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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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What is .NET?
12:00:00 AM Wednesday Nov 20, 2002

From what I understand in one of the classes I am taking .NET is a set of software technologies that enable us to connect many of the devices we could be using daily together, in order to serve us more effectively. These devices could range from your TV, cellular phone, computer... pocket PC... car, and so on. The list of devices is long especially if you are talking about professional environment such as hospitals. So .NET is an infrastructure for developpers to build applications that enable these devices to talk to each other, interrupt each other, share information and so on.. sounds like a great idea and I'm excited to learn about it. I hope you will also learn more as people contribute and tell us what they know.

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11:55 am    March 10, 2011

mostafa message
here is the .Net
I think I need to admit that is too easy to join such environment.
As long as you pay to get it's license and stick to Windows operating system
but do not be fooled.... :)
microsoft hides it's implementation from you.... so you do not know what is going on behind the scene... :)
and you cannot deploy your web application on a robust servers....
I mean it a ROBUST and sometimes "free" server like "UNIX" and "LINUX"...
Guys .. . we "the JAVA developers" rise the saying
"When it comes to computing, thankfully we all speak in one language. JAVA"

8:28 pm    October 3, 2003
Yeah I'm in the Boston Area.

1:39 pm    October 3, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Where do you work Souhaima? are you in Boston?

1:28 pm    October 3, 2003
I don't know if I'm a lil late but I did work with asp.NET...maybe you're still interested in openning a forum about it.
It will be cool to have under Technologie a programmer's corner for different programming langs/ enviroments.

9:32 pm    May 23, 2003
all i know net means no in russian :Pppp lameeeeee :)))

7:47 pm    April 18, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

1:22 pm    April 18, 2003
anyone has some documentaion about SVG
I'm trying to get an SVG file from XML file unsing C# in .NET framework.
in other words. I'm trying to add to the XML file some SVG tags in order to display the data with some graphics on the browser.

8:37 pm    March 30, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

for Dreamweaver, do you have the software ? if you do then it comes with very good tutorial in it, that's how I learned it myself.

For PHP, I would recommend for starters..


3:06 pm    March 5, 2003
it looks like nobody is consulting this discussion forum anymow

peace out Bros


7:49 pm    February 28, 2003
do u have a url for a tutorial on php and dreamweaver

ara 3eta9 khouk
wa ssalam


9:55 am    December 13, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

7:17 pm    December 11, 2002
First, I misundestood your first question about the toolbar. I thought you were building a windows application instead of a web application (that you clarified in your second message). As Adnane said you may be able to find some similar control out there in the internet. But the toolbar control is more of a windows look and feel, I don t recall any web site that has a similar control.
For your second question, Windows .NET Server will be the latest MS server, it is not in the market yet. It will be released early next year in chaa lah. Oracle 8 should be supported in this OS without any problem.
Another interesting web site for .NET stuff is

12:39 pm    December 11, 2002
hi guys....look what i've found all about the .net ....tutorials+links+everything enjoy ur time


11:41 am    December 11, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

I don't know of any way C# controls that allow to easily create a nifty toolbar inside your web page for paint-like use.. you would have to use panels, placeholders, user controls and so on and feed icons there that trigger events. Maybe someone already tried to do something like this search here if u can find anything:

dynamic drive


7:35 am    December 11, 2002
hi tarek...thanks for the reply about the toolbar i know that but when u create a new application in c# u cant see that control because the web controls are shown
so either u have to build a new 1 (which i dont know how and i dont have a time to learn how)or use a panel that contains many buttons!!!i think that what i will do anyway thank u..

what i wanna ask now is that what is the best operating system that i can use to host the .net web services and web applications in general,i m using .NET and oracle8i as main database i know that microsoft has released a new os called server but i still dont have a copy from have any 1 tried that new version?
is it compitable with oracle?
thanks alot.:)


5:39 pm    December 10, 2002
Hi Cheb Diaa,
There is a Toolbar control that does exactly what you are asking for. You ll find it by default in the Toolbox list of your form.

2:00 pm    December 10, 2002
hi guys and i wanna at first say thanks for adnane who opened a new corner for the tpoics:)
i need a help.....
i m working on a second project for graphics course this semaster and i m in the middle of an online paint brush project that uses GDI+ in c# .....
i wanna to know how can i put the tools in a specail toolbar like the toolbar that we can see in the explorer and i wanna put some icons on it......can i do this in c#?instead of using normal buttons?or in java script?actualy i m not that good in java script so i need a help or an idea that can explain how to provide an online toolbar like the 1 used in photoshop...
thanks drari....

6:33 pm    December 9, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Tarik, thanks, I worked around the problem I had.. I actually learned a lot about the class is almost over. I'll contact you in private if I have more questions.

How about if I use the Board (on top) to open a forum about ASP.NET code help ? I think it will be usefull. I'm not sure how many of you are technical in this field, but 2, 3 or 4 is a good start, we'll all learn.

Go check The Board.


9:13 pm    December 7, 2002
Hi Adnane, please send me all the details of the problem that you are encountering and we will try to work it out together.

10:00 am    December 7, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Yallah mashi thanks, I usually find msdn example and samples very basic.. I mean they don't show the hard examples which I usually look for because my controls are a bit complicated. Yallah nshoof

1:53 am    December 7, 2002
adnane see the msdn documentation....

i hope u will get what u asked for


2:51 pm    December 6, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Anybody knows how to use the Repeater OnItemDataBound event properly inside out ? I am having difficulties.. let me know and I'll followup with you privately, I need this help asap please!

10:49 am    December 6, 2002
adnane e Tarik
thanks drari for the advices and nice ideas.....i will work on that inshala......

2:03 pm    December 5, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Just realized tarik and I posted our message concusrrently, and we pretty much complemented each otehr's feedback. And yes Tarik is right, a LAN will suffice, no internet is necessary.

2:02 pm    December 5, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

By the way was going to answer your question you asked a while ago about a nice gui to layout pages and I guess you already figured the answer: dreamweaver MX, I haven't used it, but I extensively use dreamweaver and it is a life-saver.

For your database project, your idea of school is great! But since teachers and students do not all have access to internet (one more reason why these schools you talked to should adopt the idea of creating computer labs.. either government funded by your technology-loving king, or by the parents of the students who CARE and have money).. anyways, why don't you bend the application to be used only in the school administration. that way the director or the principal of the school will love the idea since he will be asking for a computer and an internet connection in his office. Plus all the administration can use it. the application will organize the school classes, the students, courses, by semester, student records, teacher records, generate reports of how well the students did this semester, this year etc.. and exclude from the application all the elements that would have students and teachers are super-users.. such as a students checking grades, registering for classes.. teachers checking students grades.. bla bla all that stuff is a totally diffferent project in itself.

Bottom line, focus on aking your application targetted towards the school administration. The administration will probably be excited to entertain the idea. Hopefully eventually they will ask for more, including creating an application targetted towards the teachers.. and eventually one targetted towards the students.

Yallah good luck.


1:59 pm    December 5, 2002
Hi Cheb,
For your first concern, yes, you should be able to insert Flash into ASP .NET, check this web site

For your second question, an onliune school may be very interesting. Here is my recommendation:
You should serve the needs of your market (Jordanian School) by understanding their real needs and reals benefits. The cost of getting internet to teachers is high and maybe not beneficial.
I would first the real needs of the school (e.g. what are the daily things that teachers and administration do that can be automated or made easy using computers) The school does not need internet, it only needs a LAN
Here are some ideas:
- A secure web where teachers can enter grades and submit it the administration
- Online classes and homeworks where the teachers help the students by puttig resources on the internet
The idea is to make the school a better place with a low cost


1:08 pm    December 5, 2002
i wanna your opinions drari...
i have a course this semaster in my project (database) and we must deploy a project so i've choosed a online school....
what you think guys?what ideas do u have to put in the web including marks,school info,elearning and payment info?
do u think that a project like that is nice to think about for future use?
i've meet with school managers here in the f*** country i live in jordan ,imagine no school acepted th idea ....the told me:do u imagine that all teachers or students sue internet?
where we live..offfffffffffffff
anyway is it a nice idead?...eschool?
i m using oracle and which means that if i wanna start this project then i will really get headache so let me get this headache on sth that have a reall value?does this project has a value?
thanks drariiiiiiiiiiiiii.....

1:00 pm    December 5, 2002
salamo 3alikom wa mobarak 3idkom drari wa specialmon si adnane..........
i wanna ask about sth,have any 1 tried to insert a flash movie in an application using the VISUAL STUDIO.NET?
i m edeting the html code by inserting the object tag but this generate an error and the VS.NET clsoe withought saving to my work..ughhhhhhhhhh

2:43 pm    December 4, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Tarek, you're openening a great discussion about using modern technology, or at least technology that Moroccans in Morocco and outside of Morocco have acquired, to improve Moroccan life. It is a seperate discussion outside of .NET tail and It shall be the next topic. Thanks.

9:52 am    December 4, 2002
I am not sure of the benefits of storing all this huge data by the car insuramce. The cost of storage only is huge comparing to the benefits (at least with today s technology). However, this is already used by US authorities. If a person commits a serious crime, he might get a limited freedom, like staying in town or not leaving the state. The US authorities forces the criminal to wear a (bracelet) that can be detected or sends signals if the person breaks the rule. GPS will definitly have a lot of very interesting applications...
My concern is how should we apply all this knowledge to improve lifes in our homes (e.g. Morocco)? I recommend that this forum should address this question as a special topic. Please let me know what you think

6:38 pm    December 3, 2002
When I mentioned the example of car insurance campanies, I meant that when you go to renew your car insurance, the insurance campany will look at your car, take the GPS device and see how much you have been driving your car and where (where is important too) during the time period of interest. the GPS will allow then to download data reporting the millage and the map (spatial data). that way, car insurance campanies will be more effecient and will charge people on the basis of how aften you drive and where do you drive (san fransisco areas people will be charged much more than poeple in Minnesota of course: question of risk). The example I gave of airplane exist already but not in commercial airplanes. in fact, the US army has this technology and you do hear airpalnes with computer pilot, actually those are provided with GPS technology. So now they are talking about the use of this technology in Commercial airplanes. Probably our kids will assist to that:)

8:33 am    December 3, 2002
Issami i am not sure about pilots being replaced with a GPS kit! i don't think so bruv..However, GPS is helpfull for location and direction finding as Tarik mentioned (read about NMEA if u r interested about gps and checkout this site for tutorials on the subject:

Regarding your comment about Bin Laden being a bad Person..WELL?????


9:53 am    December 2, 2002
There are already some applications of GPS on the market. Today, you can install an application using GPS in your Pocket PC and while driving in your car, it can show you the driving directions to a location and traffic jam alerts..

9:49 pm    December 1, 2002
I took a class of GIS where the lecturer said that very soon Car Insurance campanies will use GPS technology to charge you money depending on how much you drive your car. The GPS is the Global positioning System that will be attached to every single car. he added that we will use this technology in airplanes very soon so the airplane will not any pilots, you just enter the GPS data in the computer telling it when to land etc.. that way bad people (such Benladen:)) can not do anything.

3:33 am    November 26, 2002
Antr, sorry bruv i didn't mean to sound patronizing/condescending in my previous post maybe i shouldn't have said (a straight copy/paste) in fact i've done quite a bit of it myself when i was at university. Salamaalikom et bessa77a ftourek

12:58 pm    November 25, 2002
HAHAHA. hadi wa3ra! My question is why don't we apply these technologies in Morocco? Is it expansive? No. Is it arcane (some obscure high Tech that is hard to learn)? No.
I want bladi to boost on this field. What can we do to make it happen?
More specifically, I work on the next version of .NET technology and I keep thinking of ways to enable Bladi to boost and make difference in the IT field. I really appreciate your feedback of how things should be adapted to the Moroccan life style

12:48 pm    November 25, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Just for the fun of it a colleague of mine, built a small system
withing his computer, so that it would obey his TV?s remote
He can turn it On/Off and open and close some 5 or
six programs using nothing but the remote control?s bottons.
But that is nothing compared to what a freaky teacher did :
While on vacation in Greece he would call up his computer,
when ever he wants, so that IT would give water to his flowers
on the balcony. and would specify the amount of drops that should be
droped !
Needless to say that he designed and built an entire tube
irrigation system for that.

12:27 pm    November 25, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message

No root, . it is not a copy+Paste. I don?t do that....

What you seem to ignore is the fact that withing the elements I
briefly described below, there are network oriented
software applications in use.


9:46 am    November 25, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Exactly Tarik. That is while 3ammi Bill Gate called it the age of computing as opposed to the old age of computers (imagine how computers will not become the centerpoint). What will happen is everything that can be computed - car figuring out out of gas bla bla - will be done behind the scenes through a woven network of computing devices made possible by this baby technology of Wi-Fi still in progress).. and will provide you with a service, a web service that is - gas station notified etc.

9:35 am    November 25, 2002
The example of Antr is a nice one. Here is another example of what .NET can change our life..
Your web service (a .NET application) sends a message to your hand watch to wake you up: "Taher, Taher, nod nod rah lefjer wedden", while having a shower, Taher clocks on his magical clock, he wants the breakfast ready. The clock communicates with the Ferrane, Ferrane starts heating rghifatt. After the shower, Tahar finds rghifat ready for him. He starts eating and clicks on the clock to warm the pickup for him. The car starts on then. The car knows that it almost run of fuel. The car sends a message to the gas station to purchase the fuel. Two minutes later, the gas man (a new job description) comes and submits the fuel to the car and gets paid automatically.
and go on and go on.
This is an example of how life can be different. Notice that Tahar does not need to go to the kitchen or care about the state of the car.
What I am describing here is not fiction..

8:13 am    November 25, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
There are many manufacturers of this wireless technology, and here is one connector from Microsoft

9:52 pm    November 24, 2002
Great description of the Wireless communication.. But I do not see its relationship with .NET. Also .NET is a software technology, why do you describe it as a hardware technology too?

2:42 pm    November 24, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
2-Base Station Controler (BSC)

1:37 pm    November 24, 2002

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
".NET is a set of software and hardware technologies that
allows devices to communicate with eachother. would they be
computers, cell phones (those used by the public as well as
those used by cops, firemen, military personel etc), keeps a
GPS device connected to a Satellite bergag etc....

There are two type of Netorks,
1-the computer Network (internet and alike)
2-and Cellular Netork.

A Cellular Net consists of 3 elements :

1-Base station Tranceiver (BST) "includes digital switching
boards) think of it as a Mega fast and powerful telephone
operator, wich can deliver the message to who ever is
concerned provided he is withing the network.
It has a Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN)within it.
containing a subscribers list (nwamer tilifoun), local exchange
(town?s code number) and a TRUNK EXCHANGE
(contains countries codes, like 212=Morocco, 358=Finland,
1=US,46=Sweden etc).It has also an interface capable of converting a Europen signal (E1) into a US one (VSDM) allowing them to be compatible with eachother.
So when you dial what ever number, it knows where the phone call is going to.

2-Mobile Switch Controler (BSC) wich controls a group of Base
stations spread over the area where you live.

And a Mobile Switch Controler (MSC) allowing you to talk on
your cell phone while travelling by car, train, Hmar hashakom

As you move from the Zone.A and you about to enter Zone.B
(call it BS.1 to BS.2), the MSC get a message from the Base
station in Zone.A telling it that Zerwal riding his fast BicouB is
about to leave the area, and that Zone B should intercept his
signal. MSC send the signal back to Zone.B, telling it to catch
the signal from Zerwal because he is leaving Zone.A, and is
about to enter the B.Zone.
the switch from A to B is done in micro-seconds, Of Zerwal who
is on the phone, doesn?t notice anything , because few micsec
interpution in the communication cann?t be detected by the
human ear, aleast not mine (:p
So as you keep travelling, the same procedure keeps repeating


When Raioo was asking the Raioosters to donate money as to
keep the site alive, Shabakerbane was used as a medium
(BerraH) for that purpose, so that the message can goe through.
Well, a NET is a complex formation of Berraha transmiting
" tberguiga" from one Berrah to an other.


10:12 am    November 24, 2002
Guys, guys..ashbikom? all i seem to read on this site now is stuff about .NET!!!it's doing my head in..this doesn't mean that i'm not interested however (I'm a technical person myself), but it would be nice to change the subject, and if anyone is interested in finding out more about the .NET topic then i suggest they visit the google site, there should be enough info there!!

PS: I think this site is wicked!! thumbs up to the people that put the effort into it...keep up the good work.. wasalamo3alaikom wara7mato allhi wabarakatoh.


8:08 am    November 25, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Again I think Antr wants to tell us about: wireless networking technologies such as 802.11b (Wi-Fi).. which is the carrier of data between devices using .NET I think Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity.. probably like Hi-Fi for stereos ? High Fidelity..?

8:10 am    November 25, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

3:29 pm    November 23, 2002
Salam, I am glad to see that this site discusses such technical topics. Anyway, I am working directly on .NET technologies, so if you were interested to know more about .NET or you just have a related technical question, I ll be glad to help.

11:02 am    November 23, 2002
Maandi mangoul
Eh guys? I'm thinking to build a contionous and simultaneous chat views!! it s very bored having this way to chat!!
choufi hadik sanfoura, rodi balek men Issami rah khater!! mdoukh kouchi chaab hen fi MInnesota!
Issami, sorry for that::)))

7:15 am    November 25, 2002
Antr, i think you're confused a bit! you're mixing your understanding of GSM infrastructure with .NET technologies..Or is it that what you posted is a straight cut and paste of other tutorials?

9:47 am    November 23, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
I wish a happy Ramadan & Aid for every moroccan inside or outside morocco .And for Musiims all over the world.This is my first time here on the site i love it.
Basslama .

9:06 am    November 23, 2002
Adnane, why don't we leave the discussion topic open? I do not think everyone is understanding what you talking about?

2:17 am    November 23, 2002
adnan est ce qu'on peut avoir une section rien que pour les discussions techniques?

et merci pour tous les efforts que tu fournis pour faire de ce cite ce qu'il est aujourd'hui: UNE R?USSITE

tbarka lah


10:35 pm    November 24, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Tarik, maybe Antr wanted to tell us about the wireless capability that .NET can use to make devices talk to each other. That's one of the big things of .NET, no?

10:28 pm    November 22, 2002
all about the .ishoul all the morrocan who are intersting on that subject .to go tocomdex show.very intersting.
useful for the futur.

7:02 pm    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
le message n'est pas reli? au th?me du NET. mais ca rentre dans le cadre de nos besoins en mati?re d'information.
J'ai remarqu? que le weekend il n'y a pas de 2m.




3:05 pm    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
oullah ila makaffalti la fewwarti. je pense que c'est ca, non? sinon je t'offre gratos zlafa dyal lahrira fe jama3 lafna... bessaha wa rraha!

2:39 pm    November 22, 2002
cheb_diyaa(elle a choisi son amour)
yes it do i use it but not all controls are there it's not that flexible.....
anyway thanks for help

2:35 pm    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
les enfants kolchi bikheer? kayna chi hrira, chabbakiya slillo? Gallik wa7d al matad maghribi, Allah o makaffalti la...??? chkoun alli 3araf lakmala dyalo ? I buy him a zlafa dyal la7rira from m3allam tata Jamaa lafna :)
skout a driss

2:23 pm    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
thought the new version of dreamweaver ultra dev supports and database io ... I'll double check

1:52 pm    November 22, 2002
i know dreamweaver and i use it it's the perfect web editor i've ever used....
it's proplem it dont show the reall text boxes or labels as it is in projects in addition it's not a proffesional work to make a project between 2 softwares as i think u must find a reall software for both things

1:46 pm    November 22, 2002
some code is not being displyed anyway ....
i wanna ask u adnane ,i used to work on web design and scripts and other things but in the .net i dont know too much about the page layout and how can i add flash movies or put layout table can u help me or do u know if there a special software for that?

1:50 pm    November 22, 2002
see guys this web we worked on :
we used oracle database and i dont know about the team who designed that nice pages because we was the database team....
anyway this web is for prepaid internet cards in jordan

1:49 pm    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
I'll add support later to display code. Right now code with markup tags will be removed or ignored. For page layout, try macromedia dreamweaver. it's the best I know of.

1:40 pm    November 22, 2002
yes dear adnane....and exactly.. we made that string public to all the application and we made it scure

1:34 pm    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
sorry, I just realized I opened up the floor for code level talk. I shouldn't do that here, as I said I'll open another section about code discussions. my bad.

1:32 pm    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

cheb_diyaa, when I define the database connection string in web.config or ... global.asax I define it as an application variable. I am only assuming application variables cannot be hacked into..

1:22 pm    November 22, 2002
THE PROPLEM I WAS GETTING IS THE ENVIRONMENT that i wanna to work with i mean the operating system to work with .net web and wap.....
i discovered recently that MICROSOFT HAVE PRODUCED A NEW PRODUCT WHICH IS THE WINDOWS.NET SERVER 2003 here we are talking about security + full web and wap services with the new microsoft is making a reall NET OF COMPUTER DEVICES PORTABLE DEVICES SOFTWARES AND OTHER THINGS ALL CONNECTED TOGETHER AND WORKING UNDER 1 ENVIRONMENT .....

1:21 pm    November 22, 2002
thanks my brother adnane...
i wanna tell u your info about what is going in the .NET TECHNOLOGy IS REALLY GREAT,and i wanna explian more things about the language we use to generate programs that is being used in devices....
first things i wanna say that microsoft made the new languages to support what is called oop (object oriented programming)which uses classes and use the encapsulation methods so no 1 can know what source is there like java classes....for example when i wanna create a conection to the database i would say in old asp
server.createobject(odbcconnection)or something like that and i must provide the connections string which includes the password and user name here there is no scure and hackers can access these pages easily now in new i can put the connection string in the web.config file and call the string from that class to my pages i mean it will not be shown right there..........
what about the new mobile and portable devices generation?
imagine that u have a camera out side your home and you travled somewhere suddenly a thief came and an alert was sent to your mobile that there is a thief trying to enter into your home another alert was send to the nearest police station's not a magic but it's true this can be done using wap and wirless services that the .net support........
there is just no limit and the technology is going ahead ,new things are there every day and new tools are being created ....
microsoft is the dominator but doesnt mean to learn java or sth else i love java and i always do projects by ...but if we wanted to think to the future microsoft will be everything.........

12:48 pm    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

Here is a good article to get more insight from Microsoft point of view:

The Digital Decade


12:48 pm    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Snoopy, the answer to your question is Yes. as for the rest ,whatever your relationship with Adnane may be it' s none of my business. I am sure he can speak for himself too. I made that comment based on your remark because if you read some messages in here you'll see just what I'm talking about. That was meant as an exemple to others, I was talking in general. Anyways sorry if I hit a nerve lol As for people beeing bad, did I use that word? For the censorship thing , freedom has its limits too, it ends where the freedom of others begins.
And Snoopy, think about it this way: what was my purpose? To hurt you or to make us all think about this subject? People aren't all bad some of us are just beeing ignorant and idiots sometimes that doesn't make us bad!
Sorry if this isn't about the topic, next time I'll just shut up:) Salam to all.

12:28 pm    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Snoopy, personal preferences that I meant are not those that get stored by means of cookies in your PC and so on.. what I mean is a new concept. this concept infrastructure developped by microsoft, sun, ibm and others, and .NET only adds more value to it. the applications that will make most use of your preferences are called web services. .NET allows different devices to share preferences to use inside their web service. you may be using a web service for free (such as for example msn messenger) or in the future you may have to pay to join a service (such as say a service that searches and downloads music for you). So say you told the web service to search for music by Khaled, and then went to sleep or whatever. when you wake up in themorning you will find results and the songs or clips already downloaded to your PC. If you go to your TV and if your TV is equipped with the web service it can talk to the computer and you can resume watching the videp clip in your TV.. if you go to car drive, and your car has .net capabilities it can communicate with your PC or TV and resume listening to your music. That's how I understand it, but I am still learning more.

12:11 pm    November 22, 2002
Friends, I never said that it bothered me that personal information is out there. Should it? Well maybe...with wat is happening in the US these days and the laws changing and targetting a particular "ethnicity"..yes maybe we should start thinking about it. .NET is not the first service that will offer such services. There are browser companions like Gator and others which remember for example your passwords, credit card info, name and so on.
Remember... .NET is not at 100% secure 'as of yet' + do you ever read the fine print and the privacy policy?? Take a look at it, interesting how they cannot assure the privacy of your identifiable Personal Information.
Note: I am not againt Microsoft, I think they have been great at facilitating things for us.

9:41 am    November 22, 2002
I agree with Adnane in that the pros outweighs the cons regarding the .NET thingy

9:29 am    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Snoopy, you said that .NET is a means for Microsoft to big brother us. I would say that .NET takes your personal preferences, and actually only what you willingly provide to the application you are dealing, and use it to fascilitate things for you.. to provide you with better service. I don't believe that .NET intention is to gather as much info about you as possible for malicious usage. This idea crawls all the time in people's mind, and I always thought that people don't quiet the good side of it. Maybe .net remembers something about you, but if you think about it, first you provided that info and you had the option not to. Second, if that info is shared or used, it is only to make difference devices, web sites and services serve you better.

the government has info about you, does it bother you? if you have an account with they have info about you, does it bother you ? maybe your local video store has info about you, does it bother you?

The advantage are larger than the disadvantages that is what I am saying.


9:10 am    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Reply to Zineb:
Dear thing that one cannot get from reading a post is the tone of voice of the person who wrote that post. Personally I was teasing Adnane..but that is not the wrote: “ We can’t just say anything at anytime to anyone. Respect is as important as freedom”...are you sure that you abide by that law. Do you know me or my relationship with Adnane? Maybe we are best buddies...maybe we are instead of thinking that you are being under attack at all times, think of it this way: maybe people are not bad after all. Peace to u and Ramadan Moubarak
PS: Ain't it ironic that we were talking about censorship.....

8:54 am    November 22, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
cheb_diyaa, thanks for taking the time to talk about .net
I think I opened a discussion that is too focused but it's ok.

I am learning how to design web forms and web services, and I might need your help. So I will create a more specialized section in Raioo for programmers so we can be more technical over there.

This discussion will remain about the .net technology



8:02 am    November 22, 2002
about the .net technology.
after java sun has produced the J2EE which was and still a great revolution programming and multimedia field where you will be able to program a portable device software like nokia and siemens mobiles in addition to tvs,a whole operating system ......etc
microsoft realized that there is a reall competetion so it started to build a whole environment where u can do the same s j2ee made and more things in addition to what is inclueded...
.net technology concerns about the web and wap for the web:new languages was and the database connectivity and for graphics GDI+ in addition to xml which is the heart of the .net web services.
alot of tools,tutorials and charachtersitcs are there for .net revoulition .
i m working right now on a project in my university oh my god how much i love java and j2ee but i m bulding my project on ORACLE DATA BASE AND ADO.NET AND .NET IN GENERAL u cant imagine how it has a magic of doing things work perfect and enhancing techinques....
for source code i will advice u togo to
i forget to say that .net is pure object oriented programming where it concerns about classes (refrences or assemblies) and that it differs from old vs6 tools.
we will not be able to talk about this new technology but i think it will be the future of the information technology field and web in general.....
any one how needs a help it will be from ma pleasure to provide him with what i know so just write to me on my email:

7:48 am    November 22, 2002
ache khbarkom? ramdan kassa7 cette annee ? al mohim chkounahowa serrak ezzite? c est la souris n est ce pas?
bonne journee a tt le monde y compris al kard Driss

7:00 am    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Eh guys!!I really like the way that moroccans express themselves! an appreciation has to be raised..
For Djwalou: can you explain more what does your website consiste in? many links are disabled! I think that s good idea but try to be more explicite!!
ramadan Karim for all moroccans everywhere in the earth!

6:18 am    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
yo everyone! have u ever heared talking about Moroccan hackers? Here We Are! but we are gentelmen, we dont hack anymore, and we help people...check and
See you all!

3:57 am    November 22, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
try following URL for Arabic TV stations:
hope you got a fast connection though!

1:23 am    November 22, 2002
Salam to all . I agree with you Adnane, poeple don't really know what it means to respect others and they certainly don't stay focused on the topic. Snoopy do you think you could start and give us a good exemple? Your remark just prooved us right :) " did you come up with that word on your own?"meaning....? We can't just say anything at anytime to anyone. Respect is as important as freedom. To express yourself is one thing but to hurt or offend other is another.
The net: a world with endless possibilities and a scary place too when you think that your every move is being registered some place. Was it designed to serve us or to make Us serve Them?:)

8:05 pm    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
The ?onk to the TV station 2M live is unstable,have you any idea why or do we have any link avilabel to any maroccaine tv station?

Kind regards


4:01 pm    November 21, 2002
....positive censorship.....LOL..only a Moroccan living in the US would say that...did you come up with that word on ur own???

.NET is the means for Microsoft to control each one of us. Eventually they want to have as much personal information on the user from personal information to browsing behavior to litteraly big brothering you.


2:10 pm    November 21, 2002

Adnane Ben. message

Hi. If I ever had to remove a message or part of a message I believe I have done so to keep the discussion focused, reader-friendly and meaningful. I value the mature participation of Raiooster. This is positive censorship.



1:41 pm    November 21, 2002
What is .NET?
Microsoft's power comes from the fact that it owns the Windows platform.
Now, Microsoft is trying to make .NET its new platform monopoly.

Microsoft.Net can be summarized in one simple statement: Microsoft is building an Internet monopoly.
check this link it summerize all what i have to say.
take care all


8:03 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
1 Pkg harira magi = 4 zlayef/jebbaniyate/bowls ....

Sfoufe/zemmita/sellou = Li9ama dial dakchi rfi3 ... made in morocco ....


7:59 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
Email >>>> .... Offer available only in the U.S ...

9:44 am    November 21, 2002
Adnane ... La Censure ... ????!!!!!!

8:45 am    November 21, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
DJ @ Raioo, If there are not more than 10 messages, the link "next" and/or "previous" will not appear.



7:57 am    November 21, 2002
Hillou .... check ....

7:07 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
layyyy3tikoumm sssha ftagine dyaal djjjjaj:)

6:28 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
marijuana estas aqui o no???bueno se ve que no.ok beso para todos

6:23 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
hola buenos dias a todos

5:25 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
someone did edit my msg,
miss morocco is an ugly chick

5:04 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..

3:43 am    November 21, 2002
Guys, how do we view the previous posts/replies? i can't seem to find them! cheers.

3:40 am    November 21, 2002
Super article! Merci Adnane.
chechenia_wolf: Arr?te de faire le JJ Rousseau.Spaciba.

1:19 am    November 21, 2002

Adnane Ben. message
Houssine, j'avais fais le dessin il y a un an a peut pres. C'est une illustration d'un article de Hassan Elghani intitule: A L'Ombre D'un Minaret Surgit La Cyberculture. J'etait aussi inspire par un cyber que j'ai vu au Maroc dont l'electricite venait de la mosque voisine.

Et merci.


1:10 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
dans notre deuxieme parition on a fais une erreure plus grave encore " on a fait " c'est une loop d'erreure qui tend vers l'infinie

1:08 am    November 21, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
dans notre parition dans votre channel on a fais une erreure "represente" et pas "repressante" l'ifluence mexicaine sur les ma-requin aux USA

1:04 am    November 21, 2002
le dessin represente le cheick lors de son new .NET upgrade

d'apres microsoft c'est le .NET qui relie et controle les entree des caves ainsi que les antennes et reseaux ( networks ) du TCN ( Taliban Cave Network ) avec les controles du server aux portable du cheik qui utilise un DELL inspiron 8200

wa salam
P.S c'est le mois des soldes alors profittez !!!! allez a ciao bonsoire


12:50 am    November 21, 2002
bonjour tout le monde

j ai une simple question concernant le dessin:
toi t as pos? la question qu est ce que veut dire le net?
moi je pose ma question qu est ce que tu veux dire de ton dessin?
j'aimerai bien une reponse satisfaisante.
merci d'avance.


10:21 pm    November 20, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
.NET software.mmmm kifache daba nta ? tu te tbomba 3elina ou koi. a koi sert cette technology ou bien ce .NET software?
is it better than sa3lok salad!?
ila ketti rajel, prove it!

8:04 pm    November 20, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..

Adnane Ben. message
tikchbila @ =) Here we are talking about a new software technology called .NET with capital letters and not the top-level internet domain extension that you find at the end of a web site address.

7:07 pm    November 20, 2002 This is an unrelated or foul message..
kolchi, 3erefeti 3elache? 7int dot come mabekatche wakla, degguateha dot gov o dik lemojrima dial dot ma. chabe3a tekheremiz had la derniere dial dot ma. dakchi 3elache daba .net f lekoma o ghada tji menebe3d dowez o sellek:)

7:06 pm    November 20, 2002
Voici comment Microsoft d?finit .NET :
" .NET est la plate-forme Microsoft pour la nouvelle g?n?ration de logiciels distribu?s et coop?rants, les services Web XML. Elle vise ? simplifier la vie de l'utilisateur en lui fournissant des services int?gr?s, centr?s sur lui, accessibles depuis tous ses p?riph?riques, en tout moment et en tout lieu. S'il ne fallait retenir qu'un seul mot de .NET, c'est donc l'int?gration. Fond?e sur des standards de l'industrie (http, XML, SOAP, WSDL), la plate-forme .NET est un moyen simple de normaliser la coop?ration des services logiciels entre eux (services Web XML), quelle que soit leur localisation, leur impl?mentation technique, qu'ils soient internes ou externes, existants ou ? inventer. "

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