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marrying lkofra
02:03:16 PM Tuesday Jun 12, 2007

I do not know why the most liberal people who tolerate racially mized marriages and inter-aged marriages do not tolerate someone marrying an ugly partner if they are cute. What do you think about "lkofra complex"?

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1:12 am    June 27, 2007

abdelilah message
Many Moroccans start to come up with excuses when they see a handsome man with an ugly- and believe me there are ugly people out there- Chipsomaniac they find excuses like: "sahra lih" "bbaha 3andou l3aka w houwwa lli mkhaddmou" "katdeerleeh dakshi lli bghaa flefraach" as if love cannot prosper between la belle et la bete.

11:44 am    June 26, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Oh I see! the combo explanation of Antr and prodigy now starts to shed some serious light into this.. very interesting! LOL

10:03 am    June 26, 2007
Maybe if we add Kofra Felghiss, that will make it more visual.

8:50 am    June 25, 2007

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Adnane, Kofra means Coup Franc (Free kick) used in football. How does that relate to the looks ? Maybe we should ask a Moroccan referee.

11:02 am    June 20, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
What does LKOFRA mean exactly anyways? where does it come from?

6:50 pm    June 19, 2007
Je suis d'accord avec Adnane, j en ai connue des cannons et theyr turned out to be complete jerks....anyway!! We will all get old someday, put on weight and the looks will be gone why base our decisions on that!!!!

12:34 pm    June 15, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Les gouts et les couleurs ca ne se discutent pas :)

Moreover, it's hard to discuss this topic without examples :) and even then it's even harder because unless you get to know the person you cannot judge them as a prospective partner. They might not be blessed with an attractive physique - whatever that means - but blessed with an inner quality anybody wishes to have but can't. The stuff you can't buy with money, gold or rethoric. The real stuff. The good manners. The piety. Or maybe a skill, a way of life, a way of thinking,.. maybe a skill of speaking, of negotiating, of solving problems, a skill of turning a negative moment into a positive moment. When any of these qualities are there in a person, little does their physical appearance matter. I know it wouldn't matter to me. As a grand music teacher in Lebanon Ilias something said on last Superstar, immediately after a Tunisian female contestant finished performing her song entitled "min awwel nadra".. he shouted in a wise man's way of encouraging the girl:

El 7ob min awwell Nadra!...

the MC teased him saying: Does your wife know about this? lol

He replied: Ana Matifriq Ma3i!.. El 7ob min awwel Nadra!..

the other judge sitting near Usstad Ilias tapped on the back, chatting with the MC jokingly: "He is staying with me tonight at the hotel!!"

the MC replied to the second judge: "..and you.. does your wife know about that!? LOL"

The point is, whatever turns you ON! :)


abdelilah's notes (2)
Vulgarity as revolution: Lemsakh we tsalguit..
marrying lkofra..


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