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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Why Faith?
01:33:41 PM Thursday Jan 5, 2006

What you will read in this entry is a question I was asked yesterday in the middle of a spiritual discussion with a colleague. I figured the question was very though and powerful. It engages the mind and it gauges the amount of knowledge and 'Yaqin' - certainty, of one's belief. So, I am talking about how I perceive life, and I introduce in my "speech" the term "faith" somehow along the lines of "it boils down to faith". Yeah, this popular sentence that we Muslims are particularly famous for concluding our spiritual discourses with. My colleagues's senses immediately pick up on the word, and in a composed manner, he asks, interrupting me, "But, why faith?", "why not something else more practical and perceivable?", "we seem to have 5 senses, and that's all we have to model the world and our lives, and we're supposed to use them to start a relationship with God and follow him".. "we don't have enough senses, and we cannot be blamed for it". "if we have one more sense, probably everything will make sense",.. and I aguess what he means by everything, what for example Islam stands for. "if the prophets experienced divine relations, saw angels or God for that matter, they were lucky, shouldn't they be the only ones really religious since they've experienced it more than anyone else?", "why the big secret about who is God, heaven, hell?", "even with the prophets conveying the message it seems still a big secret", "if God wanted to take care of earth and the creatures, why not talk to them or send angels to talk to them sort of individually?",

I stopped, stared at him for a while, and a voice was going on in head that says "Boooya papapapapaaaaa", I said, you are asking me though questions and I thank you for that!

It will be interesting to hear what people here say about those questions.

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11:25 am    January 17, 2006

hudhud message
sorry for the delay in replyign to this thread, but you all had some interesting stuff that I briefly looked over here! it was too gorgeous a weekend to sit in front of a pic and well that's my excuse for being MIA ;o)

i just want to say quickly arabie: god *never* punishes ppl in hell just for their "mistakes" .. remember the hadith "koulou bani adam khattaa, wa khayrou lkhatta'ine attawabine" i.e. every human being makes mistakes and the best of those who make mistakes are those who repent from them (ie. they try sincerely to learn and improve).

of course God knows we're weak/limited/flawed. why would he punish us for that? you're right, that doesn't make any sense at all. god is fair, and to punish us for something we didn't do would not be fair. hence, that can't be the reason why anyone would be punished with hell. you're perfectly right about that :)

your question about the purpose of our life here on earth does have a very simple clear-cut answer from quran "wa ma khalaqtou al insa wal jinna illaa liya3boudoun" but again this is a matter of faith. many ppl who don't even believe in a god try to come up with their own "raison d'etre" to satisfy this universal question that every human being at some point asks herself/himself. ultimately it is (once again) a matter of faith/choice :) personally i choose to believe that yes, that is why i exist, and everything i do can be done with the good intention of fulfilling that purpose (learning can be 3ibadah, working can be 3ibadah, eating healthy and taking good care of myself and being kind to my fellow humans can be 3ibadah, etc)..

when you come across something (whether ppl told you about it, or it popped up in your own mind, or you read it/saw it/heard it somewhere, etc) that does not seem to make sense, that's an excellent opportunity to ask "why" and that's what personally i find helps me enormously. it's a trigger and that's how the learning process picks up momentum for me.. but as you and adnane both pointed out, doing the practices of salate etc. definitely can bring a person closer to God and at least help trigger more learning and more soul-searching :)


8:14 am    January 16, 2006
I am familiar with Sufism, as I am one of the big fans of Andalusian era and its multi-cultural and sipritual enlightenment. I can see what you mean, but first let me sincerely thank you guys for the genuine concern and insights.

One thing I have to admit, besides from the questions that have no answers, I think the fact that I stop practicing the rituals I grew up doing conrtibuted more in my isolation from the spiritual world. That I have to admit!

Thanks again!!!


11:39 pm    January 14, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
Also it occured to me that you might, just might find sufism interesting. I grew up hearing about Sufis, but I never sat down to learn about them and the school they follow (Sufism), until recently. It's a very powerful approach to spirituality, and maybe even to Islam, if one is a bit overwhelmed by the rituals and dos and don'ts of religion. Sufis focus on inner religion, and tend not to be fully legalitarians vis-?-vis Islam. They are usually people who see beauty everywhere they turn; people who sing, dance, wine, and utilize the positive energy of external life to attempt fuel their inner purity. The inner purity transcends them to trances when they're able to grasb the relationship between the person and the one God.

Abdelkader Jilani, or Ghazali - I'm mixed up now but I'll review this later - mentioned that one's religion may not be complete enough if one does not experience Sufism. The latter will help seal the understanding of the mystery of faith.

And of course, it always helps to be in the company of a wise man, in order to stretch one's experience with religion. Being busy with school or a 9-6 career without some scheduled times to comb one's faith inhibits the heart's powers that could be gained by faith. Powers to overcome pain, depression, deceit, breakups, worldly adversity, death, diseases, failure, wealth, poverty, fear, love etc. These can be overcome by powers in the heart generated by faith in a one God, the only entity that can help you. The one who cannot be a power freak or has a superiority complex, and who wants us to turn to him for thankfulness, help and guidance and not turn to him out of some solrt of dictatorship-induced fear or hellfire's threats. He is not a Saddam waiting for people to vote %99.99 for him, kiss his hand and piss their pants at his frownings. In fact, maybe this God does not frown. maybe this God is the absolute source of cheerfulness and smiling.

so anyways, check out Sufism with a critical eye, but be careful of taking for granted their opposition to legalitarian Islam..


11:36 am    January 13, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
Searching for God is not always the right approach. It works for some, but it might not for others. It worked for prophet Ibrahim, and even then he asked God to show him miracles in order for his faith to become sighted. Other prophets emphasized on morality throughout their lives until they got the message from God. For the rest of us, I find the following two things worthy of attending to when considering Islam.

1. mindlfull obedience vs. mindless obedience.
2. sighted faith vs. blind faith

For number 1. One could look at the basics of morality that are emphasized and elaborated in Islam. Look does not mean get bogged down in the details, and be sarcastic about rituals. Nothing comes easy; much readings of the right books, thinking, mingling with the right people will produce a good personal opinion. If the morality that Islam conveys is something worthy of obedience, and you're able to follow it, one would start to manifest Muslim behaviour. This very obedience will eventually start revealing a relationship between you and that who emphasized this morality through his messagers and other means. Maybe eventually one will develop a deep interest in him. Maybe even an admiration. And that is I believe is when the unspoken mysteries of this relationship will become sighted in one's inner being. One may still not be able to explain them to others. But one will feel extreme satisfaction that requires necessary humbling in order to continue and improve.

As for number 2. it might come with time as number 1. is getting stronger.

That's my 2 cents.. litterally.


5:52 pm    January 12, 2006
I never said Faith didn't make sense. Faith, you either have faith or you don't. I also said that I do believe in God, whom I do not see but know and feel. God is in my heart and essence, I turn to him in my heart in times of need and make sure to thank him in times of success. Please reread what I have written before and try not to associate any comments to me when I never said such things. Furthermore, how do you know I've never tried to give faith a chance? How do you know if I did all the things you're asking me to do, yet I still think the way I do.

Well, I'll tell you this; when growing up, I had abundant faith and practiced to the best of my ability. God is my witness, every parent in our neighborhood envied mine for my devotion to God. As time passed by, questions arose; questions that I could not dismiss. I am scientist and in my nature cannot run away from questions. I want, Need to find solutions and answers.

The aspects in religions that make me doubt are what the questions that started this blog imply.

The concept of hell as I explained before does not sit well in my stomach. How can we burn in Hell for eternity for certain mistakes that humans make. Human by definition make mistakes over and over. For an athiest to burn in Hell because he did not believe in God. Does that sound just to you. Where did that athiest get that brain that doomed him/her and sent him straight to Hell. I guess God's hand was in the mix. What?!!!!

The concept of 'our purpose in life is to worship God' also does not cut it for me. Do you know what that entails, i.e., a God creates people to live in misery only and solely to worship the magesty of God. Does that not sound like a complex of superiority? As if God were to NEED us to worship him to feel magestic. What?!!!!!

I mean I can go on and on to tell you about the things that just do not make any sense to me and cause me my faith in religions.

I want to make clear that deep in my soul and heart I believe in God. I know and experienced things that I cannot explain only by the existance of a higher power with master plan. Currently I don't practice the rituals that I grew up doing, but may be I should like Adnane and other of my friends suggested. It could help spark something, who knows. I just don't know what. I already feel connected to God. May be that feeling is spawned by my parents prayers watching over me, since all ask from my parents when I talk to them is their prayers.

my 2 cents, basically.


3:11 pm    January 12, 2006

hudhud message
arabie i'm curious, why do you keep saying faith does not make sense? just b/c you can't touch God or see him, or his angels, or heaven and hell, or his prophets, does not mean believing in these things, or praying to God, or worshipping in general, or having such faith is "illogical" or not making sense.. if that were our line of reasoning, we would still be scientifically and technologically in the dark ages, disbelieving in microorganisms, bacteria, other galaxies, etc..

doesn't it make better sense to keep an open mind, and to give faith a chance? doesn't it make better sense to try learning more first, and maybe even try the acts of worship, just to test if it brings you closer to the God that you said you do believe in? what if it does work? maybe it's worth a try?

to me it makes perfect sense to believe that everything in this universe, from the physical to the unseen, was created by one great God who is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing, and that our purpose here is to come to know him, and worship him, and one day with his mercy and grace... see his beautiful face...


3:05 pm    January 12, 2006
"Man 3ashara 9awman 40 yawman asba7a minhoum!"

2:28 pm    January 12, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
I got cut off !

So, in contrast, if one has the tendency to be in the company of people who do not care much about spirituality, or Muslims by name, one may not get ahead in iman. Pick the company.. it makes a big difference!


2:25 pm    January 12, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
"..and keep fighting until faith finds it way back into my heart. I am optimistic!!!"

There are some nice tools you can use, maybe you'll get to your objective faster: regular prayer with honest intention (preferrably at night) and regular reading of Quran and its tafssir.

This will keep us planted, in hopes for a day when we feel better and better about faith.

Some past scholars, in order to increase one's iman, suggested to keep the company of a good Sheikh. Learn from him, have him criticise you, etc. Most great scholars grew up surrounded by Sheikhs who kept them aware of faith and religion, until they themselves stretched the boundaries of current knowledge then and contributed to spirituality.


1:17 pm    January 12, 2006
like that!... I heard Adnane pleading his case of Faith; and as I had said before, I cannot agree or disagree on what he believes. I totally respect it though. Last thing I'd want to do is judge people or try to convince people out of their faith. No! precisely not that, I was re-iterating the questions that made up the premis of this discussion, as I was curious to know if there were any new answers. Whether I have concrete answers? I personally answered some of the questions in my first posting suggesting that a 2-dimentional person can never see or think like a 3-dementional person. I gave you the example of a SPHERE and CIRCLE. Knowing that, we know where God and humen stand in that arena. Therefore, no human can argue what would be the best way God could have sent a message to his people on Earth.

Faith is particular to each person, it is 'something' that hits home and defies all logic, so the most unlogical things become acceptable to your brain. I wish and want to get to that point, it is almost as if one surrenders (hence 'Aslam', funny huh?) to the unknown, to the unconceivable. Yes things that do not make sense, one tends to overlook and simply chooses not to ask the hard questions. Those questions might shake one's faith, so why ask. That is some serious faith that I personally do not pocess. I do know that one day Faith might find its way to my heart and then I will surrender in a literal meaning. I still consider myself a muslim but in the lowest echelons according to some and not even a muslim according to others. It doesn't bother me, I am generally a good person, who believes in god, but do not follow the rituals of Islam stricly speaking. God is the only one worthy to classify me in whatever category.

I guess for me I want to ask the hard questions now rather than later and see where they lead me, and keep fighting until faith finds it way back into my heart. I am optimistic!!!


1:05 pm    January 12, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
Yes, and in fact let me say that the "sixth sense" is actually what you described, and what is referred to in the Quran in many places as Annajdayn. "Wa hadaynahou Annajdayn". This usually always follows how God describes the physical senses he gave man. So I guess, faith is something more whole, but let me still designate it as a sense; and this time, the "seventh sense".. or if I want to go really deep - and honestly it's not necessary for me to torture the readers anymore with my rumblings - I could designate faith as the "nth sense", where n goes to infinity.. probably meaning that it is the only sense that you can vary and control.. you can make it weak, in the lower digits, or make it strong.

12:45 pm    January 12, 2006

hudhud message
I really like this nice analogy of faith as a sixth sense.. it's such an eloquent way of describing what we believe in Islam, that our yaqeen helps us make decisions in life and distinguish what we then weigh as right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust, kind and unkind, etc.. just like our other five senses help us decide what's safe or unsafe, tastes salty or sweet, smells good or bad, feels soft or rough, sounds pleasant or painful, etc.. our faith is there to help us find the way, to guide our decision-making and actions..

forgive me if I may, but arabie do you have concrete answers to such questions? maybe none of us does from an [answers empirical] or physical/practical pov. personally I don't believe one can "prove" faith. Imaan is something in our hearts and only Allah subhanou can ultimately be the judge of that. All we can do as limited [answers fallible] human beings is 1. choose what we believe in our heart, and 2. if we do choose Islam, then our Imaan can be strengthened as the hadith said, with the meaning "Imaan is what is firmly in the heart (believing), and spoken by teh tongue (words, like the shahada for example), and actions carried out by the body (like praying, fasting, hajj)"

wallahou a3lam..


11:44 am    January 12, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
The answers I have for his questions are shallow, yet they work for me. When I said Boooya papapapapaaaaa, that meant something like: I believe in God, but I am incapable of proving anything practical to you. It didn't mean something like: "Why do I still believe in God when I don't have practical proof? so maybe I should just put it aside and live until someday I get convinced."

The thing is that whether I choose to accept the faith or lay it aside, may not change my life theoretically. You know, I'll still keep doing the things I enjoy doing, will still help the poor for example, teach the seeker, be nice to people, treat my familly, neighboor and friends properly. If I put faith, religion and God aside, I will be living with the idea that I am gone to oblivion after I die, and that nothing will happen after that to me. In my opinion, this results in people not caring as much as they could,, not helping people as much,, not feeling guilty about bad deeds,,, and living it all up,,, because at the end they believe they'll disappear and nobody will be there to judge them, to give justice to those they treated bad,, or to compensate them on what they did good in public or in secret. Millions of people believe in that deep down, even the religious, and throughout time and history. These were the very questions people asked, and this was one of the reasons God established prophets to answer. I wish I can live that saga when people experienced the presence of a prophet and seen the miracles with their eyes and heard them from trustworthy lips. I wish. But we don't have this luxury today. But it is not a reason for me to emphasize on asking those same questions again and again and go as far as softly and mildly "reject" the idea of God and Islam. Why? because this experience of prophet already happened. What I have to do is establish my faith in the message that was passed down on the hands of history. Ask myself, do I trust the history of Islam and what it brought us thus far: The Quran, the stories of the prophet Mohammed and the prophets etc. The answer is I do trust this history. The prophet and the Sheikhs didn't make money out of faith and religion and answering people's questions. If they made money out of it one could say that they've crafted this whole thing as a scam or hoax. But all they brought was aligned with morality, was solutions to problems that existsed in the traditions of people. How can that be a lie? and when I established this trust, I find it hard to put my religion, God, the prophets and the scholars aside. I have seen myself live by it, faith in God that is and followership of values of the prophets, morality and the Sheikhs; and it was harmless and most benefitial. I plan on continuing to do that. I actually would like to thank God for giving me 5 senses, and I want to thank him by considering faith my sixth sense in order to hopefully give back something in return.


9:17 am    January 12, 2006
I mean, I can't agree or disagree with the way you want to lead your life. Most of all I can't argue the genuine plan you have for your life on this planet and beyond. I totally understand your point of views and find them very interesting. However and not just to be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative, but you still haven't answered the questions. Again, your answer didn't take into account the premis of this subject. You started this blog with questions that made your mind go "Boooooyaa pappapapaaaa". What happened to those questions your colleague had asked you? do you have answers for them now, especially after every one's input to this blog?


8:07 pm    January 11, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
it is what you read. I figured why would I want to live my life just by morality. It was not enough. I need something more exciting, like a concept of reward for deeds, a concept of heaven (I don't even dare wish hell exists, but it does). I think the concept of believing in an eternal life after death is smart. It is everything I ever wanted out of this life. I want to see myself continue to exist, and not disappear and be forgotten. If I do, then I wouldn't care then because I wouldn't exist. But if I would still exist after death, I would have been aware of that in my life and have done something about it. And to be reassured by the prophets that the creator of this magnificient universe and its creatures is the same entity that will overlook my eternal life is extremely important to me. I wouldn't want any other to handle my life after death. I have seen his justice, his care, his grace, his bounties, his way of punishing, his way of protecting, his ingenuity and grandeur; and what better friend I can ask for? I long for the day I am able to see God through my heart or whatever senses I will have after death. Man, that will be something!

One thing I ask of God, and this is a nice prayer prophet Mohammed used to say: God, I hope you are not mad at me, for if you are not, I don't care what happens to me.

I think that is ultimate.


2:48 pm    January 11, 2006
I don't know about your answer, I hope that is not always your way to answer questions, very evasive. Anyway, may be you genuinely didn't intend it.

11:34 am    January 6, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
Certainly his questions were brilliant. I don't believe he asks out of arrogance or belittling. That is why I continue the conversations from time to time. How I feel? I feel human. And as a human, I am limited. I am not an angel, and I am not a God. I am created from 100% concentrate juice by a magnificient creator. Whatever I accomplish, from my degree, to my company project assignment, to my drawings, paintings, raioo, is not my product, but all credit is due to my creator. If crap is about to happen, I don't knock on wood, for that is the behaviour of pagans who used to worship trees. I ask God to make the crap less crappy or avoid it altogether - only he can give me what I own, what I encounter. I keep him in my thoughts, I speak well of him, I speak high of him; heck I'd behave just like him in everyway if I could see him and observe how he moves and behaves. All I can do is behave and follow the best of his creations wherever I find them: a good friend, a brother, a sister, a father, a wise sheikh around the corner, a professor, a though competitor, a sober, a poor and a humble.

10:33 am    January 6, 2006

hudhud message
i know exactly which episode you're referring to ;o)

10:19 am    January 6, 2006
to find many answers to this subject please read "losing my religion" by jeffrey lang. a math professor and ex: atheist who converted to islam.



10:02 am    January 6, 2006
with the drinky drinks. Water is what saves those poor brain cells dying of dehydration. I am indebted to water. Huhud, your drink is a little too fruity for me as my indian friend would say, wiggling his index in the air in a no-thank-you expression, refering to a Sienfield episode.

Anyway, so Adnane are your friend's questions still in the back of your head nagging at you? You didn't tell us. It surely felt when reading about your incident with your friend that you were shaken by these questions to the point of posting it up here for more insight. So how is it now? What would you reply to this guy if he asks the same questions again? Just Curious!!!


9:25 am    January 6, 2006

hudhud message
i suggest a sweet cold pomegranate drink with orange blossom water...

9:17 am    January 6, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
Drinks as in "drunk" is probably not the best drink to take on such drunken journey, may I suggest cool water :)

9:00 am    January 6, 2006
For the kind words. Am I a kafer? I don't even know? Only God can judge me, only God.
I do believe in a higher power, i.e., God, I just don't follow the rituals az iz :).

I think each person should go on such journey in an attempt to solidify his/her faith. I am certainly for that, knowing that each person will experience this journey a little bit differently depending on what he/she already firmly believes and on the complexity of the questions, where doubt emanate from. However, I find it essential to satisfy such curiosity or simple come in terms with your internal demons and simply accept things az iz :) ...(don't mean to pick you here hehehhe). Hope you sober today. I woke up with a little hang over myself today.

At the end, we all do our best, and that is the best we can do.


6:51 pm    January 5, 2006

Aziz Bezza message
You colleague is a kafer, but a briliant one, a thinker, and most of all a bright interlocutor.his questions are moot legitimate i can't write anymore i'am drunk already sorry, but arabie...i like you man.

4:13 pm    January 5, 2006

Rasta Gnawi message
Too deep for me. Can easily get caught into circular arguments. But the journey is bitter, painful, and sweet once you come out of it. If you get lost in it, then there is no bringing you back to your past self. Ghazali almost abandonned his family in search for his spiritual path. He was prepared for it, though. He was raised to be a philosopher and a judge. He made decisions that impacted others who had to trust in his judgement. But then he came out of it discouraging others to embark in the journey, Ibn rushd took things a little more lightly.

My 2 cents: Take things a little more lightly.


3:17 pm    January 5, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
The path of thinking I mentioned was usually referred to as personal crisis for those who followed it. People like Sartres, Ghazali to name who I'm familiar with. It is to set aside faith, this vehicle that leads us to God, and go on a journey to find another vehicle that could be probably modeled with the human senses. Sartres got stuck. Ghazali came back to faith. Ghazali says that during his crisis he was still praying, but doing so only to "whatever" greater power there could be outthere. He said that one day during one of his prayers his heart opened up spiritually "inshara7a".

At any rate, I am not about to embark seriousely in such a journey; it is scary. I enjoy my approach to worship, praying, work, education, giving etc. and seek to improve it.. and I am content with admiring the creator through his creation. I think this formula works best for me. Ghazali was looking for something more, he had what it takes (knowledge) to go on the spiritual trip. I don't.

It does surprise me though, with all my respect for the Imam, to read in one of his books that he encourages people to embark on the journey! I wonder if he felt that it wasn't as bad as people think it is.. or if it was arrogant of him; or maybe it was his way of emphasizing the importance of knowledge in general, since without it, the trip could be a disaster.


2:59 pm    January 5, 2006

hudhud message
which "path of thinking" are you referring to? i got confused somewhere along the lines..

of course if he changes the test questions, you start from scratch again ;o) but if he doesn't then its not much of a test anymore.

i don't like to "argue" about faith.. i share what i believe, and my personal reasoning behind that belief, but i don't try to convince others or argue that someone is right and another one is not... i also feel that some questions make sense, while others we may never be able to answer, and still others can begin leading a person to kufr. so at some point i just let it go and ask "ya mouqalib alqouloub, thabbit qalbi 3alaa deenik"..

wallahou a3lam ;)


2:54 pm    January 5, 2006

Adnane Ben. message
Sorry hudhud, but the analogy of the professor's test seems to me a little bit weak. If the professor gave me all the answers to the test's questions, he will then pose new questions to me that can be answered given the new knowledge I would have gained.

Just foods for some though thoughts.

This subject I believe has been discoursed, lived and written about by major philosophers across history, and during the Muslim golden age. Many Muslims travelled in this path of thinking, and went as far as atheism. Some of them experienced faith again like Imam Ghazali, who actually encourages Muslims to experience this voyage. But at any rate, it is definitely philosophy at its best. I am not a philosopher and I haven't the slightest clue how to make a good philosphical argument to answer the above questions. But I feel that asking them with good intention and honesty at heart is part of worship.


2:32 pm    January 5, 2006

hudhud message
they are all good questions, and i think some of them are mentioned in the quran (like the one about why didn't god send us angels). i think the "secret" part or rather the "unknowns" play a significant role in faith.. human beings are not able to physically experience certain things (seeing god, heaven, hell) with our (yes, very limited) 5 senses, and this is a big part of the test. i define faith as something a person is willing to accept and believe as reality (to avoid the philosophical "truth" issue!). that reality definitely does have a physical dimension to it, but in some cases that physical is not something we humans can experience in this life. this isn't just the case with spiritual issues, but with many other scientific ones as well. there are many things in the universe that i cannot see/touch/taste/smell/hear, but that doesn't mean that i can deny their existence.. that would be both ignorant of me and arrogant. i'd much rather keep an open mind, and think "yes, it is possible"..

if a professor gave me all the answers before a test, then posed the questions to me, it wouldn't be a test anymore would it? faith is kind of like a test. and ultimately it boils down to choices, and how we want to perceive our life and the world around us..


2:29 pm    January 5, 2006
Well no can argue what is the best way God chooses to deliver the message. There is wisdom in everything God does or says.

Don't get me wrong, my faith has been shaken a while ago. I don't know if I am trying to restore it but I sure hope that one day it comes back.

I too asked the same exact questions and more and my logic caused me my faith. Then, in every conversation with friends concerning spirituality, you always hear me repeat that religion is not about logic but about faith. Trying to make sense of religion will only result in massive headackes and probably chase your faith away. At least that is what happened with me.

Anyway going back to topic at hand, the answer is we simply don't know the wisdom behind God's choice of delivering the message, but you do have faith in the message.

hmmm....I don't think this argument is heavy enough....ok let me digg deep and pull out my strongest arsenal. Ok now consider this, your friend asking questions is a two-dimentional person. You are a three-dimentional person. You are holding a SPHERE in your hand and trying to make your firend see it, he doesn't not see what you see. He simply CANNOT, remember he is two dimentional. All he sees is a circle.

Imagine and compare your intelligence of that of a GOD. can you fathom or even have the odassity to think like God does and suggest a better way God could have sent message.

Now don't you laugh at me because this might seem as a contradiction, but it is a thought to consider. Ok!! I have doubt and the message was delivered by a human being, how do I have faith and trust the authenticity of the message. To the best of my understanding, I tried to have faith and tried to understand but my senses and my brain are not agreeing. They are not agreeing to burn in hell for eternity, not my God who would do that to me if I cannot make sense of this with a brain God gave me. My brain is God's creation and it failed to submit and believe blindly in the message. Should I be burnt in hell for that????? why??????? If the message is true and religion is right, then I cannot see God's wisdom as it is beyond any logic I pocess. Otherwise, no worries and we're still on the ultimate quest to find the truth and meaning to this life.


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Fri 4/27 6-9 pm: Amazigh Spring Concert in NYC..
Algeria and Tunisia Are Trying To Breathe..
Another Wonderful Film from Algeria: Mascarades!..
Talk Back to Your Energy Core..
What a complicated war! what a warm music!..
Can Anthropologists and Social Scientists Help Prevent or St..
Moderate Muslims: What Does it Mean?..
Craigslist Accordion..
Royal Air Maroc: Deal or No Deal?..
You mean people in politics do not necessarily have universi..
Morocco Pays Full Repatriation Fees of a Deceased?..
A Bottom Line or a Red Line Petition?..
Michael Moore On The Planned Islamic Center in New York..
Middle Eastern Gnawa..
Islamophobia on the Rise in America? ..
Heavy Metal Morocco..
The Maghrib that I love..
Some Congressman Blows Up Over National Debt..
Moroccan Avatars I..
The Saidia Beach in Morocco is Angry!..
My Squared Kufi: Family ..
Spiritual Poems Performed by Moroccans..
Palestinian Avatar..
Gmail Buzz..
The Saviors of Humanity in the 21st Century: McAfee of the S..
Moroccan Turns Waste into Effective Use..
:) سبب توقف ا..
The Charter To Dismantle The Arabs..
Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jilani: On The Meaning of Ritual Worship and..
A Perspective on Woman Virginity: Sheikh Khaled Al-Joundi..
WHY IS the Arab world -- let us speak with terrible sharpnes..
Lammalless Lands Again Yet Another Funny Video ;) ..
Free-spirited Young Moroccans..
Georges Moustaki: Le Métèque..
Wali of Oujda Giving Students a Final Exam on the First Day ..
Modern Morocco Lives Off Old Baraka..
Algeria Unleashes Its Sitcom Wings: Jam3i Family..
Human Tetris: I haven't laughed like this in a while! :)..
La7kaam Game Japanese Style..
Nedjim Bouizoul: The Gypsy Maghrabi Genre is Born..
Follow raioo's twittering zawej..
Mostapha Skandrani: The Mozart Chaabi Virtuoso..
USAID Opportunity in Morocco..
Urban Road Biking: America Takes On a New Passion!..
Michael Jackson: May God Bless You Brother..
Kesang Marstrand and Khobz Sh3ir..
Lesson of Respect..
Will Morocco's Saidia Beach Survive? Fadesa = Fade7a ~..
The First Moroccan Parliament Representative of Moroccans in..
How To Cook Bibi ..
Nouria El Yacoubi From Figuig: Moroccan Champion of Karate C..
Akhir Phenomene Maghribi F Miricane..
Moroccan Behavior Towards Law Enforcement: A Car Boot Case S..
I Play Soccer (El'Foot) Like a Binocular-Equipped Japanese ..
Moroccan Weddings Under One Roof..
Government Motors Propaganda, But Still Better Than McCain..
BAC 2009..
My Dream Gadget..
The Future Of Cigarettes Looks Brightly Blue..
Dialogue with a Moroccan Farmer Faqir (1975 Kevin Dwyer)..
Nador and Hashish..
Please Complete Survey about Language Code-switch..
Moussier Tombola: Dédicasse au Maroc..
Become Who You Are ~ Nietzsche..
From Torino to Morocco..
Morocco Therapy..
Sourate Arrahmane in Kabyl Berber..
Deux Zach C'est La Guerre, Attention Le Loup Est Revenu.. FO..
Bird-Men ~ Any Moroccans Dare?..
From The Treasures Of Arabic Morphology: Min Kounouzi Assarf..
Words of Advice From A Moroccan Sheikh..
Sheikh Party? Sadaqa? Entertainment? Serious Worship? What i..
Boston 5K Race/Walk To Send Medical Equipment To Morocco..
Muslim in SLAMI ~ MY RESPECT!..
What is Saved of My Old Animation Archive: Sheikh Wins!..
Sala Morocco's Cha3bana et La Tradition Du Malhoun..
WOW! The Most Beautiful Moroccan Song of 2009 by Malhoun X..
Great American Public Entertainment in Paris: Street Dancers..
My Interview About The Role of The Internet in The Life of M..
Tai Chi Semlalia: Classic Moroccan-dubbed Martial Arts Film..
Nice Songs About Henna Tradition in North African Weddings..
Oujdawood is Whipping Some Film Ass!..
Houari Manar: A Rising Star, A Gloomy Rainbow For Others..
Why Did Boston's MACCA Drop The Moroccan in MACCA?..
Moroccan Mobile Consulate: Boston March 21-22, 2009..
Why Mother Damia Has a Moroccan Tatoo and a Jewish Innoculat..
Do you love me? do you, do you?..
James Brown's Cape Finale (Boston, MA '68)..
James Brown: Please, Please, Pleeeease.. and Nomore Trivial ..
Obaid Karki: British Depravity in Dubai Sex-On-Beach..
حلاقة الم..
Raioo Speaks Arabic: Type in Arabic Without A Sweat!..
How To Type in Arabic Using Your Keyboard for Windows..
ATMAN: Algerian Batman Spoof..
Is Hollywood Abusing Morocco?..
Abdelkader Secteur: L3id Lekbir..
Abdelkader Secteur: Kelb wel 7mar 7ashakoum!..
Pro-Israel Rally Features Low IQ..
How is the economy crisis in the west affecting Morocco?..
Nice Programming from The Culture of Immigrat..
Libyan Soccer Video Game Star in the Making..
Obama's Stimulus Package Already in Effect in Morocco..
Bush and the Mysterious Handshakes..
Never Get a Police Ticket Again!..
Middle East, USA and Israel As seen By Michel Collon..
Gaza 2008 Crisis: Is Winning the Heart of the Eagle The Answ..
Islam and The Current Economic Crisis..
If Only Obama Picks Peter Schiff As Special Advisor..
Beat Box Man From Doukala..
I Don't Trust Moroccan Officials: Why?..
So You Think You Can Dance Like a Moroccan Gypsy?..
My First Moroccan Almond Truffles!..
Cooking with Alia..
Town Hall Meeting in DC Regarding MAC (Moroccan American Coa..
Highlights of a Meeting: El Yazami President of the Council ..
Please Donate For Mariam: A Cancer Child in Boston from Iraq..
Congratulations Barack Obama!..
American 401k and Moroccans..
Mounib Feeling Well and on TV..
A Beautiful Moroccan Quran Recitation by Abdel Hamid Hssayn..
Tzawaj Magalha Liya Grows Wings!..
How to eat a watermelon..
Looking for US-based Travel Agent to book a flight or tour t..
Drop Down Pants! ..
Muslims in America: An Experiment...
Buy From Your Local Farmers Market !..
Yassir Chadly: An Inspiring Multi-dimensional Moroccan in Am..
Moroccan Club Dance Night: 30+ Proper Attire Brown Camel-ski..
Conversations About La7rig (Illegal Immigration)..
Shakira Wa Akhawatouha..
Moul Taxi: A Trip to the Airport..
Morocco on Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern..
Hanane Fadili Strikes Again..
Freedom of Expression According to Raouf Ben Yaglane..
Cheikha Djennia & Cheikh Djilali Tiarti..
My Taste of a Christian Moroccan Interfaith Dialogue..
Angels singing Allah Ya Moulana by Nass Elghiwane..
A Call From Algeria to Help Suffering Little Boy Mounib!..
La Secheresse... de l'internet et de ezzehar..
Parents and Family from the perspective of an immigrant..
Do you want to Volunteer Abroad? VOLUNTEER in Morocco ~ Sign..
Moroccan Playing Cards Game ronda v1.0..
Sid El-Miloud 2008: Koul 3am Wentouma Bkhir..
NEW: Raioo Groups..
Call to Moroccans in Greater Boston: Help Provide Meals For ..
Moroccan American Television Program..
A promotional video for the Al Huda Summer Camp in Maine..
Une compo intitulée Alger..
Sidi Mohamed Ouali (Ou3li): Berber..
Moroccan Amazigh girl name "illy": DENIED...
What's That Song in the Kia Spectra Commercial?..
A Beautiful Burda Recitation!..
In Memory of My Father-in-law, Si La7bib..
Al-Qaeda Freak Show in North Africa..
The Girl Who Picked Up A Moroccan Rose..
Les Oiseaux De Figuig!..
Paul Bowles: A Witness of Moroccan Traditional Storytelling..
Mick Jagger of Algeria!!..
ZOGO: Rock Fusion Hailing from Algeria Lalaland!..
Cheb Mami, The Fugitive Prince!..
Local Moroccan Businesses, freelancers and services Deserve ..
From Los Angeles to Casablanca!..
Halloween SPECIAL 2007: La Mort D'une Souri!..
Looking for a Moroccan folkloric harvest hymn....
Allah Made Me Funny @ Boston..
MPK20: Sun's Virtual Workplace..
Morocco Mall 2010: Largest Shopping Mall of North Africa..
U.S. House Passes Historic Ramadan Resolution..
Looking for Arabic or French to English Translator..
Dr. Hassan Al-Turabi..
My Top 5 List of Quran Recitors 2007..
Samurai Jack of Algeria..
This Moroccan Barry! and his Baraka Men La3yaqa..
Doodling: Sheikh L7ouma..
How Moroccans Put Together a Government..
Hillareous Cat Wrestles Mouse claymation!..
ABSOLUTE RAIOO Summer 2007 Rai vol.2..
Oujda Folkloric Musicians after a long day....
Iwighd Adar by Amarg Fusion !!!!..
Alalla Yallali ft. Nabila..
Jews Support the Boston Mosque..
The a la Menthe: Maghreb French RAP..
Ya Ghrib !..... ft. Khaled, Lamine, Rai NB..
Hazzou Bina La3lam: Hajja Hamdaouia!..
Ha Elkass 7loo: Hajja Hamdaouia ft. Hamid..
Boston Moroccan Tennis Club: Mini Tournament 2..
Sidi Hbibi by Mano Negra - the unexpected :)..
Le Bachir ..
Cheb Mami.. L'ancien :) Pas Le Nouveau :(..
Summer Hidden Stress..
Fanfaraï - Rai Cuivre !..
Darouha Biya Mchaw L'Mekka w'Khallawni..
Zoo Event Organized by Al Huda..
Navigating post-divorce..
Just what is Civic Engagement?..
To Fly Boston <-> Morocco or Not..
Meetings with Moroccan Consultative Council on Human Rights..
J'irais dormir chez vous au Maroc..
Support Morocco Autonomy Initiative to solve the Sahara issu..
Les Frères Zergui..
On the Word "Plethora"..
When The Moors Ruled In Europe..
Ya Rassoul..
BARRAKA duet Cheb Khaled & Chebba Zahouania..
Cheba Zohra & Mahadattes de Rilizane..
SKyouz Me While I Light My Spliff!..
HAMIDOU, Algeria's Playboy!..
First mnanauk. Then mahdisean!..
Karima Skalli, Nassima et Leila Hejaiej..
Rym Hakiki: Matsalni Ma Ansalek..
The Road To Guantanamo..
Matejebdoulich by Djenet..
Cuban Chaabi! Guantanamera!!..
Hadj Menouer: El Batoul !..
Parske Ana Nebghi Wahran Bezzaf!..
I declare Moe a Star!..
Ahl Zin El Fassi!..
Morocco on current TV..
My South Park Character!..
Ummah Films on !! HELP NEEDED..
Ana Smayti Sa3id!..
Al-Hawli Jokes..
Zawiya Qadiriya Boudchichiya Open Air Speech..
US Patent by Sa Majeste H. Roi du Maroc..
Jahh Bless Mon! Feeling down to earth tonight!..
Cannot Believe These Idiots!..
NESS LA CITY: All?e Sans Retour! LOL..
When Lotfi Attar Rides Matabkish wave! You Lissann mon!..
KUDOS TO Cheikh Sidi Bemol & Band!!..
No Comment! DARRITOUNI.....
Mortality Meets Online Status..
Michael Richard Busted and Sorry!..
The UMMA Clinic..
Hanane Fadili Take on Shouaffa(tt)..
Hijab: Strict Code or Fashion Barcode ..
To The Fasting Darling..
Rimitti: Ana Li Ghrasset aNakhla....
Reminiscing Tex Avery Cartoons!..
Happiest Guy in Morocco!..
The Super-cool Hanane Fadili..
Cette Affaire d'Avions ? Londres..
Watch 2M Television..
American Muslim Fun Video Blogging!..
Open War in the Middle East?..
Touche Po a Mon Zidane!..
Ronaldinho Joined Zawya....
Draw Live!..
Zoo Animals Need e'space..
Les ABRANIS: Prodigy of Rockabyl..
Sofiane Saidi: Cet Algerien Trip-rai Hopper..
Lemchaheb Legacy ..
Zahra Hindi, Beautiful You!..
Jajouka's Winds of Moroccana..
Google Language Translation: English to/from Arabic..
Aziz Mekouar, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the US..
Google Shoots Microsoft.. One.. More.... Time!..
Monsieux Mehdi Ben Barka: Un Marocain Assassiné Qui Visait P..
Yale, Taliban and Weld L'Hashemi....
Near-eastern Muslim Scholars..
Three Algerians on Highway =]..
Moroccan Riverdance!..
Moroccan Candle-toe Dance..
Moroccan Qassida: Vraie Poesie!..
LA3MARNA Legacy..
Chilling Like a Mqedem in Morocco..
Alone in the Wilderness..
Are Iranians and Americans Blowing it Up?..
Are we a virus..?..
How come Morocco is silent to Dalfour, Sudan?..
Barreling Towards an Iraqi Civil War..
Pomme and Kelly ..
Intelligent Design and Evolution in not so American lands..
The Prophets animated by Steve Whitehouse..
More with Claudio Bravo..
Muslim Texans..
Hajj Stampede Gone Ugly!..
Self-portraits 001-002..
Why Faith?..
Online 7awli Souk!..
2006 !..
Derbouka Bled Attack..
Adopted HIV kids from Romania..
Operation Mapping Raioo Love!..
They burnt themselves.. Come'on!..
My Winamp Skin: The New Beetle..
The Forbidden Zone film that electrified me!..
Cousins skyblogging..
Chilean artist in Morocco..
Moroccan Blue tops colors!..
Osama in FAMILY GUY..
Baraka Art..
Itsy Bitsy knowledge..
The most misunderstood [and growing..] world religion, Islam..
Moroccan Christians..
Polygamy in USA..
Architecturing to joy!..
This Moorish cult in America..
The Magnificient King Vulture..
Al-Rashid and the Fart..
On the subject of Evil Eye..
Anecdote on Life and 3ibada..
Anecdote on Giving in Time of Need..
T-shirt design: L'Amoureux!..
Craig Thompson art..
The Real Origin of Smileys :)..
T-shirt design: Happy Sailor!..
T-shirt design: threadless in Kufi..
T-shirt design: Magic e-lamp..
My August '05 T-shirt Designs ..
Your Living Space..
The Raioo Story: 2. in the garden..
The Raioo Story: 1. intro..
Arabic Beat and Instrument Music Wanted!..
RA?NA RAI Legacy..
Algerian Chaabi..
Nour L'Koufi (Gharnati)..
Hidalgo in Morocco..
Le Secret d'Elissa Rhais..
Imam Shafii. Soni N'nafssa..
Feqqas (Moroccan Biscuiti)..
Casablanca Connect..
ZEBDA! Un Groupe Genial!..
Al Moutanabbi. Idha Ghamarta..
Imam Shafii. sa'fir tajid 3iwada..
Long Distance Honey ..
The Working Wife and Husband..
The Hammam Public Bath: Do you still go there?..
Hip Hop Classic Favorites!..
Down With Love..
Lord Of The Rings..
How To create a Moroccan remix of a video clip ? ..
Why we don't eat Porc?..
Do You Play Music?..
Hidoura: Your Moroccan Natural Carpet..
Khaddouj Slam-dunking From Marrakesh To New York..

Hmida Rass Lmida à L'Avare de Molière!
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Shining ability is a gift...
Halloween SPECIAL 2007: La Mort D'une Souri!
Cheikha Rimitti: 83 Years of Life...
Why do we pray ?
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ABSOLUTE RAIOO Summer 2007 Rai vol.2
Cheba Zohra & Mahadattes de Rilizane
Close Encounters of the Moroccan Kind!
Another attempt at writing. Will this language ever feel natural?
North Africa Journal
Moroccan Tattoos
From Los Angeles to Casablanca!
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Les Oiseaux De Figuig!
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Moroccan Playing Cards Game ronda v1.0
A Call From Algeria to Help Suffering Little Boy Mounib!

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