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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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L'esprit Des Marriages Cross-culturels
12:00:00 AM Thursday Oct 17, 2002

Etes-vous un fils ou une fille de parents mixes ? Etes-vous dans un milieu familliale cross-culturel ? parlez-nous de votre experience.

Est-ce que vous vous sentez assez chanceux de faire parti de deux cultures ?

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7:04 pm    October 21, 2007
im looking for usa girl to marry

7:00 pm    October 21, 2007
looking for foreign wife

5:57 pm    May 4, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
tariq / Ahmed - check this web site, you might find the answers to your questions. I also think that in the forums you'll be able to find cases from Morocco who can give you detailed practical info:


7:28 pm    April 22, 2007
Hi all of you ladies and gentlemen,
I'm a 20 years old guy from Morocco, and I put a date with my futur wife to get married here in Morocco, she is an American girl, from texas, and I want to know what papers will she need to bring with her and what are the steps are we gonna follow to do this marriage here in Morocco, please brothers and sisters, help me with your informations if you can!
Thank you !

1:56 am    February 21, 2007
Hello dear,
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8:11 am    October 17, 2006
al7assoule Allah imasskhek !
Mariage at 23 !!! Goule lawri9ate o hannina! khrej leeha !

Poor gigolo !


1:10 pm    July 21, 2006
my name is jalal, iam 23 years old/male , i seek for marry , if you have interest answer me ,

3:23 pm    July 6, 2006
hello everybady hope you're all doing good :) am a 22 years old guy from Agadir my sweet heart is going to came over here after 24 days so i need to know what papers do i need for our marriage and how much time it takes here in morocco i also wanna know if we're forced to go to the usa's embassy or consulat if so . can i do it befor she came cause he is gonna spend just 15 days with me here as she doesn't have too much i'm waiting for your answer thanks for your advices . hope to hear from you soon ...
good luck to everybady

3:22 pm    July 6, 2006
hello everybady hope you're all doing good :) am a 22 years old guy from Agadir my sweet heart is going to came over here after 24 days so i need to know what papers do i need for our marriage and how much time it takes here in morocco i also wanna know if we're forced to go to the usa's embassy or consulat if so . can i do it befor she came cause he is gonna spend just 15 days with me here as she doesn't have too much i'm waiting for your answer thanks for your advices . hope to hear from you soon ...
good luck to everybady

2:12 pm    June 30, 2006

I'm so happy that everything worked well for you and that your husband is finally home with you! Wish you both the best of Luck and May Allah be always with you and help you realize all your dreams.

P.s: Thanks so much for the update.. I was pretty concerned.


2:12 pm    June 30, 2006

I'm so happy that everything worked well for you and that your husband is finally home with you! Wish you both the best of Luck and May Allah be always with you and help you realize all your dreams.

P.s: Thanks so much for the update.. I was pretty concerned.


2:11 pm    June 30, 2006

I'm so happy that everything worked well for you and that your husband is finally home with you! Wish you both the best of Luck and May Allah be always with you and help you realize all your dreams.

P.s: Thanks so much for the update.. I was pretty concerned.


7:19 pm    June 26, 2006
Hi mohgaz, i am Hind, I live in USA, I am so happy with the way you express yourself, your Frensh is perfect, i use to have good frensh as well, but as i never practice i forgpt many words. :(
But, I am proud of your opinion and the way you put your ideas together :)

7:05 pm    June 26, 2006
Hello, I am a moroccan girl, I study and work in USA, I read your story, it's very sad, I am really sorry to hear this. Actually, I was thinking if hamid could improve his English, may be go back to school, i know that it's not gonna be easy for him to do that. But, he needs to try. You should think about it this way, if you are married, you are more than welcome to live in Morocco. Nobody is trying to keep you apart, there is no problem for you to be with your husband, but may be the living condition will be better for you in Canada. Don' t try to push to much, let your husband work more on his English, may be get a technical certificate, or save the money you are spending on the trips to pay for the lawyer, may be you need to get him a sponsornship from canada, something like a commitment for a job or a contract. And one more thing, let your husband get a prouve of income from each of his brothers whom are in spain. Show that they have a life and a stable income, and that they won't be intrested in going to canada as well in the future. Work more on yourself, your career, your education and believe me no country will ever reject you, and keep in mind you are welcome to live in Morocco, I think it will be easier for now. Good luck.

7:05 pm    June 26, 2006
Hello, I am a moroccan girl, I study and work in USA, I read your story, it's very sad, I am really sorry to hear this. Actually, I was thinking if hamid could improve his English, may be go back to school, i know that it's not gonna be easy for him to do that. But, he needs to try. You should think about it this way, if you are married, you are more than welcome to live in Morocco. Nobody is trying to keep you apart, there is no problem for you to be with your husband, but may be the living condition will be better for you in Canada. Don' t try to push to much, let your husband work more on his English, may be get a technical certificate, or save the money you are spending on the trips to pay for the lawyer, may be you need to get him a sponsornship from canada, something like a commitment for a job or a contract. And one more thing, let your husband get a prouve of income from each of his brothers whom are in spain. Show that they have a life and a stable income, and that they won't be intrested in going to canada as well in the future. Work more on yourself, your career, your education and believe me no country will ever reject you, and keep in mind you are welcome to live in Morocco, I think it will be easier for now. Good luck.

3:28 am    May 31, 2006
Just to let you know, my husband ,who is from Morocco, is here in Canada with me now.He's working,has a fantastic job, we just bought our first car together,looking into homes and we are doing great. I guess the embassy was wrong about us!

3:27 am    May 31, 2006
Just to let you know, my husband ,who is from Morocco, is here in Canada with me now.He's working,has a fantastic job, we just bought our first car together,looking into homes and we are doing great. I guess the embassy was wrong about us!

4:51 am    November 5, 2005
c'est vrai qu'on ne peut qu'etre horrifi? ? la lecture de tels pr?jug?s vis ? vis des enfants n?s d'un mariage mixte.C'est d'autant plus navrant de lire des commentaire du type"moi je suis contre"relatif ? une situation qui ne cocerne pas directemrnt l'auteur du commentaire."Je suis contre" veut dire ici que je me donne l'autorit? de refuser que quelqu'un exerce un droit individuel fondamental i.e le libre choix du ou de la partenaire...Eh bien moi je suis contre le fait que quelqu'un se donne le surnom de Shamkar(litteralement "sniffeur de colle ") et vienne donner des le?ons de choix de vie ? d'autres personnes...
P.S. je ne fais pas partie d'un couple mixte,je nesuis pas issu de mariage mixte mais je suis contre la stupidit? mixte...

6:31 am    November 1, 2005
well, i am from morocco , i am 22 years old , i will marry with an canadien woman , all i want to know is how the law of canada , and what's the condition i will find in canada .

8:24 am    May 7, 2005
If you need informations on marriage laws in Morocco and related subjects go to: in the left of the main page click on justice de la famille, it says all about act of marriage.

7:17 am    May 7, 2005
1- My advise to any of you out there who wants to marry a non Moroccan and wants a Moroccan marriage certificate(act of marriage) not to do it in Morocco, you will have to go through hell, there is like 12 documents to collect(some of them are so difficult to get) after you get the documents you have to translate them to Arabic, then approve them at the ministry of external affairs and the ministry of justice in Rabat, then there is the authorisation to marry from wakil lmalik in your province (I cant believe that some guy who doesnt even know how I look has to give me permission to marry) and it's time consuming, it takes a lot of time, and lots of money and waiting and what we call tlou3 wlhbout(continuous visits to the administrations) then finally you submit those approved papers to the adoul(the priest) and he will tell you when you can collect your act of marriage...just for your info, my cousin is on her 9month waiting for the approvals, and her husband to be, has been travelling between Morocco and France like someone who takes a daily trip to work between Rabat & Casablanca, because every time there is something new.
2- If you can get married in the country where you are, go to the nearest mosque, tell them that you want to do a religious marriage act, they will call 2muslim witnesses, and they will provide you with the act, then the best option is, on your first trip to Morocco take it yourself to the department of marriage at the ministry of justice in Rabat and validate it, and then it is recognized in Morocco.
As for Mrs Achour, my question to you is why cant you be patient and hire a good lawyer and follow the process as he advises, crying and asking for help wont do you any good, I know exactly what you're going through believe me, but asking for a tourist visa for your husband while he is a potential condidate for immigration to canada was a waste of time and money, I dont know where your journey with this pain is right now but my advise is to get a good lawyer it will take you a couple of tousand US$ and few months and they will give him his visa.
You mentionned that they made fun of him at the embassy during his interview, why did your husband allow them to do that, he could have defended himself, I had the same experience once from a moroccan guy who worked at one of the consulates, he was rude to me once, again twice..the 3rd time I yelled at him, cuz he doesnt have the right to treat people the way he did, and my argument with him ended up with the consul himself getting involved, I was happy I stood up for my self, It's too bad that some Moroccans use thier power and disrespect other moroccans, it happens everywhere in our beloved country and everyday.
Sorry Adnane that I went out of the subject but reading through all the responses below, I wanted to give my opinion.
Thank you and good luck

12:19 pm    April 30, 2005
Look, a marriage is a partnership in which both parties must work to keep together. Marriages happen to have a 50% of survival or failure. If you don't work at it, of course it will fail. If you do work at it, then of course it will work.

Personality matching is what's important. Your partner being the one you love to spend time with, can laugh with, can share many things with.. is what makes is succeed. Being respectful, loving, understanding and forgiving.

There are non-mixed marriages that fail. There are mixed marriages that succeed. I think that "generalizing" without facts, is stereotyping.

If one is ready for marriage, then one commits.

My pet-peeve is meeting many married people at bars who are trying to pick up. Where is the respect, the love and devotion?

Men, and women alike, who do not respect marriages are most likely to be doomed!


8:36 pm    April 6, 2005
I am happy to know even though some people look at color not everyone. We are all made in the image of god. So hating each because of color and other things. It being distatseful to god. I have no bad feeling toward anyone about there color. Mostly their attitudes and personalities.

1:50 pm    March 31, 2005
I am sorry to read your situation, and I am not surprised by the action of this Moroccan man.
First , I consider myself nothing but An African-American , originally from Morocco. Here is the story : Moroccan people do not consider themselves black , or non white, they think they are white people , and some fools there think that they are caucasians , without knowing the meaning of being caucasian.
Men prefer to marry at least fair skin women , the preference is for white skin , brown or black skin is not considered a beauty , but white European women even not attractive looking are considered beautiful. So for us (I am Moroccan born) lemon-tart looking women are prefered to beautiful dark ebony skin . I am married and happily married to the most delightful sister , highly educated, a loving person. my family loves her and I adore her very much. Our marriage is fantastic , we have a young son who travelled a lot to Morocco during his vacations , a college student he runs to many problems in Morocco when some stupid people called him by the color of his skin , and when he gets disturbed by these guys he fights them not physically but with his brain and when it does not work he abandonned them and tell them "you are the people that got forgot"

3:55 am    March 26, 2005
Yaa, sorry to hear that, even in marriage there still some kind of racism, especially in some "old-way-thinking" families!
However, Islam is against this, because after all, we are all human beings!!

6:53 pm    March 25, 2005
I am a African American Woman who fell in love with a Morrocan Man in 2003 . I love him and we dated and we decided to get married. But lest to say his family didn't like that one bit because I was black and it broke my heart badly. Me as a black woman already being cast aside by other black men for other race of women. Which I don't care they can date whoever they want. But the fact is you love your wife no matter her color and married her and kept a family with her. It makes me happy to know that one man from morroco didn't give the person he love because she was black or because he family didn't approve. Sad to say 10 mo after I stop talking to him I found out he is married which hurts alot. But I just want to say thank you. For I may lost but someone else won the love they deserve......

7:58 pm    February 5, 2005
1) If you really love this man , you met his family and friends, you like Morocco, so why can't you go and live with him in Morocco? why don't you go and be with him in his home town or somewhere else, Rabat, Casablanaca.
I am a Moroccan man married to an American woman , exactly to An African-American woman. We spent many years in Morocco before deciding to come to the USA for graduate school and for our children education. We were happy in Morocco, my wife loved it there, she was considered a Moroccan woman, because of her beautiful looks, her education, her knowledge about our history and our society. She was the favorite woman in the family. Everybody in the family adored her except my female cousins and second cousins that see her as a woman who snapped their favorite man cousin (marriage with them was never a possibility on my part). Yes, because we loved each other very much, and we share many things , feelings, sentiments, life, etc.. our marriage was a successful one. Today we maintian two homes , one in the USA and one in Morocco. We are planning to go back to spent the rest of our lives in Morocco-together-.
I understand the Canadian consulate point of view. With so many false marriages, or "blanc marriages" the consulate has to make sur that you are not part of this sceem. Also age difference is very important in their eyes. Older Canadian or American woman marrying a younger foreign husband is also a flag that attract their attention. Also remember how many Moroccan men are leaving pregnant Canadian American wives and marrying their Moroccan fiancees.
And I do not see or know or heard any organization or association that can interefere in the affairs of any consulate in the world. Consulates and embassies are part of government who their main job is to protect their terretories and to promote their countries. They have the last word in any subject.
So instead off wasting your time and your money, please decide to go to live in Morocco or let this man go to seek his life with a Moroccan woman.

2:06 pm    November 22, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
Now that's what I call thinking out of the box

6:04 am    November 22, 2004
U can also think of having a child as a proof

2:15 pm    November 21, 2004
Sorry to hear that... but I guess the only thing they need to make sure of wether there is a real marriage, whether you guys are serious about each other, or he is using to get the canadian papers. They usually look at if the marriage was consumed or not , if you know what I mean. So my suggestions to you why do not you try to live with each other first even if for a short period of time, like he comes on Visa or you go to Morocco on vacation couple of times in a year for example, so that you make it clear there is COUPLE life, and you are practically his wife. The only thing that I had a hard time to understand why was the interview in English?!

Things will work out inchallah, do not worry!
BTW, sent u an e-mail at your hotmail account



6:39 pm    November 20, 2004
Hello, my name is Theresa Achour,I am Canadian and my husband,Hamid Achour,is Moroccan. Today is November 14,2004 and 19 months ago,on April 10,2003 we married in Morocco. We went through so much to marry,doing so much paperwork,travelling the country getting papers translated into french and arabic.Once we had travelled to Rabat(5 hours one way on a bus) to the Canadian Embassy to get the Capacity to Marry papers and we were turned away and told to come back the following day even though we arrived at 8am and did not need an appointment for that.

I had to leave my husband 3 days after we married and return to Canada to my job. It took me 7 months and 15 days to return to his arms,but we stayed together in Mor Is there anything you can do to help us? Is there anybody in this world who cares enough to help us be together? All I want is the day when I can call my husband and tell him that he can finally come home to his wife. It's not fair that we need to pay $3500 to a lawyer for an appeal when we are not the ones who did wrong. I have been working so hard and so many hours to try to pay our lawyer. We have made so many sacrifices for each other.My husband has no computer in our home in Morocco,but he faithfully makes a 30 minute walk every single day to a cafe to talk with me,rain or shine,he is always there on time for me.When he works in irrigation,he makes about 10-15 dollars a day and he had sent me $600 to help me out one time.That may not seem like a lot to you,but that is a lot to my husband when he needs to work in the dirt and in the hot sun all day for so little money,but he never thought twice about it.And he had to make a 5 hour bus ride one way to Rabat to do it.

Last year I had a house fire and lost everything.My husband went twice to Rabat to try to send me money to help me througth Western Union and both time they refused him. He loves me and I love him. No man,no group ,no organization and no government can break what God has made for us .In the Charter of Rights it says that all human beings can leave and return to their country ,but why is it that when my husband asked for a visitor's visa so he could come to Canada to visit me,his wife,they refused him? The one thing they wanted to know was to give them proof that he would return to Morocco.He told them that we are doing everything legally and they said that was not proof enough.What else did they want him to say?

In the Charter of Rights it states that men and women who are married shall have the right to live as husband and wife and have a family.Why does that not include my husband and I?

Please,please,will somebody in this world hear our cry for help? Please help me to bring my husband home to me. I love him,I miss him,he 's my husband and best friend.Please help us to be together.occo from November ,2003 until April,2004.We did so many things together,from climbing the Atlas mountains,having picnics near the local mosque,visiting with family and friends, sitting at our favorite coffee shop for hours talking about our dreams and hopes in life. We would fix things around the home,cook together ,love each other and be so very proud to be husband and wife. I even had the opportunity to go to work one day with my husband ,who is an irrigation technician. It was a lot of work in the hot sun but we were so proud to be together that day.

I had sponsored my husband to come to Canada and on March 9,2004 he had his interview at the Canadian Embassy in Rabat.We had left about 2 am on a bus to make that 5 hour bus ride. When we arrived at the embassy my husband asked if I could attend the interview with him and they said no,that it was his application,not mine.He asked to have his interview in english to prove that he can speak the language very well and they insisted he have a translator and later they told Paris(who did the final approval) that my husband can't speak english. They asked my husband if we slept together before we married.We didn't ,but it embarrassed him to be asked that. They showed him pictures of my family and he knew them all and they told Paris that he didn't know them. They asked him why his brothers and sisters and my brothers and sisters were not at our wedding.He explained that his were in Spain and mine were in Canada .They told Paris that our families were embarrassed to be at the wedding. They asked him how many brothers and sisters he had and when he told them,the immigration officer and the translator laughed in his face. They asked him if I had brought money with me for my 5 month stay in Morocco and he said yes,and told them how much I had brought,but they told Paris that I brought no money with me .My husband told them that our marriage is new and that we wanted to begin from 0,that we all have a past but we wanted to begin fresh.They told Paris that my husband was ignorant of my past.

This immigration officer changed so many of my husband's words,she embarrassed him,humiliated him,lied about him,and was so ignorant and unprofessional and he should have been treated with the utmost respect.We found out from an appeal lawyer that the same immigration officer has done this before .The only difference was that the woman was aboriginal and the immigration officer made fun of "indians" and was also very rude and ignorant to her husband ,who is Moroccan ,also.

On March 31,2004 we received a letter from Paris stating that my husband's application had been refused because "he did not satisfy" the immigration officer.We were so devastated.We went to a nearby park,sat ,held each other and we cried so much that day.Our dreams were on hold and we couldn't understand why they did that to us.My husband is a good man,he has a clean police record,a clean medical record,he is an irrigation technician,he has 4 years of law school,and he has so much to offer the world and I love him and he loves me.

On April 1,2004 I called the Canadian Embassy in Rabat 3 times.Once I spoke to a receptionist and told her that I needed somebody to call me.Nobody did so 2 more times I called and left messages on the answering machine and nobody ever called me.We sent a letter to the Canadian Ambassador in Morcco and to Paris Immigration and they did not respond.We did nothing wrong,we fell in love and were being punished for that.

It was the most difficult thing to do when I had to leave my husband in April,but we made a promise on that day at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca that the next time we are together we will never leave each other again.

Since returning from Morocco in April my husband and I speak every single day on computers and it hurts more than you can imagine.We have sent hundreds of emails to the Minister of Immigration here in Canada,the Prime Minister,the Minister of Foreign Affairs,and to so many members of Parliament begging for permission to have the one right we only want,to live free in this world as husband and wife,but they all ignore us.

One member of Parliament called me the night before the local election here and said that if he won he would help me and my husband,he even sent me an email after I spoke with him on the phone.He won the election and we never heard from him again.I called him so many times and he would not return my phone calls.Me and my husband sent him so many emails and he would not respond to us.

The mayor of Halifax,Nova Scotia(where I am) knows about me and Hamid and he had set up a meeting for me with a member of Parliament.I went ,the woman believed in us and said she would make a recommendation for my husband to come here.Then several days later I get an email from her saying that it is taken out of the political field because me and my husband are doing an appeal,but for the past 2 years they said it was not political?

We have been ignored for so long now and we don't know what more they want from us.We are begging to be together and we have so much support and love with us.We have a friend in Ottawa who is a lawyer and worked before in Parliament.He went to Morocco about a month ago and met with my husband twice and he believes in us and wants to help us be together.We had friends from Morocco send me a signed petition wanting us to be together.A friend in Abu Dhabi sent us an email supporting us.A corporate lawyer in America sent us an email supporting us.We have friends here in Canada who support us, a friend in Miami and his wife support us,friends in England support us,we have friends in Spain who support us.They are all waiting for the day that my husband is with me

THE EMAIL ADDRESS I USE MORE IS My husband and I wish to thank you for your time.T'hallah.


9:31 am    October 11, 2004
Hi my dear friend (soussya)
after they changed the raioo i didn`t really get to check anything. so today was the first time i come online just for raioo and tried to figure out where they put things. how are u?i hope you are doing fine. i will check everything from now on so i hope to hear from you soon and please e-mail me if you can. thank u

7:57 am    June 24, 2004
abdul razzak
Dear Sirs , My high admiration,I wouldlike to have information about marriage in Canada,Sincerely,Abdul Razzak

12:08 pm    March 22, 2004
Haven't heard from u for a while. Whats up?



12:07 pm    March 22, 2004
No problem, Khok Ana. Any time.

ps: i like ur nick. Its very ...brotherly :)


7:56 am    March 22, 2004
khok ana
Thnak you guys. your thoughts were very helpful.
khok ana

5:52 am    March 22, 2004

I did not mean to say that you lied to me...not at all. I was just surprised. Like you said, may be the folks over Canada have different requirements in validating the marriage than those in the USA...In all cases, good it worked easier for you..

Thanks again


PS: will email U soon


8:57 pm    March 21, 2004
Well, I sure was not lying to you about how it went for me. Give me your email or email me at , so I can tell you in detail how it went for me. By the way, I don't know if this makes a difference, but I dealt w/ the Mor. Embassy in Canada not in the US. Anyhow, I'll let u know in email every thing.




8:49 pm    March 21, 2004

You told me that the certification of your marriage at the Moroccan Consulate/Embassy was returned to you withing one week or so.

By looking at this link which refers to the validation of the Marriage validation:

You can read that it takes 8 to 10 weeks for the processing..
In case the link does not work, here is the content:

Marriages involving Moroccan nationals according to the American law can be validated according to the Moroccan law. The procedure is as follows:

Both parties have to be present at the Consulate at the same time as well as two Moroccan witnesses (Marriage validation is processed on Thursdays 10am to 2pm by appointment only). Requirements:

- American marriage certificate
- Birth certificates of both parties
- Copies of passports & National IDs
- Copies of children? birth certificates (if any)
- Two Moroccan witnesses (National Moroccan ID required)

Registration is mandatory prior to procedure (Pease refer to Consular registration on this site). Non Moroccan nationals are not required to register as they only need passport and birth certificate.

* The Marriage validation certificate is processed by this Consulate and sent to the Ministry of Justice to be validated. The process takes aproximately 8 to 10 weeks.

(What they mean by registration is that you have to register yourself at the consulate and be issued a consular card:


12:15 pm    March 21, 2004
Sanfoura, I couldn't have said it better :)



11:08 am    March 21, 2004
1- You should go to City Hall first to have a civil marriage (Zawaj Edaree).
2- Go to the mosque to make that marriage a religious one
(Zawaj Shar3ee).

==> This means you have an islamic marriage recognized by US authorities

4- Now, you have to certify/register the marriage act in our Moroccan Consulate/Embassy.

==> This means that your marriage act is certified by Moroccan authorities.

I am not sure how long you should wait to apply for Green Card after you marry the girl. you should have a green card first before applying to the citizenship. Also, contact the office of international services at your college about your marital status and therefore your visa status that would be changing from F1- to permanent resident.

Hope this is helpful. May be Soussiya can correct me on any of the above steps.



9:26 pm    March 20, 2004
khok ana
If you are on F1 Visa and decided to marry an american citizen girl, what are the steps to follow by chronological order please. I would like to know things to do to make it recognized in the US and also in Morocco.

10:26 pm    March 19, 2004
thats cool.

7:50 pm    March 19, 2004
Well said Sanfoura. I'm also very happy with my non-Moroccan muslim husband. Not to say there are not good muslim Moroccans around , but it just happens that I was not lucky enough to meet one of them. I think its a big prejudice to rule that all cross clutural marriages are doomed to fail. They might or they might not, it all boils down to a matter of personality match, which brings us back to the same stand as in any other 'no-mixed' marriage.
Thats my 2 cents.

7:39 pm    March 19, 2004
Sorry, you can't be absolute in your argument. Besides, there are many levels of cross-culturel marriage (e.g. Arab-Muslim, Non-Arab Muslim. etc. Even within the same country, there are differences in culture between the cities. So, this one is another special case of cross-culturel marriage (e.g. someone from Oujda with another person from Agadir). Mashallah and Hamdollilah i am happy with my my MUSLIM GENTLMAN, my choice. And i know of good cases of cross-culturel marriages. Of course, in every marriage there are ups and downs but inshalla with a good faith, mawadda and rahma, things have the potential to work out.

My humble, NOT elaborated, opinion.



7:32 pm    March 19, 2004
Thanks again Soussiya for your input. Inshallah, i will definitely take into account your advice.

12:15 pm    March 19, 2004
i tried to e-mail you but it didn`t go through for some reasons that i`m not aware of. could you please e-mail me ?

11:23 am    March 19, 2004
Email me at




9:04 am    March 19, 2004
Dear soussya;
i appreciate you coment and i agree with you. and as i said before it doesn`t matter where he comes from he may be better than 10 gys from your country u know what i mean..........all it matters to me is someone who knows god....if he knows god he won`t be confused and as a result i won`t be confused.....since you are married with someone who`s not moroccan i want to share something with you but i don`t have to share it with what do you think?do u have an e-mail adress?

9:21 am    March 18, 2004
Jazaka Allah for your input Mr/Ms. Ooops.



10:30 pm    March 17, 2004
Le Mariage mixte est un echec des le depart !!!

10:54 am    March 17, 2004
Dear Kenza,
I appreciate your opinion and I am glad to say that I agree with you 100%. I forgive you in advance for assuming that if we're talking about marrying a non-moroccan, then we're automatically talking about marrying a non-muslim, because it might be the dominant thing. But there are many muslims from different countries that do get married with eachother, and I happen to be one of them. When I mentionned difference in cultures, I meant countries's cultures rather than religion or values.

10:24 am    March 17, 2004
Sanfoura, There was a typo in my post:
I meant : "............but you will need to have a mariage certificate previously done in a mosque"

10:23 am    March 17, 2004
In fact I was surprised that it went pretty well with the consulate. First time ever had a positive experience with our beloved Moroccan administrative services. They had us sign the document and then after it was signed and stamped by the consul general, they mailed it to us, I think the same week!!!! But you'll have a marriage act done previously ina mosque. They made us feel as if we JUST got married. The guy was like: congratulations!!! we were looking at him like what the heck r u playing. we were married for couple of months already and he knows that. Just the fact that our marriage was recognized by the Morocan authorities , somehow, made it finally official. whatever, but i was happy with my certificate. It just eliminated an otherwise crazy process if i had to do it in morocco. and i had what i need to show in morocco if ever i was asked (in airport, hotels or others)...
Hope this helps.

6:59 am    March 17, 2004
Salam everyone;
i would like to share my opinion with you guys about this hot topic. i believe that it doesn`t matter where you come from how you look like and what your skin color all it matters to me is the religion. Islam is the complete religion and i want my children to be muslim too i think it`s wrong totaly wrong (but i`m not god to judg though) for a woman to marry a non muslim it`s Harram and allah made it Harram because of the children. even for a man to marry a non muslim is hard but at least it`s not harram. well people wake up i think you start to loose your values and also your religion everything seems to you just normal.......a wake up

6:02 am    March 17, 2004
7abibat al 9oloub

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????? ?? ???? ????? .. ???? ????? ?? ?????? .. ?? ????? ???


9:14 pm    March 15, 2004
Thank you Soussiya for your feedback...i heard similar things as you described them but still wanted to re-confirm my findings. Now, I have to convince my family to have the marriage act done abroad.

Shall I understand that the certification of your marriage act at our beloved embassy was done on the spot or they sent it to you several days later.

I think the certification of the act is a good idea and could help me in convincing my people.

NB: glad you liked my nickname.



6:57 am    March 15, 2004
Sanfoura, (I like your nick by the way :) )
I had my marriage act done in a mosque here in the US, and then certified in the Moroccan Embassy, and issued a contract right there. I heard its really really very difficult to do it in morocco. I knew a person who went though endless formalities , and background check ups and police interviews as if she was going to marry a criminal for not being a Moroccan. Or as if the governemt has to approve him first , then u can marry him. Anyhow, if you want more information about the consular marriage act, call your nearest embassy/consulate and ask them whats needed.
I was very happy with how fast and easy it was for me, especially after i heard all the horror stories from other ppl.
Write back!

6:32 pm    March 14, 2004
Hi all,

if anyone of you is married to a non-Moroccan gentlman and had the marriage act done in Morocco, I would be thankful to know the documents needed and the steps (& difficulties of course) you went through before you were issued the marriage act.

Thanks ALOT.



6:55 am    March 8, 2004
Salams all,
Is there any one who is involved in a cross cultural marriage? I'd like to vent out a bit with people who have similar experience.

7:15 am    November 25, 2003
Hi everybody!

I am like Sarah and natasha, from moroccan father and german mother. But i growth up in Morocco and with my grand ma, and was only in thsummer in germany.

So i got a moroccan education, but i am since 5 years in germany and i was happy to know the german mentality and culture, because it s a part of me too.

I think mixed marriages like non mixed marriages can succeed or not. Religion and traditions can be a problem, but it depends from the person.

I will have nothing against to marry an europena girl.


7:38 am    October 25, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Sorry to hear about your divorce.. try

Best of luck


8:26 pm    October 24, 2003
I find this site while seeking information on divorce. I just marry American man and now I need information on Islamic divorce. Does anyone know any sites for this information?

9:41 pm    May 25, 2003
Listen everybody: When there is LOVE and defittently respect you got a beautiful marriage. understanding each other is a must. i don't see any difference if i married a moroccan or not (i have already proposed fully proposed i guess i still have some chance). anyway marriage is about sacrefases from both parties if you have a stronger belives and morals than your partner you could convice him/her to join you and adopte your culture and belives....more to come later on

3:52 pm    May 25, 2003
How can yu say it will never happen?.I do not like the states and so do a lot of morrocans

8:29 pm    May 24, 2003
If my mum was italian and my dad was moroccan i would be tha happiest moroccan alive whohoooooooooo i will have good lookin italian female cousins ...chix :))))
yaa well im jamaican so its still good.
anyways in this topic the most important thing is the way how the children r bought up.
i mean it is really nice to be mixed u learn about both cultures etc... ya and food :)))
about religion its the parents job to make them learn it when they r young and teach them about the right and wrong no matter what religion it is.
there are also alot of disadvantages ... but as long as they r a happy family and the children love both countries ... then its all good.
One thing i wana know lets say a person is mixed ok and lets say the 2 countries go on war and that person is called up 2 tha army of both countries ... which country will he/she chooze.
can any mixed blooded person answer this question ? ( not tha moroccan - american people cuz it will never happen :)) heheh )
thank you and Jah Bless :))

1:31 pm    May 24, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
maghribi, Your questions are good "general" questions, but they are not complete. I don't speak for the others but it seems to me that the more complete question would probably be, What can they do as Moroccan and as American to serve the interests of both Morocco and America without turning their back on one or the other ? There are many communities in America that are rooted in different nationalities around the world, and they do their best to serve their countries abroad, as well as America by being a good American citizen.



12:33 pm    May 24, 2003
al maghribi
i have just one question. How can yu all live in the states and say yu're happy when your country attacks and envades your brothers land, when it prosecutes muslims through out the world. I talk especially to those who claim to be proud of being both morrocan and americain. Yu can't be on the two sides yu must choose yours wassalam

1:36 pm    November 10, 2002
well i guess when u fall in love u don't care where the person is from and so on...but man i guess when u marry someone from a different culture. country and probably makes it harder to fully understand eachother IN SOME issues and i Guess the biggest one is religion... anyhow you guys do what makes u happy. Children of a mix background should just be proud of their background and hopefuly learn about their half just as much as they know about their other half ok GOD BLESS YOU ALL

9:50 am    November 2, 2002
hello adnane,

well what can i tell u i never thought to go there and live well it is kind of impossible because i have a career here and i do not speak arabic nor french so i would never be able to move down there....i visited and enjoyed it because it was different than the states...
when it came to religion my mom never pushed us to her side nor to our father's side while my father was insisting that islam was the right religion for everybody not just us and i agree about that because i read books and i read koran and it makes alot of sense and it is very fair in terms of human life in general. i do ramdan and i practice my religion so i guess i answered your question.

my 2 cents of the day: happy ramadan to all of you and may allah protect you all and bless you all



8:55 pm    October 20, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
So Sara, how about you ? you said your father is Moroccan and your mother is American. Unlike Natasha's whose background probablu shares similar values like religion and arabic heritage, your parents may not necessarily be the case. How does religion play into your life ? did you grow up to think of religion as an important value in your life ? Morocco is a third world country with a monarchy style of government, with 60% illeteracy rate, which makes of Morocco a hard environment to live in, open up and use your imagination and creaticity to your best.. do you ponder ever living in Morocco ?

4:25 pm    October 20, 2002
Thank u Adnane:)
Well, my dad has always talked about Morocco to me, how it is a great country with a lot of potential, he was always clear in his speeches, talking about the good and bad sides of it. But he is so in love with his county that he made us all fall in love with it:) He even took us there to live for 3 years. It was an amazing experience:)
When it comes to religion, he taughts me about all the aspects but he said that the final decision is up to me. That I have to do my own choice. And I thank him for that cause it shows that the religion he comes from is a beautiful and tolerant one. By the way I love Ramadan:) I think it's unique and awesome and I am looking forward to do it and have ftour with all my arabs muslim friends:)

8:35 pm    October 19, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Very well put Natasha and I'm happy to hear you speak, it's very informing, rational and interesting. By the way, how much does your father teach you about Morocco ? about religion ?

6:42 pm    October 19, 2002
Thank u Antr.:) I feel awesome here:)
Shamkar, nous les enfants du mariage mixte, on n'oublie pas le Maroc, au contraire...
Mais quand on voit le genre de commentaires que l'on re?oit parfois,comme lorsque tu dis que tu trouves ?a flagrant, ?a nous eloigne un peu de notre autre moitie parcequ'on se sent blesse et trahi par d'autres qui sont une part de notre sang. Effectivement qui voudrait etre blesse? Au contraire toi et tous les autres vous devriez nous voir autrement, nous ouvrir les bras et ne pas avoir de prejug?s, genre, ouais , ils sont devergond?s, ils savent rien de notre culture etc...
Il est vrai Shamkar qu'etre enfant d'un couple mixte est tres difficile mais c'est surtout et aussi le fruit d'un amour qui surpasse toutes les barierres que notre monde impose aujourd'hui. Et ?a , ?a vaut plus que tout au monde:) Je suis extremement fiere d'etre enfant d'un couple mixte, j'ai la chance de choisir le meilleur de chacune de mes cultures:)

5:07 pm    October 19, 2002
hello all
i am a result of a mixt marriage. a morocccan father and an american mother. i was not aware of this isue when i was alittle yet when i grew up i started being exposed to so many situations in which i had to talk about morocco without knowing anything about its culture nor its religion. the interesting part of it is that i went to morocco about 5 times now and everytime i go to visit my family i learn more things and more amazing meaningful traditions.

sara who is proud of being half moroccan.



3:56 am    October 19, 2002
je pense que le marriage mixe etais toujours un point ou bien un suject a aborder, moi je ne le suis pas mais je veux juste donner mon opinion :) je suis contre le mariage mix. je ne pense pas que deux couples de differents culture, religion, tradition va durer en bonne etat pour longtemps. oui peut etre juste pour les premiers dix ans mais le probleme ce pose qu`on le couple a des enfants c ca je le grand problem, quelle culture, religion ou bien tradition vont les enfants suivre et adopter? la plupart du temps ils trouve beaucoups de difficultes de s `adapter au deux cultures et commence a adapter la culture du pays ou ils vivent. et on plus je pense que si par exampls un marocain est marrier avec une americaine, leur enfants ne vont jamais venir au maroc pour vivre et c ca ce que je trouve un peu flagrant et merci

11:32 pm    October 18, 2002
hi how are you?

1:35 am    October 18, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Here is a Finnish-Moroccan hybrid mix.(10km walk world champion)

But because she has never known her father, her Moroccan switch is none existant...Wich made her naively religious to the bone.

This link is in her site ;)

(I like pic of the little drawn devil with a tail :))))))


1:21 am    October 18, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Bojor Madmozel Natasha,

At least here at Raioo, you are a fully accepted sister, feel free to display the half of your choice. ;)


11:25 pm    October 17, 2002
I am from a mixte marriage, and I personnaly think it's cool as I have the opportunity to know two diffferent cultures, religions,languages etc
However, u r not accepted as a full part in the 2 countries u r in, u r always seen as the other half and it's a big dilemna. In addition,all the paperwork u have to do everytime u r in one of the 2 countries u belong too!!! But it's like that:) original, difficult but full of emotions.

11:17 pm    October 17, 2002

Adnane Ben. message


Let me just remind you that this photo is not part of the photo caption section.. (Morocco's Funniest Photos) well it's not really funny photo anyways ;). But the idea of this section is to contribute to the topic with your opinion.



10:53 pm    October 17, 2002

khti jakline zieri m3a dak boukhrarou ou sndou9 lhout
... yah khooya hammouch chkaddir had asta hna
...n3am basta finahia a 3ti ldik tfiila chwia ...ah asta WALLAH ma3rft akhti ymkn jayin yakhdo flous do(kahraba2) mat3arfi oula raha stafit dlboliss chi bznas hat hna yalla a khti dabi yhzzouna ou mayb9a fiha lla zwaj lla hrig

7:24 pm    October 17, 2002
ieeeeeh ya Samira koun jit n3awed lik f sghar kannt chitaaaaan chefti had l tomobil dyal Cafe Asta ch7aaaal tchabatna fiha fach kanna mazalin kanmass7ou khnountna ...
see this link guys ....

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2006 !..
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Adopted HIV kids from Romania..
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