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fender (full stop)
Liege Belgium
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Zzzzzen. Profile don't match, object exterminated
01:52:07 AM Wednesday Aug 30, 2006

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the latest phase in the decades-old trend of the miniaturization of computers. RFID transponders are tiny resource-limited computers that do not have a battery that needs periodic replacement. RFID tags are inductively powered by their external reading devices, called RFID readers. Once the RFID tag is activated, the tag decodes the incoming query and produces an appropriate response by using the energy of the incoming radio wave to power the chip long enough to respond. RFID tags can do a limited amount of processing, and have a small amount (<1024 bits) of storage. Unfortunately, businesses and governments are not the only ones interested in RFID. Civil liberties groups, hackers and criminals are also keenly interested in this new development, albeit for very different reasons. Civil liberties groups are concerned about RFID technology being used to invade people's privacy; RFID tags enable unethical individuals to snoop on people and surreptitiously collect data on them without their approval or even knowledge. For example, RFID-enabled public transit tickets could allow public transit managers to compile a dossier listing all of a person's travels in the past year -- information which may be of interest to the police, divorce lawyers, and others. (Vrije Univesiteit Research. Look for an interesting paper on
Have you guys have any experience with this RFID madness! Some people microwave automatically any card they get, others solve the probleme by wraping their wallet with ducktape..It was ofcourse only a question of time before someone make the Anti RFID wallet :), here you are ( Are we still save or will the privacy concept soon be gone in the name of security !!

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10:25 pm    August 30, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
RFID has been around for quiet some time now, and it's been pretty useful. The ones that get implanted in one's body.. now that's scray. Otherwise, it's all good.

8:27 am    August 30, 2006

hudhud message
but could be really cool if not abused..
(but when has any technology not been abused??)

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