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Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L)
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Running After Destiny
12:00:00 AM Sunday May 5, 2002

Like everybody I suppose, I am wondering whether some spiritual beliefs can be put into a scientific framework using nothing but the inlellect. Destiny among others, was one of the issues that fascinates me :

Time and space are two united dimensions. While walking, sitting, dacing and so on, your watch is ticking. Einstein's general relativity demonstates that the faster an abject travels, the slower time around that object ticks.

The speed of light is a Universal Constant independent of the reference system of the observer. This limit cannot be exceeded by any matter without transforming to energy. Wether your spacecraft is standing still or moving at 50% the speed of light, the light emerging from its headlights will be still travelling at 300.000 km per second, but time around you would slow down. Ssomeone from earth watching you with a telescope would see you acting in slow motion. If your flying object reaches the speed of light, time on your side would stop. If you move faster than the speed of light, you could go back or forward in time because you can arrive somewhere before light does. This means that you could travel to the future or the past.

Experiments have shown, and while taking all possible parameters into consideration, that the clock inside a commercial airline runs slower than a clock on earth. The same thing goes for the clock inside a satellite on orbit. This is due to their speed. Needless to say that if a satellite would travel 1000 times faster, its clock would slow down even further.

Einstein came up with the "Twin paradox" idea, where one twin brother would be sent into space at an extremely high speed - which is currently impossible for various reasons. His clock will slow down. After spending one year in space and returning back to earth, he will find his brother 10 years older than him.

This suggests that the Astronaut brother did essentially travel 9 years into the future. In other words, from his point of view, he is looking at future events which should not happen before nine years had passed (spooky...heh?)

As it is demonstrated on papers, travelling back to the past is possible as well. The Scientific community is forced to accept the fact that time coexists with of all of its dimensions: past, present and future, all at once! Time just is!

Just as you may say planet Mars is out there, although you cannot reach it, you could say next week is out there too.

Our guts and cultural believes might fight the idea, because in general poeple do not feel comfortable with the idea that their future is already set. But rationally, that is what it is.

It is like watching a movie from your chair, you have no idea how the film will end, although the past and future events are already rolled up in the tape; to see them all would require you to forward or rewind the tape, which is not an easy task (especially for a lazy guy like me whose is somewhere closeby). Could premoniton dreams and predictions be messages from other dimensions ??

One of Einstein's friends died, so he sent a condoleance letter to his wife telling her that her husband died, but that he was still out there. As poetic or religious as it may sound, it has a scientific meaning to it.

Destiny is far from being a superstitious concept.

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2:11 am    October 30, 2005
Of course you can change your desteny. That's why you exist in the first place. You're here to go to either one of two places. One is good. One is bad. What you do determines where you go. Free will vs desteny... When you kill your next door neighbour don't tell me desteny had it coming;).

10:33 am    August 4, 2002
It's always nice to read your writing Antar.
If you have an oportunity and time to see "minority report" let me know what you think..I think that's going in the same direction, and that Rachida underline: We can't change our future!!!
Take care.

8:50 pm    July 12, 2002
let me just how grat i felt while reading your beautiful work .you are very eloquent and what you wrote had a lot of sense .it makes my life a lot of easier to believe your words because my very hunted about destiny my self . so what i understood is we can't change our future and what is meant to be gonna happen any way .then let me ask you one thing where is humans will inall that . and what makes human different than other creatures .because according to you human being are only avtors but not reactors which make them very passive creatures .

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