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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Why Do They Keep Blowing Up Themselves!?
12:00:00 AM Monday Sep 8, 2003

Proposed by Adnane (Raioo)

These fatal attacks against civilians, in the name of a political cause, in the name of God, in the name of misery, have confused people around the world, and certainly Muslims. In the Arab world, the lines around suicide bombers are so vague and undefined. For many it is mind-boggling, and contradicting to the teachings of Islam which condemns those who commit suicide. Islam condemns killing any life without legitimacy. On the other hand, for many suicide attacks are a legitimate form of fighting or resistance.

Is blowing oneself in a bus, marketplace, club, hotel going to realize the goal of the suicide bomber? Is ripping his or her body apart, inflicting maximum damage on civilians, going to weaken their enemy? going to please God? going to solve a single problem?

Just what on earth have we come to? How did we come here? What can you, you and I and you do to change this phenomenon?

Why do they blow themselves up? is there any moral, religious, political or social justification for these acts? We'd like your answers, we'd like to hear your thoughts.

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3:10 pm    September 18, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
As to the jews born in Israel , that's their land they can stay their just like how they were before 1947, just like the 35% CHRISTIANS,

i don't think the israelis will stop the settlements, that's why i don' t think there will b peace there,

even if they agree, there is one more BIG problems, THE REFUGEES, do you think israel will allow them to go back to palestine , NO WAY....,,,,, so you guys be realistic a bit and don't say that stoping the settlements will resolve the problem,

One more thing, why shouldn't Hamas exist any more???? is it because you think it's a terrorist organisation??? as the americans say?? why would they stop existng?? if the get the freedom shouldn't they continue to build up their country??? ISN4T THIS WRONG??????

MB, i think deeper that you can imagine........


5:52 pm    September 17, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Yes Adnane Howard Dean said the US shouldn't take sides in the conflict, and called for a more balanced stand. J Liberman of Connecticut already hammered him.
I don't know what's your opinion about that. To me,as beautiful as it sounds, the idea of changing the policy that has been going for over fifty years seems hard. it is tough to be sold within the democratic party forget about the public.
have a good one.

8:17 pm    September 16, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I agree with what you said here, good opinion. I also want to add that one of the major things Israel ought to do is to stop the illegal settlements. This alone will HELP the peace in great proportions. Hamas and others won't have a reason to commit suicides. There simply won't be a reason for Hamas etc to exist. Their mission will somehow start to fade away in a positive sense for Palestine. they can then concentrate their energy on building Palestine.

So Israel has to stop the settlements. Plain and simple. Americans have to come to terms with this requirement. Howard Dean is actually promoting this idea aggressively in his compaign.


8:01 pm    September 16, 2003
hey...I am not gonna discuss why they are blowing up themselves...but your position reminds me Jean-Marie Lepen' s position (front national) towards what you are saying is: you have nothing against jews as long as they stay in their own countries....okay might be right...but what about those who were born and raised in israel??? are they gonna kick them out? to go where? it is their home as well, their country and their land...come on dude...think a little deeper about that...and put yourself , just once in the jews position, you have to see both sides...they are both loosing families and friends...let' s not put all the jews in the same basket and let's try to not confuse political reasons ( that are pushing the uncle sam to support israel) and religion....faites l amour pas la guerre.

4:05 pm    September 16, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
I have nothing against jews, i know there are moroccans jews, or other jews that did a lot for palestine, but i'm talking about the jews in israel, cause if they were nice, why don't they go back to russia , america, or whereever they came from,

mac, as i said, go back to your shisha, you wouldn't know what the palestinians are going through cause you are always high, enjoy it, but don't sit on your chair and condemn others for fighting for their freedom,
a good jew is that who is in his country(not israel) and not sending money to israelis,

if it was my country and i was there, i would do it if it's the last thing i can do, but i'm not there, they don't go blow them selves up just because they are angry, no , it's because that's the only thing they can do....
koulha ynech 3la kbaltou, if you don't think it's right, well it is happening..... we all shall know one day.....


10:03 pm    September 13, 2003
blowing them selfs up is not the right thing do to but it is the last choise they have, Palistinians waited and waited AND waited for help,no country moved a finger but because of the suicide bombing the UN, US, and the ISRAILIS are willing to talk about peace,don't u guys think this brought a positive result
we should thank god we don't have to go thru what the Palistinians had gone thru for year instead we are being smart asses about it

aziz u just didn't cross the line but it is a dot to u now

PS no one had answered my question to what is the alt way the Palistinians have, simply cuz there is none


5:26 pm    September 13, 2003
Let say you are going in the street with your mother, and a policeman come up to your mother and sloped her on the face, spit, then call her names, for no reason at At all.
As your mom integrity is been violated in front of your eyes, to what extreme can you go to defend her?

4:02 pm    September 13, 2003

negotiator hehhe bro so ya think

that blowin themselves is a right thing and as i can see ur totally convinced that its the right thing ok if so then why dont u blow urself up aswell if u think thats the right thing to do if lets say all the muslim ppl blew themselve up and killed like 5 other ppl then lets say they start it at around 6 am in the mornin so by noon everyone will be gone well except the animals cuz they dont get what we r talkin about :):):)
Seriously go join them and blow urself up and one day u will be remembered here in raioo :):):)
plus if the scolars think that it is right why dont they tell ppl to go ahead blow urself up or they judge stuff after they r made

Jah bless.

p.s whats wrong wit the shisha :):):) its cool .... ist it !


2:41 pm    September 13, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
we are the new messed up world again! :)

1:39 pm    September 13, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
It hurts when when somebody insults you, or compare you to some unwanted category of people, It's very uncomfortable.
you may take this as a measure and put your self in a jewish shoes.
and reread all what you have written, that will give you a hint.
No one wants to be judged by his color, religion or race. let us, at least in our discussions, judge people by their deeds.

finally just little FYI .There is a considerable number of jews (Moroccans among them) that have done a tremendous work to help the palistinian cause.

negotiator my apology for crossing the red light in this discussion.

let us sing we are the world....


3:02 am    September 13, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
I thought i was talking to a person who knows how to discuss , but i guess i'm talking to a kid,
why do you have to call me names? did i do that to you? finahia la tolerance lli katehdar 3liha? wwella ghir hadra ....,
if i said quran because i was talking to you and other muslims here, if i'm talking to non muslims there are other arguments,

if i fit in the terrorists category, well i'd rather be like that than to be amongst the infidels....

i meant if you know little about religion you shouldn't tell some body that what they are saying is wrong cause you might be wrong as well,
you want me to think that palestinians are terrorists, because you adnane, and others think that suicide bombings is against the teaching of islam, WHILE THE MUSLIM SCHOLARS SAY THE OPPOSITE, malli tsse6it to belive you and say the scholars don't know any thing??? yu need to convince me, but you couldn't , and just look at the discussion , and you will see that the majority don't condemn them,
just stay on your shicha world, boddy, 7ssen matsseda3 rassek m3a hadechi.......


6:35 pm    September 12, 2003

Aziz loooooooooooooool heheheh u got that right bro

nego amigo i said i dont know alot about religion not i dont know nothin there is a difference as u were told by aziz u get carried away but everyones got opinions about stuff and i respect that cuz maybe ur thinkin is different to me or him or anyone but u may have the same thinkin as someone else

casawi79 ill tell yaa we take those who wana bomb themselves and take them to a shisha cafe let them smoke shisha and believe me they will reconsider :):):)

aaaaaaaah one thing nego why did the man wit mossa kill the young boy :):) cuz he knew the kid will cause trouble for his old parents ... but u gave this example to a13 yr old kid carryin a gun but in that story the kid was playin ... coooooooooooool

weird how some nicks dont suit the person using it ..

Jah Bless.

p.s why do they keep blowin up themselves .... i dont know ask them ..., hheheheehehe


4:20 pm    September 12, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
Is this a joke!!! Or I'm living in onother world.
your holiness, Is that all you have learned from the Quran? What have you learned about tolerance?
you easily understand HATE, MISTRUST i wonder why our world is screwed up!!
you suond very skillful when you urge people to refere to the holly book each time you get cannot convince the world by saying every time ( read the quran) there are 5or6 billion people in this earth, not all of them are muslims.

PS: terrorist will fit you much better than nego.


9:41 am    September 12, 2003
what do guys think is the best alt way beside the suicide bombings?????

4:27 am    September 12, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
Aziz, you didn't get what i said,
if i said a jew is a jew, it doesn't mean that they are all our ennemy, and they are not all our ennemies until now,
what i meant is that you should be careful when you are dealing with jews, i have a lot of jew friends they are cool , and every thing, but i don't trust them all the way,
if you see the picture given to millions of children around the world about jews is very wrong, well you should know that IF YOU READ THE QURAN THAT'S WHAT YOU WILL FIND, so is the Quran very wrong?
as i said before, some times even killing kids is permitted, just remember when moussa(pbuh) was traveling with the man and the man killed a young boy...., when i 13 year old boy is carrying a gun in your land, isn't he a target? wella no, talk peace with him, and see what will happen to you,
the jews are ennemies of God, therefor they are our ennemies until the end of this life, but that does not mean we should go and kill em if they don't do any thing to us, just remember that one day a tree will call the muslim and say there is a jew hiding behind me come and kill him...

maclaren, if you don't know any thing about religion, how do you know that what people were saying about religion was wrong????


7:12 pm    September 11, 2003

Aziz Bezza message
I understand your anger vis- a- vis the Israili Palistinian issue, but from what i read you got carried away from our values. you are making no difference between men & women,child or aged.and you also added a Jew is Jew...From your perspective a jew is an enemy. I suggest that you rethink your statements carefully. Otherwise you will be dehumanizing, lowring and disrespecting human beings just because of their religion. the same picture of yours about jews is given to millions of our children, It's simply very wrong.
As for the main subject, I cannot give any exact judgment concerning suicide bombings, however the pragmatic question that may rise in ones mind is, Will such acts serve the cause? Other word, Will the results, accruing from suicide bombings, have a positive or a negative impact on the Palistinian cause?
The answer might be arguable, swinging between YES and NO. In either way the act or the action it self is terror. And my rational on that is : by moral definition terrorism is the targeting of innocent civilians. { The debate within the world community is based on morals on what is right and what is wrong not on theology.}
The defenition applies on both sides of the conflict Israilis & Palistinian alike.

6:16 pm    September 11, 2003
Mr. Why do they keep Blowing up themselves? you need to know that if you're fighting against the 2nd strongest military in the world, that don't know what mercy is, and against a tribe that tried to kill our beloved MOHAMMED PBUH, unless you forgot facts like that, and many many more, unless you're one of them, and ALLAH A3LAM, you'll be convinced that palestinians, and especially those who give their life for the cause of their religion and their nation, are the noblest among all muslims, and that we hold them in the highest esteem, we don't dare to questiontheir mind abilities, because they hold better degrees than most of us, including your majesty, so instead of asking why, ask how can we celebrate their souls, and keep them remembered, may ALLAH give you some wisdom to think more wisely,

5:42 pm    September 11, 2003
Fiyst of all ppl im back :):):)

i really hate it when there is a topic like this cuz alot of ppl start sayin stuff that aint true and think they know it all ...

my opinion wont make a change but im against suicide bombin and my reason is that there r more stuff we can do to attack them but thats if we use our minds :):) ...

me personally i dont know alot about religion and what the prophet p.b.u.h said but i hate it when some ppl talk about it cuz they add shit ( excuse me ) or they mix it..

so all im sayin is that ppl if u dont know what ya talkin about ( in religion ) or jus wana show that ur smart plz jus keep it to yaself

anyways sorry about that adnane but i jus hate it when ppl talk bull ....

jah bless .

btw how r tha moroccan chix doin :):):) god i miss em :):)


3:07 pm    September 11, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
that might be part of it, ut since when the israelis are afraid of the americans ??? they do whatever they please, they control the americans and not the other way around, as i said i forgot the name of that general who said that the main reason was the tactics of hizbullah,

Regarding the may events , that is not a subject related but i'll say some about it hoping adnane will forgive us,
the may events are not justified by any thing, if they wanna change the munkar they can change it by other ways, but blowing up your brothers and sisters because they are not wearing hijab, or don't have a beard is totally wrong,

the situations are very different, in every thing, so we cannot compare,
even the attacks on america are not justified.....,


2:26 pm    September 11, 2003
hey guys...Hezbu-Allah never used a suicide bombong to hurt the israeli...their tactic was hit and run away as the left-wing militia fighting or used to fight in some latino american countries. morefurther, they well know their targets becouse geographically, the south lebanon is just mountains and forests and it can help to size the enemy rather than confront him in face-to-face battle...unlike the situation in palestine.

1:53 pm    September 11, 2003

Rasta Gnawi message

This is not really my area of expertise but I think the Israelis got out of Lebanon because Jimmy Carter threatened to withdraw American aid to Israel if they wouldn't withdraw (a few billion dollars a year can really hurt a country trying to etablish itself.) That's as far as I know, and I am sure others who know more can clarify this.

I am interested in hearing your comments on the May events in Morocco, most particularly as they relate to the prophet's life and Sira. I find your analyses of similar events fascinating.



5:26 am    September 11, 2003

5:07 am    September 11, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
To the person who said i was wrong about the fact that israel got out of lebanone becsause of hisbollah's suicide bombings, i'll tell you buddy, why did they get out? you said because they found out it was not worth it, why wasn't it? because they were having there soldiers killed there for nothing because they thought the lebanese will fight them stupidly , with guns ,in that case israel will destroy them, cause they are much more powerful, so when they saw the suicide bombers they figured out that they can't do any thing about it, why it is not succeding in palestine, because they are settled there and they say that's their land they wouldn't give it up even with these losses, but believe me a lot of israelis left israel to go somewhere else, read a book about an israeli general(forgot the name) why they got out of lebanone and will get some infos...

why hizbollah were killing only soldiers, because only soldiers were occupying their land, they fought them in the occupied land, they didn't go to israel to kill them, in palestine the whole palestine is occupied , so every single person there is a target.

if you need a peacful negotiations with the zionists, go ahead i will tell you that God after all they did he took a mountain(6our) upon them and told them belive in me or i will cruch you under the mountain, they said yes, after that they disbelieved in god, they saw the mountain moving from it's place and moved up their heads and went back to it's place and didn't believe, they broke all the treaties between them and the muslims since the Era of our prophet(PBUH) until now, AND YOU STILL WANNA NEGOTIATE WITH THEM? how in the world do you think?
almuslimou kayissoun fa6in,
la youldaghou almuslimou mina laju7ri marratayn.


4:46 am    September 11, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
Day after Day i see that the american media is getting into us ...

first of all th Prophet(PBUH) is not a normal person ,he can't do something like that because he had a mission but he did tell us how we should react in cases like that, you can't give an example about the prophet(PBUH) how badly he was treated and , and ,and , to your knowledge in that era the only difference between the meccans and the muslims was the number, they used the same arms, so how would some one commit suicide to kill others, as i mentioned before they did sacrifice them selves in another way(tight their legs, dig a hole....)

to give you another example of our beloved prophet(PBUH) he went to WAR because one jew took a muslims woman clothes off, ghir rbe6 liha tawb dialha m3a lhkayma melli nadet l3awra dialha banet, he went to war for that , he as well killed 700 jews 7it ne9dou al3ahd,
and you say now that he didn' t react like now,
if you wanna take the prophet's example you should know about his whole life (sira) so you can tell what he did in this situation and what he didn't do, you say he didn't kill women and kids, i'll tell you that he said al3aynou bil3ayni...., if they kill our women and kids we can kill theirs WITH NO MERCY, we all know that mohammad(PBUH) ordered not to cut any trees, on wars but in one of them he did why? because things changes in certain situations,

an occupier is an occupier , woman , kid ,dog,
a jew is a jew no matter what, wach rebbi ghir ja w gal(almaghdoubi 3alayhim)

young or not young they are the one who choose that path, and ma God help them,


4:12 pm    September 10, 2003
Hey Moroccan fellows,
I know that this is not related, but what the Heck!!
I want to meet some Moroccan peeps in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area. Binhass is going to be performing in PA, and i don't know anyone (Moroccan) to go with, that led me to realize that i need to get to know some of my Moroccan brothers and sisters here in the U.S of A, so please respond at
Thanks and Hope to hear from you Guys and Girls. Assalam

4:10 pm    September 10, 2003
Every one shares your feelings and opinion, beleive me. Understand that we are on planet earth where injustice reigns. If we were in a happy place somewhere in a parallel universe, then trust me no one would blow him/her self up for any reason. We'll all live in peace and harmony. Helas! life on this planet is quite different, ask a Palestinian if you disagree with me.

Should we talk about the idealistic solution, I'd say you are right and I totally agree with you. Should we talk about the realistic solution, I'd say you're being unreasonable my friend and I disagree with you.

Peace N Love


4:08 pm    September 10, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
This is an extract from a book I am reading, it's content can be applied to all situations....


"Take away the cause, and the effect ceases" -Miguel De Servantes-

A man who standing on the banks of a river. Suddenly , he sees someone caught in the raging current, bounced about on the jagged rocks, and hears him calling for help. He leaps in, pulls the drowning man to safety, gives him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, attends to the man's wounds, and calls for the medical help.

As he is still catching his breath, he hears two more screams emanating from the river. Again, he jumps in and makes another daring rescue, this time of the two young women. Before he even has a chance to think, he hears four more poeple calling for help.

Pretty soon the man is exhausted, having rescued victim after victim, and yet the screams continue. If only he had taken the time to travel a short distance up river, he could have discovered who was throwing all those poeple in the water in the first place ! He could have saved all his efforts by addressing the problem at its cause rather than its effects.


4:02 pm    September 10, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
It is clair that the side effects of the Palestinian suicide bombing will strenthen the bad image islam and muslims have in the eyes of some folks....wether due to their ignorance or simple hate.
The dilama is that the Palestinians who have lived a dog's life for over 50 years, they don't care about what a none Palestinian think about them ...
The fact that most Palestinians are muslim Arabs (although 35% of them are christians and some of them are jews) allows them to drag Islam and all of the muslims with them... and evientially
soon or later, and as long as their problem is not resolved, every muslim will feel the heat, in one way or an other...
It is sad, but it is just an objective analysis.


3:47 pm    September 10, 2003
am i the only one here who think this way.. ?
when i hear someone saying i support the suicide bombing.. i sit back and i try to say the same thing in my head.. it feels so wrong to me .. that i m saying 'i support that you kill yourself.'. i feel it's very selfish, heartless, unhumane. to say i support that you waist your life like that..
it's a a failure that we are all responsible for ,, to see that an innocent is killing himself .. it shouldn't happen, whatever the circumstances are!

3:31 pm    September 10, 2003
As I expected, you did not take the example of your sister and mother lightly, it clearly bothered you. Now if you saw me doing it, and I was far more powerful than you are, would you then sit and watch me assault your immediate family while your thinking up a peaceful solution? (Yes/No)

Since you said you couldn't put yourself in the shoes of Palestinians, I gave you a bitter taste yet do not do justice of what it is like for every Palestinian.
Yes, sorry you feel like we are educating you (I don't want to take sides here but it seems like it is already established) but listening to your arguments indicates that you are either ignorant of the Palestinian struggle or want to ignore it to prove your point.

Your 1st point was targeting the Israeli "civilians". My answer is like any Palestinian?s: every Israeli is a criminal responsible in one way or another for the miserable life of the Palestinians.

Now if Morocco invades Niger, Moroccans living there would be settlers and considered soldiers. Blowing them up would certainly not be an act of ?terror? against civilians.


I pay my greatest respects to all Palestinians, who showed great tenacity and resistance even under the toughest conditions. I truly admire their perseverance and Arabic resilience. We should all be proud of Palestinians and learn a great lesson.

In fact, people around the world including Israelis do admit and recognize the fight of Palestinians (including ?suicide? bombing) especially under the circumstances in which they are.

It is very easy to lecture people when the matter doesn't concern you.

Peace N Love


2:24 pm    September 10, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I couldn't agree more!

2:19 pm    September 10, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Let me say it was unnecessary to try and explain to me the situation of Palestinians through the example you chose, it was poor taste and I hope you understand. I now feel that you guys are trying to educate me on palestinians, you feel I don't know how desperate they are. I need to correct you. The thoughts I am conveying to you and the questions I am asking did not go through to you somehow but I will repeat them again.

1. targetting army and soldiers is more justified than targetting Israeli civilians: kids, seniors.. -- the statement that civilians are also valid target and should be harmed cannot be justified. Can someone justify that to us religiousely, morally or politically?

2. If you are to sit here away from palestine, with your hand in the cold water, instead of fire, and you are more reasonable than enraged palestinians, the best thing you can think of is to OKay suicide bombing of civilians? and worse.. by young kids ? I find that wrong. We're all responsible to find a peaceful way for these youth, instead of patting their backs and pushing them to blow up. Only God knows if a young Palestinian boy or girl is reading this discussion now - probably unlikely - but he or she would read many of you encouraging them, he or she is blowing up tomorrow!


2:17 pm    September 10, 2003
first to guys who was saying that Hizbollah won over israel using suicide bombing.. i m afraid you are wrong.. it was decision made by isreal to leave, because it wasn't worth it.. in addition the hizbollah attacked mainly army targets not civilians..
the palestenians attacks are far more severe and penetrating than those of hizboolah.. so how come they didn't secceed at kicking out the israelis

i think suicide bombing is plain WRONG. there has been times when our prophet and his followers were going through great misrey , yet they didn't seek such methods of fighting.. our prophet forbid in many incedents killing children, old people, women.. he even forbid attacking your enemny at night when they are sleeping ..


1:40 pm    September 10, 2003
What you are saying is that what the Palestinians are doing is unreasonable. I'd like to see you be reasonable when I rape your sister or when disrespect your mom in front of you. These words must have already disturbed you, let alone if actually happens. BELEIVE me when I say that I am over exaggerating the situation in Palestine. The example you gave us about our beloved prophet (Salla Llahou 3alayhi wa sallam) is very touching but do not pertain to this case in any level you consider.
How can you ask all Muslims to think hard to FIND a peaceful solution to this conflict while they are getting kicked in the ass. Can you think of a peaceful solution while I am kicking your ass.

Please let's not get carried away by what should be done vs. what can be done. Yes we all appreciate Opra talks and we all want a spiritual and peaceful resolution but you have to ask the aggressor to stop assaulting the victim before you start thinking of solution to their problem.

NOTE: BE REAL. "li iddih felma mashi b7al li iddih fel3afia"

Peace N Love


1:40 pm    September 10, 2003
alrasoul (saas) migrated to almadina because he was impossible for him to fight however he did came and fought for makka and i believe that the Palestinians have been waiting forever the situation to get better and all arab countries are not doing anything about it (kayn ghire rassi arassi)
adnan in your own opinion what do u think the Palestinians should do!!

11:42 am    September 10, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Very interesting comments all across this discussion. Thanks.

So almost we all can say that these people are driven by despair, by revenge, by hatred, by nothing-to-lose feelings. But what do you think prophet Mohammed would have said about this phenomenon?

When I think of despair and prophet Mohammed, I think of his early years in Mecca. The experience is nothing close to Palestinians, but it sheds some light on "despair" handling. He too was humiliated, called names, threatened to death, thown stones at, called liar, and by his own people. He didn't throw stones back, he didn't enter a tent full of people and blow himself with Carbine. He chose to move out from the land of his ancestors 7atta y7an llah. Why did he do that?

I am not suggesting that Palestinians move out of palestine, it's probably impossible for them to do that and think they still have some dignity left. But what can they learn from the prophet experiences, his hidden messages and behaviour, that could help them figure a way out of this conflict?

Isn't it the responsibility of all of us Muslims to think hard about this issue and find better, peacefull and out of the box ways rather than encouraging the Palestinan youth to become extinct both by their own means, and by Israels' means?

I still have a feeling that it's wrong to sit here and OK Palestinian youth involvement in the resistance in the form of suicide bombing.


9:48 am    September 10, 2003
I have a good theory!

May be Palestinians who give up their lives for the sake of their brothers, sisters, and dignity are doing it because of the abundant fun of it. May be they can't get enough of it, after all we see their families happily celebrating their "suicidal" death. May be these "suicide bomber" thought why even bother finding other ways or solutions, let?s choose to blow ourselves up, it is lot of fun.

Oh NO of course NOT, you cannot , never, put yourself in their shoes because it is simply impossible. If you try, you might get a sour taste of it but you'd still miss the dismay of the Palestinian-every-day life.

Sadly enough, by questioning the legitimacy of martyrs in Palestinian struggle in this discussion, we are indirectly demoting the noble sacrifice of all martyrs who offered their lives for his & her country?s dignity and unity.

NOTE: Next time you hear, read about a young Palestinian who gave up his/her life, say La 7awla wa la 9ouwata illa bi llah. Think of his/her family and the Dead End he/she must have reached, trust me you don?t want to feel that way.

Peace N Love


8:28 am    September 10, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

8:25 am    September 10, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
The problem is that part of the worl is not about suicide bombings, it is about an Occupation .

Lands are confiscated from Palestinian farmers, Palestinian houses are demolished and luxury houses are built instead and delivered to jewish immigrants coming from anywhere...
Israel has broken 169 UN resolutions (world record holder)

A jewish born anywhere in the world has full right in israel, while a Palestinian virtually has none.

Wouldn't that turn peaceful Budhist monk into a furiouse Dragon ?
I think it would.

Sharon Lmenfoukh is the biggest terrorist
alive . the only difference is that he doesn't need to blow up his guts in a bus His heavy artillery can do the job .
I dont know why the Media doesn't talk about that as much as it talks about the Palestinian suicide bombers ?
Probably because Sharons terrorism
happens on daily basis, and that cann't make a head line anymore....


7:41 am    September 10, 2003
since the suicide bombing started couple of years ago and the Israelis have been so frightened and now it is worst because there is more bombings than ever.
1 thing to keep in mind jew is a jew no matter where he lives where he grow up what education he had they all think the same way about muslims and same thing about the muslims we never did and we will never get along

7:20 am    September 10, 2003
At least there is something to negotiate for. we give you peace you give us land. (l2ard mo9abel salam). the second thing is we all know how Israel does not respect any laws nor morals, so i don't how one can expect anything from them just by negotiating we have to make some kind of pressure on them because they don't give up until their backs are to the wall. As it was the case in Lebanon.

6:09 am    September 10, 2003
sad history always cry when i think of palestine.
but for those who think that it works, i don't see that suicide bombing had any effect on this conflict.It is just getting worse and worse...

3:59 am    September 10, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
(wala ta9natou min ra7mati allah)
even those martyrs say this, because of this that they do this, because also they know that god said( wa a3iddou lahoum massta6a3toum min 3oudatin wa riba6i alkhayl) massta6a3toum : whatever you can, the only thing they can do now is to carry the bombs them selves so they can have more damage on the ennemy, if you carry a gun and go fight them you'll get your self killed without harming them, but what they need is to harm them, to terrorize them so they can get out of our land,



3:46 am    September 10, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
I'm not condemning u, you are not the only muslim to say these operations are condemned by the teaching of Islam....
Fighting the ennemy isn't only for old people we know that ali ibn abi taleb was only 15 when he fought with the prophet(PBUH) so this point of young or not young doesn't exist , if your land is occupied every body has to carry arms and fight EVEN WOMEN(according to the teaching of Islam) if you are concerned about their life to come, because they are still young they can do and do ......, well if you live in a misery like they do u would change your mind, what future do they have? can't go to school,can't go out because of the soldiers, it's like you live in a prison inside your land, in that case they choose to fight, since they don't have an army they choose whatever they can to fight back,

about your question will they get their goal, i say look at hizbollah, how did they kick the israelis out of lebanone?? is it by negotiating? or by those one way agreements, NO IT'S ONLY BECAUSE OF THE SUICIDE BOMBERS AS YOU CALL THEM, for the biggest reason they know that they are going to be chuhada2 bi2dni allah ,and they don't care about their life as much as we say to care.....,
if an 18 years old sister go out and blow up her self and kill innocents or civilians in a hotel or marketplace, we shouldn't ask why did she do that, the first question should be WHAT ARE THESE CIVILIANS DOING THERE? it is not their land, they sould get out if not they deserve what's happening to them....civilians, women, kids it does not matter , because they do the same they kill our women our kids, and God gave us the permission to fight back (assinnou bissinni wal3aynou bil3ayni walbadi adlam) .


8:04 pm    September 9, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
My friends, I am more concerned about the phenomenon of YOUNG suicide bombers, young girls, young boys, who could have plenty of life ahead of them, to think, to ponder, to find a way out.. I see these youth as acting out of anger - and the prophet has warned us of the consequences of anger - or out of brainwashing by older people in militias.

I remember what Robert Fisk wrote once, and here is the link if anyone wants to read it. It talks a little bit about suicide bombers.

"But the suicide bomber does not conform to a set of identical characteristics. Many of the callow Palestinian youths blowing themselves to bits, with, more often than not, the most innocent of Israelis, have little or no formal education. They have poor knowledge of the Koran but a powerful sense of fury, despair and self-righteousness to propel them. The Hizbollah suicide bombers were more deeply versed in the Koran, older, often with years of imprisonment to steel them in the hours before their immolation."

The full article is here: They can run and they can hide. Suicide bombers are here to stay
By Robert Fisk
13 September 2001


4:31 pm    September 9, 2003
a Man In The Moon
You will never feel what is it? and You will never be convinced to put yourself in their shoes. Nobody can understand their real suffering. It's justified to bomb yourself when you don't have another mean to defend yourself. The media is monitored by the jewish lobby, so all we see is that bombing one's self is bad, have they ever showed us our brothers in palestine getting shot, or mutilated? Who is the biggest terrorist in the world apart from Sharon? We all remember the kid that was shot beside his Father. The media easily made us forget about it, and what they put in the spotlight? suicide bombers!!! Israeli regime is massacring the palestinians every single day, why can't we say that raise a voice and say NO, and this is not right. It's the irony of life, those who shot you with missiles and blow your mind with bullets are considered martyrs cos they are defending their holy land, and those who give their own lives to voice their own suffering are considered terrorists.
Peace and Empathy

3:38 pm    September 9, 2003
ang God also tells us to fight whomever fights us and not sit and watch.

12:15 pm    September 9, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
God says: "Wala Taqnatou min Ra7mati Llah". I always think of this verse when nothing, absolutely nothing at all is going right for me or my loved ones. Probably the level of the "nothing is going right" suicide bombers far much exceeds mine. I always understood this verse as God telling me to first sustain my life, and not harm myself, kill myself, or others just because I am frustrated by "nothing is going right" and holds a huge fire of stress and Anger inside of me. It also tells me to have faith in time, because God may be hiding solutions, his mercy, in the folds of the tapissery of time ahead. Wallaho a3lam.

11:36 am    September 9, 2003
Its so easy to condemn suicide bombings as barbaric, twisted, fanatic and extreem acts of freedom fighting. I don''t agree with it at all.
But please consider this:
when you are the 2nd or 3rd generation of refugees in your own land, you see foreigners coming from all over to take the prime of your land, the world's big powers are with those foreigners, you are humuliated every day in your own land, your are queing for a jar of water while a settler having a dip in a personal swimming pool in your own land. you are queing to go to hospital for hours while the check point in manned by some russians who immigrated to your land 2 years ago, you are not allowed to drive on the roads built for the settlers in your land. When your father or brother has been shot by those occupying your land, when your mother / sister has been humiliated by the occuppier, when many in your family are in the occuppier's jails, and when many more are humiliated daily by the same ocuppier. when you are turned into cheap labour for the same occuppier, queing hours to get to work, roughed, humuliated, shot at, beaten, demonised, and pushed to beg for mercy from those who are occuppiying your own land. Then if you don't commit a MARTYRDOM operation, i 'm sure you don't belong to the human race.

10:54 am    September 9, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I didn't really make a Fatwa that suicide bombing of civilians in Palestine is haram or is not haram. I just say I cannot find a justification for it yet. I am trying as much as I can to put myself in their shoes, so far I haven't succeeded. The only thing I know is that they are extremely frustrated and suicide bombers reach a level of mindset that turns that switch ON. Whether the mindset is fueled by religious faith, by revenge for familly and friends, by sacrifice to sustain the fight, I cannot yet reach that mindset or fake it in order to understand these acts. Good for you if you can, you are more convinced than I am. But I ask that you don't condemn me, it won't serve this discussion any good.

10:19 am    September 9, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
if you don't see the religious justification that's your point of view, but the reality is not like that, killing a person is killing a person no matter what way you call him;THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THE CAUSE.
in the palestinians case, you should put your self in their shoes and then you can judge,
the israelis have hilicopters and tanks to carry the bombs and throw them in people , the palestinians don't have these things they carry them them selves, what's the problem??
suicide is haram in Islam yes BUT this kind is not as the scholars say, if you say it is haram ,who cares you are not qualified to say so, and you will be judged for this fatwa that you are giving.....
as some body said all over 18 israelis are soldiers cause they spend 2 years in an obligatory military sevice, and all settlers have guns.
why don't the palestinians fight a good battle, because that's all they can do, and because the israelis aren't doing so as well, do you call firing a missile from a hilicopter at night in a very populated area to kill one person , and ending up by killing 15 , with 9 children amongst them , a GOOD BATTLE?
if they take your land from you and keep killing your family , you would do any thing to get them out,
even in the era of the prophet (PBUH) one sahabi tied his legs and diged a hole so he won't run away, he kept fighting until he died, knozing that he will die , cause he can't move,


9:07 am    September 9, 2003
EXcuse me, u live in US with the Jews, they looks friendly to us and u wondering why the palestinian blow up them selves in Israel. i don't wanna talk to much but i want you to put your self in their place just one day under bombs and missiles, your brothers, sisters, parents, famillies, neighbors dying in front of you everyday and at that time you gonna understand why they do that.
by the the way i was in Boston it's a nice place but i think to the palestinans evertime when i feel that i'm safe in US and i ask Allah in every prayer to help our brothers in palestian

9:00 am    September 9, 2003

abdelilah message
Well, Weber spoke the phenomenon of anomie talking about those folks who are marginalized to the extent that they become suicidal. Lesson no 1: avoid closed groups because they have sects mentality and try to be as diverse as possible. The Saudi Wahhabi Sick doctrine is for a lot in this fiasco and guess what we continue to be friends with them. Why? Cash is the answer. You will tell me there is a difference between boulahya madmen and the ruling family. Sorry just BS. Whomever knows the history of Wahhabism knows that there was a pact between Al Saud and Al Shaikh, so lesson no 2: keep a big distance away from lehwala. At a certain point of time the governments shouting today 'wak wak al 3adaw' were the ones helping those groups against the leftist faction -equally mad- so now they come to blame their own proteges. Lesson no 3: kaiktul lemyet we kaimchi fjenaztou. Listen to Messaoud Awd Lil and the answer will be yours! Cheers

4:53 am    September 9, 2003
Salam all
bon si vous parlez concernant Alqaida and what they're doin in all over the world, i agree with u that it has nothin to do with islam, but if u're talkin about Israel-Palestine issue, u have to know that all of Israelian citizen 18 years old and + are soldiers, so they can be targetted!!
in addin to this, israelians attacks civilians!! assinnou bi ssinn

4:48 am    September 9, 2003

? mon avis c'est le d?sespoir qui les pousse ? commettre de tels actes, et au m?me temps l'espoir de semer un peu la peur chez l'ennemi!!!
j'estime que cet acte pourrait avoir une l?gitimit? si le kamikaz s'explosait dans un camp de soldats isra?liens!!!
?a sera ? mon avis, ?gal aux actes des isra?liens!! la seule diff?rence c'est que le kamikaz n'a pas les moyens, alors il porte lui m?me sa bombe et l'a fait exploser!!!

mais sinon le seul moyen que j'estime efficace pour combattre cette confusion, c'est d'essayer de savoir un peu plus sur la religion de l'islam, en se r?f?rant au coran et ? la sounna; il n'y a qu'? voir les principes de guerre qu'appliquait notre proph?te psl, et on se rendra compte que c'est honteux de dire que ces actes sont religieux!!!


11:50 pm    September 8, 2003

By the way .. Media or not..any wise person know that those "attentats" doesn't have any thing to do with the islam.


7:55 pm    September 8, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
It has nothing to do with the way the guy in the photo looks like... I do not encourage to make judgement on these kind of people just because they have beards, wear militia clothes, or look scary. I never appreciated how the media attempts to show the ugliest photos to give impressions of Islam.. Here I am doing the same. Apologies, I think I will remove the photo to avoid misinterpretation and bias.

7:33 pm    September 8, 2003
> I believe it is the work of Satan.
You are right!!
Dakhalena 3elike ballahe! choufe mezzeyane dake lemakhelou9e, and you will understood..

4:57 pm    September 8, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
I think suicide bombers started out as militias targetting soldiers. Even this I have hard times agreeing with sometimes. A soldier fights a good battle. Eventually, something went wrong.. We started hearing of suicide bombers blowing up civilians. That was a defining moment, and I think the pure essence of resistance got lost right there. The wave of numerous suicide bombers that followed washed the civilian course, making an end to the resistance concept, and creating the vital ingredients for terrorism concept.

I cannot see any moral, religious or political justification for suicide bombing acts against civilians. I believe it is the work of Satan, I believe Muslims should stand up to suicide bombers and stop this disease.


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