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Adnane Ben.
Boston USA
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Morocco World Cup 2010 Bid
12:00:00 AM Monday Sep 29, 2003

Proposed by Tarik, AZ

Tomorrow, Tuesday 9/30, Morocco will present his 2010 Soccer World Cup candidacy file along with other African countries. What are the chances of our country to win this big honor, what are the challenges, how are the biggest competitors, what kind of benefits do you think this event will bring to our country.. allez les lions!!

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5:17 am    March 1, 2007
I hope Morocco makes it to the world cup in 2010! I want them to not only make it, but I want them to represent all those Moroccan fans out there in the world! Kick but, and win baby!

7:07 pm    May 22, 2005
i'm sure y'all know that our football team is gonna play an important game on june, 4th. i'm in rhode island and i need to know if there's a way to watch the game. is there any place or caf? shop where i can watch it in providence or even in boston.????

3:30 am    May 22, 2005
Stolen from Moroccan Brought To South African , I was Winner At Night And im Looser In the morning . i Think i was Dreaming !!!! No i DON'T THINK SO ... Simply It Wasn't A Fair Game ... Blatter Was A Good Player , We Want it Back . WE CAN WE DESERVE WE LOVE FOOTBALL , Simply It Will The Best African WORLD CUP . MOROCCO IS THE RIGHT COUNTRY TO HOLD THE BID . Thanks To all The countries Whom Support us And Give as them Vote .

3:23 am    May 22, 2005

2:44 am    December 18, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
to south africa.. and the team surprises us again like it did in tunisia

11:39 pm    April 26, 2004
salamo alikom
what u just said shows that u know nothing about Moroccan soccer, and world soccer in general.

11:38 pm    April 26, 2004
salamo alikom
what u just said shows that u know nothing about Moroccan soccer, and world soccer in general.

11:04 am    April 15, 2004
Student casablancais in NY
I think we may have the best chance of organizing the 1 st african world cup. we couldnot do otherwise before because we were up against stronger candidates that had greater financial means. however this time we are up against much more modest contries than we are for most cases.
Egypt: doesnot have the neccessary infrastructure to orgonize the cup.
Tunisia & Libya: wish to coorgonize the event, however Libya right now do not present a safe political environment specially after their admitance of their nuclear program/ as for tunis they sure do have the capacity of orgonizing it but they are trying to get over their current budget deficit.
Nigeria: Please... the only thing they got is their soccer squad.
S Africa: that would be the only strong competition we might have. however their stadiums are mostly used to host rugby games. they just got out of a civil war, and they have a high crime rate.
we are building 3 new stadiums and another three upon our hosting the cup.
we have the necessary unfrastructure to host spectators from all over the world
we have a stable political environment
we have great support among other nations( france, usa, saudi arabia, arabe emirates, spain, senegal, and koweit)

9:39 am    April 15, 2004
i wish we can organize it. it will stimulate the economy, and the feelings of a whole country.
golo inshaalah

3:16 am    April 15, 2004
Hi All,
I dont understand why poeple are mixing things up..We talk about WC and u read here some ideas about Morocco is not able to do it because of political situation, cultural things, not educated poeple, and so on...
Why not? look back in the history of example is Spain 1982.. At that time, Spain was economically and politically as morocco now if we may say... The WC gave them a spring to the insertion in the EU...Second example Mexico 1986... Everybody knows what is mexico and how life is in more comments...
Just believe in it, if u want a change u need to chage it urself right... via something would be perfect and quick...
believe in urself... we can do it...we can do it and i d love to be there in 2010 to see games ... this is magnificant

Wallah A3lam


8:43 pm    March 25, 2004
i was so excited about morocco idea to hold world cup in 2010, and i didn't stop supporting my country among my coleagues at work and any other places like wearing moroccan flag t-shirt, or love morocco etc..

but last week Ijust felt guilty after what happen in spain . anytime I hear the news the morocco is related to al quaida and terror...

I just give up cause I think li ata Allah atah, it's over men....


1:34 pm    March 13, 2004




10:50 am    March 13, 2004
we have 8 votes out of 24, probably we'll get another one maybe more, but we're slightly ahead of SA right now, come on guys show your support.\
vive le maroc et les marocains

3:17 pm    March 5, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
N. African country shoots for 2010 event

LOS ANGELES -- Former United States Soccer president Alan Rothenberg has announced that he will prepare Morocco's bid to host the 2010 World Cup.

Morocco is facing stiff competition from South Africa for the right to stage soccer's premier tournament. FIFA already has said it will stage the event in Africa and will decide on the host in early May.

Rothenberg's move is somewhat of a surprise, considering he headed the FIFA inspection team that gave the 2006 World Cup to Germany over the Muslim nation. He also beat out Morocco to host the American-based 1994 event, the most financially successful World Cup in history.

"I signed up because I thought they did a less-than-perfect job of selling themselves before," Rothenberg said by telephone from his Los Angeles office.

Also a member of the FIFA executive committee, Rothenberg said that both Morocco and South Africa have a claim to the event.

"South Africa has properly said they represent the shedding of apartheid and the peaceful political moves in black Africa, and that is a valid claim," he explained. "But Morocco can say that, in this time, the biggest issue is terrorism and Arab and Muslim nations.

"Morocco is a showcase of all the things people are trying to advocate - it is tolerant, stable and democratizing. FIFA should be proud to showcase these attributes. Apartheid was awful, but it's ancient history, thank god. The world needs this showcase of a tolerant, progressive Muslim state more than anything else."

Rothenberg has brought a host of American experts to aid the Moroccan bid, including former U.S. Soccer general secretary Hank Steinbrecher and Bob Stiles, who was second in command at the 1999 Women's World Cup and is involved in San Francisco's 2012 Olympic bid.


6:34 pm    March 2, 2004
statistics says that the web site has been receiving many visits and it reached 18 millions of them, being the first web site of the african candidates for Mondial 2010, so come on guys let's support our candidate and get morocco's back, go to and to sign the petition and get as many people as we can.
si on veut, on peut

1:49 pm    February 29, 2004
are you the guy that tries to rap

4:23 pm    February 17, 2004

Adnane Ben. message
This articles burries Tunisia underground as a bidder to host World Cup 2010. The article emphasizes that Tunisia didn't have the football soul throughout CAN 2004, and that all eyes are contemplating Morocco and South Africa. Morocco has 3 stadiums and 5 on mockups... South Africa has stadiums but most of them are designed for cricket. The article suggests that morocco has a big chance, if FIFA voting members get swayed by sympathy and strategic location of the Beloved.

6:51 am    January 27, 2004
87\' Moha plays Chamakh through on the left side of the box...SHOOTS! ENYEAMA GETS FINGERS TO IT! OFF THE POST! AND BACK INTO ENYEAMA\'S HANDS!


1:03 pm    January 17, 2004
Simple Moroccan Citizen
I believe organizing anything in our country always bring good things and bad things with it. The art of the balance is always quite hard.

For the WC, giving the actual state of the business and political Moroccan arena, I agree with the postings that said that will be just another chance for the corrupted system to feed its parasites.

Organizing by itself is a major challenge for a society that you still see in daily bases fights in Bus stops (if the bus ever comes of course!) Where people can not organize even simple events within their own families or derb. We do not have any experience on natural organizing! I don't see how we can build that quickly. Well yeah there is always a way: Lahrawa, Lmakhzen,... But what kind of Event is that when people have to suffer so bunch of hyper fans can enjoy a game in their town.... Maybe if we work on Local Programs to promote organization and team work by then we might be able to deliver.

Soccer Game: I think it is very sad that we are willing to change our lives and make them better for a game?s sake and not our own sake. It is sad but true that our own political leadership is willing to WORK for a game but not for their constituents. What is it exactly? I find it extremely degrading for the people, and also it shows how much respect the leadership has for their people. How come Marrakech can look great for a week and everything is running smooth... as soon as the Foreigners leave the chaos goes back! What does it mean when roads get constructed in days, and palm trees grow in hours while people were suffering for years? Think about it! I don't want something even it might be good, to be "GIVEN" to us for the wrong reasons!

How about we TAKE IT OURSLEVES, THE PEOPLE's MOVEMENT! THE POPULAR MOMENTUM! It is easy to change if it comes from within! We can Build and construct and organize as we want if we really get serious about our own lives. STOP accepting being SUBJECTS and learn how to be respected CITIZENS. ?Every people have the leaders that they deserve? Do you deserve to be treated like second rate human? You tell me!

If the stadiums, the roads and hotels are to be constructed, let's make sure that MOROCCAN companies are given part of the projects. Don't think that the money that will be pumped into the country will stay in the county. If it is not the EU or US companies that will win the bids and take their money back, our corrupted officials will take it there to their secret accounts anyways. The people will be fighting over an empty case again? and again! You can not be given respect, respect is to be taking! Until the day that we stop counting on how nice or cruel is our king we will never be 1st class humans, simply Subjects!

Guests: we are willing to build airports and hospitals for couple weeks? guests but not for the people of those regions!!!! What is it that they keep teaching us about the Moroccan hospitality, yeah that is fine, but I think here we are kind of pushing it too much! I think that is wrong! I should care about my neighbor more than I care about any visiting person that might insult my whole culture once they're back to their homes. I see lot of programs on international TVs and the way they interpret our hospitality and naivety. For how long are we staying Naive! For how long we will be the Joke of the world!?? Maybe until our whole race will be abstracted simply to a Disney character and a happy meal toy!

I don't know if you looked at South Africa, but rationally speaking, they are more deserving than us. Emotionally speaking, yeah, yeah Morocco should host it!

Finally, I think the WC hosting will give us the drive for change! Maybe! It might also help most Moroccans view their lives from a world window. I think our culture is strong and powerful and we might have a one or two things to teach the world!

Have a nice weekend,
Live Fair, Respect Life!


11:50 am    January 17, 2004
je crois qu?il faut voir l?avenir de notre pays et le pr?vilegier.
certainement le maroc n?est pas un pays model ou develop? comme les pays europ?nne, ok. nous sommes tous d?accord , mais comme meme le maroc a des chances d?organiser cette coupe, cette une occasion de ratrapper ce qui et? gach? ou pas fais il ya des ann?es . et la desus je crois qu?on doit s?unir .j ?ai lu des articles dans des journaux allemands sur les possibles revenus du maroc s?il organise cette coupe : 16 ans de devolepement en 5ans . ca veut dire on fais un gigantesque pat vers l?avant. des milliards de dollars pour la caisse national en 3mois (periode des phases finales de la coupe), des infratstructures au normes europenne , et le plus important creations de milliers de post de travaille nouveaux , baisse de chomage de 81,75% . il faut lire ses choses pour comprendre l?empleur du jeux pour nous et notre pays.

6:27 pm    November 20, 2003
All behind our bid - MOROCCO 2010

12:48 am    November 17, 2003
i think Morocco will win the honor of organizing thesoccer world cup 2010 because of its location(near to Europe), its security(which is better than security SA, Egypt..), and ...

7:15 am    November 13, 2003
mais ces comme meme tres bien fait

6:28 am    November 13, 2003
I totally agree with you, morocco is not capable of hosting an event as big as the World Cup and even if we can.. there are more pressing things that require out attention, young men and women are graduating everyday day and what do they do after that? Sit at home unemployed. Something needs to be done. We have smart youth but they can't excersice their intelligence because of all the obstacles that stand in their way. I"m not saying that I don't love my country, I'm proud to be Moroccan but the number one reason why I left Morocco is because I knew that I didn't have a future there, unfortunetly!! I hope something gets done.

7:20 am    November 12, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
no no no, it wasn't mine, a friend forwarded it to me. I guess it's done by Morocco to promote hosting the event. I repeat it's NOT my work!

6:34 am    November 12, 2003
ces tres bien fait , ton clip adnan

2:49 pm    November 10, 2003

Adnane Ben. message

1:53 am    October 31, 2003
le maroc est de toute facon beaucoups plus devoleper que la grece qui va organiser les jeux olympic , alors pourquoi pas la coupe du monde au maroc , est en plus ca vas surment nous porte que de bien



6:56 am    October 9, 2003
The FIFA inspection team is in Morocco this week.
hehehehe tal9ahoum deja dakhlou li hospital bhadik pollution li kayna fil maghrib.

10:36 pm    October 8, 2003
wa lwidad ztarata wa lwidad ztarata!!!
mi ya mi morocco world cup 2010
wa lmaghrib makay mrigch
b9a lina ghir lmodial saffi salina kolchi!!!!
dawla khassaha l3assa
how about unemployement ?!?
do we even have world class stadiums ?!?
are they gonna take money from people like they did to build mosque hassan 2 ?!?
what about terrorism ?!?
we re gonna be the laughter of the world if we get to organize the wc!!!!!!!

10:26 pm    October 8, 2003
come on guys let us be more realistic
u think all we need is a world cup in morocco . where this teams gonna play (tiran sakhfa , l7amri) . how about fixing our cities first ,clean them make`em safe .....
galik ach kahssik a l3aryan ? khassni khatem a moulay

8:00 pm    October 4, 2003
j'arrive pas a comprendre qui a pousse' le Maroc a deposer sa candidature pour organiser la coupe du monde 2010?une chose et certaine:il ne pourra meme pas l'organiser en l'an 3000 ou plus,,,les organisateurs n'arrivent pas a controler meme une rencontre locale,,,il vous est arrive' de voir la circulation a casa durant une rencontre locale WAC#RCA ?
Je crois une colonie de fourmis est bien organise'e que ceux qui veulent organiser la coupe mondiale du football..a vous de juger.....une chose qu'on peut bien faire et organiser: c'est le COUSCOUS rien d'autre,,,comme EL GASSAA qu'a fait BARGACH a Agadir....

7:22 am    October 4, 2003

abdelilah message
l'espoir fait vivre....jusqu'a date ulterieure. Le faux espoir fait pousser des barbes et exploser des bombes. En plus si je fais partie de ceux qui mangent le gateau je serais le premier a brandir le drapeau de l'espoir. KAYN ALLAH.

11:05 pm    October 3, 2003
on oublit tous une chose....l espoire fait vivre...sans espoire y a pas de reves et y a pas d accomplissment...des fois on en a besoin de cet espoir kand tt va mal...

11:04 pm    October 3, 2003
as ibn khaldoun says,
layssa wa3you annassi howa alladi youhadidou moustawahoum alma3ichi...lakin moustawahoum alma3ichi how alladi youhadidou wa3yahoum

10:55 pm    October 3, 2003

to ALL of You
i want you to reread what dracula wrote in his message 48
here is his message

"I think that the picture shows how easy Moroccans are absorbed by nonesense, and how politicians are lucky in Morocco".
i was one of those poeple in the picture above for many...many years. it doesn't mean i regret it just i don't belong to it anymore...
Wake up my...what poeple!!! i just dont see How you see WC been orgnized in a WC ( World of corruption)
it's just another fake dream...another sick promise.
its only people who played soccer with naked i did in derb moulay bouchaib :( will know what im talking about.
sorry for being honest!!!

1:37 pm    October 3, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Aweddi, it will be like Marrakesh's environmental conference a few years ago. They decorated Marrakesh in a clint of an eye, they sweeped jama3 lafna, they collected all beggars and crazy people and put them either in jail, or in busses and sent them to unknown destinations... Basically, the officials will want to re-invent a new Morocco but only for a month. I am shocked that Moroccan people (the street) are willing to live with this blank check... I am surprised Moroccans are not asking for re-invention of a new Morocco for a long term and keep focusing on that.. and when this effort starts bearing fruits, we will naturally be ready to host not only World Cup but ALL MOROCCAN IMMIGRANTS AND EXPATRIATES LIVING OUTSIDE OF MOROCCO!

1:14 pm    October 3, 2003
The European Union is surely a good example?But I don?t see African Nations being able to do the same. Not only because European countries have an economic advantage $$$$, but a political one too. They can be independent as a unit, given that each country has something to offer from agriculture to high-tech. African Nations, Morocco for instance, can?t satisfy their own demand, still rely on foreign sources, are still fighting corruption?.etc. Not to mention the highest potential that we still can?t use, OUR YOUNG POPULATION. Moreover, economic conditions affect social interactions. There will be racism, political conflicts that the media can?t uncover?..ou sir tathseb.
As for the World Cup being held in Morocco, that will be a good thing not that I care about Soccer (NO offence to soccer fans) but because it will be an opportunity for an economic refreshment. Even though chances are that 75% of the money may go in some individuals? pockets, I still think this will open doors for our desperate unemployed youngsters. There will be a need for construction workers, engineers? to build stadiums?etc. Anyway, we all wish the best for our nations :=D

1:10 pm    October 3, 2003
Brothers, you need to refer to Quran to get the issue of different countries resolved: Allah says: "Wa khalaqnakum Shuouban waqabaila litaarafu."
So, different countries and peoples has always been Allah's will, and he wants us to get to meet others and be good to them. However, this should be done withing Islamic guidelines, not thru festivals and world cups. These events, with all the dirty commercials, money, women half naked in the stadiums has nothing to do with Islamic perscription and they implement more fassad than anything else.

Wallahu Aalam.


12:05 pm    October 3, 2003
i agree with countries doesn t mean war....the best example of what you just said is "l union Europeene"...they still have their own identities but they are one ...i don t know that s how i see it at least ....and for MR BAHJA...who is talking about you think they are better than morocco...that their political and cultural image is well seen in the world....I personally don t think sooo...

11:40 am    October 3, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
No countries, shouldn't necessarily be interpreted litterally.. one can look at it as Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians etc looking at each other as One X entity, sharing much in common to start with. Defining what X is rwmains the challenge. Countries could still exist, no doubt, nothing wrong with that, but it shouldn't be used to differentiate and intice hostility.

I, coming from East Morocco and sharing many things with the Algerian culture, never understood why the general attitude of The west of Morocco looks down at Algerians for example.

But then again, I'm swaying from the subject of the discussion, so I'll myself back to the world cup. Again, I'll be hapy if the Moroccan team at least makes it to the world cup.


10:48 am    October 3, 2003
oukaygoulou lik land of freedom land of zbel 7acha sami33in

10:36 am    October 3, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
When the gulf war just started,
a British radio host played that song "Peace" on the radio,
the following day he got fired from his work ...

10:35 am    October 3, 2003
no countries = CIVIL WAR.

9:37 am    October 3, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
What would have been a dream is if North Africa hosts the World Cup as One body... But then FIFA is dismissing joint-organizations. As The Beatle's left it in Imagine:


Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too (well we should all practice our religions but we shouldn't be fanatic about it, be it muslims jewish..)
Imagine all the people
living life in peace... (palestine.. africa.. 9/11...algeria..ouzid ouzid)
You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one.


8:29 am    October 3, 2003
To the brother with the hashish idea I am with you man...on legalizing hashish in Morocco. This will definately bring the young tourists (The Cancun and MTV crowd) to Morocco, right now most vistors to Morocco seem to be in there 50s. These guys obviously spend money but it would be nice to take some business from Mexico and southern spain with the young crowd. there ain't nothing wrong with chilling out in the beach and smoking a fat one, the dream of many teenagers.
Someone mentioned lack of honesty and hard work with Moroccans. I don't know anyone more honest or hard working than Moroccan, most moroccans that come to this country kick some serious a#! even as cab driver. Moroccan need a system and opportuntity, they are honest and more hadworking than anyone I know.
Also, I disagree that the world cup would only benefit the rich, the permanent jobs it will creat will for the most part benefit the middle and lower class folks.
Cut the bullsh-t, put your positive hats on, and lets rally behind Morocco.
Dima Dima Maghreb!!!!

7:34 am    October 3, 2003
We do not deserve to organize the WC, cuz we do not have democracy, so only the rich people in Morocco will benefit from organizing such events. Moreover average people in Morocco my suffer from it. If you need more explanation please read what the MAN IN THE MOON wrote. Please, we do all like Morocco but there are times where we need to face the reality, WC is not good for Morocco, only good for poeple who are already wealthy. I am really glad SA is there to take the bid. Salam.

7:25 am    October 3, 2003
je sais ke tt les monde n est pas homo et fumeur de hachich....c etait juste une idee comme une autre pour un nouveau genre de clientele...regardez amsterdam...ben ca attire tt genre fumeur et non fumeur...bon anyway je voulais juste c est koi ce truc de ghoraf??? j ai rien compris....

7:24 am    October 3, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
allah yerddi 3la hada lli gal bad customer service in morocco...,
Imagine a bunch of spectators go to a restaurant, let`s say just 10 of them, and the restaurant has only 1 server!!!!!!! wellah taykharejj lihoum le39al, i was in a Good restaurant in Rabat this summer, i asked the guy for the menu, he said we don`t have it , we only have kefta, saussise, l9alb, lkebda, wahdar m3ah ntta...,
they give you fries with no ketchup, if you ask for it , you might be lucky and get a spoon of it..., the restrooms , no comments..,

These are Observations and not critics, because i lived in it and know how to deal with it, BUT can tourists??
beggers every where, you can`t go two steps without being stoped by one.., lfawdda in the streets, people crossing the streets when it`s green for the cars, cars running the Red light....., it becomes dangerous for people who are not used to that style of life..., every body is in a hurry , but hurrying to do what ?? go to sit on a cafe???


3:48 am    October 3, 2003
Mi3adna 2010 Hijriya incha allah !

3:41 am    October 3, 2003

1:11 am    October 3, 2003

fender (full stop) message
2010 Miladiya wella 2010 Hijriya.

good luck.


12:59 am    October 3, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Not all the tourists are hashish smokers or homosexuals, there are famillies with kids included who visit Morocco as to enjoy what the country has to offer (they pay for it, so no need to get jealouse... ;) .

We should try to love Morocco at least as much as the Jamaicans love Jamaica....

NB : the sentence above has nothing to do with the world ghorraf.


12:25 am    October 3, 2003
The Man In The Moon
Lah yehdi makhla9. One thing, I noticed, Why criticizing each other for the sake of criticism? Why can't we discuss something without hurting each other?
Plus, we will never have the world cup. the FIFA committee is coming to visit morocco next week. I think just a minute in the traffic jam that Casablanca knows at lunch time will be a great sign that we can't host the world cup. We have nothing, and we can't do anything. This world cup will make the rich richer, and it will bury the poor. What we need is a real evolution. We need to educate our pple and feed them first. Don't stick our progress on a soccer ball.... I don't believe the world cup will do the same to us as it did to Spain, cos the spanish pple worked honestly to benefit the whole country and not only their pockets. We have enough resources to make our country better whether with the WC or not. We just need honest pple.
Good luck.

8:34 pm    October 2, 2003
llah ijib mni yefhamna ya akhi lbahja.

7:40 pm    October 2, 2003
i can t really argue about that i don t have the statistics....but u have a good point...there are many tourists comming back just to smoke a good moroccan jwan ...:) ( can t say if it s good am not into that...) now what i am gonna say might be weird...but why the heck don t we just make its comercialization legal in morocco.....immagine that...the beach, the sun +good hachich ...the dream of many young tourists around europe....that could be a great target we could export it ....gosh ...just immagine how much money we ll be making out of it ...ohhh and am not amazed about the fact that return guests are few....have u ever noticed the bad service in morocco...gosh it sucks dude...but it is not there fault....they have no motivation ...bad salaries....very bad....crazy working hotels they work more than 8 hours a day ...and they only have 1 day off a trainings..walouuu wa do u want that guy to keep a smile on his face...lah ikoun fl3oun ou safi ...mais bon morocco is changing....ghir lah iketer men les investisement etranger...ou lah ihedi douk les bombes humaines...

1:03 pm    October 2, 2003
I wish all Moroccan get your point. You are absolutely right about the picture's real meaning.

10:18 am    October 2, 2003
Natacha, I think that the picture shows how easy Moroccans are absorbed by nonesense, and how politicians are lucky in Morocco.

9:30 am    October 2, 2003
MB rak min la7bab
ana magoult walou ana baghi lmaghirb ihosti lWC mais je ne crois pas balli ghaddi nkounou wajdin a 2010. c vrai le WC ya9dar yi3awan lablad oula yakhliha 3la lablad
PS very small percentage of the tourists keep coming back regularly to morocco and the only reason is to smoke 7CHICHA

9:21 am    October 2, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
bbb???? asa7bi rak telleftti koulchi...,
Re read what casawi said !!!!!! i think you were talking to somebody else..., but even you were kind of harch towards them, every body sees things the way he can......,

Good question, what are we gonna do with the stadiums IF we build them for the WC ?? we see now that ONLY few people go watch Games of the GNF ....., so after the WC are we ever gonna see the stadium in settat or aljadida full ???
or who is gonna be paying for the stadiums to stay in good conditions?? knowing that the Teams in Morocco are very poor....


9:17 am    October 2, 2003
mais moi je t ai rien dis casawi....:(...c est pas moi c est bbb....

9:08 am    October 2, 2003
nariiiiiiiiii ch7al khaibin ,chof ba3da ghir TV fin m3ala9ino,,3la nass.bnadam 9ahro jo3 walah ,wa7ad ga3 ma3ando snan,o7ata howa m3abat wal al maghrebb ta tata.

8:53 am    October 2, 2003
Just got back from Morocco and I have high hopes that Morocco will land the world cup, maybe because I want it to I guess?!?
It looks like we have more highways and a couple of stadiums that are almost completed. I am not sure that terrorism is going to be a factor unless the number of acts caused by "maleen lhaya li talfoo ou maarfoo maydirou" increases...
I don't think south Africa is any better than us when it comes to security, I think the deciding factor is going to be the infrastructure, where they clearly have the lead. As for the others: Egypt, Libya, and who knows who else, I think they are a don't care... At this point I think SA by far has the lead. Would love to see the world cup go to Morocco though, I think it will do for us what it did for Spain in 82.
Walmaghreb ta ta ta!!!

8:22 am    October 2, 2003
This picture is so nice and I just love it as it shows so much hope and passion. I really hope that it all goes well for Morocco.

8:09 am    October 2, 2003
wamalek awaladi chaftak bditti kat9a6a3 ghire bou7dak ghire bachwiya
have u ever read what i have been posting!!!!
BTW the supporters of the WC in morocco are the saudis.

7:46 am    October 2, 2003
i hope H6 does not stand for Hassan 6..?????? what do u mean by H6 dude...??????

7:28 am    October 2, 2003
casawi79, your inputs make me puke. Atlubu Allaha An Yahdiaka Aw An Yurayhana min Amtalik. Your style reflects the socio-political education stuffed in your brain in Morocco. Clean up mind or go back to wher you come from and give a chance to someone else. You are the shame of Casa. Real casawis are progressist people and know what they want better: Decent life and dignity not ridiculous stuff like World Cup. Real casawis know for fact that they have never benefit from any sport event at all. Any income ends up in a way or another to your H6 and his mafia. Your comments are nothing but insults to poor young kids and moms selling souak and sabon el beldi to downtown. Aren't you ashamed of that? or are you just as indifferent as the rest of the gang? Did you know that Jewish congress is promoting WC to be held in Morocco? This will tell you all.
And as someone ealse has mentioned it before jazahu Allah Khairan, WC income will end up in Swiss banks not in your rass derd ya rass lemkalekh!

7:24 am    October 2, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I still insist that a moroccan entering the country with a foreign passport is not cosidered as a foreigner.
He can still stay in the country as long as he wish, a foreigner can not stay legally for more than 3 months in Morocco...
the Moroccan ID card of such a subject, is as valid as any "carte d'identite national" of a moroccan living in morocco , regardless of what adress is printed on it.

As for the accomodations, go check out what they are building around Agadir, huge hotels are rising up like mashrooms...
I visit that city every winter, and I can assure you, that 95% of the clients filling up the hotels are not kahlin Ryouss.
the same thing goes for the international terminal of Agadir airport...
during the golf war, poeple in the souq were selling art work for less than their costs...restaurants got closed, most of the clients that remained were consumers of 9ahwa noss-noss ...!
Remember that we don't manifacture satellites or jet planes in Morocco, we have to make a living out of what we have for the time been: "Zmagria + tourism + shta "
You take one of the above away, we are in worse trouble...


6:45 am    October 2, 2003

abdelilah message
le Maroc a change pour certains mais pas pour tous. je connais des gens qui travaillent a l'office du tourisme et croyez moi monsieur MB de Boston le taux de retour avoisine le zero. We have certainly those baaa3 golfies coming to Morocco and returning there but I do not think soccer is what interest them (if we exclude the balls nuance).

6:33 am    October 2, 2003
assi antr ppl get asked to present your ID card at the airport so they can check up on them if they have a warrant for their arrest in the home land it has nothing to do with being a tourist or not
talking about the roads in morocco do u think we have the highways to cover the traffic during the event of course not it already bad as it is.
are they going to build stadium highways more hotels improve or customer service!!!! wa dream on

5:49 am    October 2, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
I really don't know all the parametres involved, and how the calculations are made regarding investing money in the world cup, my personal symplified opinion would be as follow :

If the world cup would bring cash to Morocco wether directly or through tourism after the games, I would go for it .
It is just business, nothing personal.
If, on the other hand such a project is driven mainly by the need for an international recognition (Thanks God, Morocco is not in the same spot as Libya...) then there is ne need fo it.
But, I assume that the guys who made such a decision are not that dumb, not to take everything into consideration ...
But then again, who knows....?


8:22 pm    October 1, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Moreover, safety and security in Morocco is scoring less and less as time goes by. Suicide bombings, targetting jews.. this is the way extremists are expressing their anger by targetting foreign interests and foreign lifestyles, and ignoring the state. I will be EXTREMELY shocked if FIFA accepts Morocco as a host given the uncertainty of security in the years to come (-2010).

8:16 pm    October 1, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Antr mentioned that FIFA and sponsors pour money into the host country to build the stadiums and infrastructure necessary... but you bring a good question: who will pay the cost of maintaining those stadiums? I saw the prototype of the Marrakesh stadium, it looked neat.. it was surrounded with an ancient wall medina style, and surrounded by palm trees, pretty. So yes who will water that gazon eventually?

Actually, how come Morocco never bid for hosting the Olympics? I guess because they require far more advanced sport equipment and process?

Aweddi Morocco organizi ghir rassou ba3da 3ad yfakkar organizi kass l3alam :)


7:02 pm    October 1, 2003
just one will be good to have the world cup in so i acn go and watch :) but my question is...what are we gonna do with those football stadiums after the WC??? who is gonna use them? are we gonne invest money for just 1 month? wher are we getting the money from? excuse those silly questions but i really don t know....

6:45 pm    October 1, 2003
waw...i was amazed to see what you ppl think about morocco. i have many friends who visited morocco and loved it....they wanna go back..I did an internship in a hotel in morocco and more than 50% of the clientele were return guests....
maybe the world cup won t bring anything to morocco...but it will be like an ad for morocco...some people never thought of morocco...with the world cup they might think of it as a future is always a good it will boost the economy even for a year, better that than nothing.....about the changes and the poverty in morocco...we can not change that in 4 needs time...loads of time... morocco is changing...come on it changed a you remember tazmamakht??? do you remember those families torn apart because the father is in france ..etc he can not come back because he will be put in derb moulay cherif...(jail) ...just because he wrote an article about ppl stealing money in the government ....come on changed.. we still have lot of work to do...but we need time...i believe in morocco ...bon certes pour ma generation c est fu.... up mais bon la generation de nos ptits enfants peut etre c est a ns de changer leur avenir...
PS: je n ai pas dis ke le maroc est genial mais ke ca a change...nuance.

1:16 pm    October 1, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
You are once again wrong...
Entering Morocco with a foreign passport does not make you a foreigner , that is the reason why the moroccans holding a foreign passport are asked to show their moroccan ID card at the passport control...
the 2,5 millions does still represent the none moroccans entering the country every year...and thats the bottom line.

10:54 am    October 1, 2003
I'm sorry but the artical doesn't say anything about 3oulatina bil kharij
if u enter morocco with a foreign passpost u r included in those number in the artical

9:39 am    October 1, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
the two million tourists do not include you or me. just foreign tourists ...


9:39 am    October 1, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
I totally agree....,
Because I`m sure that IF we will organize it , Moroccans will pay for it, they will do the same when they wanted to build hassan 2 mosque, they will deduct (WC Taxes) from People, and create a 111 Box for donations..., and then they will steal some of the Money to put in their krouch, and their suiss accounts...,
we need to feed the hungry , before we think about WC...

madoumta felmaghrib fala tasstaghrib...


9:35 am    October 1, 2003
what have u done so far to promote justice and well-being that u have been talking about!!!!

9:32 am    October 1, 2003
antr did u know that u and i when we go back we are considered tourists!!
u do the math now and tell me how many (real tourists) go to visit morocco every year.

9:14 am    October 1, 2003
Just me
Many Moroccans still don't get it. What we need is to be out of decades of poverty and injustice. we need Moroccans to be respected individuals the way western citizens are, we need to build thousands of housing units for the homelesses and those living in chanties. We need to create tens of thousands of jobs so people don't risk their lives in the ocean anymore,etc.
The king should roll up his sleeves and start from himself and his family. He needs to return the billions of dollars the Royal family has savagely stolen from khairate Leblad. Then attack the rest of the gang. Most messages re this subject are from Moroccans living abroad, and it is unfortunate that they don't show no compassion twds their brothers back home. Probably because the $$ they make have converted them to real petit bourgeois. Wake up brothers! Open your eyes and don't be like those Moroccans in the picture above. That picture is better than a thousand comments. A real image of ignorance.
If you need to promote anything, then promote justice and well-being for your brothers back home. World cup is nothing but a bluff, but a well planned bluff. Remember you will be accoutable for what you promote before your Creator.

8:36 am    October 1, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
ZURICH/ABUJA (AP) - Mauvaises nouvelles pour le football africain: la FIFA a rejet? mardi la candidature conjointe de la Tunisie et de la Libye pour l'organisation de la Coupe du monde 2010, au lendemain de l'annonce par le Nigeria du retrait de sa propre candidature pour des raisons financi?res.
?L'appel ? candidatures ne concernait que les candidatures individuelles?, a expliqu? le pr?sident de la FIFA, Sepp Blatter, lors de la c?r?monie officielle de pr?sentation des candidatures au si?ge de la F?d?ration internationale de football ? Zurich (Suisse).
Outre leur proposition commune, la Tunisie et la Libye ont chacune pr?sent? une candidature individuelle pour l'organisation du Mondial 2010. Les deux candidatures individuelles ont, elles, ?t? prises en consid?ration par la FIFA.
Le dernier Mondial avait ?t? organis? conjointement en 2002 par la Cor?e du Sud et le Japon, ce qui s'est av?r? ?tre un v?ritable casse-t?te pour la FIFA. Du coup, celle-ci a d?cid? que les Coupes du monde seraient dor?navant organis?es par un seul pays ? la fois.
La FIFA a d?j? promis de confier l'organisation du Mondial 2010 ? un pays africain, ce qui n'a jamais ?t? le cas dans le pass?. Elle annoncera son choix du pays organisateur en mai prochain.
Lundi, le Nigeria, pays le plus peupl? d'Afrique, par la voix de son ministre des Sports Moussa Mohammed, avait annonc? le retrait de sa propre candidature pour ce m?me Mondial 2010 pour des raisons financi?res. Toutefois, ? Zurich, la FIFA n'avait toujours pas re?u notification officielle de ce retrait. AP

The Associated Press


8:25 am    October 1, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
Morocco is beautiful , 2 million tourists visit it every year, and I am sure that the 16.000 miles of paved roads are the last thing they would complain about ...
So, don't worry about that part, if only some moroccans would change their behavior and become more honest , everything else would manageable.
But we cann't wait forever hoping that the moroccans would change their mentality before we get into business...
the clock is ticking...


7:58 am    October 1, 2003
well obviously they are not going to see what u said however they will see how dirty it is, how bad the roads are and how moroccans take advantage of tourists and rip them off.
i'm not saying i don't want morocco to host it but many things MUST change before we host such an event. morocco nor moroccans will be ready for it within the next 7 years so BLA CHOUHA.

7:25 am    October 1, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
To clear Things Up, I do really want Morocco to host this World cup BUT, i don`t think we will , because we don`t have what we should have To Organize it, you guys should try to go to a Game in GNF and see how the stadiums are and how you will be treated .....ETC..,
By The way We Only have 3 Stadiums that are ready now, and the Rest they said they will start on them ONLY IF Morocco wins The bid.....,

Look at those stadiums for the Olympics 2008 in CHINA..., wale7maa9 :


7:15 am    October 1, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
By not showing the rest of the world what Morocco is, they will keep believing that it is a country where women get sold, and men smoke shisha while riding camels...

6:03 am    October 1, 2003
wa7na makrahnach world cup mais u don't want the outside world to know what morocco really is

9:22 pm    September 30, 2003
Hello All,
Maybe Morocco is not ready to host the world cup, but so as the other african countries. We have tried hosting it 3 times before and failed, because we competed with well-advanced countries. I beleive this is our only chance, otherwise we'll have to wait for a very long time so that it could reach africa again. Wether Morocco is ready economically or not, tha's not the major case here, staduims are the only major thing, and they are really working on them now. I beleive this is a very a good chance for us Moroccans, I also understand that we have many things to take care of, jobs,fassad and so on, but obviously we cant do all that at once,it's a step by step thing. I think we'll have many advantages from this event. and if some of you think it's worthless money wise, cause we know most of it we'll go to the governments pocket (Maybe) but think about it, atleast next time you tell someone you are from Morocco, they wont have to look in the map where the country is.
personally, world cup in Morocco is like a dream come true, and I truly hope it'll be ours this time inchaa lah.

5:58 pm    September 30, 2003
I thought and i still do that a lot of moroccans have a negative image on their country. If we want Morocco to become better than it is now we should encourage events like Morocco 2010. I think that it would be wonderful think to happend to us or any arabic country beside morocco (Egypt, Tunisia) especialy right now when there a lot of confusion in the west about Arabs.
Morocco will be an excellent candidate to host the world cup 2010. our country had and still have calm and security,diversity, location factors that events like this require, and the one most importante thing is HOPE.
we shouldn't compare ourselves to other past candidatures, though we should be better.
go morocco 2010 and good luck.

3:00 pm    September 30, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
Hantouma choufou les terrains dial lmaghrib , w choufa ch7al men wa7ed 3andna wajed wech7al men wa7ed yallah radi yebdaw yebniweh , yla lmaghrib rba7 the bid bach yneddmmou...


2:51 pm    September 30, 2003
Let s take a look on the actual geopolitical sportive situation in the African continent. First thing to attract the vision will not be different than the proximity of our country to Europe, les than 30 minutes to the other shore. The last evenements in Casablanca on May16th, will not touch the moroccan candidacy. Compared to the five other candidates, Morocco is considered the most stable and calm , country where all religions, colors and sexes are more than welcome. It s true that some events occured in the opoosite way of our desire but it still manageable and it will be up to us, Moroccan to get what we want!
None will deny the moroccan talent in the international level of our teams , whenever we had chance to move some audiances, we did with warm applauses... so now, Morocco has as much chance as south africa which is the favorite beside us to get this world cup. As moroccoan sportsman, loving the country to go ahead and progress, we need to go ahead and support our candidacy, becuz we need it to get that beloved place to the level in which we all believe, level of prosperity, wellness of its people, ...
It s all urs now!

2:25 pm    September 30, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
trafic accidents are an other problem, but it is caused by the poeple themselves, because they have no respect for the most simple traffic rules .
You still see poeple crossing the street from the diagonal, others shake eachothers hands in the middle of the traffic....
when approching a crossroad, drivers start looking around in there is a police standing somewhere, instead of looking at the trafic ligfht, and if they stop at the traffic light, they put the horns on immediately when the light turns green.
I don't see how a governement can force poeple to change their mentality...
It is our responsability to face the chalenge caused by the mess we created .

Nothing comes for nothing, if you want to fix it, work on it !


1:55 pm    September 30, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Antr, right now, kimma khallaha Othman Elbaz, a funny guy in Boston "Daba 7na kaygoulou 3lina, li bgha ymout yji lmaghrib" as a reference to fatal automobile accidents.

1:46 pm    September 30, 2003

Antr McShaddad (Yahia.L) message
The countries who get lucky organizing the world cup receive support from the FIFA and sponsoring companies for financing the project (building stadiums, roads... etc).
Each match that is broadcasted via satellite is sold through out the world, and the host country gets the benefit .
Morocco is planing on bringing 10 million tourists a year by the year 2010, and
tourism is still the second most important source of it's income .
We should avoid the "sabottage" attitude and think of the benefits Morocco and it's citizen would gain from such an event .
We have entire cities who's livelyhood rely on tourism. (Agadir, Marachech, Essaouira and others...)
Morocco could become a strong competitor for Canaria Islands and least during that event.
the problem is that FIFA does always look for a country wich can provide safety (...), good telecommunication infrustructure , descent roads and good accomodations, affordable for an average tourists as well... and I am not sure if Morocco can provide All of the above these days ... and if it would , I would be glad .


1:35 pm    September 30, 2003
Hors sujet :
Ach Khassek El 3eryane, Khatem A Moulay !

12:48 pm    September 30, 2003
hey guys..!! Mexico had organized the world cup twice, in 1970 and 1986..these two championships were among the successful events in the world cup history in all measures: security, clean game, better football, historic players...and so on. but i don`t think all of that brought something as benefits to the this poor country. by contrast, its economy still down and down, corruption in every sector either public or private,polution reachs the highest level in the,i guess we wont have no special benefits if Morocco wins this bid and organizes such great sportive event...unless our state deals with al-fassad in its administrations.

11:38 am    September 30, 2003
Priorities of the present goverment should be finding jobs for people with Masters and Ph.ds and other degrees rather than wasting money in any other thing. untill when people in Morocco will remain silent?

11:26 am    September 30, 2003
I think it will be a disaster if we had World Cup in Morocco, everybody will know how bad is morocco and desorganized.

and i think that will have more of those people who try to fool tourist, for example selling goods for twice the price for tourists ...

we can't have world cup without educating people. which I guess will take a lot of time


10:48 am    September 30, 2003

Adnane Ben. message
Organizing world cup can not bring the prosperity to Morocco, you're all dreaming of, what are you talking about? It may boost the tourism sector for that month but that's about it. Whether the tourists will come back to Morocco in the next five years, or suggest Morocco to their friends depends on their experiences. We all hear that the rate of return of tourists to Morocco is low. If Morocco is to achieve some prosperity out of organizing the world cup, there must be world cup events organized every month, and every time, Morocco wins the bid...

What we can hope is that Morocco's national team will make it to the world cup wherever it is organized. Cheering our team in foreign lands and seeing them advance is a far much bigger pleasure.


9:24 am    September 30, 2003
The king and his gang should rather focus on cleaning up the country from the evil and fasaad they themselves created and implemented dring decades. We need real reforms based on our Islamic creed. World cup compaign is nothing but another dirty way of deviating people's attn from the real issues. And our issues are really huge. Do we really need all these bullshit events like film festivals, music festivals, where billions are spent on foreigners who laugh at the authorities' stupid mentality when they go back home. The king and his sisters love licking asses to jewish people who most of the times are hired to organize and coordinate these events.
Lahawla wala quwatta illa Billah.

8:32 am    September 30, 2003
I dont Know What are you Talking About .....!

First Of all Morroco with money to be invested fr that event should provide
Jobs... and help the Poor By Creating Some King Of well fare Program......
Regardless we dont have a team to represent the continent of Africa
People Need some Bread Instead.....


8:28 am    September 30, 2003

abdelilah message
Ach khassek al 3ariane khassni el khatem?

If our pastilla is weel done and the FIFA committee happens to enjoy it we might be blessed with our shemkara wearing Maroc 2010.

2006 derbetha bselta we 2010 eeh ya hesra?


7:00 am    September 30, 2003

bou_rass message
good pictures ...we have bigger chances to recieve the best of the world's soccer embassadors and organize such a big event like the soccer world cup ...
Notice : the world cup has it's positive consequences not only on the sport domain but on major economic and business domains ...
SPAIN for example , organizing the world cup in 1982 was one of the bases of the prosperity it got to right now ....
personnaly Iam gonna profit of the long dreamed world cup , As Iam gonna turn our old appartement in casa into small rooms and rent them to the fans ...

6:51 am    September 30, 2003

Yaz Lagouzi (Negotiator) message
I think we have a very small chance to win the Bid, Since South Africa lost for 2006 to Germany by Only 1 Voice and we Got eliminated on the first Round , I think They (R.S.A) have the biggest chance to win The Bid....
NIgeria steped out , Libya and Tunisia ??? no chance (Libya is not even in the CAF 2004)
Egypt (^_^) they said they should organize the world cup because they have abou alhawl , wachnou jab ku33ou l bu33ou ?.... wellah tta da7kouni.....
nharkoum zzinn

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