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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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MS Mess
09:48:25 AM Monday Aug 21, 2006

I have just about had it with Microsoft. So my computer starts acting up a few months ago. Everytime I want to start windows explorer it gives me an error message and hangs up. What might have happened? I remembered that I had just installed the "latest update" that microsoft recommends for windows 2000. I try to uninstall it to at least be able to look up my files; too late. I should have told the computer before I installed the update that I might want to uninstall it in the future so it backs up my configuration.

After hours..hmmm, make that weeks of frustration, I reinstall the operating system. Of course, I have lost all the cd's with the chipset drivers and most importantly my copy of MS Office. I search around everywhere and ask those that might have borrowed it some time ago. Nowhere to be found.

Defeated; I resolve to accept reality and head to the computer store to buy the software I needed. Windows XP: $299 or $199 for the upgrade. I ask if the upgrade would work with my corrupted windows 2000, no one in the store can help, but they are quick to point out that once the boxes are opened, software cannot be returned. MS Office: $499. These prices are absurd!!... An operating system and a utilities suite should not cost more than the computer itself. If the combined price were $100-$200, I would have been more than happy to make a purchase of the software. At these prices, I'll be sure to pick up extra copies from the souq next time I am in Morocco ($5 investment.)

They dare accuse people of piracy while they remain the pirates. They monopolized the business of basic business utilities and barricaded themselves behind patents (some legitimate and some still in litigation.) Nobody can compete and nobody can innovate beyond what's been done already. I am frustrated right now and ready to move full steam into the linux world.

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3:54 pm    August 22, 2006

fender (full stop) message
why pay when the alternative is for free!
your data is lost anyway! so why don't you give it a try.

11:34 am    August 22, 2006

hudhud message
that's so annoying hang in there dude. my sis called me yesterday complaining about very similar issues. she's going through the same thing, has to completely re-install everything, buy ms office, the works. personally i've put myself in the market for a macbook.. anyone got any good suggestions or recommendations, tips, things i should keep my eyes peeled for.

9:53 am    August 21, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
I was able to get the software you need from a friend of mine, Office XP. XP OS is coming soon.

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