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youness yahya
Never mind Morocco
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Morocco vs Cameroon OR Egypte vs Algeria
10:02:59 AM Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

Hey guys:
don't know about you but i'm planning to watch them both.
This upcoming Saturday they are two important soccer games to watch in Africa.
Morocco vs Cameroon at 15:30 (Morocco local time) and Egypt vs Algeria at 17:30 (Morocco local time).
The first game which is the last hope for the Moroccan team to make to the African cup 2010 is going to be against the number 1 in the division Cameroon, if Eto and his friends beat Haji and his friends than it's bye bye for the Moroccans, Other wise the Atlas lions have to wait to see the outcome of the other match btw gabon and Togo.
The second game of the day and in my opinion the most important and it's gonna be the most watched is Egypt vs Algeria. Algeria has beaten the Pharaohs 3-1 and are the first in the poll, Egypt is the second with only 3 point behind the "1 million martyrs land" by 2 goals. So if Egypt wins this game by 2 goals the second and decisive game btw the 2 is going to be played on the 18th.
It's gonna be a hell of weekend...
So what r u gonna watch?

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2:25 am    November 12, 2009

youness yahya message
Ah i remember something like this back in 86 when morocco beat Portugal 3-0, waw what i day that was:). Well i hope that the greens win that will be something that they've been waiting for almost 25 years:). GO GREENS

2:08 am    November 12, 2009

hudhud message
algerie vs. egypte of course! allez les verts!! ;-)
l'ambiance here in algiers is already electric.. huge monetary incentives pushing the team forward, folks driving corteges out to the airport to fly out to cairo, big discounts on flights and hotels to encourage fans to get there..

i watched an interview last night on local tv live from the airport where a woman from a small town in the east describes how her husband told her, let's leave the kids with grandma and go to cairo for the game! and off they go.

folks are dropping everything until after the match.. construction work and other projects are getting temporarily stalled, and the usual reply now is not "we've run out of cement and materials" or "the workers didn't show up today" no, the answer is "wait til the 14th brother, i can't do anything until after the 14th!!"

flags are flying, local dj's are playing for free in public spaces and street squares, boys and girls of all ages dance on the sidewalks after school covered in flags, face paint, tall red-white-and-green hats, and algerie sports gear. posters depicting the national team's players dressed as Rambo or Braveheart decorate the street poles, youtube is flooded with musical clips urging the team forward..

if the greens don't beat the pharaohs this weekend, we will hear dramatic tales in the news of an unprecedented case of national cardiac arrest, wherein a population of 35 million will suddenly just quit breathing, their hearts quit beating, and a deep depression lasting years to come will grip the nation...

reporting live from algiers, we leave you all with prayers for a good FAIR match (O god put some decent referees on that field... ;) and the most important thing is, just no massacres after the match no matter what the results please... ;o))


youness yahya's notes (3)
Move back to Morocco or not move back..
Morocco vs Cameroon OR Egypte vs Algeria..
Rain and storms hit Morocco..


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