, hehehe, Ismoun 3ala moussama ;)

The thing is, if you read carefully, I never said the word "moulay". I simply quoted someone's else information to you to read. I even gave you the website to verify that information.

So I guess after all you make ME sick because you can't even read :)

Thnks thouhg you made me laugh :)

Peace N Love

PS: keep in subject.


5:14 pm    April 15, 2003

ASAHBI FAKKAR CHWIA.. I freel so uspest reading your feedback especially when you write(I.e) mouly abdelaziz or mly bouazza), moulak is ALLAH SOBHANAH, at least write moulah X or Y we r not abid _slave of any body we r oulad 9 month man..

khallina min al madi dial dak chi assahbi..

you make me sick man

Allh e qwan al awnates


4:40 pm    April 15, 2003
Before you generate any opinion about the sovereignty of Morocco over ?Western Sahara? let us list certain facts for now:

Morocco is mixture of many ethnic groups that live in harmony under one religion, one national anthem and flag. Hum! I wonder if every and each of these ethnic groups decides to make its own little country. Wouldn?t we then just go all the way back to Morocco prior to Arab occupation? Every Moroccan should have no doubt about the ?Western Sahara? being an indisputable part of the Moroccan territory. Here are some important dates that mark the history of Morocco and may refresh your memory:

?1894-1908: Reign of Moulay Abdelaziz. During this period, the Moroccan Sahara was shared out, under a secret treaty, between France and Spain (1904); the Algesiras Act was signed in 1906 and Casablanca was attacked by the French in 1907.
1912: The Protectorate Treaty dividing Morocco into French, Spanish and international zones of influence was signed on March 30,1912 by the Sultan Moulay Abdelhafid.
1912-1927: War of The Rif with Abdelkrim Al Khattabi, under the Reign of Moulay Youssef during which the Moroccan people strongly opposed French and Spanish occupation.


4:39 pm    April 15, 2003
April 7, 1956: Signing an agreements with Spain, putting the end of the Spanish protectorate over the Moroccan Northern provinces.
1958: Recovery of the Province of Tarfaya (under Spanish rule).
Nov 6, 1975: The Green March : 350,000 volunteers crossed the artificial borders between the mother land and the Sahara.
Nov 14, 1975: Signing of the Madrid Accords whereby Morocco restored its sovereignty over the Sahara.?

Now some people that didn?t do enough homework concerning this subject should be careful of they speak. The reason is simply because there?re thousands of Moroccans some lost their lives and some are still captured in Tindouf under horrible conditions to protect our land from other nations? greed masked under the noble act of liberation. Not only that but also Morocco suffered so much economically to provide for this war; so if you are a Moroccan, you should think twice about the sensitivity of the subject that you are about to touch. Otherwise, you need to be extremely concise and clear when you present an argument pertaining to this matter.

Wel waad waaaaadi ya sidi wel waaad waaaaaadi ?..

Peace N Love

PS: laverite, I think you have been brainwashed by the nice U.S. democracy slogans. You should take a step back and thank god for being a Moroccan, and remember that no one possesses magical powers to change a country in days. BE REAL!


2:59 pm    April 15, 2003
check this out.. very intersting


2:57 pm    April 15, 2003
ce n'est pas seulement le sahara occidental qui est occupe chers ami, mais c bel et bien tt le maroc. par qui vous direz? eh ben par sidi mohamed, moulay rachid lala meriem , sidi 3ebessla wa terrikthom. just like saddam did in iraq, et mobarak en egypt et kedafi en lybie. nous somme occupe par welad lebelad, ki ne font ke senrichir par kheyerate lebelad, wilama3jbo 7al ichereb melebe7r.

2:13 pm    April 15, 2003
I do beleive the guy, he is an old guy former teacher fi labled, and survived the worst events al maghreb had.

Beside that, I always have respect for others opinions nd never insulted them for not charing mines. Allah frak riouss bach dir li bghat. An other _matal: koun al magan mkadda koun ta bnadem mkadd.

yallah beslama


1:39 pm    April 15, 2003

alaeddine message
jilali, do you seriously belive what this guy told you?
whith all due respect, i think that's the stupidest theory i've ever heard about this conflict.
wallaho a3lam

1:13 pm    April 15, 2003
just few days ago I had a conversation with one guy {mdallaa fi assiyassa} told me that the sahara al gharbia was created just to keep moroccan ppl from critisizing the king especially after the coups of 1971 & 73 and before 65.

the king made up this conflict to unite the population and makes it
busy to avoid other nkilabates in the future..I think it's right but Allah o alam.


11:49 am    April 15, 2003
Ceci est une reponse au message intittule VERITE, de quelle verite tu parles pauvre naif, d'abord tous ceux qui dirige le Plisario sont des marocains du nord et non des Sahraouis!!! et toute cette affaire du Sahara n'est qu'une affaire de politique, et ni le Polisario ni l'Algerie ni l'Espagne ne cherche le bien etre des Sahraouis mais uniquement leur interet propre, reveillez vous cher ami et pour l'amour de Dieu ne soyez plus naif comme tu sembles l'etre. Et remerciez Dieu que les Sahraouis vivent au sein du Maroc et beneficient de la paix, la stabilite, le bien etre et la serenite que beaucoup d'autres peuples dans le Monde n'ont pas.

11:45 am    April 15, 2003
salam khalid???!!!
erstmal,bin ich total einverstanden mit dir,aber das ist unfair auf Deutsch zu reden wenn du im vorraus weisst dass die meisten kein deutsch verstehen,also bitte musst du deine rede ?bersetzen,und immer ohne schimpfw?rter&cool einsetzen.
sorry les gas,mais je crois que si qlq a qlc a dire sur notre sahara,il doit tout d'abord se justifier et de lire bien et attentivement l'histoire de la region,et de ne jamais tomber dans le piege des grandes puissances et oublier le role de l'ancienne dite guerre foide dans ce conflit camoufle comme est le cas dans plusieurs regions du monde(coree, yemen,vietnam,alemagne.....) ,(pour moi il s'agit de probleme d'imposition d'un tel regime ou d'autre,et c'est comme ca qu'est devenus le maroc en meme temps victime et coupable dans ce probleme),
merci a +
aziz , N?rnberg

11:38 am    April 15, 2003
Al Idrissi
As a radio (DX) buf I used to listen to broadcasts from all over. If there was such a thing as the Polisario, I would have heard about it on the most listened to radio stations in that part of the world. Overnight, as Franco lay dying and Spain was entering the EU, it had to get rid (same with Portugal) of its African/Arab/Berber territories. The European Union did not want to have "Darkies" as its citizens. What should Spain do? Create the Polisario and ask Algeria to help (The Algerian Generals never came to terms with the Guerre des Sables in 1963 and they stil bear much grudge to the Moroccan ruling class). For Spain, the useless waste of the Sahara which it amputated from the Cherifian Empire and occupied in the mid 19th century, it was its wealth in not only minerals, but FISH. Those who follow the latest altercations between the two countries will understand that Spain wanted to have a free country where it would be master and at the head of which it would put some "Beni Oui Oui's" The Algerian(Marxist) nomenklatura was pursuing regional leadership in addition to pursuing Colonial France's blue print of having an opening on the Atlantic and thus squeezing Morocco economically etc. One of the important things to bear in mind is that the colonial movements coming from the North and Now from the West (US) have always followed the practice of "Divide and Conquer." Isn't the Iraq case with Kuwait a very good example? If Kuwait and other small statelets (Taifas) have enough oil to sustain some population, what does the Western Sahara offer in terms of products that can be used to bring in some economic stability to the area if it was a state? Fish? Sahraoui's have always scorned fish eaters and so do many Morocan Berbers to this day. Let's take the example of Mauritania standing by itself, neither African nor Moor but only a voice in the UN (that is if the UN still matters) and is used now as a gate to the maghreb by Israel. Even the territory where the Polisario is holding its people is/was part of the Cherifian Empire and, if you read the recent history of the French in North Africa, you'll find that the French in many occasions and in writing have assured the Moroccan Sultan that those regions (Tindouf, Touat etc...) would be returned to Morocco after independance, which they never did and which is what is poisoning relations between Morocco and Algeria. Who is the loser in all of this? The Algerian and the Moroccan people as well as those in Tindouf. There is only one thing I agree with Lybia's Kaddafi with is that the North African and the rest of the Arab World should seek unity instead of disunity. Creating a state just for the sake of having a flag is moot in this day and age. We should listen with suspicion to those who "eat with the wolf and weep with the shepard" as goes the saying in Morocco. The "Taifa Kingdoms" were Al Andalus' death and now we are seeing that any country can come and invade another simply because its president wants a vendetta for his father's honor. Next we will see a small country invaded because someone (always from the powerful West) doesn't like the way its people "dress." The Arab/African world does not need further divisions where Western sepents whisper in their ears (words they often like) that their tribe or ethnicity is more noble than that of the next tribe. Remember the "Dahir Berber?" Wouldn't those countries have more clout if they were united instead of creating yet another small entity in their midst? What would Morocco look like, or Algeria Look like if people from Annaba or Fes needed a passport to go to Algiers or Rabat? European are working hard to unite, and are suppressing their minorities in the process (Ireland, Basques etc) yet, we are listening to their cries for our supposed "minorities" rights to self-determination!

10:09 am    April 15, 2003
la salam

das ist der letzte mal du pener dass du marokko so teilst also nimm diese scheiss bild weg und zwar pl?tzlich Pener


8:23 am    April 15, 2003
Hillou :)

Assa7ra sa7ra ouna ....oul malik malikouna ...


6:37 am    April 15, 2003
Ana elly mbarzatny, huwa kifash l polisario is claiming territories from Morocco and Mauritania and NOT FROM ALGERIA knowing that more than 2/3 this country are plain desert sahara!!!! and how come the so called Polisario have all been granted asylum in Algeria? ana ila aandy mushkila in my homeland and am affraid for my life and that of my family, I would seek asylum in a safe country, meshi in a coutry where 25000 have been killed by terrorists in the past decade ...
Wash does it make any sense to you guys wella lala? the Sahara tribes have been judged as having links to Morocco, ghir Morocco needs to present more evidence about those links, and so do the polisario, if the evidence was so overwhelming like some claim, the ICJ would have rulled to one party or another.
3ad tanjiw l me as Moroccan, my paents thought me that "Mudafi3an 3an wa7daty watany mina al bughaz ila sa7ra" it was the qasam al masirah that I believe in and am very proud of.
O felekher I will say that my mom's side of the family are from the Sahara, some of them live in Laayun, some in Bujdur, and guelmim etc, and I have dealt with them, visited them, interacted with them, and they are proud of being Moroccan sahrawis, just like the Moroccan tanjawis and the Moroccan swasa and the Moroccan marakshis and the Moroccan Fasis ... we are just being a victim of the "farriq Tasud" political strategy, as Spain would be the only beneficiary from this conflict.



1:38 am    April 15, 2003

rabiek message
salam hna .
ronc , mata9rach tarikh dyal l maghreb :) rah bnadem (lmaghreb) kan m7alwech 3la la mauritanie w tarf men nijer w l algerie ) apres l maghreb mab9ach 9ader bach ydiriji fik l manati9 ... en tt cas dyalna daba sa7ra wella machi dyalna ach man manfa3a ghadi tjina ( Phostphates ?(uranium = kandirou bihoum chi 7aja ? ) l 7out rah bnadem wella 7out daba khass ta7di m3ah ... 3lach mannawdouch lkhwad f sabta w mlilia ??? almouhim yradou lina les impots dyawlna li kankhalssou hadi sinin ...
a laverit? : a dreayef difini toi malek khayef w dik toutta li sexy rah deja khditi dnoub mnin raditiha Sexy :-)

kan hna


12:46 am    April 15, 2003

back in time rah u ll see that hadik la partie lli fiha lkhwad daba n a jamais ete une parti du maroc
c t a part of mauritania mais morotania m3a sda3 dial lmaghrib left that part so lmaghrib bgha yghm9 3liha ou hbbt l3askar ou darlihoum zn ta9 haz tla9
jat dzayer 9altlihoum kifach had l9walb malna chmayet ( bghaw yfthou bab 3la l oceon ) ou dak sa3at lpolezareo lli houma mo3damhom mn dzayer ou mauritania b9a fihom lhal 3la ardhom ou nwdo sda3 wakha had chi rah dakhl fih sbania ou franca ou dzayer ou l3alam kollo
rah had l3alam rah ghal9walb

11:44 pm    April 14, 2003
as i always said before and keep sayoing it. the western sahara has been a moroccan terretory, is a morrocan territory and will remaina moroccan territory. I am so tired of people trying to divide countries in a time where other nation are trying to unify. this is the way it goes all over the world. union makes power its in the benefit of other countries which i will note name that the moroccan sahara gets seperated from the main land. We all know, we all agree, and we all admit that for years if not centries ago the moroccan sahara was part of the great maghreb. this remind meof whats going on in iraq every one wants to divide iraq to more than one country, the kurds in the north the muslims sunits in the center and the muslim shiit in the south please everyone help give to morocco what has always belong to it. And to thoe that want to divide us may God forgive you.

10:22 pm    April 14, 2003
le sahara est pour le polisario, car c pas les marocain ki en profitent mais la famille royal. si les sahrawi sont maocain, il vaut mieux kils aient leur propre etat ki pourait doner lexample de democracy au marocain ki sont tjrs colobise depuis le debut de siecle dernier.
(pour adnane) la femme en haut est sexy et tu pourait prendre des dnoubs pour ca, ma suggestion, met ton dessein creatif c plus acceptable)
merci tt le monde


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Another attempt at writing. Will this language ever feel natural?
North Africa Journal
Moroccan Tattoos
From Los Angeles to Casablanca!
Amina Alaoui Lyrics
Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi
Vulgarity as revolution: Lemsakh we tsalguit
Les Oiseaux De Figuig!
ghir bessyas a moulay!
Moroccan Playing Cards Game ronda v1.0
A Call From Algeria to Help Suffering Little Boy Mounib!

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