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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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12:00:00 AM Saturday Dec 11, 2004

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10:37 am    October 5, 2005
marhaba... al qusaimi's books can be baught from dar al saqi books in london.. you can check their web site....good luck maa essalama

6:11 pm    January 18, 2005

Wondering how have you been , also wondering why we could not keep in touch... anyhow t3aidi et t3awdi bessaha!



4:27 pm    January 18, 2005
Weired! I found Thursday for Boston!

3:23 pm    January 18, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
in Boston

1:55 pm    January 18, 2005
inchallah Eid ul Adha will be on Friday, January 21, 2005 in north America, like Morocco, at3eydou m3ana:)
mabrouk l3ide to everyone!

10:22 am    January 18, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
Anyne knows what is the concluded date of Eid Ad7a in North America? Thursday 1/20 or Friday 1/21 ?



11:03 am    January 9, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
This is one of my favorite search concepts. You enter an arabic word in latin alphabet, and it doesn't have to be the right latin spelling (if there is anything like that in the first place) so anyways you enter something like Maghrib or innama.. and the engine search the Quran for the verses it could find.. truely useful thing, try it!


9:07 pm    January 8, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
This is a nice tool online to read quran, among other things.


1:43 pm    January 7, 2005

Adnane Ben. message

1:40 pm    January 6, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
Anyone knows anything about this Saudi scholar and researcher? where can we buy his papers, books etc.

12:05 pm    January 6, 2005
Our mother nature is far by to be limited to coincidence. Billions of reactions as I am speaking now, are happening in each of us body, each of which is well regulated through a very intelligent system. If we take the simplest example: cell cycle through which any cell divides (healthy or cancerous cell), is by itself a fascinating system. The cell cycle is a sequence of events during the cell growth and division into two daughter cells. The stages are G1, S, G2, and M, G1 stands for ?Gap 1?; S stage stands for ?Synthesis?, where DNA is replicated; G2 stage refers to ?Gap 2?; and the M stage stands for mitosis, when chromosomes separate and cytokinesis occurs.

G1 and G2 are simply two-check points to give either the green light to proceed through the next step or to exit the cell from the cell cycle. The mitosis stage is in turm divided into four satages: prophase, anaphase, metaphase, and telophase. The basic machinery of the mitotic spindle relies on the fundamental dynamic properties of microtubules in the cell. Microtubules play a crucial role in cellular growth. They are involved in cell division, organization of intracellular structures, and intracellular transport. Their major role consists in the formation spindle fibers that is responsible for chromosomal separation and segregation. Furthermore, microtubules are involved in a diverse range of cellular functions including mitosis and meiosis, motility, maintenance of cell shape and intracellular trafficking of macromolecules and organelles (in Eukaryotics).

P.S: Interference with microtubule functionality represents an important avenue for anticancer drug discovery (Taxol, clinically used now).


1:38 am    January 6, 2005
Majisal Tours
In light of Eid AL Adha, Majisal Tours would like to extend its best wishes to the Muslim community across North America ?Eid Mubarak?. In fact, Majisal agents are thrilled to assist you in planning your trip back home for this holiday. Why not seize the opportunity to spend some quality time with your beloved ones back home and relive your childhood memories. Call today and take advantage of Majisal unbeatable holiday promotions and get the lowest fares of the year. Air France, Lufthansa, KLM and Royal Air Morocco and many other top airlines are among our holiday promotions. For more information please contact Marwan immediately to reserve your seats
Tel: (773)592-9513 or email

9:44 pm    January 4, 2005
Allah yahfad ou safi. Everything is a sign from Allah swt and of course there is a reason for everything, even this huge loss of life and painful suffering. It has united the world not in conflict but in helping one another. So maybe this has served to bring together a sense of brotherhood and helping one's fellow man. It is hoped that they will actually learn from this. When was the last time, the world or parts of it united - WAR. They were showing a news broadcast about the after math and there were those who were saying that there had been many who had turned their backs on God from various religions who in the light of this tragedy were praying and turning to their respective faiths for comfort and guidance. When you have lost everything, you need something to cling onto, and for many it has been religion. So, again, maybe this was a day of reckoning in more ways than one. From an environmental point of view, we keep getting told about the way we as a society are polluting the planet, the effects of the ozone layer, global warming or should that be global warning. This time mother nature has shocked us back to reality. Guess this has been a wake-up call from a religious, spiritual, environmental angle. The thing is, how long will we remember it, what will we do about it. This happened in one tiny corner of the globe, can you imagine it on an even bigger scale. It doesn't even bear thinking about, or perhaps it should. Allah yafiya9na bi 3youbna we say, well HE has.

3:15 pm    January 4, 2005
Personnaly, I believe that it is a sign from GOD, He always makes such disasters to wake people up and warn'em; to show'em that life is really shorter than what they believe!
I remember when one day, There were an earthquake near Rabat, and all people run to the mosque BADR in Agdal even before l3asre prayer, and they asked the imam to start the prayer hehehehe lkhel3a we matdire...

2:03 pm    January 4, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
The cause of such a natural disaster that causes thousands of human death and destruction can be pinpointed by modern science fairly easily: a slide of rocky layers deep down in the ocean. However, such a disaster may also call for spiritual pondering and correlation with the divine rules and wishes. Is God sending us a message? may be a message of the need to come together after about 4 years of war and confusion? is this a sign from God to once again show people that he can kill in a clint of an eye more than our wars can kill, and that we ought to reconsider our conflicts?

Are people looking at this disaster from such spiritual viewpoint also as they're busy recovering and focusing on the emergency phase.. or are they going to sympathize with South Asia, do whatever it's necessary to do to recover, then go back to their bloody wars in the middle east and elsewhere, and this goes both for those in conflict.


10:57 pm    January 1, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
This article is from 1998, that's 7 years ago.. I find it very strange that 1998 is so far away in the past, seriousely it sounds like yesterday..


10:53 pm    January 1, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
I wondered for a while what you meant by hard-control area, so I did some research and I'm finding that they're for France sort of like the Polisario or rather the Riffis for Morocco.. These Corsicans don't want anything to do with the French, let alone the Moroccans

Many Corsicans want greater autonomy or independence; Corsican National Liberation Front (FLNC) periodically attacks French government officials and buildings


10:49 pm    January 1, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
apparently it's one of the most beautiful islands in the medditeranean, and these Moroccans definitely knew then where to settle


4:20 pm    December 31, 2004
Adnane, Corsica is among the hard-control among the world! b7ale lbasque en espagne; French authorities are facing big problems in this zone and can't do anything!
Historically, they said that Corsica people are a mix of Arab and French blood, that's why they've got hot blood hehehehe wallahou a3lame

1:02 pm    December 31, 2004

Adnane Ben. message

French Muslim schoolgirl Cennet Doganay shaved her head protesting the hijab ban.. read more here:


1:00 pm    December 31, 2004

Adnane Ben. message

The attacker's slogan "get out arabs! enough Muslims!"

Are French authorities doing enough to stop this? How about the Moroccan government?


4:14 pm    December 25, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
It's an interesting theory, and when you converse with people who don't have one of the religious backgrounds that believe in God as the creator, it'll be helpful to know what to say to them. I don't know how to respond myself, but I can say something basic about probabilkity and coincidence. I had an injury the other day on my knee cap and couldn't walk easily for days. I did some research about the anatomy of knee caps. I was stunned by its elegant design. The thigh triceps is a big muscle whose ends tightly connect with the knee cap in two ends holding it like a "balancoir" if you would. The knee cap is virtually floating, only a special bubble of liquid among other things.. but since it's mostly mechanical, it's floating basically atop the round soft joints of the thigh and lower leg bones. The thigh tricep muscle is the thing that keeps the knee cap in balance.. otherwise the knee cap will be moving all over the place and you wouldn't be able to walk straight or carry weights.
Now, if we say that this elegant design is the product of coincidence, then we have too many features in this design that also happened at once, among billions and billions of permutations and trials, and all of a sudden there was the knee cap design. This is only the knee cap, so how about the tibia design, the foot design, the more complex and functional design of the pelvis and the productive systemn, the lungs, brain and so.. all of these subsystems had to happen right all at the same time, after a mamooth number of trials and permutations.. I just find it hard to believe that coincidence as we know it in the science of probability and statistics is the principal driver of the creation of our bodies. So the creation process is one, how about the maintainenace process, all the features embedded in us that maintain our bodies when we're ill, weak, strong, pregnant, etc. How about the birds, the horses, the fish.. the planets, the stars. I would go crazy if I tried to explain all of this design by virtue of coincidence. Not that scientists ought not try to figure out the creations by any means, including studying the possibility of "coincidence". But, somehow, deep down.. I find it much more promising that a sublime absolute entity has a universal knowledge to create anything it wishes, maybe go through a product development cycle (requirements, analysis, design and construction) but being such a sublime entity maybe the development cycle concept is nomore necessary since the product is guarranteed to be functional as intended. Only us, humans must go through a product development cycle to minimize chances of error and increase quality.. and if you notice when we become experts at what we do, we tend to skip some steps in the process because we're confident of what we do.. soemtimes we shrink the cycle too much and deliver the product to the client, who is now impressed we were able to produce in such short time with high quality. What does the client do then? the client becomes loyal to our company, the client becomes a messenger to others to send their jobs our way. Only the cheap and careless clients will settle for a copycat competitor or wanna be.. get a bad product, which ends up hurtikng their users. I can see the need for the belief, and the loyal connection to a one all knowing powerful creator.

10:36 am    December 25, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
is very interesting. But I still don't know what kind of missions of life atheists settle for. The few atheists I know are very kind people, one of them I knew closely, the other used to be my colleague, the other is my friend's friend. The first and latter have one thing in common: they read a lot! it's incredible the amount of reading they do.. the first and the second have one thing in common: they are quiet liberal and love money. The first loves material things, but who doesn't! at any rate, they seem quiet harmless, so I'm trying to understand where they're going wrong. The only thing I can figure out is that all they can perceive is this life, so they end up living it UP. We on the other hand, people who were handed down a religious message, perceive of this life as well as the after-life even we haven't seen it. Just that small chance, probability that our religion may be saying the right thing keeps us thinking of the after-life, the motion picture of after death, the tomb, day of judgement, angels, heaven, hell, devil, God, hid 3arsh, his 7 skies, etc. I guess I just find it very interesting to figure out which train of thought make life easy: the train of thought of the good atheist who is focused on this life and does well let's say.. or the Muslim who often struggles to set a balance between this life and the preparation for the after-life.

10:14 am    December 25, 2004

Aziz Bezza message
dear Adnane, i don't intend to get into specific details in this discussion but here is what i can tell you: the message of life you have talked about can be learned from one's as well as others short, if you look closely &from your own experience to your & others development, personality and motivations in various stages of this life, you will find that all what we are is a combination of nature&nurture. we begin our life by striving to realize our basic needs to the highest we can achieve" may be self-actualization". for late adulthood and the perception of death people can differ
depending on their milieu and understandings. it varies from acceptance to fear regardless of the religious background.

12:41 pm    December 24, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
aziz, actually, is merely how do atheists cope with the journey of life, with its good and struggles, how do they cope with death, what mission/purpose do they have in life, if they formulated this mission. I'm just curious becase for me as a Muslim I am given the message and I find it very interesting, I grow to like it. For them, many weren't given a message, or they just didn't find it appealing or strong enough at some point in their lives so they just ignored it. I guess I'm just trying to understand more the definition of atheist in our times. It'll also help to understand the definition of the atheist in the old times. Am I making any sense.. or is it that I need coffee again!

8:06 am    December 24, 2004

Aziz Bezza message
they simply believe in what is right and wrong, it's easy adnane. unlike people who pretend having strong faith and abide by divine laws, the so called atheists strengthen their behavior by morals, respect of others and general understanding of life.of course it will be naive to believe that all of them think the same way because many flavors are in a melting pot.yet, i don't grasp the statment that atheists pray while in weakness. may be the people you are talking about fall into the category of nonreligious i.e people that believe in god but don't practice any religion. still, i don't see any harm coming from them as long as it remains personal and free from any interference like the one displayed by the above imam and many other priests before him.

10:27 am    December 23, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
This is indeed unexpected. We usually look up to Imams, this is the first incident I hear of..


7:50 pm    December 14, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
When these people are in trouble, when they have serious problems, when they're scared, threatened, unsafe, what is their mind thinking? are they reaching out to themselves to get out of their trouble, or does ever cross their mind that they can't help themselves and they could reach out to someone else other than humans? not necessarily someone, but something, some entity, it could be a mere idea or thought of an all powerful entity that could ease up their troubles and help them.. I wonder what goes on in their minds, and I'm sure the Quran has spoken of these minds and how they think, if you know an ayya let me know. What I mean by atheists not necessarily negative bad people, I think there are atheists out there who are kind, peaceful, hard-workers, moussli7in, good to their famillies and so on.. what goes on in the mind of these kind people..

4:53 pm    December 14, 2004
da concept
- do u mean with pray, du3aa ?
- coz prayer is way too much for them, to bow to their god !
- i heared or read from their perspective its a weakness to pray! and since they believe in their selfs, how skillfull or how smart or rich or anything that make them prode of them self ! they are full of pride to pray ! so basicly the believers for them are weak !
- but sure we ll notice how much they are attached to this world! c'est plus fort qu'eux, their soul knows the thuth and they r damn not ready to die.

hmm m i right ?


11:34 pm    December 11, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
sometimes..? maybe when in danger?.. how do they think?

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