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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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DVD That Self-destructs Itself
12:00:00 AM Friday May 23, 2003

You have probably heard of the new DVD technology that can make the DVD destruct itself in a few days or hours after its opening. The company that patented the technology is a 2-year-old start-up in New York called Flexplay.

The technology finally caught up with James Bond fictional gimmik we've always enjoyed!

This technology is expected to leverage the DVD rental businesses initially.

So what do you know about this technology ? How does it work ? What do you gain or lose from it ? And what opportunities do you think this technology can bring up ? Feel free to share any views or knowledge you have about this new technology.

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11:10 am    February 1, 2007

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I know he is God's creature too. Allah yesmah lia. :-)
But I am sure that he wouldn't mind being called Gremlin. As he tries all he can to look as ugly as possible . :-)


12:40 pm    January 30, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Man, you're very good with nicknaming people. Flavor Flave definitely can be mistaken for a gremlin.. seriousely, I could never have thought of that!

5:10 pm    January 29, 2007

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I guess the gremlin looking singer of Public enemy would have problems passing through that 007 machine since his mouth is loaded with precious metal...
Maybe they should add a laser beam to fry the terrorists. :-)

About the self destructing DVD, it is coated with a layer sensitive to oxygen, once it is exposed to the air, an oxidation reaction takes place blocking the light from reading through it.


3:42 pm    January 29, 2007

hudhud message

11:37 am    January 27, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
I read that, and was like "he must have meant x-ray" but then I said he might know something I don't, so I was going to ask you for more details about this new technology :) lol, I think.. you haven't travelled in a long time man! nowadays, there is a lot of x-raying going on. At some point in JFK they had this crazy James Bond looking machine, with that silverish look to it, silver shiny knobs, red, green and blue blinging lights. The funny thing was when you pass through it, you gotta stop, and a second later this powerful wind blows at you from top to bottom giving away the sound of a train departing.. that "Tshhhhh! Tshhhh!" sounds. I must admit those unexpected winds tickled me and I laughed so hard, the security guard in front me giving me directions when to advance, stop and move it, was staring at me with that serious American robotic law enforcement look, I felt relieved as he waved at me to get going. They don't have it anymore, and I don't know why they pulled it off. But oooof! so now I know I can tell my grandchildren I once passed the wind-operated terrorist checking machine.

9:44 am    January 27, 2007

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Sorry, I was wrong.
I did confuse laser light with X-rays used for luggage scanning.


4:54 am    January 27, 2007

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I am not sure that Lazer is part of the day light...
Otherways camera films should get destroyed when language bags are scanned at the airports.
Interesting point you brought up anyways.

9:47 am    January 23, 2007
Well I think the laser beam itself will play the role of the daylight; which will let the chemical reaction take place anyway... if this is true then keeping you DVD in a dark room at all time will not work. Am only guessing am no tech man.

1:56 pm    February 22, 2005
a ymchiw y zmmrou y sel destructiw tramiuhoum ma kain ghi graver vcdiate ou bi3 f joutia ara brr3 bittorrent

12:21 pm    April 10, 2004
A great weapon for BIBI

BEN .....................


8:29 pm    July 7, 2003
DVDs of this kind will have to be cheap as the customer will treat it like consumable good just like food.

However, there might be created DVD players that can record the data on these DVDS into normal ones, which will make this new business of DVDs fail.


4:11 pm    June 3, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
People will find a way to cleanse the DVD from the pink layer I'm sure, and then technology has to keep fighting back, and forth... I think it's just trouble! But I can see how rental companies could use it, DVDs as material cost nothing for them, probably a dozen cents, they're giving away the material for you, but charging you the same amount as they charge now, $4.00 for them they actually will benefit I think, how? by reducing the overhead that comes with keeing and maintaining inventories of DVD's returned, organizaing them again, etc.

10:18 pm    May 25, 2003
wa ayur hadou il japanese wiliiiiiiiii allah yester wi safi :))) they work really hard ... man they r dominatin world technology no one can mess wit tha japanese technology everyday wit a new gadgets gizmos ... i bet ya they will be the 1st ppl to create a flyin saucer :))))

8:51 am    May 25, 2003
Salamlmouhime, DVD technology is improving quickly, i just heard that a japanese man created BLUE DIODE, and could use it in creating some new DVDs that contain 10 hours of films.and last week, i heard they created WHITE DIODE, and u imagine! a dvd with white diode can take more than 50 hours of films.nnass kayekhtar3ou, we7na makayene gha lkassale!!!Salam

7:58 pm    May 24, 2003
ayur :)) hehehe hounaa ya sadiki howz life chico :))) well u know where im most of the time:)) mirc :)) good 2 see u here :)
destructive dvd's hehhe destructive joints :Pp

3:21 pm    May 24, 2003
Asalamou 3alaykoumou:
hade wa7ed site katahdare 3la kifache inam3ou hadouke lli kayanchiwe l cinima ou recordiwe l film very intresting artical:,1653,45640,00.html


10:56 am    May 24, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
ya 3ajaba, :)
Just today while taking a shower, I started thinking of this topic and this is what I came out with.

If the disk gets damaged 36 H after the package got
opened, I assume that it is coated with a photo sensitive chemical
layer similar to the one used on the surface of the camera films.
once the disk is exposed to the light, a slow chemical
reaction takes place, wich explains the pink color that appears later on.
Now why should that stop the laser beam from detecting the microscopic holes on the surface of the dick (as a reminder, the disk surface is made of holes, while
the laser beam is scanning it, it does continiusely read "hole no hole" on it surface,
wich is interpreted by 0 and 1.
I bet that the chemical layer on the surface of the disk is
transparent at first, wich means the laser beam should have no
problem to go through that transparent layer, and detect the "presence" of the hole, once the chemical substance reacts to the day light, it is not transparent
any longer, it turns pink, a color wich in return block the laser beam
from detecting a hole underneat the disk's surface. in other words,
once "develloped", that film layer
blocks or protects the disk from being read by the laser beam.

I suggest an experiment to test the validity of the above,
when you rent one of them 007 DVDs, switch off the lights before you take out the record from the package, and keep the room dark
while playing it. and remember to keep it in a dark place after use. maybe that way it's longivity will last for ever.

All the delirium above is copy right, as all might be wrong.


9:45 am    May 24, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Why%--, I never did... ana 3ad faqt, hold on let me check. Sh7al katsssarra3 f les conclusions!

9:24 am    May 24, 2003
Adnane :( ... why did you deleted my topic suggestion?

1:48 am    May 24, 2003
nice subject about new technologies.
sem7ou liya ila ghberte, rah gha 3andi wa7ed lconnection meyta, mab9ach kayedkhel walou:(
MACLAREN yo negga, afine?:) hada InGeNiEuR lli m3ak abo9al:) fine ghabere:)
Adnane, i think that there was someone with nick LOL who tried to make his logo with his name, but he fails, i think there is an html code to insert on "Your Nick" section:) maybe hehehehe
About DVDs, i didn't know such a thing, self destructed DVDs is a new idea:)

11:30 pm    May 23, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
MACLAREN jamaica man :) it is possible to draw you a personal avatar, but there is a condition for that: you have to be a financial sponsor of contact me in private for more info if you'd like: adnane at raioo dot com

10:10 pm    May 23, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Why -- daroulak RAW DAW !! :)

Yes, ask them I'm curious to know how much they cost. It must have been a promotioanl copy and it got mixed up in the shelf or something. these DVD jettable should cost much less than normal DVD, so let me know.


9:39 pm    May 23, 2003
heheh adnan i like tha pic ur puttin on its tyte :)) wit tha comb tha guy is representin :)))
can i get a pic too of a rastaman :))
well as u said it turns pink and the other person said O2 maybe the surface rusts cuz of the presence of O2 and and the reaction takes time in this 36 hours until all the reaction is complete and it rusts totally and is no longer readable..
who knowz maybe its magic ... :PPP
Oujdi 4 Life...

9:15 pm    May 23, 2003
...well i have not started searching yet, but it sounds like some radical reactions happening there(occurs in the presence of O2) and the reactif on the surface must be very instable in the air..i am wondering how does this molecule look like!?
..very interesting!!

8:59 pm    May 23, 2003
Actually it sounds a very good subject to me !! since it s based on chemical reactions, and I am very curious to know what kind of materail are on the DVD!! It s my first time to hear about it. I will try to find out about the materials and also about the reactions if it s cited in some scientific journals!!

8:56 pm    May 23, 2003
Wooooowwww... you won't believe this ... I just bought a dvd tuesday (red dragon) ... and today I wanted to watch it again ... and guess what ?!@ ... It didn't play ... I thought the dvd player was no longer working ... so just to make sure ... I put another dvd in the player ... and it worked ... amazingly ... it's crazy man ... then, while i was contemplating the dvd, I noticed a warning on the disc ... it says: Warning! Once removed from it's packaging, the DVD will self-destruct in 36 hours ... and it was true ... it was past 36 hours ... 39 to be exact ... the readable side of the dvd was purple/pink ... what an experience ... tomorrow I will go back to the store and ask for a refund ... I paid the regular price ... I mean a price to buy and keep forever ...mannn ... it's just like a sci-fi story ... believe it or not ...

7:45 pm    May 23, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Jamaica man :) that was funny! what they mean by self-destructive is some chemical reaction occurs and the surface of the DVD becomes unreadable by DVD laser head.. it actually turns pink as they say.

7:39 pm    May 23, 2003
here me now..
self destruct dvd !!! i bet ya an arab guy created it :))))
what if it self destructed while ya playin it on ur dvd or forgot it there !!!
and yaa does it melt or jus explodes to pieces ?? i heard of the flexible cd now destructive woooooooow im gettin too old :)))


6:21 pm    May 23, 2003
Folks, there is a link on top on the right if you can spot it please.. it says: Suggest a NEW Topic! ila ballikom oujatkom 3la khater khwaterkom, click on it to suggest a topic that you think is HOT, and you don't see in raioo. You can leave a message there, and you will also see what others are suggesting. That way I know what people are interested in discussing.

6:09 pm    May 23, 2003
sa3id ljoumani,
a sma3 !! ila kounti baghi tstaf?d ou tzid lguoudam...mar7ba bik !!
bghiti tb9a tna9ech ghir fel kawarite ou lkhwa lkhawoui...wa 3taaa llah l9haoui ou l7?mmamate !!
moukh?k fihe l btata a sa7bi !!
al jazair w9a3 fiha znzal, nos pens?es sont avec no freres et soeurs algeriens, hadchi diyal vois pas ach bghiti tna9?ch fihe ? li mate llah ira7mou ouywasse3 3lih ya rabbi, f l'algerie, fel maghrib...

tu crois que les gens te prennent pour un con !? je suis desol? mais tu fais tout pour !!


5:40 pm    May 23, 2003
sa3id ljoumani
ach had lmawdou3???
had chi mafih maitchaf. Lbssala hadi. Assi lmoudir dir 39elk oudir lina chi mawdour flmousstawa issta79 enni9ach.

Matalan had lkarita elli we93at tani fljaza2ir. Allah ir7em hadouk ennass ou issabbar ahlhoum amine

Arretez de nous prendre pour des cons a la fin!!!


4:48 pm    May 23, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Why -- I read about the interest of DVD rental businesses in this idea recently. They see that it can reduce their overhead of handling DVD returned from customers and inventory. Providing this technology enables mass production of DVD at very cheap cost, these rental businesses can transform their concept of operations.

Plus, I believe the DVD self-destuction aspect is only one of the aspects of this technology. I believe it can be tweeked to other uses, such as stopping illegal copying, or illegal use of a single copy by more than one party.



4:41 pm    May 23, 2003
Hillou:) personnaly I think it's stupid, and senseless. What is the purpose of this new technology??!!@# who's gooing to buy DVDs anymore ??? I think it would make more sense if the self destruction starts once you make an illegal copy of the DVD ... agree ?

4:30 pm    May 23, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
To some extent, yes there could be little to discuss here - definitely for you moulzari3a - but I was hoping someone knows about this technology and can fill us up. It's based on chemistry... Flexplay are very secretive about it. I personanly am interested in the details of course, but I am always hungry to digest the causes and effects of things.

I was actually preparing a social discussion, along the lines of Al Qaida etc, to put in the front cover today.


4:02 pm    May 23, 2003
sounds like a mission impossible movie

PS: this is not a subject of discussion simply because there is nothing to discuss


10:46 am    May 23, 2003

I added recently a function that you might find useful. With each discussion topic like this one, you find on top, underneath the Title a link called: Make this My Raioo Topic! When you click on it, the next time you browse to that discussion topic will be your front cover if you want to keep watching it, and keep it alive... usually some old topics die off.

So, right now raioo front cover is by default the scitech discussion topic about self-destructive DVD. If you go for example to the social discussion topic Casa Bombs, and make it your raioo front cover, next time you come to you will not see the default cover (DVD) but rather the Casa bombs topic.

You can always inspect what is the default front cover, since I change that every week or so, by clicking on the link HOME on top, near Raioo Khmissa.

Any feedback for improvement let me know privately: adnane at raioo dot com



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