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Rasta Gnawi
boston, ma Massachusetts USA
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Friday or Saturday?
08:46:57 AM Thursday Oct 11, 2007

the text below is from this webstie:

Eid ul-Fitr on October 13, 2007
Special Projects
Dates:10/13/2007 - 10/14/2007

Eid ul-Fitr Announcement by Fiqh Council of North America
The Fiqh Council of North America in its meeting in Herndon, Virginia on July 31-August 1, 2007 noted with satisfaction the recent Fatwa of its counterpart in Europe “the European Council for Fatwa and Research” related to the permissibility of the use of calculation method for determining the beginning of Lunar months including the months of Ramadan and Shawwal.

The position of ECFR is very similar to the position of FCNA adopted last year on June 10, 2006, with a minor difference. FCNA adopted the position that the conjunction should occur before noon at Greenwich time. ECFR has adopted Makkah al-Mukarram as a conventional point and took the position that the conjunction must take place before sunset in Makkah and moon must set after sunset in Makkah.

FCNA after careful discussion has revised its position and has adopted the Fatwa of ECFR. This revised position will change only a few dates in the Fiqh Council’s Five year calendar; but it will bring greater harmony and unity among the Muslims communities in the West.

Eid ul-Fitr will be on Saturday, October 13, 2007

Eid ul-Fitr 1428 AH:
The astronomical New Moon is on Thursday, October 11, 2007, at 5:00 Universal Time (8:00 am Makkah time). Sunset at Makkah on October 11 is 6:00 pm local time, while moonset at Makkah is at 5:59 pm local time (1 minute before sunset). This does not meet the new criteria adopted by FCNA and ECFR. On Friday, October 12, 2007, sunset at Makkah is 5:59 pm local time, while moonset is at 6:32 pm local time. Therefore, first day of Shawwal, i.e., Eid ul-Fitr is Saturday, October 13, insha'Allah.

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10:43 pm    October 13, 2007

Adnane Ben. message
Thank you for this beautiful video and classic song. I liked how the song emphasizes and reminds us of being good and cheering up orphans on the eid. I guess not so many people think of it that way.. it's usually about exchanging cheers among family and friends.

8:39 pm    October 12, 2007

hudhud message
just to put y'all in the spirit :o)


8:37 pm    October 12, 2007

hudhud message
isna always goes by "lehsaab" - they try to calculate. no offence but I think it's a bunch of BS. I have cousins in makkah and madinah and they saw the hilal, so we def did not fast today.

it all boils down to silly politics in my opinion. the whole point of having a LUNAR calendar is to go by *lunar* sightings. why take all the romance fun and spirit out of it. i remember when we were little kids my dad would take us up in the hills and we'd try to see the crescent ourselves. it was always so exciting. we'd call family back home and ask, did you see it, did you see it? friends would call from near and far to report any crescent sightings. it was always so fun.

not to mention the hadith is crystal clear, "soumou li rou'yatih wa aftirou lirou'yatih, fa'in ghoumma alaykoum fa akmilou al 3iddah thalathine" -- "fast when you see it, and stop fasting when you see it, and if it is cloudy and you can't see it, then complete the month 30 days"

quite simple really..


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