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Hotel Figueroa - Mexican Morrocana
10:03:49 PM Tuesday Dec 13, 2005

If you want to stay at a rather unique, flavorful, authentic place in the City of Angels, try Hotel Figueroa! This place is highly rated, and it's got an interesting fusion of Moroccan and Mexican flavors inside and out. Just from looking at the old building from the exterior it seems almost shabby and run-down, with its old fire escape that makes me think of Jacob Riis and tenements, its brick color sort of faded, its huge side walls painted in massive ads, and its entrance obscured and hidden from passers-by (unless you're walking you won't really notice the entrance). You would never guess that it has this whole Moroccan theme goin on inside and out. I myself only noticed the "blue door" very recently, and it piqued my curiosity, and that was before I knew what was inside..

I took some shots outside, then walked in, and poof!
It was like a genie effect, I was transported to another world far removed from smell-la. Strangely enough, there was hardly anyone around, and I wandered about undisturbed, looking at the tiles, the textiles, the furniture and decor. It felt cozy, comfy, and there was a nice faint scent of incense hovering about. I felt like I had crossed the foggy line between fantasy and reality, as though I'd been whisked away into another dimension, where ghosts were the inhabitants and I was the one from a different world..

It attacked me very suddenly, this overwhelming emotion akin to claustrophobia, so unexpected, and I spun on my heel to walk out. But Hotel Fig played one last trick on my eyes: the front double glass doors are tinted a mustard-yellow, so it was as if I was viewing the entire world outisde through a pair of retro shades or something. I pushed the handle, the bright light and cool fresh air cleared my head, the construction crews across the street waking me out of my reverie with all their rumble....
I gotta go back and get some good photos of the interiors. I like exploring places when hardly anyone's around, just take my time and look at random things, think tangentially, taste it all in a quiet state..

if you've stayed at hotel figueroa, pls share your experience with us!

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5:41 pm    March 24, 2006

hudhud message
thanks hbiba sweet of you!

6:18 am    March 24, 2006
It is indeed a breathtaking Hotel! I can see the "Assala o lmo3assara" in every inch of this place.

Thanks hudhudi...

P.S: I enjoy your writing so very much! Keep them stories coming..



5:02 pm    March 21, 2006

hudhud message
thanks for the feedback mr. Lanza!
more pics

8:20 am    February 14, 2006
Mr. Lanza
The only place I stay In the City of Angels. Close to the garment district and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, this place is an oasis and has become my home away from...I have learned that a stay in one of the suites (Casablanca is the nicest I've found) is especially decandent in the best sense of the word. The cafe is adequate, the bars drinks strong and well mixed. I love this place.

8:19 am    February 14, 2006
Mr. Lanza
The only place I stay In the City of Angels. Close to the garment district and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, this place is an oasis and has become my home away from...I have learned that a stau in one of the suites (Casablanca is the nicest I've found) is especially decandent in the best sense of the word. The cafe is adequate, the bars drinks strong and well mixed. I love this place.

12:15 pm    December 29, 2005

hudhud message
_blank_ baraka allah ?
i'll remember to ask next time i'm down there..

12:14 pm    December 29, 2005

hudhud message
i tried to read it when i was down there, but i too had a hard time discerning the letters. i gave up and assumed that it may not be actual full words except the "allah" part, and they can probably get away with that since most passers-by and guests don't know arabic! who'd be the wiser?
my guess is that it's merely fanciful artwork inspired by either "la hawla wa la quwwa illaa billah" or "la hawla illaa bika ya allah" or perhaps even the andalusi "la ghaliba illa llah".. then again, just looking at the letters my eyes tell me that the closest thing is maybe "lawla bika ya allah" ??

12:08 pm    December 29, 2005

Rasta Gnawi message
Was anyone able to decipher the writing on that wall with the lady (2nd picture.) I could read the last word "allah" but nothing else.


9:59 am    December 29, 2005

hudhud message
so apparently i hear that hotel fig's food corner (seems its named ricks place or smthg like that! :) doesn't serve moroccan food, just simple sandwiches, burgers salads. dunno if it's any good.
maybe they'd be willing to special order moroccan food for parties or events held in their venues though..

9:46 am    December 14, 2005

hudhud message
yes, it's got a great feel to it inside. moroccan and mexican designs go hand-in-hand together, it just feels so right, natural, perfect. now i have to try their food. someone told me it's good. i wonder if they dish up moroccan food too, or does the theme stop there. only one way to find out ;)

11:25 pm    December 13, 2005

Adnane Ben. message
This hotel is an amazing spot! The kind of place I'd like to chill in if I'm in LA! I love the high ceilings, and the wooden tables.. but then again, I liked everything wooden in there! and Figueroa, makes me think of Figuig..

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