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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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The American Mongols
12:00:00 AM Tuesday Mar 25, 2003

Found on Foreign Policy

To win the war against terrorism, the United States must overcome the burden of history

by Husain Haqqani

An invading army is marching toward Baghdad again. The last time infidels conquered the City of Peace was in 1258, when the Mongol horde, led by Genghis Khan?s grandson Hulegu, defeated the Arab Abbasid caliphate that had ruled for more than five centuries. And if the ripple effects of that episode through Islam?s history are any guide, the latest invasion of Iraq will unleash a new cycle of hatred unless the United States can find ways to bolster the credibility of moderate Islamic thinkers.

Saddam Hussein, who has led Iraq?s Baathist socialist regime for nearly 25 years, is no caliph. The U.S. military has come as self-declared liberators, not as conquerors. Yet the U.S. invasion of Iraq resonates strongly with fundamentalist Muslims because they see Saddam?s downfall and the broader humiliation of the Arab world at the hands of the latter-day Mongols as righteous punishment. Since the 13th century, Islamic theologians have argued that military defeat at the hands of unbelievers results when Muslims embrace pluralism and worldly knowledge. The story is drilled into Muslim children from Morocco to Indonesia: nearly 2 million people put to the sword; the caliph trampled to death; and the destruction of the great library, the House of Wisdom. The Ottoman Empire fell in 1918 for the same reason Muslims lost Baghdad in 1258: The rulers and their people had gone soft, approaching religion with tolerance and accommodation rather than viewing civilization as divided between Islam and infidels.

The U.S.-led invasion of secular Iraq is the ultimate vindication of this worldview, the capstone of a series of modern Muslim defeats that began with the first Gulf War and continued through the next decade with the Serbs? ethnic cleansing campaigns against Muslims in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the repression of Islamist groups in Algeria and Egypt, Russia?s brutal military campaign against Chechen separatists, and the defeat of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Islamists see these cataclysmic events as opportunities to purify Muslim souls and to prepare for an ideological battle with the West.

Fundamentalists believe they have every reason to anticipate victory in this battle, because the story of the Mongol conquest of Baghdad didn?t end in 1258. The Egyptian Mamluks were able to halt the tide of Mongol victories in the Battle of Ayn Jalut in Palestine two years later. In less than a century, the Mongol conquerors themselves converted to Islam, and Islamic power resurged in Turkey and India after being dislodged from the Arabian heartland. The lesson, according to Islamists, is that even the defeat of Muslims has a place in God?s scheme for Islam?s eventual supremacy in the world.

In addition to the historical narrative, Muslim fundamentalists also have prophecies about the apocalypse attributed to the Prophet Mohammed to buttress their cause. These signs are described in hadith, the sayings of Mohammed passed down through oral tradition before being recorded at least 100 years after his death. One hadith that has currently captured the attention of fundamentalists is The hour [of the world?s end] shall not occur until the Euphrates will disclose a mountain of gold over which people will fight. The mountain of gold could be a metaphor for a valuable natural resource such as oil, and the Euphrates may refer to Iraq, where the river flows. Just as some Christian fundamentalists saw the creation of the state of Israel as fulfillment of biblical prophecy heralding the Day of Judgment, so too will some Muslim fundamentalists interpret the U.S. occupation of Iraq as setting the stage for the final battle between good, led by Mahdi (the rightly guided), and evil, represented by Dajjal (the deceiver).

Armed with prophecy and history, Islamist movements see the humiliation of fellow believers as an opportunity for mobilizing and recruiting dedicated followers. Muslims have often resorted to asymmetric warfare in the aftermath of military defeat. Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and his Fatah movement captured the imagination of young Palestinians only after Arabs lost the Six-Day War and East Jerusalem in 1967. Islamic militancy in Kashmir can be traced to India?s military victory over Pakistan in the 1971 Bangladesh war. Revenge, rather than willingness to compromise or submit to the victors, is the traditional response of theologically inclined Muslims to the defeat of Muslim armies. And for the Islamists, this battle has no front line and is not limited to a few years, or even decades. They think in terms of conflict spread over generations. A call for jihad against British rule in India, for example, resulted in an underground movement that lasted from 1830 to the 1870s, with remnants periodically surfacing well into the 20th century.

This fundamentalist interpretation of Islam has failed to penetrate the thinking of most Muslims, especially in recent times. But religious hard-liners can drive the political agenda in Muslim countries, just as Christian and Jewish fundamentalists have become a force to reckon with in secular nations such as the United States. And with over 1 billion Muslims around the globe, the swelling of the fundamentalist ranks poses serious problems for the West. If only 1 percent of the world?s Muslims accept uncompromising theology, and 10 percent of that 1 percent decide to commit themselves to a radical agenda, the recruitment pool for al Qaeda comes to 1 million.

Suspicions about Western intentions date back to the British, who came as friends during World War I and ended up colonizing and dividing Arab lands. Thus, the Americans face the difficult task of overcoming Muslim mistrust. The United States must avoid any impulse to act as an imperial power, dictating its superior ways to less civilized peoples. It should be prepared to accept Islamic pride and Arab nationalism as factors in the region?s politics, instead of backing narrowly based elites to do its bidding. Patient engagement, rather than the flaunting of military and financial power, should characterize this new phase of U.S. intervention in the heart of the Islamic world.

If U.S. President George W. Bush?s promises of democracy in Iraq and a Palestinian state are not kept and if the United States fails to demand reforms in countries ruled by authoritarian allies, the umma (community of believers) would have new reasons to distrust and hate. The dream of helping Muslims overcome their fear of modernity will then remain unfulfilled. And the world will continue to confront new jihads.

Husain Haqqani is a Pakistani columnist and a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

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8:57 am    March 28, 2003
al maghribi
Assi Khanez Flouss ila kanou 3endek el flouss ktar men el 9iyyass, douwwar m3ana chouia . La tensach khoutk. Ila bghiti n9dar ne3tik nemra del kont diali bach tdir liya chi virement sava3lih.
Khouk rah 7az9

8:08 pm    March 27, 2003
Khanez Flouss
FYI, almokhabarat al-amerikia hia lli hacked lwebsite dial Ljazeera earlier this morning, check this out:

4:50 pm    March 27, 2003
Thanks ghalij for the information about aljazeera may Allah bless you and may Allah help iraq

4:42 pm    March 27, 2003
Walayinni 39elk khassr assi sanfor_7.Dir enndadr! Hadouk michi bnat 3aryanat wa lakine des hommes des cavernes( chouf meziane hadak li 3el lisser rah 3andou elle7ya...) Iwa 39ed rassk chouia ou baraka men l3ya9a.

4:18 pm    March 27, 2003

3:18 pm    March 27, 2003
Baraka allahou fik assi ghalij 3la had lma3louma.
A3ana allahou al ikhwa fi al 3ira9 wa thabbata a9damahoum.
Allahoumma dammir a3da2a al islam ya 3aziz ya 9awiyy ya dha ljalali wa al ikram

2:49 pm    March 27, 2003
ghalij Thanks a lot.
huh! The U.S., land of freedom of speech and democracy.
MY F** ASS! (excuse my bushism)

God BLESS Iraq


1:26 pm    March 27, 2003
Try this web address for aljazeera
it works.

12:42 pm    March 27, 2003

Rasta Gnawi message
Hi all,
I have tried on a number of occasions to write in Arabic, but it is difficult to do so without spending a long time in front of a virtual keyboard that can write in Arabic. Does anyone know of an easier solution? Do those Arabic kbrds work?

12:05 pm    March 27, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
almaghribi, unfiortunately those links don't work for now. I will look into that... I know that 2M should be removed from there, it doesn't work.

naj, hmm I have to admit that I cannot boycott English. It is a great language, just like any other langauge, and I'm proud of the opportunities I was iven by many factors to speak many of these languages. I will never boycott a language I'm sorry. The language is a converyer of peace. The language is one of many solutions to break oppression and silence.

Americans are not enemies, not my enemies. Moreover, prophet Mohammed encouraged us to learn as many languages as we can in order to get to understand people, in order to get your arguments through to them well, to negotiate with them, to learn from them and teach them most importantly.



11:09 am    March 27, 2003
Cela fait plusieurs semaines que j'essaie d'ouvrir les liens pour voir 2M, Aljazeera et L'Arabie Saoudite en vain. Que se passe t'il. J'?spere que Adnane pourra me donner une r?ponse Oullahi 3awnkoum WASSALAM.

10:30 am    March 27, 2003
27 has been hacked again

10:06 am    March 27, 2003
je tiens a rappeler tous les marocains et arabes en general, en cette periode de guerre menee par les anglosaxones, de ne plus utiliser l anglais dans ce site, utilisons l arabe, francais au lieu et place de cette langue de colonialisme et imperialisme..

on a pas besoin de l anglais car on le maitrise dans notre leiu de travail mais entre nous..boycotter le



9:19 am    March 27, 2003
avec un peu de chance tu pourrais meme tomber sur le numero perso de SADDAM HUSSEIN himself !! :)))
parler au telephone ? quelqu'un qui creve de faim a l'autre bout du monde ne changera pas grand chose ? la situation
je pense que la meilleur facon d'aider nos freres iraquiens c'est de faire des dons ? la croix rouge et autres organismes humanitaires...
les iraquiens ont plus besoin de medicaments, eau, nouriture...etc

9:02 am    March 27, 2003
It is supposed to work , i did not try it yet:

Vive les telecoms !

Une id?e astucieuse d'?tudiants egyptiens de l'universit? d'Alexandrie pour

soutenir le peuple irakien:

appeler d'une mani?re al?atoire un num?ro de t?l?phone en Irak et parler
aux irakiens pour les r?conforter dans leur peine et les soutenir

G?n?rez un num?ro de t?l?phone en composant le code de l'Irak:

00964 + 1 + 443 + xxxx

ou 00964 + 1 + 818 + xxxx

ou 00964 + 1 + 537+ xxxx

xxxx = 4 chiffres al?atoires

R?essayez plusieurs fois; ca devrait marcher


8:48 am    March 27, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

Ayne, ana bghit na3raf.. the dialect used in the Tai Chi Semlalia :] is Moroccan, right ? and is it Marrakshi ? because it's a little though to understand, i'd have to pay more attention. The clips are coooool, thanks! but somehow, not as classic as Si Taher and Lak7al in The Matrix and Lma3ti in Shakaspear in love Moroccan dubbed :]

8:41 am    March 27, 2003
regarding al jazeera tv,

li bgha ichouf al jazeera bilwodouh wakadalik tv dial saudia live, chouf had,,ana registered maahoum bilflouss 40 doular fi alaam mais vraiement ca vaut la suis satisfait.



8:20 am    March 27, 2003
i tried it but it still says that the page does not exist.

8:17 am    March 27, 2003
20 was hacked today and defaced with the map of USA and its flag.

6:04 am    March 27, 2003
A non-Muslim dynasty, the Mongols who,during the 13th C., brought an end to the Abbassid Khalifate in Baghdad in 1258, came from the steps of Central Asia with an army of Mongolian and Turkish tribesmen. They reigned over present day Irak and Iran for almost a century and CONVERTED to ISLAM in the course of it. A descendant of a branch of the family in the Indian sub-continent built TAJ MAHALL. What will the American Monghols build in Baghdad? Hills of Iraki heads and bodies?

5:34 am    March 27, 2003
>> unrelated msg <<

Tai chi Semlalia lol


5:19 am    March 27, 2003
In the 11th century Samuel Ibn Narghila a Jew and a vizir in the court of Granada, to his friends and admirers Abu-Ibrahim because of his wisdom comparable to that of Abraham, wrote and in Arabic:

War at first is like a young girl
With whom every man desires to flirt.
And at the last it is an old woman:
All who meet her feel grieved and hurt.

I hope Bush and Blair can read the wisdom of the old.


6:42 pm    March 26, 2003
Hillou :) ... it's been a long time since I've written something in the Raioo Dot Com :) ... Well ... I do really believe that all the Arab leaders should be executed (from al maghrib to al Machri9) because they all sold our countries to the Americans and the Jews ...Qatar, the HQ of the Aljazeera, the TV station that claims to be the deffendant of the and the voice of the Arab world ... is the host and the HQ of the American army ... Kuwait the launchpad of the Attacks ... and and and .... none of the Arab leaders stood up and had a strong, and official opposition of the war ... which is a violation of the international law about sovereignty that states word by word: ?no State or group of States has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal or external affairs of any other State? ... what about also the religion that they claim ... ISLAM ... mon oeil ... I just brought up these arguments to demonstrate that the Arab world deserves what is happening to it ... unfortunatly it's some innocent people who are paying the price ... maybe this will be a good slap to the face, that might awaken our people .... thelllaw ... :) ...

4:39 pm    March 26, 2003
salam wa likom les marocains
kif dayrine?labas ?
Iwa ach kat 3awdou?
J ai bien aime votre site web, ca donne l opportunite a ts les marocains de s exprimer sur different sujets, et c'est vraiment genial, car il n y en peu de site comme ca
d autres cote les gars, j aimerais bien vs demander une petite chose:
Pouvez vous me donner un site pour ragarder al jazeera.2M,rtm.des chaines arabes en general
Je vous remercie d vance et je vous souhaite une bonne chance les amis(es)
Un fidel eminem:-)

3:36 pm    March 26, 2003
Common Thoughts

Nothing seems to make a change in the current heartbreaking Iraq situation. Despite all of the peace protests, which took place all around the globe, destruction of lives along with the culture is the only way Bush and his gang see fit to liberate these same lives.
Obviously, the Bush gang has turned the deaf ear to world?s cry for peace. So what else can we do besides condemning the current atrocities and crimes against our own people, Arab and Muslim? Ironically, I think that we all are conscious of the next step we need to take yet can?t help but keep still.
With unity comes strength, we owe it to the Iraqis and our Ancestors, in whom culture we take pride. We need to unify and FIGHT against the only and only evil in this world that is the Bush administration. Unfortunately the reality of life is quite different, we have numerous excuses that keep us from this moral and religious duty?bbbut nooo?how can these excuses ever equate to the great loss of innocent lives. God! Give us a peace of mind.

God BLESS Iraq


1:16 pm    March 26, 2003
Where are we going? and Who should we trust? Everything is confusing lately, You turn on the TV and all you see is America Against Saddam, and how they show their muscles and all their ammunition. I don't see that this war is against Saddam, it's against us , we muslims, in any bit of a reason. All the american channels are attacking muslims, even the christian ones, they believe they are leading a holy war against Evil 'Islam'. These MO-FU's, they got on my nerves with their media propaganda, trying to justify their attacks> I believe in one thing that if Iraq is defeated then all the other arab countries should be waiting for their sad fate, which the american occupation of every single arabic land.n I start hating every leader in any arabic country, damn them. I did a research about the first countries that receive the american aid, and here you go, Egypt got the lion's share and Morocco, and Jordan. That is why they can't condemn the american attacks. I wish that this war will be a second Vietnam war. Let's see there rascals, how they gonna handle it in Baghdad with the republican guards. All my prayers to the innocent people in Irak. Allah is Great. Salam.

12:19 pm    March 26, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

Try this web site:


8:59 am    March 26, 2003
Le site de la cha?ne t?l?vis?e Al Jazeera est hors service depuis mardi, suite ? une attaque informatique massive.

Al Jazeera est le nouveau cauchemar du gouvernement am?ricain. Bas?e au Qatar, cette cha?ne panarabe se veut un contrepoids ? l'information diffus?e par les m?dias US, quitte ? bousculer l'attitude "politiquement correcte" qui pr?vaut chez leurs coll?gues occidentaux.
Dernier coup d'?clat en date : les fameuses images qui montraient les soldats am?ricains tomb?s au champ d'honneur irakien ou faits prisonniers par l'arm?e de Saddam.
Pour accro?tre encore son rayonnement, Al Jazeera a ouvert lundi une version anglaise de son site Internet o? l'on retrouve la m?me libert? de ton qui a construit la r?putation la cha?ne.
Le contenu se r?v?le encore assez pauvre et peu actualis?, mais ses responsables promettent un d?veloppement rapide ainsi qu'une couverture de l'information ?tendue ? l'ensemble du Moyen Orient.
Vraiment? Pas s?r... Car le site anglais a ?t? mis hors service quelques heures ? peine apr?s son lancement, suite ? un hacking.
Des pirates ont en effet lanc? un bombardement massif de donn?es provoquant de fr?quentes interruptions de service (un proc?d? connu sous le nom de denial-of-service attack).
L'h?bergeur du site, bas? lui aussi au Qatar, a pr?cis? que seuls les serveurs utilis?s aux Etats-Unis avaient ?t? hack?; ceux install?s en France ?tant toujours op?rationnels.
Cependant, depuis mardi matin, c'est l'ensemble du site Al qui est hors service, suite ? une nouvelle attaque informatique massive.


8:34 am    March 26, 2003
For almaghribi and his brother in tamaghribit, if you want to access the Mercy on Iraq discussion it is still accessible, I think your concern was that it's not linked to from the front page (which I'll correct). From the Focused Discussions panel on top you click on Social, and you will see it listed.

8:30 am    March 26, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Amine, no I am not able to access it since yesterday..

In an article in yesterday it's either traffic issue or hacking issue. Aljazeera is hosted partially in France and USA. Huge ttraffic is coming on the US server from users in the americas. I think if it is a traffic issue they could have bought more bandwidth and servers probably overnight.


8:06 am    March 26, 2003

Rasta Gnawi message
Is anyone able to get into

7:35 am    March 26, 2003
al maghribi and his brother in tamaghrabit, thank you for pointing out in your own weird ways that the discussion of mercy on iraqis is missing. I totally forgot to put it back when I made some maintenance to the code. I'll put it back soon when I get a chance.

Amine, Try I've never really navigated it much to see if it has reputed news reporting.


7:20 am    March 26, 2003

Rasta Gnawi message
Not related:
Is there another Arabic news webpage other than that one can reach from here. Unable to reach AlJazeera from work.

6:45 am    March 26, 2003
il faut reconnaitre que l'amerique est un pays fascinant, mais aussi une puissance imperialiste.
et je crois que c'est ce qui explique l'ambigueit? de baucoup de gens ici. A mon avis, il aurait ete plus sage d'eviter ce genre de sujet en cette perisode difficile ou nos freres iraquiens meurent sous les bombes americaines.

5:46 am    March 26, 2003

rabiek message
salam all .
Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. way That ,when you criticize them, you will be a mile away. And you will have their shoes.

Peace out


5:04 am    March 26, 2003
Adnan are you paid by Bush? why did you take the las article??? I just wonder!!!?

12:17 am    March 26, 2003
al maghribi
Adnana you actually disapointed me. Where the devil is the "Mercy on Iraquis" page? Why have you deleted it? Do you think the war reached its end? More than before we need to discuss it. Just today I've heard about the murder of 50 to 150 civilians! Allahoumma inna hada mounkar. Don't bend to those who exert pressure on some internet sites that don't share their fucking values of good and evil, of war...many arabic and islamic sites on the web have already overcome such pressure. So you have to be strong and inflexible to defend freedom and peace Wallahou waliyyou attawfi9. Rabbana 3alayka tawakkalna wa ilayka anabna wa ilayka amassir!

11:55 pm    March 25, 2003
Ce test se compose d'une seule question ? choix multiple (t?chez de ne pas vous tromper).

Voici une liste des pays qui ont ?t? bombard?s par les Etats-Unis d'Am?rique depuis la fin de la deuxi?me guerre mondiale, dress?e par l'historien William Blum :

Chine 1945-46
Cor?e 1950-53
Chine 1950-53
Guatemala 1954
Indon?sie 1958
Cuba 1959-60
Guatemala 1960
Congo 1964
P?rou 1965
Laos 1964-73
Vietnam 1961-73
Cambodge 1969-70
Guatemala 1967-69
Grenade 1983
Lybie 1986
El Salvador 1980s
Nicaragua 1980s
Panama 1989
Irak 1991-99
Soudan 1998
Afghanistan 1997-2002
Yougoslavie 1999

Dans combien d'entre eux ces bombardements ont-ils fait directement ?merger un gouvernement d?mocratique, respectueux des Droits de l'Homme ?

S?lectionnez une r?ponse :
(a) 0
(b) z?ro
(c) aucune
(d) pas un seul
(e) un chiffre entier compris entre -1 et +1 exclus


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