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warite laroussi
tangier Morocco
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missunderstanding sufism
03:39:37 PM Monday Jul 23, 2007

Salam alikoum ,

I just saw a comment posted on the tarika kadiria boutchichia (2006) , and i remembered what the cheikh SIDI ABBAS and the father of SIDI HAMZA , the actual cheikh of the tarika said : "forgive who got the knowledge of the tarika and who don't" . After more than 20 years inside the tarika and , many meetings inside and outside of Morocco , i can just say that the definitions and descriptions of the followers of the tarika are not the same as well as those who are outside of the tarika . Sufism is an experimental practice tested by the heart (when it's safe and clean) . In many cases the newbie is not prepared to receive any spiritual input because his heart is not prepared for ; so the mind , the intellect , the reason may take over the spirit in that particular case and the output (opinion , position , description ...) may be far from the truth but acceptable . The critics evolved by many persons and communities may be a source of extremism and false orientations for many religious groups , and may lead to intellectual and religious conflicts . I hope that people giving their own point of view sould care about other communities and religions to spread peace on earth .

Best regards , Laroussi .

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11:40 am    September 30, 2007
yarabi hfad lina chikh dialna sidi hamza lay tawal 3amro lah inawar tri9o otri9 lmoslimin ajma3in ana amani 16ans 3araft tri9a l9adiria lboudchichia hadi sba3sni d3iw m3aya njah fdirasti merci bbbbbbbbbbb

11:33 am    September 30, 2007
slt tarika lkadiria ana fa9ira mana swira lah ibalar lma9soud golo amin

12:20 pm    August 1, 2007

Mohamed Brahimi message
We are phasing out AL ARAB NEWS and we are going to substitute it with a newsletter inshallah
THank you

9:39 am    July 29, 2007
Very Interesting comment. And I also hope that we as muslims will work on givig a better image to the people that all think that our religion preaches terrorism.



1:47 pm    July 28, 2007

abdelilah message
Si Mohamed Brahimi,

Thanks for your message. I want to know more about the Moroccan American civic association. Where is it based? what are its main purposes? who can join? I think that we need, as Moroccans, a cultural forum besides the forums who are doing a good job in bringing Stati or Pinhas to the States.


7:31 am    July 26, 2007

warite laroussi message
Hi ,

Here's an introductory answer for you Adnane about the question : "how is the newbie's heart prepared to receive spiritual input?"

In the zawiya the newbie should listen , concentrate and focuse his mind to God in the dikr session by closing his eyes and forgetting the people surrounding him . Then if he feels a touch in his heart , he should participate to the dikr session . The step after is to ask for the weerd (a personnel dikr that the mureed make twice a day at home) .
The visit and the meeting of the sheikh will be the real open door for him to get answers for the rest .

My best regards Laroussi .


6:34 am    July 25, 2007

Mohamed Brahimi message
Mr Abdelilah,
I am glad to hear tha you are doing well in california. I asked ahmed hajjouji about you last month at a conference in DC and he confirmed that you are doing well. Having said that, I have to say that I don't like talking about Saliheen and Awliya too much .but I do add my voice to yours in regards to sidi ahmed Zarrouq. A definite MASTERPIECE and one that should be read and re-read. I am still listening to Hamza Yusuf's "Mat harat Al qulub" which translate to the "Purification of the heart" and my friend tell me that Cheick Yusuf does a superb job on CD # 17 that contains Sidi Ahmed Zarrouq's letter.
The entire series was given to me as gift and as soon as I get through listening to it , I will donate it as a Waqf to the Moroccan American Civic and Cultural Association lending library for whom ever want to borrow it.
Keep this thread going.
Thank you

7:53 pm    July 24, 2007

hudhud message
don't take that hadith out of context - it refers to piety and to knowing truth and abstaining from wrong.

Islam has no saints. we have prophets, sahaba, and saliheen - people who do good and serve as role models for us all.

but no saints. the very concept of a saint is unislamic.


7:30 pm    July 24, 2007

abdelilah message
The saying of our pious predecessors (salaf salih) goes: ma kaana mu3jizatan linabiyy jaza an yakouna karamatan liwaliyy.
I read Zarruq's book which is very interesting and should, like the letters of ben driss, be read in its context. HAmza yusuf himself, spoke about the karamaat he received from his sheikh in Mauritania.
As far as people's ability to do things, when they are saints they do those things by virtue of Allah's grace as the hadith goes where God says: "when I like him, I become the ear with which he hears and the eye with which he sees."

4:30 pm    July 24, 2007

hudhud message
"When it comes to magical powers, I have noticed them myself and even modern science and parapsychology are studying these phenomena."

well then - that's where the buck stops for me. there is a difference between miracles that the prophets were blessed with, miracles on a smaller scale that allah has blessed everyday humans with - like being rescued from an accident or saving a life for example, and what some people nowadays claim the *ability to do* - there is a big difference.

and I guarantee you sheikh Zarruq never claimed such baloney. if you want to be a true "sufi" in the purist sense, go read his book "qawa3id attasawuff."


3:57 pm    July 24, 2007

warite laroussi message
Hi ,

I want first to thank you for your kind and freindly work your doing on your web site .
I also want to thank your for your interst towards the tarika and sufism .

I hope from God that you will receive both Hudhud and Adnane wisdom , knowledge and
happiness from him.

I have to much to tell you about the Tarika and sufism , but this first step have been done by a large group of the followers of the Tarika Boutchichia . Many members of them are friends of mine specially in France and Canada . So here the two important web sites dealing with the Tarika , and believe me they are fantastic . Here you will find individual and group's points of views .

I will stay tune , untill i receive your comments and i will be happy to answer to almost anyquestion .

My best and kind reagards , Laroussi .


3:09 pm    July 24, 2007

abdelilah message
This discussion is interesting to me because I happen to do a thesis on it and also because on a personal level I belong to a Sufi brotherhood. I agree with Hudhud that Zarruq was critical of the Sufis of his time and I, myself, hate the conversion discourse of many people of the tariqa. As Laroussi said, one should forgive those with knowledge and those without. One can say many things about sheikh Hamza for instance, but the "judgement" stems from a personal experience. My encounter with him was very fruitful for me. Ibn Arabi for example was very open about other religions. When it comes to magical powers, I have noticed them myself and even modern science and parapsychology are studying these phenomena. It has nothing to do with infallibility. The idea that we are "sawasiyya kasnaan al misht" (equal in status) should not deter us from the fact that God preferred some people over others by virtue of their piety. Our Moroccan history is ripe with figures like Abdeslam Ben Mshish, El Jazouli, Qadi Ayad, Bu Ya3za, Lalla Takerkoust...

11:11 am    July 24, 2007

hudhud message
yes - do tell. if you want others to understand your tarika better you need to tell your sheikhs and their followers to open up about it more.

I lived with a couple of sufis for a while. and I did not enjoy it. they were on the one hand very pushy trying to convert me to their tarika, and on the other hand very exclusive and mysterious - I was always the outsider and not treated equally or trusted fully as a result.

I don't think the original sheikhs of "tasawuff" like Sheikh Ahmed Zarruq had that exclusive closed attitude. They were very frank and honest about their beliefs and very open about it. No mysteries involved. Knowledge accessible to everyone who chose to learn. And no special magic powers in the hands of any sheikh - we are all fallible, make mistakes, and all need to learn.


7:02 pm    July 23, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Hey Laroussi, did you mean this article? ---> Zawiya Qadiriya Boudchichiya Open Air Speech

And thanks for your notes on this tariqa. Please tell more. I'm always fascinated by sufism and especially the one in Morocco. I think I experienced a lifestyle for a period, and I believe it might have been baby steps in the world of sufism. But then again, it might not since I don't know what it is or what it feels to be a sufi. It could have been just what a simple spiritual human being ought to live. Just thinking of those moments, souvenirs, is filling my heart with joy, back then when I: enjoyed Ramdan like no other before, had a few emotional problems that no person could heal, and I was in full consciousness that only God can, decided to get married, I immersed myself in reading and understanding quran, fell in love with the writings of Sheikh Mohammed Abdah, gave beyond the call of duty at work, frequented a secluded mosque and a calm corner and hidoura in my place at least 20 min a day, and then also made time to meet spiritual simple people and play games like Scrabble and chess. Oddly, I also grew a very small beard. I have been there for a while, and lost that thread somehow. I'd love to search it and grab it back again.

So please tell, in the zawiya, how is the newbie's heart prepared to receive spiritual input?


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missunderstanding sufism..


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