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Coming to a Sky Near You: Total Lunar Eclipse
10:38:04 PM Saturday Feb 16, 2008

There's going to be a total lunar eclipse this coming Wednesday, February 20, 2008. Here's some info from NASA's website about the upcoming heavenly event!

"A total eclipse of the Moon occurs during the night of Wednesday, February 20/21, 2008. The entire event is visible from South America and most of North America (on Feb. 20) as well as Western Europe, Africa, and western Asia (on Feb. 21). During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon's disk can take on a dramatically colorful appearance from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and (rarely) very dark gray.

An eclipse of the Moon can only take place at Full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of Earth's shadow. The shadow is actually composed of two cone-shaped parts, one nested inside the other. The outer shadow or penumbra is a zone where Earth blocks some (but not all) of the Sun's rays. In contrast, the inner shadow or umbra is a region where Earth blocks all direct sunlight from reaching the Moon.

If only part of the Moon passes through the umbra, a partial eclipse is seen. However, if the entire Moon passes through the umbral shadow, then a total eclipse of the Moon occurs. For more information on how, what, why, where and when of lunar eclipses, see the special web page lunar eclipses for beginners."

And here's some info about "Salat al Kusuf" - the special prayer Muslims perform during an eclipse.

I remember praying Salat al Kusuf once when we were kids. It was a big deal, everyone in the neighborhood turned out for it. We walked to the jami and I remember the two roukou3's (that threw me off :o) and how the Imam took such a long time, reading long passages of the Quran and making a long douaa.

It's interesting to see how different cultures have evolved different beliefs or rituals/practices surrounding eclipses. Lots of ancient cultures believed that an eclipse was a bad omen, or marked the death of a great person, or even some battle between the gods of the sun and the moon. I was browsing some sites online and came across reference to the moon being bewitched, and other such superstitions.

But the one that really takes the cake is this: in tropical paradise Tahiti, ancient lore narrates that the eclipse is a sign of the Sun and the Moon making love.

Now that's gotta be the cutest superstition in the world =)

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4:24 am    February 24, 2008
eh, wech ndirou, c'est triste c'est une tragedie mais keskon va faire.. like Adnane made the point earlier, this poor fellow is going to have to take the rap to serve as an example for anyone else who insults/offends the royal family - even if most people would just laugh and think it's just "silly" or childish...

ps: after a lunar eclipse... the moon shines much, much brighter. ;)


8:59 pm    February 23, 2008
3abir sabil
On sturday Feb 16,you said: "There is going to be a total lunar eclips".
what a power of prédicting the future.I am astonished !!In deed,Fouad mortada is condamned to jail for 3 years.I can't believe it.All people who I know are very sad and angry.

2:14 am    February 22, 2008

hudhud message
omg wasn't it amazing?? I loved it!! it was so beautiful, just really an amazing thing to see.. It happens pretty fast too, I was watching the moon slowly disappearing on our way to the special prayers.. it was full eclipse starting at 7pm our time. It was like a shiny white fingernail-crescent-sliver.. it kept shrinking and slowly got smaller and thinner til it disappeared! The color was mostly blackish-brown like you describe, but with a hint of reddish color.

After the special prayers in the jami, the imam was giving this little dars.. I skipped out and went into the giant empty prayer hall with huge windows to go peek at the moon again, it was starting to reappear..

By the time I got home around three hours later or so, it was a full moon, shining so bright and white.. It looked even brighter than normal for some reason..



2:06 pm    February 21, 2008

Salem message
Today morning, at 2:30 I woke up and went up to the building roof. It was a bit cold although I made sure I was well covered. The eclipse was there and was total at 3:00. The sky was lightly clouded and I couldn't see the expected colors of the total lunar eclipse. Nor red. It was rather a mix of dark gray dark brown. That was the first time in my life I saw a lunar eclipse.

4:42 pm    February 19, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Badr ~ I understand what you're saying, but you're looking at it from the western point of view. We're talking a serious kingdom here, a dynasty, a royal familly, a ministry of protocols, a constitution that clearly says one cannot insult the king or the royal familly. Faking their identity is unfortunately considered an insult. Listen, of course I don't think he should be jailed, but we're talking Morocco here.. you just don't piss or mess with the king or his familly. Period. Les regles du jeu sont clairs wether one likes it or not. facebook is not going to change them. Even if facebook bans the Moroccan guy, Morocco will still have to deal with him at its own rigor. He's just an unlucky guy who's meant to go through this. Nothing anybody can do about it. If he gets jailed, next 3id he'll be out, and then he will never try to express his admiration for the prince again, at least not by stealing his identity online. And everyone else for that matter. Morocco's message to the new digital generation: we're there, and we're watching.

3:39 pm    February 19, 2008

Badr message
Au maroc il n ya pas un vrai système judiciaire concernant les actes malhonnêtes commis sur internet.
A part le fait que Mr mortada soit kidnappé puis torturé, il va etre aussi condamné a 5 ans de prison....
iwa Mr Adnane tu ne pense pas, que la 'justice' marocaine exagère un peu sur ce sujet.
usurpé l'identité d'un prince sur le net ne doit pas valoir 5 ans de prison comme même.

2:21 pm    February 19, 2008
Baba Salem!!! did you send me your cloudy weather vibes or something?? :o))

It's cloudy here today too!!

let's pray for clear skies tomorrow..

I haven't gone on a *real* camping trip in eons. Def not in shape for it these days *cough cough* but yeh, that woulda been nice..

Adnane - re: faceschmook, I agree that it is scary how someone could fake another's id and that does destroy the credibility of fb, but then again, it makes me wonder about all those other fake profiles out there, like those created by les Zidanistes, for example.. who's going to punish them? Shouldn't it be equal? And shouldn't the punishment come from the creators of the product, perhaps by preventing such users from entering the system again, or providing other safe checks to ensure authenticity, rather than jailing someone for doing a really silly immature thing?


1:17 pm    February 19, 2008

Salem message
I'm a little sad because there is a risk that we won't be able to watch the moon eclipse here because of the wether. I has been raining these last few days and the sky is cloudy most of the time, and my hudge rooftop wouldn't be of any help. I'll try to be optimistic and wish that tomorrow the sky will be cleared so that we can see the Red Moon.

I wished you could go camping up the hills, where you would light a fire, cook something for a dinner in wild nature and watch the moon eclipse under all possible colors. But the simple 5 minute drive to a hilltop park would be fine as well, if the wether is OK out there. Cross fingers!


7:03 am    February 19, 2008
3abir Sabil
Like many young people,may be Fouad Mortada did a "silly act" and we agree that no body has the right to fake identity of others.But also no body has the right to kidnap and torture a citizen what ever he did.I hope that the sun eclips wouldn't last forever in our country.

11:24 pm    February 18, 2008

Adnane Ben. message
Why on earth would this young man fake the identity of the prince? as far as I am concerned, he committed a silly act of immaturity. I'm no prince, and I would be very upset if anyone fakes my identity on the world's second largest social network. Facebook (American not Canadian by the way) is popular because people's profiles are usually real with real names (yeah scary!), which was unheard of before. myspace, the largest social network was designed to allow profiles with nicknames or fakes. This differentiation of rival facebook adds to the network's credibility. So, to have someone steal your identity on facebook is alarming, and one should be concerned about that. So hmm.. I don't blame the prince if he did indeed order the arrest.

On the other hand, I don't believe anything serious or harmful will happen to the young man. He will be released. But before that, the judiciary will take advantage of the case to set the rules in this digital world. I encourage that.

I believe Moroccans in general are responsible users of the internet, and rare cases like these should not be seen as a threat to the Moroccan's freedom of speech and freedom of digital socializing. It's merely a sign that the authorities keep fine-tuning the system to interface with the digital age.


10:48 pm    February 18, 2008
baba Salem - I envy you a good rooftop!! :o) ok just kidding I don't like the word "envy" but I do wish I had a nice huge flat rooftop like back home to just sit up there and watch the sky..
No, I won't be camping. Just a simple 5 minute drive to a hilltop park in hopes of seeing something =) I wonder what it'll look like..

3abir sabil, yeah I first saw that on Laila Lalami's blog and it made me want to laugh and shout at the same time. it's soooo ridiculous. I mean, just beyond ridiculous..


10:47 pm    February 18, 2008
baba Salem - I envy you a good rooftop!! :o) ok just kidding I don't like the word "envy" but I do wish I had a nice huge flat rooftop like back home to just sit up there and watch the sky..
No, I won't be camping. Just a simple 5 minute drive to a hilltop park in hopes of seeing something =) I wonder what it'll look like..

3abir sabil, yeah I first saw that on Laila Lalami's blog and it made me want to laugh and shout at the same time. it's soooo ridiculous. I mean, just beyond ridiculous..


9:15 pm    February 18, 2008
3abir Sabil
Sorry guys of Raioo:
At the moment,here in Morocco we are not waïting for a moon eclipse but for a total sun eclipse and it will last for many years:
Fouad Mortada, a young moroccan (25 years old) is risking five years in jail.A round 2 weeks ago he was kidnapped and tortured by the police and then presented to a juge just because a rediculous matter:
They say(no body knows who sue him) that he usurped the identity of prince My Rachid on a canadian website called "".Believe it or not,but it's the most "surealiste" eclipse that our beloved country is weetnessing now.



12:42 pm    February 18, 2008

Salem message

Yes we did actually. See comments about my note "El Sombrero y El Tazar".

"Le mot Albaicin provient de l'arabe dialectal al-bayyâzîn : les fauconniers, dérivé du persan Al-bâz :le faucon. Son orthographe est diverse selon les transciptions de l'arabe, avec ou sans accent sur le i, avec ou sans y, avec ou sans z : Albayzín, Albaicin".

By the way, are you going to camp up the hills waiting for the 20th of february? That would be great!. I'm looking forward to seeing a red moon on wednesday. I may watch it from the roof of the building.


9:27 pm    February 17, 2008

hudhud message
ah yes the great Sara Baras! amazing.

I'm still wondering where that word Albaicin comes from. didn't we have a thread about that once somewhere here on raioo? It always makes me think of the arabic "al bai'sine" and wonder if it comes from "bou's" - misery, miserables..
and isn't the old moorish neighborhood of Granada called Albaicin?
Every time I hear that word, it makes me wonder.

I'm looking forward to going up the hills to see the eclipse. anyone else planning to watch it??


12:14 pm    February 17, 2008

Salem message
I like to see the moon this way.


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